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"Two hundred years of walking in circles! And its all the same!"

0 · 863 views · located in Nevada Wasteland

a character in “Fallout: Nevada”, as played by Shadow44499


Name: Dex (Dexter Linten)

Date of Birth: March 2, 2087.

Place of Birth: Vault-City.

Sex: Super Mutant, Formally male.

Gender: Male

Species or Model: Super Mutant

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Faction Alignment: None, My Wasteland for a Pip-boy.

Faction Rank: None

Faction Role: None

Current Residence: A shanty, run down building in New Reno.

  • Repair, despite being a Super Mutant Dex is rather efficient at repairing most melee weapons and basic firearms but nothing else.
  • Combat Skills, after 200 years as a Super Mutant one is able to learn their body and how to fight in it. Dex is an excellent fighter with his fists and melee weapons and average with firearms.
  • Demolition Expert, Dex doesn't remember how he acquired these skills but he is versed with most types of conventional explosives.
  • Strength, when you weight 947 lbs, you're pretty damn strong.
  • Knowledge of the Wastes and survival, Dex is a survivalist after all these years able to find food water and shelter rather easily.
  • Being a Super Mutant, as a Super Mutant Dex is immune to most diseases, harder to effect with most poisons, heals faster, thicker skin, much more muscle mass, radiation resistance, and size.

  • Social Outcast, being a Super Mutant doesn't make you very liked in just about any location.
  • Blood rage, when badly wounded this Mutant has good chance of going into a mindless frenzy where friend and foe don't matter.
  • Logically slow, while not dumb it takes awhile for many ideas and thoughts to register.
  • Large size, being so massive does have downsides it makes the mutant a great and easy target, harder to work his hands, and while fast doesn't leave much room for agility or movement through tight spaces.
  • Computer and Medically illiterate, don't ask him to try either of these things.
  • Multi-Personality Disorder, there are a lot of voices in his head.
  • Addiction, despite being highly resistant to it Dex has somehow developed a need for booze, good news, is he can make moonshine, bad news, the ingredients can very hard to find.



Browning Automatic Rifle, this baby is his main ranged weapon, firing .30-06 at the enemy.


A Browning 12 Gauge Over-and-Under shotgun, found in a wrecked pre-world house during the first year of his change, this weapon has sentimental value to him, in most combat situations he'll actually wield it like a side arm, one handed.


For when things get up close and personal, a homemade Bumper sword, with a Colorado license plate and the feathers of Legion Decanius Armor tied to the hilt.

  • Two spare clips of 30 rounds for the BAR, 13 .12 Gauge Slugs, two beanbag slugs.
  • A rusty Kitchen knife
  • Small tool set
  • Compass
  • Bandoleer, which carries just about everything he needs.

Religion (if any): None.



Standing around 9'8" this hulking mutant weighs at a heavy 947 of nearly all raw muscle and force. His grey-green hide is riddled with scars and bullet wounds long healed, a bored, neutral, or scowling expression the norm on his face. Dex's eyes are an odd silvery green, with a red cornea giving him a half-feral appearance right off the bat. His body is primarily muscle and scar tissue, with just enough fat to be considered healthy. Dex normally wheres tinted and modified biker goggles over his eyes with what seems to be an aviator's cap upon his head, on his chest is the grill of a truck as makeshift armor tied to his body by homemade leather straps, his shoulders and arms are bare leading to more make-shift armor on his wrists, scrap metal forged into gauntlets. His legs are covered by again, homemade leather pants, with bent hubcaps as knee-pads.

Personality: Dex has many personalities, created in the pain of the FEV change, his baseline or dominant is himself who identifies himself as Dex, after forgetting the rest of his name, Dex is Super-Mutant torn by his past and a desire to good in the wasteland, nearly every action he takes is for the better good around him or to rediscover his old identity, this has lead him to conflict with multiple factions in the wasteland. Dex is neither angry, nor sad, just lost in and time and his own fragmented personality.

Rax is a second personality of his, the devil on his shoulder so to say, Rax speaks to him often in side of his head, wanting nothing more than bloodshed and chaos and will sometimes coerce Dex into dirty work, when the Mutie flies into his blood-rages he'll actually identify himself as this second personailty and will kill and sometimes devour both friend and foe alike in a bloody rage.

Lex is the third, Lex is almost a polar-opposite of Rax and is almost always on Dex's side besides the fact that Lex is more logical and nearly human, this personality wants to do good but weighs in all the odds and evens to try to turn the situation to the body's favor or avoid deadly situations altogether. Dex often times speaks to Lex, if the Mutant is friends with any of his alternate personalities, its with Lex.

Kex is the fourth voice in his, childish and playful, Kex wants to commit pranks and acts of a lesser nature in most cases. This personality is likely the most easy going of the four and in its mind any and everything should be done for fun leading to a more neutral stance on morality agreeing with anything enjoyable.

(Other Personalities likely to be created over time.)

Personal Biography: Dex is a Super Mutant, a human altered by the FEV for The Master's Super Mutant army, however before then Dex was actually Dexter Linten a security guard in Vault 8 otherwise known as Vault City, however like the master he was exiled on the account of a murder and soon picked up by Super Mutants and dragged to the Mariposa Military base only to meet a horrible end as his human (and sane) self in a vat of FEV.

The process was incredibly painful, tearing his mental state to pieces and leaving him as a fractured, undone and nearly feral husk of his formal self. However, with the add of fellow Super Mutants he managed to hang onto shreds of his being and his intelligence as most Mariposa Mutants did. Soon after, he was armed and thrown into the Master's army, following the Cathedral with a religious fervor and and multiple voices in his head. It was about this time that Rax formed, urging the mutant to war and bloodshed which for a few years, he accepted with open arms.

But then came the Vault Dweller, this one human managed to fracture the Army and kill the Master, while watching the Mariposa Military base burn with a hole in his chest from an engagement with the Dweller, he learned that the Master was flawed and worthless thanks to a new voice that popped into his head, one of logic and wit. Lex.

After the destruction of his old life, the Mutant wandered for a new purpose eventually coming upon Broken Hills, a settlement that was based around mining of Uranium and founded by another member of his kind, Marcus. Dex for years worked as a miner, making a life for himself in the settlement as he saw fit and right and managed to keep control of his head for years. Peace was not to last though, the Uranium dried up and the mutant was forced to leave out and seek out life else where.

The Super Mutant slowly made his way East, traversing for years as he followed along mainly the Southern Coast before heading North East into the DC area, his arrival was only a few years before The Wanderer would make his wake across the Capital Wastes, Dex was surprised to find such a massive population of Mutants in the city but to his surprise, they were not friendly toward him nor humans. Dex spent a few years rescuing humans from the fate he had suffered, fighting the Vault 87 mutants on nearly equal ground in many cases. It was in this city that he found his prized BAR in a ruined gunstore, forging what seemed to a pact with the weapon. When Dex realized that the task of fighting his estranged kin was useless, he packed up again and headed west once more.

This time, he passed North, trailing the ruins of Chicago before moving to Montana just roaming the wasteland. It was in this time that he became obsessed with rediscovering what happened before he became giant, green and hulking and it was also about this time when the Legion had rose to dominance in thee West.

Dex made his way to Colorado and into the ruins of Denver where he was happened upon (and subdued) by a large group of Legionnaire's looking for a trophy, instead of slaying him on the spot they dragged him back to their camp. Bad idea. The Legion had making refuge inside of an old parking garage and left the mutant in a pin as they slept, with a bit of luck he snapped his bindings on the cage and then knocked it down, waking his captors up who drew weapons. On the ground lay a bumper... One bumper with a Colorado License plate, in a fury he picked the weapon up and proceeded to tear into his foes, nearly dying in the process he slew the Legionnaires. Afterwords he stood around and waited for his wounds to heal, sharpening the bumper into a blade and decorating it and his own makeshift armor with pieces of Legionnaire gear. With a new weapon, the mutant went South West, happening upon New Reno where he now resides.

So begins...

Dex's Story

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It was an average day in New Reno, well, as average as it could be for a nine and a half Super-Mutant being held at gunpoint by some grunt gangster boys in a run down, decrepit office building in a shit-hole outskirt corner of the city. The sound of mutated crickets chirping in the distance and the skitter of radroach legs moving away from activity.

However, it wasn't meant to stay quite nor was this a peaceful negation. Earlier that very day, the mutant had gotten into a fight in front of a gun-store owned by the boss of the little runts who now stood in front of him, the main reason they were here, was to collect a debt for repairs after someone was tossed through the window for not allowing a Mutant in to browse their wears, well and maybe debt for a medical bill too.

"So... A fucking Mutie thinks he can toss our boss 'round and get off scott free, Butch."

"Bitch has another thing coming then, don't he Miguel. Rico! Get your piece out in case this gets bloody!"

"Shut the fuck up, Butch."

"Rico sort that shit out later, we got business to handle here. So, one more warning ugly, ya got the caps to pay up, or are we gonna have to take it out your giant mutated ass?" The thug Butch, stood in the back of the group, warily eying the mutant as he carefully and slowly loaded slugs into the Lever-Action shotgun in his hands for emphasis on his point of business.
In front of him stood two more thugs, Rico and Miguel or atleast, that's what they called each other. Miguel was the biggest of the three and the closest to Dex, brandishing a sledge hammer and clad in scrap metal armor. Rico stood to the left of him, a rusty .32 revolver in hand wearing your typical leather jacket punk outfit like Butch.

"Stupid humans, we told you to leave." Dex responded, underneath the goggles his eyes were traveling between the three who, assumed that in a group, they were able to bully anyone. Underneath his skull the others in his head seemed to chat away, urging various points of advice. A scowl crossed his scarred face before he suddenly barked out, "Grahhhaa! Lex! Kex! Rax! Shut up! Shut up now! They're listening to us!

Rico was backing up after the outburst, looking toward Butch. "Eyyyyy, Boss, I think we should you know scadattle, this cat is crazy."

"Notta change Ric, Boss's orders. Miguel! Break his knees!"


In a flash the heavier thug rushed forward, hammer going right at those knees with a metallic crack the tool smashed down on its mark, Miguel grinning like a shit-faced badger expecting the Mutant to drop. It was indeed a heavy blow but the hub-cap on his knee took the brunt then there was the skin and muscle of a Mutant under it, it'd just bruise.

A precious few seconds passed before Miguel looked up at his foe, his grin vanishing and being replaced a grimace of pain and pressure as Dex brought a heavy blow to the Human's gut and with the aid of his own metal plated knuckles dented his attacker's metal armor. "Oh fuck!" Were the last words out of his mouth, before Dex back-handed him in the left shoulder hard sending him toppling to hold his stomach and vomit from the previous blow.

At this point Rico had dropped his gun and darted out the building, screaming like a dying hooker being chased by a mad brahmin, leaving his high-up (and better armed) friend to deal with Dex alone. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, fuck you, fuck you Rico!" Butch yelled as he lifted his gun, two loud bangs responded as Butch discharged two shotgun slugs into the Mutant.

Blood soon painted the wall behind Dex's shoulder as the first of the two shots nailed him right where he was unarmored, the buck shot tearing into the muscle and flesh of his right shoulder the second slamming into his chest being partially deflected by the make-shift armor there. "Go to hell, Human!" Dex roared as he lunged, smashing his massive fist into the man's face. There was a crunching noise and then a snapping noise as Butch hit the ground and twitched. "Oops..."

Dex stopped and took his breath, pain flaring through his body as he slow regained his breath, eyes twitching under his goggles as he ran one of his hands through his own bloodies shoulder. "Get help, you fucking moron!" Lex shoyed in his head, nodding the large creature blundered his way outside before walking onto the street. The round lead shot had actually severed a artery, causing him to stagger, in his head he could hear Rax screaming and trying to take control, fending the other off for now as Kex cried. "Shut up, shut up, shut up..." Dex murmured the entire time.

However, luck was on his side, within ten minutes he spotted a sign and even better yet a certain symbol. The New Reno Followers of the Apocalypse clinic. For the most part, people would get out of the way of a Super-Mutant limping through the streets, only staring and watching as he made his way to the door.

Dex basically smashed his way through the door, clutching his bleeding shoulder as he shouted out at the top of his massive lungs. "I need medical attention, fucking humans!" Stepping on and breaking a chair in the waiting room as people inside pressed themselves to walls as he beat his fist on the luckily sturdy desk. "Now!"