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Fallout: Nuclear Nights

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Hey everybody. I've been working on world building a fallout rp for a bit now and since my other rp I'm running has hit a lull (missing people) I've decided to start working on getting this up and running. Basically story wise this will follow a small group of mercenaries that are somewhat akin to couriers as they tackle various jobs throughout the wasteland, and with a company motto of “No job is to big or to small” they sure get some odd requests.

I want to keep this a very small group rp because I am planning on having “Quests/Missions/Very Small Story Arcs”. Not only is this to keep things fresh but I want to try my hand at crafting well thought out and preplanned, mapped, and character filled quests-I think this will really help in keeping things running smoothly, especially if I get lucky and get some committed players.

I'd also like to say real quick while everyone is looking at the images below.
-I really wana come up with a neat/sick and twisted experiment that took place in Vault 25, but I wanted to see what you deranged bastards could come up with as well.

*Click pictures for an actual readable image* Edit: None of these images are mine but the artists and internet are far to vast for me to list all the actual creators-but I think they are all pretty awesome, so good job artists! Likewise Fallout is not mine and does not belong to me and yadayadayada


Chicaghoul Ruins

L'Mart --- Rad-Away Radio

Craterside City --- Big Boss Mercenary Co. HQ
Salvage City

Midas Solutions Inc
Apollo Steel

Notable Rest Stops & Locations
The White Tower
Strange Shack

---The Who, What, When, Where. & Why---
Who Are You?: Maybe you slept in the wrong place at the wrong time and wound up turning into a ghoul, or perhaps Super Mutants kidnapped you like they do so many others only to forcibly turn you into one of them with the FEV, or are you a Vault Dweller trying to take your first timid steps out into the world? Hell, maybe your just a regular shmuck who's irradiated like the rest of the world and grew up with a real “Nuclear Family”. Regardless of race, origin, or beliefs you are one of the many simply trying to stay alive in the Wasteland some two hundred years after the Great War. Feel free to make your characters background with any of the groups and locations I've created or others of the Fallout universe.

Whats going on?: Like always the Wasteland is a hotbed of bandits, raiders, and honest people just trying to survive. Of course it's always a little easier to make it another day when you've got a nice pocketful of caps-unfortunately most jobs don't pay worth a damn and the ones that do are very likely to get you horribly killed or maimed in the process. Unlike Caesers Legion or the NCR there is no overwhelmingly powerful faction in this region-this is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because no tyrannical or insane faction was able to rise to the top and enforce wicked beliefs; at the same time however since there is no real “Authoritive Presence” bandits, raiders, kidnappers and all sorts of immoral professionals stalk the vaste stretches of Waste between Towns and Cities. Because of such a serious bandit problem Couriers, Mercenaries, Caravan Guards and all other sorts of hired guns and delivery men are always in extremely high demand.

The Mercenary companies themselves have both good and bad reputations and can sometimes be as bad as bandits and raiders themselves. For instance some will take any job regardless of moral complications as long as they are getting paid, even if this means killing actual city officials and townspeople. Luckily most Mercenary companies do have some form of a conscience and only take on “Appropriate Assignments”. Despite their sometimes lack of morals most of those in charge realize steady caps from a protected City beats one massive haul of caps from a burnt out corpse riddled town.

Again, our group will mainly focus on small contracted assignments (quests). So the actual plot is pretty open, atleast at the very start. I plan on doing overarching plots down the line but to start off I'm wanting to just do one shot “short story” styled quests. Many of the overarching plots will probably stem from things that occur during these first assignments.

When: Our stories will take place in the year 2282 directly following the events of New Vegas (But so far away that they aren't really effected by who won.) Like I said the timeline is directly after NV, Four years after the events of Fallout 3, and 204 years after the bombs fell.

Where Are You?: The Wastes. This rp will take place over a large, mostly unrecognizable, area in Illinois. The most well known City recognizable from the old world is Chicago, now appropriately renamed Chicaghoul. As far as I know the only Fallout game to really cover anything in the Chicago/Illinois area is Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel-aka:Uncannon. Therefore this will be my own twists/ideas on what the local wasteland and factions around here would be like.

Our group will find themselves at varying places throughout the wastes depending on their latest contract. Also here is a neat link for anybody interested in an indepth fallout timeline.

Why: Because war never changes.

---Character Sheet---

Name: First & Last
Nickname: If any
Race: Human, Ghoul, or Super Mutant
Karma: Paladin, Mercenary, Murderer
Past Occupations:
Current Occupation:

S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Everyone has five points to spend at creation, each special skill starting at a base of five and maxing out at ten. You can also subtract from them and redistribute points as you see fit. Your SPECIAL Skills will not only effect what perks you can use but will also be takein into account when encountering NPCs or trying to accomplish various tasks.

Strength: 5
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 5
Luck: 5

Perks: Pick Six. Perk List. I might bump this up to Eight depending on if people are having trouble making what they want. Actually go ahead and pick seven if you read this far.

Appearance: I really appreciate it if people could use actual fallout (or other apocalyptic) pics-I guarantee you with all the fan and concept art out there you can find a good characters that suits your needs. Otherwise just write a description on what they look like-No real pics or anime pics please.

Armor: Describe

Equipment: List the main Items they are carrying. Only pick eight Items to start out with (Armor and main weapons do not count as items. Also you can have 2 things counts as one item-for example. 2 stimpacks count as 1 item, 2 bottles of water count as 1 item, ect. Bullets also count as an item but can be stacked-example: 50 bullets is 1 item.) **Check the ooc for info on choosing items.**

Likes: List Five
Dislikes: List Five
Personality: At least a paragraph.

History: At least two paragraphs

Companions: If you have one list and describe the companion (one allowed).

Toggle Rules

1. Do your best with literacy-I'm really not a stickler on this and you'll see from my own posts that I'm no grammar expert, so don't stress on this rule to much.
2. Make your posts atleast 300 words-I hate enforcing word limits but it seems every time I don't I get abunch of people who join and then just drop out.
3. Do not god mode or power play.
4. REALLY try not to quote or copy and paste other peoples posts in your own posts.
5. Do not alter the Character Sheet template.
6. You are allowed one companion-dog, eyebot, ect. You can even have an NPC' or two-unlike companions they will not be allowed on missions.
7. Like I said in the Interest Check I intend for this to be an extremely small rp (as I said earlier I keep having people dropping/going inactive so I'm hoping this will help fix that problem.) Honestly I will probably only be accepting 2-3 characters plus my own. All that being said feel free to submit a char sheet, just be aware that just because you submit one doesn't mean it will be accepted.
8. PM me your character sheet with the subject title “T-51b” -Do not post it up onto the rp. I will reject it if this is not followed simply to weed out those who don't bother to read everything.-
9. Add a few (atleast three) paragraphs of you rping with your character to the PM you submit.
10. I'm assuming you all have played fallout so lets try and keep everything as close to the games as we can-like rule number one this isn't a huge issue with me but something I'd appreciate everyone to do their best at. Also although this is a fallout rp I intend to make some of my own groups and might have something every now and then that isn't necessarily period accurate-I promise it'll be pretty close though, or at the very least be slightly plausible.
11. Rules can be edited as I see fit. Have fun!

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Character Portrait: Nathanial Black
Nathanial Black

"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring deathclaw looking for someone to devour".

Character Portrait: Cathryn "Cat" Malloy
Cathryn "Cat" Malloy

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Character Portrait: Cathryn "Cat" Malloy
Cathryn "Cat" Malloy

"What are you staring at?"

Character Portrait: Nathanial Black
Nathanial Black

"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring deathclaw looking for someone to devour".

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Character Portrait: Cathryn "Cat" Malloy
Cathryn "Cat" Malloy

"What are you staring at?"

Character Portrait: Nathanial Black
Nathanial Black

"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring deathclaw looking for someone to devour".

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