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Cathryn "Cat" Malloy

"What are you staring at?"

0 · 249 views · located in Illinois Wasteland

a character in “Fallout: Nuclear Nights”, as played by blackrider


Name: Cathryn “Cat” Malloy
Nickname: Cat
Age: Just turned 20
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Karma: Mercenary
Past Occupations: Shop Hand
Current Occupation: Boss's Right Hand Man, Runs The Day to Day Side of the Buisness
Alliance(s): Boss's Mercenary Co.


Strength: 5
Perception: 6
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 6
Luck: 4

Perks: Lady Killer, Daddys Girl: Cowboy, Quick Draw, Master Trader, Whiskey Rose, Chemist, Nuka Chemist

Appearance: Standing at about 5'8” she has a rather slender frame and very sharp facial features. Other notable features are her short frizzy haircut that always looks uncombed along with a single piercing blue eye-in all honesty she's quite the looker. Unfortunately for Cat her very first assignment with Boss went completely and horribly wrong and in one night she lost her right leg, left eye, and the ring finger on her left hand. Because of these injuries she constantly wears a large black leather eye patch and walks with an old world one armed crutch.

(Props to Hielga for the artwork. )

Armor: Cats armor consists of little more then a pair of jeans and an old beige army shirt that she has fitted with a few bits of metal studded leather. She is also normally seen wearing a small beat up messengers bag slung around her shoulder.

Equipment: 2 Healing Powder, 2 Stimpacks, 2 Nuka Cola, .44 Revolver, 18 .44 Caliber bullets, 1 Old World Arm Crutch, 2 Bottles of Whiskey.

-Nuka Cola
-Card Games

-People Asking About Her “Condition”
-Sunset Sarsaparilla
-Cigarette Smoke
-Radio Static
-People Trying To “Help” Her

Personality: Cat is a fiercely independent young woman who carries herself with an air of confidence that is extremely uncommon among most of the downtrodden in the wasteland. She isn't cocky by any means but at the same time she is well aware of her capabilites-and nine times out of ten she can still shoot any problem in the face. She is fiercely loyal to anyone who is in her mercenary “family”, likewise many longtime members of the group almost look at her as a little sister of sorts.

She is a very driven person that is both very sociable and highly intelligent. She is a very kind if somewhat rough around the edges, her moral compass usually pointing her in the “right” direction. Unfortunately this metaphorical compass can be easily be turned off course with enough caps, a trait made worse when in the company of Boss: the two greatly encouraging most of each others negative aspects.

History: Born in the slums of Craterside City Cat was well aware from childhood that she was in store for a rough life, a realization that only became more apparent when her father was killed in the gambling halls and her mother disappeared on “a late night call.” By the time she was ten she was one of the many children in Craterside City known as street rats: parentless children who roamed the streets doing anything to survive another night.

Surprisingly for a couple years fortune smiled upon her (only she later realized her bad luck had just been building up for a volcano sized eruption.) She'd found a job rather quickly cleaning and maintaining guns for a local business man in the merchant district: apparently her tiny hands could clean and handle all the tiny and fragile parts much better then some bulky chem filled adult. The job paid enough to keep her fed and alive until she reached the age of sixteen, at which point her head began to fill with dillusions of being some famous and wealthy Wasteland Mercenary. So being at that impulsive age she scrounged up all the caps she could and bought a 10mm pistol and ran off to the nearest Mercenary Company.

In Craterside City Mercenary companies were extremely common: infact many of them are actually on long term contracts with the City itself-acting as militia/and “civilian protection” (rich people) Because they were so common Cat assumed getting hired on would be easy, only she quickly realized that none of the grizzled Wasteland veterans would take her seriously: they just flat out wouldn't hire a sixteen year old girl raised in the City. That was until she met Boss.

Now before I tell the next part of the story its important to note that for her age Cat was rather...mature looking. That fact added with the lie of “being 19” was all it took to convince Boss to atleast take her out on a trial run-she'd even only take half the pay, she persuaded him, sense she was “still learning.”
And on that first assignment she did learn, she learned just how cruel and dangerous a place the Wasteland really could really be.

Note: It is also important to state that Cat runs the day to day aspects of the business-from taking contracts to distributing pay to the mercs she handles all the stressful and tedious work of actually keeping the business running and making sure everyone gets paid.

So begins...

Cathryn "Cat" Malloy's Story