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a character in “Fallout: Red Texas”, as played by Mosswine Leader


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Full Name: Ameratzu Hitori
Gender: Female
Race: Asian
Ethnicity: Japanese
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 132 lbs
Body Type: Slim
Hair Style: Long braid
Appearance: Pale skin decorated by innumerable pink scars acquired over years of trial and error (more of the latter than former), Ameratzu isn't a traditional beauty. Due to her extensive time on the road and long stretches of starvation, her figure is gaunt and angular, with ropy, corded muscles straining beneath her skin. Ameratzu usually smells of smoke or combustible fluid, and her clothes and skin seem to be permanently stained by soot. The few that have seen the girl under the mask note a certain craze in her deep black eyes, probably due to the uncontrollable twitch in her left eye.

Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 24
Scars: Burn scars all up her forearms, many shrapnel wounds all over. Missing her left ring finger and her right pinky.
Ink/Holes: Her back is covered in tattoos of chemical equations for explosive compounds.
Attire: Metal plated clothing (like splint mail), and a Welder's mask. Heavy combat boots.


    Likes the Boom
    Curious (in all the wrong ways)

+# Strength 4
+# Perception 10
+# Endurance 4
+# Charisma 4
+# Intelligence 6
+# Agility 6
+# Luck 6

Combat: Explosives, Energy Weapons, Guns, Unarmed
Active: Sneak, Repair, Barter
Passive: Survival, Medicine, Science

    Cherchez La Femme
    Heave Ho!
    Hit the Deck
    Splash Damage
    Jury Rigging
    Light Step
    Demolition Expert (x3)


Welder's mask
Jury Rigged Metal Armor
Medium sized leather backpack

Tin Grenade (3)
Dynamite (10)
Powder Charge (2)
Long Fuse Dynamite (4)
Cherry bomb (21)
Frag grenade (1)
Frag mine (2)
Bottlecap mine (4)
Fire bomb (2)
Time bomb, High Yield (1)
5.56 pistol
5.56 rounds (36)
Mad bomber's kit (egg timers, pilot lights, duct tape, scrap metal and electronics, sensor modules, etc.)

Has a debilitating fear of bugs (Ants, Radscorpions and Cazadors)

Raised by her Gypsy single mother, Ameratzu (often called Ami) learned basically from the beginning that life was a shithole and you had to be smart to survive. Their caravan was always in danger of being attacked by Raiders, Slavers, Fiends, and other unmentionables, and everyone had to pitch in for the survival effort.

Her mother taught her how to work with explosives when she turned 3, as that was the only reliable way a child could defend itself. Explosives don't need strong arms or good aim, you just need a steady hand and some know-how. Ameratzu turned out to be a prodigy, creating spectacular and lethal IED's that killed in horrendously inventive ways. Their caravan soon gained notoriety, and raider attacks fell off.

At 20, she struck out on her own, but made sure to educate the younger members in her ways so the caravan wouldn't be left toothless.

Wanders the land in search of the next big Bang, Pop, or Pow. She constantly experiments with her hobby/life skill, and usually can't stay in a town for very long before they run her out for burning a building down or blowing someone's legs off. She usually never means it though. Usually.

So begins...

Ameratzu Hitori's Story

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"C'mon...c'mon...just a bit closer.." Ameratzu quietly prayed from her cover. She watched the pack of wild coyotes circle the dead gecko she'd booby trapped with a powder charge. If she measured the amount of powder correctly, the gecko should absorb most of the heat, and the concussive force should kill at least two coyotes, provided they took the bait. If the gecko wasn't half rotted away already, she'd have been eating that. As it stood, she was three days in the hole without food, so she was getting desperate.

Tentatively edging in, one of the coyotes nipped at the gecko's toe and darted away. Apparently someone had tried this particular ploy before, and these dogs had survived it. Maybe the food would still get the better of them. Ami white knuckled the grip on her detonator, cursing fervently every time the coyotes refused to bite. Finally, they appeared to be satisfied and three of the pack settled in to eat.

"Ahh! You little bastards. I gotcha now!" She clicked the detonator rapidly, almost crushing it with her hands. The following carnage played out exactly as she'd planned. Absorbing most of the fireball and a small amount of shockwave, the gecko's body launched into the air, bisected by the explosion. The three coyotes that had started to eat didn't even have time to yelp in surprise or pain as the force wave slammed into them, killing them instantly. The other two that had stayed on watch escaped the lethal blast zone, but were still tumbled about by the shockwave. Ameratzu was already on her feet and sprinting down the hill, almost tripping over her own feet and eating dirt several times. She managed to get the drop on one of the coyotes staggering to its feet, catching it on the side of the head with a savage kick.

"Sorry, dog. I need to eat too." Stomping on the dog's skull several times, Ami finally split the head open and sent several chunks of brain splattering messily onto the baking hot dirt. The next several hours saw her cleaning, gutting and shaving the four coyote corpses, stringing them onto a line of sturdy wire for ease of transport. Her hunger drove her to consume half of one after all the preparations were completed, however.

Her hunger sated temporarily, Ami slung her catch over her shoulder, unclipped the holster for her pistol, and set off down the road. A couple days and another half of a coyote later, she found herself rolling into a little duster village. The place looked deserted, but one could never be too sure. Unholstering her weapon, Ami loosed a loud whistle, raising her welder's mask so she could scan the environment better. She made it halfway around a corner before noticing two bandit types trying to get into a house that appeared to be occupied. Backpedaling quickly, Ami brought her gun to a ready position and peeked out from behind the house again.

'Any sign of trouble from these bandits and I'm gonna hose them,' she thought.

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#, as written by Xavirne
The people of the town seemed awestruck and at a lost for words for these two strangers who appeared to be better off than they were. Just on looks alone, Bandit was the fattest of the crew (thanks to Slasher). Granted, the blond was far from fat.

Hailing from the southern portion of Texas, these folk probably didn't know about about Bandit and Slasher, as their fame was held further north than here. Still, the duo didn't seem to mind. In fact, they found it odd that these people would completely expose themselves like this. There was something off-putting about the entire situation, almost enough to make Bandit call out magic or trickery. Slasher, as keen as his partner, also felt something was adrift and was already taking a few steps away from the crowd. They seemed possessed, or maybe fixed in a trans that needed breaking. Either way, it seemed like the team wandered right into a trap of sorts. Perhaps the rumors were true around here. Maybe there was a reason to avoid this tiny village of make-shift homes, guns, and bridges.

Her hand slipped across the back of her neck, patting the sweat that was sprouting up. It was getting hot, partially because of the baking sun and the other half being that sinking feeling she was getting. Was it too late to run and hide? Maybe she would just keep pretending for a bit longer, until she figured things out. An uneasy exchange went between the pair, both knowing all too well what the other was thinking. It's what a lifetime of living together and working together brought. They were essentially one and the same, only Bandit was a little more grounded in her morals... sometimes.

A woman stepped forward, swiping her hand at the masked woman. Instantly, Bandit cocked a brow. Just what was this chick doing? If she wanted to cop a feel, she could have just asked. Hell, she could have just put her hand there and Bandit wouldn't have flinched. But this sudden out lash, this bizarre motion, it was unnerving. Her blue eyes didn't have to look twice to see the crazed look that was crawling across Slasher's face. He was starting to go mad with the thought of having these zombie-like people tugging at them as if they were bait. Her hand raised to stop him, but he didn't want to listen. It was pretty clear that these people were either mute or stupid, as they didn't speak nor did they seem to comprehend conversation. At least, it didn't appear so as Slasher flat out mocked them.

"I don't know what the fuck's going on here, but these... things... aren't sitting well with me. I think the muts' would be better than these people." Stepping backwards, the two inches away from the crowd. They were slow to move and they seemed stiff, almost robotic. "The hell we get ourselves into?" Slash asked before moving so that his back was now just inches from the woman with a gun pointed at them. Bandit was a few paces back from him, almost so she was even with the hunter. Neither seemed to notice her though for they were too focused on the lethargic crew before them.

"Should we run?" Her eyes moved toward Slasher and, just out of the corner, she saw movement.

Shit, she cursed to herself. They were right in the open, completely vulnerable to outside attacks. They were too caught up in these townspeople in the trans that they forgot to check the area for outsiders. Hell, a mutant could have gotten in for all she knew. Hand on the hilt of her switchblade, she prepared herself for whatever came next -- whether that be an attack from the shadows or a full on run from these weirdos.

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The binoculars had allowed Terrence to see most of what went on in the town below the hill he positioned himself on. He had been watching for a few days since he had witnessed a group of Ghouls come and put something into the water at a nearby spring to the east of the village. He had gone down to warn the people in the town the first day, but instead was almost a victim himself of the demons that now inhabited the townsfolk. The magic must have been strong or already a part of them, so Terrence instead began to watch the village from a nearby hill in the hopes he could either divine what the possessed down below would do or follow the Ghouls when they came back again to see their handiwork.

One the third day of silence from the village below, while the young Tribal was Molerat Meat, Terrence was surprised to hear the sounds of speech at the edge of hearing. Two voices, one male and one female. Climbing to the top of a hill on the west side of the village and placing a Bottle Cap Mine behind him under some brush, Terrence had gone prone and looked through his binoculars at the two strangers who were coming in from the north.
The woman was pale skinned, wearing some kind of black eye mask that Terrence recognized from those Grognak comic books as being the kind a bandit or thief would wear. The other one, the taller man, sent a chill up Terrence's spine but he couldn't tell why. Maybe it was the notch in his ear, maybe it was the way he was holding a knife his hand like he was looking for a fight. Maybe it was the hunger he saw in the man's eyes despite that the bulge of a few cans could be seen in bags and pockets. Terrence couldn't decide but he knew to trust his gut instinct, just like his father had taught him. Because of how they two looked, Terrence simply did nothing but watch as they walked across the bridge and into town.

Terrence reflexively flinched as they went across the bridge. He knew there were mines but he also knew that they were hand operated; whatever the townsfolk were capable of, it wasn't operating the trigger. His gaze followed them as they took the main road that bisected the town and then stopped. He could hear them calling out but he couldn't tell what they were saying. Then he noticed another figure in the village, a Asian woman. At first he thought her to be one of the townsfolk but then he noticed she was holding a gun; the insanity that gripped the town had made them incapable of that.

Turning his view back to the two from before, Terrence noted that the entranced people were already beginning to surround the duo. They seemed to have realized that the people were no longer normal and had begun to back up, some fear in their eyes. Terrence had to warn them somehow, make them realize the people were beyond help and would kill them.

That's when he pulled his Paniencia and put himself into a good position for firing, lined up a shot on the head of the entranced woman closest to the two strangers, and squeezed the trigger. He had two more shots after this to fire on others that came forward before he had to reload. Hopefully the duo would make the right decision and get away before the rest of the town woke up.

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Something about the pair just didn't sit right with her. Ami decided not to give herself away with the gun, however, and instead opted to use some spare traps she'd accumulated to take care of them. She set up three bear traps between several houses and set up two bottle-cap mines around chest level. Taking a moment to admire her handiwork, Ami instinctively hit the deck at the sound of high caliber rifle fire.

"What the hell? I didn't see a rifle on either of those goons!" Crawling forward on her elbows and knees, Ami pushed her mask up again with annoyance, trying to figure out just what the hell is going on. She caught a glimpse of the girl goon sprinting past one of her mines, which must have had a faulty sensor module, as it waited a half second before blasting a chunk of the house it faced open. Ami heard a host of startled growls rise from inside, which made her heart sink.

Ghouls...oh great, she lamented with a shiver. Scrambling to her feet, Ami pulled a grenade off the grapevine cluster from her back, not checking which type it was as she dashed around the side of the house and chucked it into the big hole. One of the ghouls noticed her and attempted to leap out of the hole, but instead managed to impale itself on some rebar and bottle-cap shrapnel, pinning it fast. Some of its fellows had managed to smash the front door of the house down and were now pouring into the street. Well, they were, until Ami's little present went off.

For once she was glad her mask had fallen down again, as the blinding corona of the miniature sun she'd summoned probably would have melted her retinas otherwise. She barely had time to curse savagely before the shockwave lifted her up and rag-dolled her about ten feet back. Luckily most of the debris from the three houses she'd leveled flew much farther than her. Ami struggled to a sitting position, wiping a lone tear from her eyes under the welders mask.

"So...beautiful. If I was the marrying type, I'd marry you Nuka-grenade." Not wanting to look away from the growing mushroom cloud, Ami nevertheless understood that there were probably more ghouls around and she'd have to escape sooner or later. Deciding to take a shortcut through the now demolished fence, Ami spotted the shrinking back of the goon that survived her trap and figured it would be good to see where she was going. Ami whipped her 5.56 out of its holster and followed the girl, keeping an eye over her shoulder for trailing ghouls.

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Satisfied that the one in the mask was safe after she crossed the fence, the young Tribal turned his sights back to the unsettling one. Panicking for a moment as all he could see was blood, Terrence looked through his binoculars so that he would have a better look. Horrified by the sight of the same man tearing through the townspeople like a Deathclaw and devouring them as he went, Terrence second guessed his actions and debated staying where he was. They had heard the shots and it was likely that one of them would be able to find him.

After a moment, he decided it wasn't a good idea to meet a man who could tear apart someone else like it was nothing and he disarmed the bottle cap mine that laid behind him, putting it back into his satchel. Going back to his camp and pouring a bucket of water on the fire, Terrence packed up his bedroll and headed around the south side of the town and toward the water spring. Keeping the hills between himself and where he had fired his rifle, Terrence hoped that would keep them from seeing him and following. He shivered at the thought of having to talk to that creature or, even worse, get blind sided by it. Or be forced to be his travelling companion, he thought.

Terrence stopped that line of thought right there. If there was anything you didn't do with dangerous animals, it was mess with what they considered their property. You don't touch a Mirelurk's eggs, you don't go near a Cazadore's nest, and you sure as Brahmin shit don't mess with a Deathclaw's mate. He shook his head, trying to convince himself that trying to follow the two of them would be stupid, trying to interact would be suicide.

But leaving them alone would be murder. It wouldn't be at his hands, but there was no telling how long it would be until the kind of animal that was inside that man would let the masked woman live. She had abandoned the animal quite quickly, even considering bullets were flying past her. Maybe she knew the man would be okay, but maybe she had been looking for a window for escape for weeks, months, or even years. Slavers weren't uncommon in Texas, but she didn't seem to be wearing the explosive collar that was popular among most of the groups that used the practice for income. The decision was a moral one, something Terrence always hated. What to do.

Putting himself behind a hill where he could see his old camp, Terrence pulled out his binoculars once more and observed the masked woman making her way towards where he had fired the rifle. He shook his head at his own stupidity but kept watching. Maybe there would be some kind of sign she was in trouble, that they were not true companions but instead master and property. He would only stay until the animal began to arrive, and then he wouldn't dare come close.

The setting changes from ceder-crest-ridge to Texas, USA


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Just as the young Numinu had suspected, the masked one was making her way to his recently abandoned sniping position. He watched as she struggled forward despite the wound she had gotten along the way, in the face of the possible evils a random stranger could have enacted on her. She was indeed desperate for some kind of safety, but if it was from the animal below or just the wasteland itself was still to be shown.

The binocular's turned back to the village again, looking for the creature. Terrence almost vomited as he compensated for distance with the focus, blood and guts strewn about like streamers from a celebration. Choking back the bile, he focused on the blood-drenched thing and saw it handling some fleshy, grey lump of flesh just smaller than a man's head. The texture of it's surface looked familiar, but it surely couldn't be a brain? It looked far to diseased and discolored. A bashed open head next to him banished the doubts from his mind. These people truly were long gone.

Scanning again for the last stranger, the one who hid from the others, Terrence managed to see her just as she threw some kind of small grenade into a hole, inside which appeared to be true Ghouls, Children of Ruin. The bright blue fireball nearly blinded Terrence's eyes, exposed behind focusing lenses. What kind of explosive did that? For a moment, Terrence thought of the stories about the Day of Ruin. Whistling agents of destruction born from every terrible emotion that humanity could create that bathed the earth in fire and death. No, this was not one of the Whistling Ones. They were brighter than the sun and white as salt, this was blue. Maybe a weaker creature of the same ilk, but another Day of Ruin was not yet at hand.

Blinking away the bright spots, Terrence turned his gaze back to finding the masked woman. She fell when she was at the top of the hill, obviously weak from both blood loss and pain. Terrence felt a twinge of sympathy, thinking about the healing powder in his satchel. If it would be enough was beyond his knowledge of medicine, and if she would let him apply it was simply impossible to predict in the age of radiation. Just so many variables to consider.

He watched for a moment as she kicked herself onto her back and looked around, retrieving some kind of shotgun to prepare for an attack while in her weakened state. If the laws of the wasteland held, she would just as soon as kill him and take the healing powder than let Terrence come anywhere near her. If he was to help, he'd need to know he wasn't going to get shot in the process. He moved himself down his side of the hill, away from sight, and called out while drawing his hunting revolver.

“Masked girl, can you hear me? I have a proposition for you if you would listen.” Terrence checked the cylinder of the revolver and counted the bullets. Five shots, not a one he'd rather use then and not when it might mean food or safety.