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"Red Eyes"

[WIP] Still working on a few sections.

0 · 303 views · located in Austin, the Capitol

a character in “Fallout: Red Texas”, as played by R.T.M.X.


Full Name: Cydus "Red Eyes" Black
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown, possibly Caucasian?
Eye Color: Heterochromatic
Hair Color: What hair?

Height: 5'10
Weight: 165lb
Body Type: Mesomorph
Hair Style: Buzzcut/shaven
Appearance: Rarely does he remove his armor (or rather his rebreather), but underneath, his "wedged" frame is gracefully slim and toned, its overall shape comparable to something in between a runner and a soldier. Despite being in the NCR for over a good 10 years, both Army and Rangers combined, the years were easy on his appearance, as Black shows little to no signs of aging. Upon closer inspection, if he allows such, his eyes are an uneven mix of red and green, his left eye having more of a greenish tint than red, and is generally viewed as his natural eye color (due to the rarity of red eyes). While his scalp sports a militaristic appearance for the most part, Black has a habit of keeping his hair short, whether through shaving or otherwise.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 31
Scars: There is an unusual lack of scars despite the number of times he had been shot and stabbed at. The more obvious "scars" are those from shaving.
Ink/Holes: Black has half "sleeves" of tattoos running down the length of both arms, starting from the shoulder and stopping slightly above his elbows. On his left clavicle is the NCR Rangers' star and stripes tattooed into his flesh.
Attire: While in the field, Black sports a custom suit of medium combat armor, crafted from merging together pieces of his salvaged riot gear and an assassin suit that he had "liberated" while in the Midwest. Assymetric shoulder guards are secured in place over a military trench coat in addition to hip protectors, adding protective plating to critical spots of the body normally left exposed. Located on his back is an armored backpack, with an attached ammo drum designed to continuously feed .223 ammo belts to his personal weapon of choice.

The headpiece is two-part, where the distinctive rebreather sports an limited air supply and filters against slight radiation and biological hazards, and mostly encases his entire head and face not unlike a military gasmask. IR/low-light optics built into the rebreather allow him to also see in night-vision, crucial should he has to operate in darkened areas, as well as providing protection against flashbangs and elemental obstacles such as sand or snow. A comm system is build into the face-mask, and a hardened tactical helmet finishes the imagery.


He has a permanent addiction to steady.

+7 Strength
He knows how to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Give him some credit, at least.
+7 Perception
He has you in his sights... most of the time.
+6 Endurance
The wasteland takes a toll on everybody.
+1 Charisma
As charismatic as a deathclaw, twice the scary.
+6 Intelligence
There are two types of people - those with brains, and those who are dead.
+8 Agility
The best bet one has is to quickly react.
+9 Luck
The bad luck of others seem to feed him.

It's known as excessive force for a reason, especially when there's a shotgun strapped to his fist.
Out here, guns ARE the bible.
"Does jumping at them with my fists count as ranged?" - Veronica Santangelo
The enemy can not push a button... if you disable his hand.
[Witty flavor text]
[Witty flavor text]
[Witty flavor text]
Shut up. I am currently masquerading as a rock.

Center of Mass
Despite serving as a marksman, Black knows that it's simply easier to shoot a target in the torso rather in the head, as the torso is a much larger target to score a hit or two. Plus, even if he doesn't outright kill the target, a well placed round to the torso generally incapacitates the target nonetheless.
[Black has a higher damage output when targeting the torso.]
Black has an affinity regarding two-handed firearms, making them easier for him to handle and aim.
[Black has better accuracy when it comes to 2-handed firearms.]
While Black is generally viewed as a ranged weapons specialist, and thus more effective the further away he is from his target, Black learned that the best defense is denying others the chance of mounting an offense.
[It is more difficult to land a hit on Black as a result of a higher "armor class."]
Over the years, Black had formed and perfected his own combat style, earning a higher change of inflicting greater damage over the more, conventional (and more predictable) forms of combat.
[Black has a higher chance of critically damaging an opponent with the use of weapons.]
Hand Loader
Throughout the years of living with rifle in hand, Black learned his way around reloading and work benches, knowing how to use the most out of whatever resources he has nearby to create ammunition.
[Black is capable of creating custom ammunition as well as twice as likely to recover ammo cases.]
Black knows how to carry and handle the more heavier weapons, such as his personal Bozar, using techniques to cut down the weight, making them seem lighter than what they really are.
[To Black, all weapons heavier than 10 pounds have their weight halved.]
Hypertrophy Accelerator (Strength implant)
Despite his appearance, Black's muscle mass is increased with the use on a strength acceleration inplant, negating whatever muscle loss that might have resulted from age.
[+1 to strength]
Intense Training x3
Throughout the years of living in the wastes and serving in the NCR, Black has trained his mind and body, becoming stronger in awareness of his surroundings as well as decreasing the time for him to react to such.
[+1 to endurance, +2 to perception]
Jury Rigging
Sometimes, it'll just save your life if you would learn to make repairs using other items.
[Allows the option of using like materials to repair objects.]
Shotgun Surgeon
Some say that a shotgun is a wastelander's best friend. To Black, his shotgun happens to be attached to his fist. Just don't let him punch you.
[Ignore 10 DT for shotguns.]
Every swing, every punch that Black throws is going to be faster and going to hurt a lot more than what would seem normal.
[All unarmed attacks are more likely to critically hit. All melee and unarmed attacks are 10% faster.]
Those who try to knock this soldier down in close quarters combat might as well give up, because it's not going to work.
[Black is unable to be knocked down, with the exception to explosives. +5 DT to all melee and unarmed attacks.]
Weapon Handling
Black's experience with various weapons allows him to handle most weapons with ease.
[-2 strength requirement on all weapons]

Get Jinxed
Around him, the luck of others seem to turn sour for them, like it once was for Black. Now, if you find yourself having your own bullets climb back into your gun when he's around, it's an easy way of stating "you're pretty much fucked."
[There is a higher chance to miss Black, and almost half of those misses end up being much worse. This also affects Black on a lesser level.]
Dakka, You require more of it.
History has proven multiple times that anything can be destroyed with enough bullets, especially when that stream of bullets are coming from a deranged raider armed with a belt of ammo and enhanced with steady.
[Black is capable of uplinking a compatible weapon to his backpack, providing a much higher level of pain and firepower at the cost of movement.]
Unbreakable Spirit
One does not simply break the mind of a psychopath. Especially when he's set on killing a given target.
[Black tends to focus on a single target and lays waste to it before moving on to the next.]

List them here.

Bozar, modified to accept belt-linked ammunition (Tiny)
Tiny, ironically, is not a small gun as the name portrays. Instead, Black's personal weapon-of-choice is a 5.56mm Bozar, modified to accept 15-round magazines as well as .223 ammo belts linked from his back-mounted ammo drum. The difference between Tiny and other Bozar (and LMGs) is that Tiny is capable of single and burst-fire modes, allowing Tiny's operator a certain freedom of versatility. While single- and burst-fire modes utilize the 5.56mm rounds, full-auto mode requires the .223 linked belts to operate efficiently, which adds in another slight drawback of using such quantity of ammunition - The ammo belts have been known to (and often) jam while being fed from the drum.
Machete gladius (Chop Chop)

Pow Pow
Pow Pow is a customized ballistic fist, grafted to Black's armor as part of his left forearm, partly concealed underneath a buckler. What separates Pow Pow from other ballistic fists is that not only does it count as a shotgun in addition to its usual classification regarding the use of certain perks, it fires off two 12-gauge explosive shells into a designated target. However, one major drawback is having to replenish the 4-shell internal magazine, unlike regular ballistic fists.

Wanna share anything else?

Born of Boneyard origin to former raiders, Cydus Black once served as a marksman within the NCR Army and the Rangers, enlisting at the age of seventeen. He was constantly brought before tribunal hearings and court marshals for his attitude, habits, and hobbies both in and out of combat. Quarrels with commanding officers, intimidating and getting into scuffles with his fellow soldiers, and more than one account of “questionable activity that may or may not approach the status of war-crimes” all earned him a blacklisting among the troops. Nevertheless, Black was good at what he did: sniping. He was a crackerjack shot, one of the best in the regiments, and when he did follow orders he did so with a tenacity that put his follow soldiers to shame.

Four years after leaving the Rangers and the NCR behind with a not-so-friendly "fuck you," Black had wandered across the wastes, somewhat returning to his raider roots. For the next two years, Black forged himself a new image, made himself into a new person, once serving as part of a small mercenary band located in the heart of the Midwest. But even that had turned to shit when the crew ended up being betrayed, and the man (or rather, woman) responsible fled the region, and it had taken Black two solid years tracking this person down, learning that they had kept a low profile within Texas.

So begins...

"Red Eyes"'s Story