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Lavi Daimon

"Hello, I'm still here, all that's left of yesterday...."

0 · 191 views · located in Heaven, Earth, Hell

a character in “Falling Up”, as played by MagicalNeko



:L A V I . daimon:

[Anywhere from twenty to twenty-four. He'll claim anything that suits him at the time, though his fake ID states 'twenty-three'.]
[Male Demon]
[None yet]
[Has a fear of drowning.]


[Lavi is a laid-back kind of guy. He prefers to make trouble and watch from a distance as panic, violence, and ultimately Sin unfolds, rather than stay and become involved in it. Having said this, he always causes trouble when possible, especially when in a foul mood. If the whim takes him, he'll set a lowly hot dog vendor's stand on fire just to watch the man's life spiral into ruin. He keeps tabs on those who he's chosen to toture individually, timing how long it takes for them to give up and die. He's annoyed easily by obnoxious people, but loud, discordant noises that entail chaos are music to his ears β€” he actually enjoys listening to the melodical cursing, honking, and generally bad-tempered song of a traffic jam.

Lavi is also quite promiscuous, and he believes in what he calls "Spreading the Sin" quite strongly. He may bring home three women β€” or men, it doesn't really matter β€” a night, separately or together. He is fond of hanging out in bars and strip clubs, but his favourite place is the small steakhouse under his apartment. As much as he loves going out and showing off his alcohol tolerance, some days he would rather lay back in a booth in a dark, smoky room with the biggest steak known to man sitting infront of him for him to devour with reckless abandon.

[Good food, especially steak. Place of choice? Recluse Bar and Steakhouse.
Pretty women, especially the innocent ones.... Or men. Whatever he can get his hands on. Virgins are his favourite flavour. Of course, because he thinks of his bedroom partners as his 'meals', this may just be a branch off his affinity for good food.
Causing trouble, especially where there was perfect peace only moments before. He believes that wreaking havoc is part of his calling in afterlife, and he tries his best to fulfill this purpose.
Affectionate animals, especially if they go after him exclusively and their owner tells him, "I swear he never does this."]
Gifted with the control of fire, he is also extremely fascinated by it, and has filled his apartment with a collection of scented candles. The majority of them are things like apple pie and sugar cookies, because they give him the satifaction of fire and the scent of his two favourite deserts.]

[Brandy. Brandy and sherry. They're the only alcohol he can't stomach.
Water, simply because it's an enemy of fire to begin with. So, why not? Truly, he has a strong fear of drowning, but he wants to keep it a secret.
Lavi hates the cold and wind. Least of all, he hates snow, though he doesn't mind thunder storms, as long as he's inside.

[Lavi can control and manipulate fire, with the ability to feed or diminish it, or materialize it out of thin air.]


[During Lavi's life, he was a high school dropout, heading on a one-way road to disaster. He had always been a close follower of Lust, though as his life began to spiral downward, he began to grow darker and darker. Anger for the world swelled inside him, he started drinking excessively and drugs came with every meal and as a snack between. Because of this, he girlfriend at the time β€” a woman whom he loved more than himself and promised to marry when he could afford it β€” broke up with him and shattered his heart. As her punishment, he set fire to her house in a drunken stupor, killing everyone inside. Later that same night, almost like kharma, Lavi was the victim of an accidental drowning, which stems his current afterlife fear of water.

In his new life as a demon, Lavi was more than happy to do Lucifer's bidding in trying to stop Stella, but he got carried away in his new life above and went right back to find his old apartment and moved back in, getting comfortable in the Human World. He is supposed to be stopping Stella, but he long ago decided that, in a city like New York, he'll run into her when he runs into her, and when he does, he'll make her life a living Hell.]

So begins...

Lavi Daimon's Story