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Falling Up

Falling Up


You always told me that when I fall, I have the choice to get back up. Well now I'm trying to get back up, so why won't you help me?

500 readers have visited Falling Up since Stellabellum created it.



It has long been described as a place of fire, a scorching wastland. People believe it's a place of eternal pain and suffering upon which they were to be put through incredibly hard jobs. Believe me, it's nothing like that. No, Hell may be a place of sin, but it is a place where people recieve what they want. Upon dying, you are reborn as a citizen of Hell, and all your holyness is stripped from your soul. The Seven Deadly Sins are the center of it all. You live to please only yourself and your human wants. When you die in Hell, you are reborn once more, then again and again. I can see where you mortals believed the suffering began. When you are reborn, you are covering in your past sins, and eventually it will begin to drive you mad. Foolish it is to even sin in the first place...


Alright, so your thoughts on Heaven are about the same as what you believe. It's a land of clouds and love, and you forever life in peace with each other. Upon death, you are either chosen to go to this wonderful place, or to... well, let's not speak of that right now. If you make it to heaven, you are reborn in the form of an angel. All your sins are wiped clean and you are given a new chance. Of course, when you're here, sinning is a big thing that you avoid. Now normal angels have small wings, feeble really; you can't even fly with them. Don't worry about falling, though, since the clouds will catch you. Close to God are his High Angels. These angels have wings that press seven feet on each side of them and are used for flight. They are much more supervised for sins, but since they are the Holy of the pure, they don't usually have much to look out for.

But I'm sure you're wondering exactly who I am. If you weren't, I don't mind; I don't need attention, for seeking attention is just another sin. I am Stella, High Angel of the Stars. I'm in charge of giving you dreams that don't temp you like the ones that Lucifer sends you. I was recently framed for committing one of the Deadly Sins. Me, of all people! But since God was busy with Earthly buisness, it was up to the High Council to determine my punishment. Apparently they believe that I was having a secret affair with a mortal man, and that I had allowed Lust to take me over. Of course, they were horribly wrong. I have been on the High Council for three-hundred years, and I have not sinned! Oh forgive me: High Angels live eternally while normal angels live and die and are reborn. But back to the story. The person who framed me was Felicity, High Angel of Love. She's long since wanted my role as the Star Angel; but that's another story, I won't bore you.

Anyway, I was thrown to Earth to suffer the rest of my days to mull over what I have done. I tell you now, though, that I will not rest until I have redeemed myself. I must find my way to Hell so I can take Lust to Heaven and get him to admitt that I was not affected by his tempts. Oh dear me, did I not tell you? The Deadly Sins are each a person down in Hell. They are Lucifer's right hand men and are bent on making people sin. Lust is the most popular among them. He's the owner of a Lucifer-aweful whore-house down there.

I daresay, I would love to make this journey alone, but I am not what I used to be. Sure, I can fight, but I've got no knowledge of this new Modern world. I do know that I must find the door to Hell. That lies in Sin City - I do believe this is your modern day Las Vegas? For now I reside in New York City and I have yet to discover how to get there without my wings. The bus is terribly difficult to board. What is this... money for which they speak of? Nevermind me. I need the help of mortals to enter Hell anyway. If I can't ask the High Angels to help me drag Lust from his place, then I'll need some other kind of allies.

Of course, aligning with me might put you on the wrong side of the High Angels.
You would be, after all, working with
a Fallen.

Characters Needed

TAKEN - High Angel Stella - Taken
in the form of a beautiful young woman
cannot use her abilities on Earth
is to be tempted by Earthly things
open - male human - open
an attractive young man
has experience with some kind of martial arts
is on the verge of suicide
in falling for Stella, he will live happily until death
open - female human - open
a young woman drowning in sins
will go to Hell if she continued her ways
has no experience in fighting of any sort
in seeing Heaven for herself, she will live happily until death
open - male demon in human form - open
a stunning young man with orders to stop Stella
is the best friend of the male human
has control over fire and can create it at his will

-This will be a fairly graphic roleplay. View discression is advized.-
-Cursing/Violence/Romance is allowed.-
-I know you don't want to be blinded by my romance, so don't blind me with yours.-
-Know and Follow all important site rules.-
-Even if you are allpowerful, please try not to be Chuck Norris-
-Posts must be literate, but I don't expect a Novel.-
-Try to post at least once every two days.-
-Don't just join and then leave. I'll pull a demon on you if you do.-
-I am not reserving. I will choose who I believe is worthy for the roles.-
-You MUST fill out the character skeleton. And don't just put one or two words.-

Character Skeletons

Appearance [anime]
Age [should be a young adult. eh, +19]
Plans for your life
Sins you regularly committ
Anything Else

Appearance [anime]
Age You Appear
Special Abilities [refer to summaries above]
Anything Else

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Character Portrait: Anastacia Ranaldi
Anastacia Ranaldi

"You're only bad if you get that makes me a good girl, right?"

Character Portrait: Lavi Daimon
Lavi Daimon

"Hello, I'm still here, all that's left of yesterday...."


Character Portrait: Anastacia Ranaldi
Anastacia Ranaldi

"You're only bad if you get that makes me a good girl, right?"

Character Portrait: Lavi Daimon
Lavi Daimon

"Hello, I'm still here, all that's left of yesterday...."

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Character Portrait: Lavi Daimon
Lavi Daimon

"Hello, I'm still here, all that's left of yesterday...."

Character Portrait: Anastacia Ranaldi
Anastacia Ranaldi

"You're only bad if you get that makes me a good girl, right?"

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Re: [OOC] Falling Up

How in the world did you manage to type so much so early in the morning? You're bionic. o.o

I...I'm not even quite sure how to reply. You are one special little Neko. {Crazy...scary...walk away from you slowly...}

So...I think I'm going to leave you with a tiny reply like this and see how much you manage to type! Ha! :D

P.S. Make it start! Gah! T-T

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

I'm certain it was. Fun like putting icing on waffles and sticking them to the ceiling. xD It's exactly what it sounds like. The reason I shouldn't get within fifty feet of alcohol. :D

-gasp- When I was five, I got my friend a bunch of them for her birthday. I woke up in the morning before everyone else and played with them in the kitchen sink. Only one survived, but it died, like, two days later. I was so upset. It was my first time experiencing death where no one could cover it up with that stupid 'gone to the farm' story. Cuz fishes don't live on farms. Actually, I used to believe that, but one of my mom's old boyfriends took us on a vacation in the winter to a small inn run by some people who owned a fishery. SO, fish are farm animals. :\

Hey, I existed for fifteen years before discovering Kuroshitsuji. So, now that I live, I am technically only a year or so old. Which explains why I'm so immature. xD

I think they're pretty much even. I mean, remember when they had that fight in the HQ thinger, and Matsuda had to call up to try and get them to stop? My favourite episode, by the way.

Good! You ARE special! Anyone with half a brain cell who actually uses it is special in my mind. I only have a quarter of a brain cell, and I use a quarter of that... on occassion. I don't think I'm too special. Just your average crazy-ass yaoi fangirl with a serious fetish for certain blonde fourteen-year-old boys in a loose-fit kimono and a seductive smirk on his face. Yup. That's me. Randomly annoying and unpredictable like the wind, just saying whatever comes to mind when it comes to mind and making a complete BakaNeko out of myself. Though I'm adorable, and innocent-looking, and if I see 'the real thing' I squeal out of fright at the horror, dirty things between two sexy men are almost always going through my head, but only animated ones. And recently, only if they're Claude and Alois.... -nods thoughtfully- Yup. I think I'm pretty standard.

Rawr. I'm not going to bed EVER then. :P I'll stay up and talk to my hallucinations that want to drink dishsoap with me. Pleasant, huh? No, if I start hallucinating I get scared and go to bed. Cuz I'm a wimp, that's why. I don't like the dark, or being alone, or blood, needles, older women, significantly younger boys, being killed, clowns.... I was supposed to be listing fears, but somehow my sexual preferences leaked out there.... Oh well. Big dogs, little dogs, dogs that climb on rocks, pirhannas (or however its spelled), being trampled by horses, falling, insane people (like, padded room insane).... I can't think of anymore. Oh! Public speaking, people in general, umm... the spirits that haunt my house.... That's it. That's all I can think of.

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Fiiine...though I really like BakaNeko. 'Twas fun. :D

Bah, goldfish are lame. I got one from the pet store when I was five years old. Literally when I stepped through my front door to show my cousin I looked down and it was floating upside down. I scarred for life. Dx

Oh, you know what it's like to be told that you have only been existing for sixteen years? Jeeze, I feel such an empty void...

Agreed, Much agreed. Though my money is still on L...

Oh! Awh! I feel special now... I think I might...sniffle, oh, jeeze. Here it goes...

Psh, and let you out do me? Not a chance! Besides, Moms? Bah, who needs ' I right? Or, am I right? xP

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Okee, okee! Koneko takes it back! Mew! :3

Yeahh... proabably. But I have the memory span of a goldfish, which I share with my Nii-chan. Soo.... I'll try to remember!

You do that! A life without Kuroshitsuji is just... an existance.

Hmm.... Well, perhaps. But, that's alright. As long as I get my yaoi! :D

Hugglezez. Like 'huggle' in its plural form, which is with a 'z' because its a made-up word, times two. So it's a BIG huggle. See? -hugglezez- Yay!

No problems! You go sleep or whatever. I'm gonna stay up til my Mom yells at me. :D

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Sophie es no one's pet! I'ma call you BakaNeko until you take that back! Hmpf.

You know this is alllll your fault. If you had just asked your friend earlier we would both be contently sleeping right now.......who am I kidding? We'd probably be up driving Lavi and Ana crazy, and in the process into bed. xP

Okay, I'm going to decipher that paragraph when I am less sleepy and then hunt down some way to watch those. It sounds really geeeewwd.

All I could understand is Light and L having sex which sounds A-Ok to me. :D Though I think one of them would murder the other in the process, lol. o.o I like it! :} Maybe I'll just call you BakaNeko forevers just cause! :D


^^^ is link. boy three. yay. sleepy. x.x thank you Neko!

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

No, no. Dance a little longer, my pet. Dance. -maniacal laughter-

Yes, I know. I feel the pain. It drowns. In stead of burns, because fire doesn't affect Lavi like everyone else. See? I'm a comedian too!

Well, you could if you wanted to. Technically, I read the first two manga, then did some research and started on Part Two, but only because I knew what happened already. Damn, I love spoilers. Uhmm.... I think the best way to go is to get it from the FUNimation channel; that's where I've gotten mine, and it's perfect. They're full episodes, subbed because it hasn't come out in english yet, and you only have to suffer two advertisments. Which sucks. Yeah. YouTube it.

Well.... I was a follower of Kira for the whole series, but I loved L as well. L was amazing! He was freakin' hilarious; who couldn't love him? I just like the idea of Light and L as a couple. It would never work, but the sex wouldn't be too bad. xD

Noooo! Hugglezez is your word. BakaNeko is a general term for me being a baka. Everyone will use it universally.

Hell to the YEAH! Sign me up! WOOT!

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

See! I'm a regular comedian! Go Sophie! Wooo! Yaaaaay! Okay, I'm done....sorry 'bout that...

BakaNeko indeed. O.o o.o O.o o.o O.o See this? I am twitching because I have been waiting for evers to 'cause Lavi-Ana chaos. Gah!

I wanna look it up nao! o.o It sounds Ah-may-zing...but, I dun wanna cry! D: InuYasha was my first true love. I would sneak late at night and turn my t.v. on and watch it on adult swim...eventually I managed every single episode. It was all over after that. I got lucky and started spending more time with my dad a few years after that and he's pro-anime so I got the freedom to watch my Death Note and various others. {By the way- we can no longer be friends Neko for Light is bad and L is the man. Anywhoo....} I have to say it's something of an addiction. I adore anime. o.o Now as for this Black Butler, will I have to like hunt for the episodes to be in the right order?

But....BakaNeko is a word for you. It has Neko in it. Selfish! Bah! T-T

Neko! I'm aposed to ask you if you'd be interested in playing a devilsh, sarcastic, sneaky, teenage demon boy? I 'unno. Up to yous. o.o

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Ooo.... You're funny. Yeah. Ha. Ha. Haha. Butter knife. Actually, no; it is pretty funny, lmfao.

-gasp- I'll ask my HoneyBuns, who I was supposed to ask to join while she was on... but forgot.... BakaNeko is more like it. -dies-

Kuroshitsuji is on YouTube. It's technically under 'Black Butler'. But seriously, if you enjoy sexy demons, cute little shoutas, strange transvestite shinigami, and Victorian England, then that'd be one for you. It's pretty dark in places, but it's very funny. Especially when you get up to Alois in season 2. His death will make you cry. You should check it out when you've got the freedom.

Yay! I cut my hair like Yuki's once. It looked cute. I got really attatched to the little tail on the side and I didn't want to cut it off, but eventually it had to go. I still mourn the loss.... Ah! InuYasha was my first, too! It took my anime virginity! :D Mmm.... Death Note. LxLight, all the way. I still hate Near for what happened, and I got over Matsuda shooting Light ages ago, cuz he's just so cuuuuttteee!! :3

Aw! No! Don't cry! I'm sorry! BakaNeko! -hugglezez- See, I made up a word for you, too. :D

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

You're like a butter knife. -ba dum bum psh- hehe, get it? 'cause they spread things.... >.>

But, you have to find workers for it. Not my problem. xP

Gah, I'm out of the loop. I've only been able to watch the easiest and most obvious to find. it's kinda of a secret because my mother thinks anime is made by satan sooo it has to be online and it has to be free. Which limits me to things like Fruits Basket, Inuyasha {first one ever watched at like age five, fell in love...}, Death Note {current favorite though it's ended :[ }, stuff like those. :[

See! I make words just for you and you make fun of me... T-T

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Muwahahaha!! I spreads it! XD I can't be patient either. I'm bouncing.

Yay! Cookie factory! -happy dance-

Oooo.... Anime fan? What're your favourites? I'd tell you all mine, but it's a LONG list. My current favourite is Kuroshitsuji. It makes me cry. D:

Copy nekoness? As if that's a word. Well, it is now! Muwahahaha!

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Ah, Nekoooo! How could You? :[ You gave me your crazy disease, its even worse! How am I supposed to be patient! It's been like twenty-four hours now! We MUST start! Ahh!!! Dx

Psh, I looooove chocolate chip. It is, without question, the best cookie on the entire face of the entire planet. Screw anyone who says differently. >.> I'll buy you the frigin' factory, too 'cause that sounds awful! :[ I like my anime, too. I couldn't imagine what I would do if my favorite character died... but wait, how do you kill someone you love?

Bah, copy nekos and their...copy neko-ness... >.>...<.<

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Yes, because craziness is a disease! An airbourne one! NO! An internet-bourne one! Whoever comes into contact with me shall be infected. So there. You are crazy now, too; and we will be crazy together! XD

Hey.... My teary face died above.... T-T There. I made a new one.

Okee. As long as they're not sugar cookies. Lavi may love them, but Neko spits at them. I like chocolate chip, even though they're classic and junk. Butbutbutbut.... Alois was gorgeous! And I don't usually like younger guys, butbutbutbut.... I sound like I'm over-reacting, but I'm not. The guy he was in love with killed him! Hmm.... D'you like anime?

Awww.... I'll get you back somehow.... Eventually. It's not very nice to pick on people at their weakest moments. :P Well, no, it's alright. It's true, anyway. I am a copy neko, aren't I? A sexy one, though, so it's all good.

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Okay, from now on when people call me crazy I'm just going to send them in your direction to clear my name. o.o

But, ah! I share you pain! Favorite characters deaths...there 'tis nothing worse. I'ma send you cookies. They always make me feel better. :3

So...score one for Sophie? Heck yeah!

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Yes, insanity. Because we all know I have enough of that. :D Well, I love driving people nuts so I'm getting all excited. Like bouncy excited. And it doesn't help that I'm half-ways watching Black Butler and bawling my eyes out. It just makes me look like a looney, lmfao. I have to go dry my eyes and cool off, cuz damn. My favourite character just died.

Yup. I'm an anime nerd with a Vocaloid fetish. No.... A shouta fetish. Damn you, Claude! You killed my shouta!! T-T

Oi.... Name-calling.... D: And I can't even use your name against you, because I have another friend whose name is Sofija (it's pronounced like Sophia... I dunno, her family's like.... From somewhere else. But I don't remember where... even though she's told me a million times, probably.... No memory.), so I'd feel bad. xD

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Lol, this is going to be soooo much fun. xP They're going to drive each other, and probably everyone else, insane. It needs to start so the insanity can begiiiiin.

Hey! Copy neko.... >.>

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

Haha, not her, but maybe her shoe or her sleeve. Oh.... She's afraid of fire... isn't she...? :D Well, there you go. They're even. If she pushes him in the tub he'll set the nearest towel on fire... but that might burn down his apartment.... xD Maybe he is screwed.

I'm going to be intelligent and do the same thing as Sophie. Gomen nasai! x.x

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

I think I should be taking steps, sex promising, apple pie and sugar cookies {omg yum...o.o} okay, I think I've got this. But wait...he's not going to like kill her, literally, or light her on fire or something for flicking him with water, is he? o.o

You and me both. I don't think she will; she seems pretty nice. :} But just in case she does...I'll apologize ahead of time. Sorry! >.<

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

It's like rehabilitating a person who's afraid of cats but loves animals.... Start small. Flick cold water on his face in the morning for a week before you tie him up in bed one night promising sex, then throw him in the bath instead. Or.... Or sit in it with him and feed him apple pie and sugar cookies! -happy dance- His whole apartment smells like apple pie and sugar cookies. It's like, you open the door and drown in drool. He's used to it though, so it doesn't have the same effect.

Let's hope not.... Or if she does, let's hope she'll get over it. I don't know her (yet) but I'm sure she's a great person. Obviously she's got an imagination, and a brain to back it up; she sounds like someone I could love. xD No, but seriously, I hope this isn't a problem.

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

There has to be some way to talk him into it. One day it'll happen! As for the shower thing...even if he does manage to convince Ana into it I'm not thinking he'll have the same worries, lol.

Oh, good! 'Cause I'm going a little looney waiting over here. >.< I wonder if Stella minds us kinda of spazing out like this, lol.

Re: [OOC] Falling Up

No, he probably wouldn't.... He's not dumb. He knows what happens when you bend over in the shower. xD I mean, Hell, he was a close companion of Lust's. He practically lived in Lust's whorehouse. He always thought that one day his ex would turn up there....

Hmm... I know someone who'd play the role really well, but I haven't heard from her tonight.... Her characters are always so colourful.... If I see her, I'll definitely direct her here. I think she'd enjoy seeing me playing her type of character. I mean, Lavi's not my usual type, but I've done it before and I always have so much fun. Sure he's a weirdo, but he's actually got this intenseness about him that will come out at one point or another.