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Anastacia Ranaldi

"You're only bad if you get that makes me a good girl, right?"

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a character in “Falling Up”, as played by Sophie Marie Tarasov


Anastacia Ranaldi
{ Twenty-Two Years Young }
{ Female Human }
{ Plans...wake up around four pm, drink a pot of coffee, hop in the shower, get sexy, go out and get so drunk she forgets everything that happened, manage her way home [hopefully...], repeat. }
{ Gluttony, Greed, Envy, um...Wrath oh, and don't forget Lust, darling. }
{ Not at the present moment. }


Quiet, composed, sweet, and shy. Adjectives long left to the past. Everyday could be your last, right? So why the hell not enjoy it! Two years as a Biochemistry major taught Ana that it doesn't take alcohol for your liver to fail, it doesn't take cigarettes for you to die of lung cancer, and that sex can be one of the best pain killers in the world. With all the money a girl could ask for what else did the world expect from her? She often describes herself as fearless though that's hardly the case. Everyday is a party, no attractive man is a stranger, and she considers vodka her best friend. She can be vicious when dealing with the other party girls in her circle. No one can be dressed better than her and heaven forbid any other girl move in on her chosen man - or men - for the night. Loud music and dark clubs are her scene and most often where she'll be found. The memories are too hard to face and so every night she gathers up her Sins and uses them to block it all out.


- Men: the tall, dark, and handsome kind. The confident, sexy kind. The kind simply filled with arrogance and yet they can still be so easily unraveled in the bedroom.
- Vodka. She drinks it like water with a little orange juice every once in a while.
- Winter and Spring. When snow is falling, schools breaks are coming, and New Years parties leave you waking up in a different state. Spring, with gentle rains, the occasional storm, and lush flowers popping up everywhere.
- Music, of nearly every genre. Classical, Pop, Rock, Opera, etc.
- Dancing - she did do ballet and ballroom once upon a time, and adored them both, but it's a much more simple, less elegant, type these days.

- Cherry anything. She considers it extremely gross. All. Of. It.
- Religious nuts. She can't stand people who seem to think they have the right to condemn others as they see fit. Who says it's all real anyways?
- Guys who don't understand what 'no' means.
- Whiskey - it's just a no-no.

- Thunderstorms. They leave her cowering and terrified.
- Fire. Just leave it alone...
- Facing the past.


Ana did grow up in a privileged life. She went to the best East Coast boarding schools, studied under the best ballet instructors, and traveled the world to study abroad her entire high school year. She had a loving family that consisted of a father, mother, and adorable younger sister. She was to become a physician; her dream being to follow in her father's footsteps. A rather sweet girl, shy and naive of most of the horrors of the world. She entered college at eighteen well-read, a year advanced, and yet completely unprepared. Upon a demanding request Ana convinced her parents to allow her to attend a regular state college so that she might get a more 'normal' university experience. That was mistake number one. Sophia had had no idea just how cruel the world could be when it wasn't cushioned by money and status. No one there cared who she or her father was. She was just another 'loser' to be taunted. Aside from that daily problem a much bigger worry came along. Robert. Ana had never considered herself any prettier than average, at least back then anyways, and could hardly understand why he gave her so much attention. It first started with the occasional text message and phone call which soon lead to boxes of love letters, showing up at her apartment all hours of the night, stalking, and a restraining order. Enough seemed to be enough so Ana changed her phone number, switched apartment complexes, and started going home to her parent's every break she could get from school. One night, on an annual summer family dinner Robert broke into her parents’ home. He spent hours torturing the entire family before he finally shot Ana's father execution style, strangled her mother, and left her little sister tied up in the house to burn to death. As her family home burned to the ground Robert took Ana far, far away " be his." Thankfully the police quickly caught up to him and got her to the hospital. Unfortunately, years of counseling still haven’t been able to convince Ana that the ordeal and her family’s deaths weren't her fault. The best way she deals with it is to avoid it and so slowly she spiraled into the mess she is today.

So begins...

Anastacia Ranaldi's Story