Falling Through the Dark

Falling Through the Dark


What would happen if a group of teens fell into a world full of demons...and they were the only humans remaining!?

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I added this under rules but I am going to add it here also... my co-gm is Talisman so don't mistreat him......did I spell mistreat right....gyah. where is spell checker when you need it.

A group of friends had decided to go on a camping trip before their junior year of high school started. On a dare the group traveled to a cave - it supposedly had a group of demons in it - and make loud noises. What happened next would forever change the course of their lives, the teen whom was dared to go fell through a whole in the ground. The group rushed to her aid, only to find she was gone, no where to be seen. In their panic they didn't notice the ground crumbling beneath their feet and the whole group fell in after their friend. They came to at the bottom of the hole. Climbing out they found they were no longer in the same forest, they were no longer in the same world.

Welcome to Craviz, the world beyond the darkness. Here all humans had either become a demon's meal, or have been changed themselves. In order to get home they have to travel across the land to another cave. How are they going to make it? Will they make it?

Here is what characters I want filled

Humans (Will hold slot for one day then it is up for grabs again) There CAN be more than three demons, that was just the least amout, humans though that IS the limit.
Slot 1 - no other than myself....Machubi-Uniki.....
Slot 2- CelticCat1293
Slot 3- xRainbowCupcakes
(No longer accepting humans-sorry)

Demons (Get crazy, I don't mind vampire and werewolves but come on guys where is you creativity)
Slot 1- feralfairy
Slot 2- Talisman
Slot 3- darkune
Slot 4- Stubborn911 (Last female character I swear on my future tombstone!)
(Always accepting demons)

Ok everyone feel free to start posting, if you want I will first. Or not, sorta up to whoever is the fastest typer... *READY FOR A RACE*

Char. Sheet
Age- (for demons i want actual and appears to be....)
Appearance- (I want both a description and picture [anime preferred])
Powers: Only for demons unless you talk to me FIRST!
Weapons- Both Humans and Demons
(Here is the deal, I will be appraising your writing style via your character sheet. So complete sentences please, and I am begging you PLEASE be creative I don't want your classic Sally Sue and Danny Doe.)

Toggle Rules

My co-GM is Talisman...REMEMBER THE NAME!!
1. NO GODMODDING! I mean sheesh, no one likes a sore loser.
2. Keep it at the most PG-16
3. Keep cussing to a minimum, if your vocabulary is so poor those are the only words you can use I won't keep you.
4. You characters are subject to MY approval.
5. Romance is allowed
6. Let's keep the gender ration 1-1, it gets chaotic when there is only one gender.
7. If you are going on leave for a while, inform me first.
(Might be more but right now this is all I can come up with.)

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Character Portrait: Bridget Laguardia
Character Portrait: Wendy Riddler


Character Portrait: Wendy Riddler
Wendy Riddler

I dont lie, I just dont tell the truth.

Character Portrait: Bridget Laguardia
Bridget Laguardia

"Dreams are like rainbows; Only idiots chase them."


Character Portrait: Wendy Riddler
Wendy Riddler

I dont lie, I just dont tell the truth.

Character Portrait: Bridget Laguardia
Bridget Laguardia

"Dreams are like rainbows; Only idiots chase them."

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Character Portrait: Wendy Riddler
Wendy Riddler

I dont lie, I just dont tell the truth.

Character Portrait: Bridget Laguardia
Bridget Laguardia

"Dreams are like rainbows; Only idiots chase them."

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Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

...le gasp!

honestly I was just thinking about this rp. Thinking about restarting it. Unfortunately I am not going to be very active for just about...forever. Maybe.

Depends on whether or not I want to be an idiot and all.

This adds up to this: I miss it too.

I really liked the random charies that are mine.

Perhaps I will restart it...unfortunately Ill be out of the country for about a week though...hmmm. Maybe Ill work on it now. Depends on who all wants to restart it.

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

Machubi, if it fits into your post somehow you have my permission to kill Kayl.

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

Sorry if I don't post too frequently!!! I'm on a short vacation-that-isn't-a-vacation at the moment, so.... Yeah. 6_^

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

I really should post as Goteia....-is feeling epicly lazy and stressed-

it is supposed to be summer how can school be bothering me during summer WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

-goes to work on post-

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark


soooo based on the votes........



Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

I'd also say Beezlebub...But then again, I might not have made it to the sequel anyways, so I'm biased a little. ^.^'' Sorry.

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

Well let me remind you that if Lora doesn't die there is no sequel then again at the moment I am not sure if I should do one. I just feel that instead of lingering on one rp move on to another one. Don't tarnish the memory you know.

BTW the reason why Lora would have to die is cuz Beezlebub can't die. Don't ask why cuz I don't want to explain it but that is just that. :)

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

Well if you do decide to get rid of one of them i say Beezlebub, but i have a feeling that you knew that would be my choice.

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

hmmm....I hate to do this but.

I might have to get rid of one of the bosses. That really pisses me off too; I worked hard on all four of them.

Also Qetzo you will be happy to know that I am beginning to sway on whether or not I will be killing off Lora so rejoice in you could be victory for before I was quite unwavering.

I just have been doing alot of thinking and calculating. My friend has helped, so now all that is left to do is decide which one I am gonna get rid of.

Getting rid of Beezlebub means that Lora won't die, but that also means no super boss (or rather no boss which is the spawn of Satan)

Getting rid of B. Widow will be rather annoying since she is the next one and is the one i am better prepared for plus I have already sorta mentioned her in the rp but it was only in passing and is easily looked over.

The V------ one whose name I can't spell i also don't want to get rid of since I think a fight in the world of dreams would be entertaining and plus I spent a good four hours a night for about a week finding SOMETHING I could use for that.

Those are the options you guys can take your pick among them. Sorta like a voting thing. I don't know for sure if I will get rid of one but I am definately considering it. Hope you guys don't mind.

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

ha ha.


for some reason I felt like saying toasted instead....

hmm perhaps it is this dreaded heat.

ha ha.

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

Ok guys I am officially back.

-tears of joy- I missed my house soooo much (is a home body completely)

Ok so I will get to work on 1. posting and 2. finding out whatever happened to talisman.

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

Talis disappeared at the same time you did. At least, it appeared that way to me. :P

Also, Anthro...love the avatar! X3

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

Gya this is what happens while I am gone! Oh dear...well I hope things can pick back up now that I am...back sorta. Will b home officially tomorrow.

What ever happened to Talis? I noticed he has been posting infrequently is all...

Re: [OOC] Falling Through the Dark

Come on people, post! Don't let it die!