Cody Faulkner

"Let's just get this done, I don't want need this to take ages."

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a character in “Falling into, Area 51”, as played by warthog


Full Name: Cody Anthony Faulkner

Nickname: Shadow (Field codename for abductions)

Age: 23

Role: Boy 2

Likes: Working out and watching TV, with nothing much to do in 51 he only improves his strength and watches TV to see people, see how normal life is outside.

Dislikes: The Cold, his father, talking about work, and when he's told he can't do something.

Match: Girl 2

Theme song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyRvO8xfMAIPersonal song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbQvxo50GQUHow Cody feels about girl 2

Personality: Cody is a big bag of tricks, only he knows what's really going on in his head. He is stoic on the job and almost emotionless, he gets things done so he doesn't have to waste excess time on them. On personal time though he is a normal guy, or as normal as you can get when you abduct people. He is a can do guy that can't be told he can't do something and is always up for things. Even though he does what he does he has a heart and does know what he's doing is wrong but he's in the transformation of not caring like his father. He's like a man who is having his soul taken away but is fighting it very strongly.

History: The best memory Cody has is of his mother and their home. It was a cottage, about 5 miles from the nearest town and located in the most perfect place known to man. The small house was at the foot of a lake, the mountains with the slightly snow caped peaks in the background while the evergreen trees gave enough room around the lake for their little home to be a painters paradise. He still remembers the day they came, his mother had been dead for a month. She raised him well and even at such a young age was able to understand life and death and how to move on, to live peacefully and happy in his small home next to the lake and mountains for the rest of his life. Then they showed up, got him while he was sleeping. He woke in the white walled room with the so called father sitting in the chair across from him. He'd never met the man, never heard of him, hell he never asked about him. Why would he when he had the perfect life. In later years he would know what a blood test was and it would be confirmed that he was in fact his father but it didn't matter to him anymore then back then. As the years went by and Cody grew into his teens he stopped trying to escape, figuring it to be a lost cause at that point. His father asked him if he wanted to go into the field with them, do his job, he could use the training room, get stronger, be trained like them. It wasn't his ideal job but he would be able to get stronger, know the ways in and out of 51. He went along but as the years came the plan slipped more and more. Cody or, Shadow as he was known in the field, was their pawn. He was leading his own squad and doing the job, not even trying to run while outside. Hell they even trusted him enough to give him full clearence to the armory. He was truly a Abductor, the same people who ruined his life. Though there is still something, something that keeps him alive, something that has hope buried way down under the thick government training.

So begins...

Cody Faulkner's Story