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Emma Klein

'Call me Em.'

0 · 391 views · located in West Virginia

a character in “Fallout: Whiteout”, as played by Krisuvial


Name: Emma 'Em' Klein
Gender: Female
Age: 227
Race: Human Ghoul
Ethnicity: German
Eye Color: One blue, one green
Hair Color: Bluish-purple
Sexuality: Straight

Physical Descriptions:
Weight: 120
Height: 5'11
Body Type: Slender and athletic
Hair Style: [see picture]
Appearance [Pictures are very welcome, with a description as well though]: Image Image She's a very tall, slender woman, part of her left hand has deteriorated.
Scars: One thin one through her right eye, then a very tiny one through the left part of her upper lip. Left hand has slightly deteriorated.
Tattoos: Full sleeve tattoos
Piercings: Her nose, and three on each ear
Clothing: [see picture]

Em is exceptionally charismatic and smart, she can talk almost anyone into anything that she wants to, but she has terribly luck, and is rather clumsy. Em is quiet, but she's a very good leader. She has a hard time trusting people, thinking that they will hold it against her, but once she does trust them, she'll protect them with her life. She's also very motivated, and egotistical. Once she sets her mind to doing something, nothing will stop her from doing it. She hates whenever people are stupid around her, or when they chew with their mouth open.

Whenever she hears someone crack their knuckles, she has to as well, and whenever she see's someone lick their lips, she does too. Under every circumstance, whether in battle or not. And whenever she makes a kill, she has to take something from the body, if she doesn't she gets a twitch in her hand for several days. And when she's angry, she slips into a German accent.

+Can be kind

-Easily annoyed



S.P.E.C.I.A.L. [distribute 40 points]:
#6 Strength
#3 Perception
#5 Endurance
#10 Charisma
#10 Intelligence
#4 Agility
#2 Luck

Skills:[You can have 5]
Combat: Unarmed, melee weapons, small guns
Active: traps, medic, survival, lock pick
Passive: barter, deception, persuasion, speech

Perks [You can have 15]:
(Choose your perks from the list)
+Black Widow
+Animal Friend
+Night Person
+Paralyzing Palm
+Little Leaguer
+Party Girl
+Dream Crusher
+Survival Expert
+Master Trader
+Daddy's Girl
+Strong Back
+Fortune Finder

Equipment and Armor:
As shown in the picture.

A sword, a pistol, and spiked-knuckles.


Emma was a German exchange student back before everything went wrong, and the world was destroyed. When they were letting people buy places in the Vaults, her exchange family didn't have enough for her, and their own child, so they had to leave her out - she held no grudge to them, she had understood. There was no time for her to go back to her own country, so she was stuck. Once the radiation had settled, she'd seen many ghouls once she woke up from a mini-coma and looked at her body. The first thing she saw was her left hand and it was partially deteriorated, she gave a small yelp then shushed herself. The rest of her body was fine, she hadn't understood. Overtime she realized she was part ghoul and that she wouldn't age or die.

Once she accepted her new self, she settled down into the town where the Reix were and opened a bar. This is where the meeting was to be held.

Extra information:

So begins...

Emma Klein's Story


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Character Portrait: Emma Klein Character Portrait: Yen Daniel Dangtran
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0.00 INK

'Hurry up, zombie, I gotta go get drunk.'

Yen looked up from the gun he was tinkering with in amusement. A tough looking fellow in merc armor was standing impatiently in front of him. This man had set a Mr. Gutsy down on the table and was implying not so subtly that he wanted Yen to fix it. He observed the hapless robot with a critical eye and then looked back at the man.

'You hearin' me, zombie, or did the radiation destroy your fuckin' hearing, too?' He leaned over the table to get closer to Yen. 'Well I'll say it clearer. HURRY. THE FUCK. UP.'

Yen casually reached down, grabbed his pistol off the floor, and pointed it in the man's face, which he had so nicely put so near to him. "Please back up. I'm working." The man slowly leaned back. Yen put the pistol back on the floor, and continued talking. "This rifle is for another client. He hired me yesterday, and said it was of the utmost importance. Therefore I will get to you in a minute. I am almost finished, as you can see." A piece on the gun clicked into place. And another. "Done. Now I will go outside to test it. If you'll excuse me." He stood up to leave, only to find the merc's gun in his face.

'I can play this game too, zombie. Put the rifle down and fix this damn hunk of metal, or I will put my own hunk of metal right through your motherfuckin' brain.'

Yen set the rifle down, still coolly, and sat down. Then he looked at the robot. "There's nothing wrong with it."


"There is nothing wrong with your robot." Yen repeated. "It is simply out of batteries."

The merc stood there angrily. 'Then what the hell did I come here for?!?'

"Nothing, apparently. Get out of this shop, and find a new battery. At least I'm not going to make you pay me."

The merc left grugdingly. Yen sat back and sighed. There were at least two clients like that per day. Well, he was gone now. Yen picked up the rifle and walked outside to finish it.

Yen closed up his shop with a sigh. Hopefully this was the last time. The last time he would offer to be a group's hacker. He had made dozens of offers to dozens of groups, but none of them would accept him for different reasons: he was a zombie, he was too old, they didn't believe that he was as good as he said he was, they were full up, they needed someone with caps, etc. He was an expert in computers and repair, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him. He looked decrepit, like an old shack by the side of the road. He was so beaten up he didn't even recognize himself anymore. He certainly didn't look like an adventurer. But he knew he was one.

He turned the sign on the door to "closed" and paused for a moment, wishing himself luck. He didn't have much of it. Then he turned away, walking toward Silver Venom.

When he opened the door to the inn, the smell of whiskey and beer breezed by him pleasantly. He inhaled deeply and looked around. Seeing Emma looking at him, he smiled. This only made him look more gruesome, but he did it anyway. He liked Emma. Everybody did. She was talking to another ghoul whom Yen did not recognize. Intrigued, Yen walked over. "Hey, Em." he rasped. "How're you doing?"


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Character Portrait: Emma Klein Character Portrait: Alex Fetherheart
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0.00 INK

Alex covered his lower face with a bandana he found as the bar came into sight. finely he thought thinking to himself. Alex was tired from a rather.... tough trip. he massaged his shoulder where he had been his with a rather large stick from a Suppermutant. lucky the stick broke when it hit him and he was able to run his knife through it's neck killing him without too much trouble.

Making the bar on his pit boy as he walked up to it he overheard a few guy's talking about Reix and how they where looking for recruit's. looking at his wallet which was little more that a cloth with some string, that it was getting dangerously close to being empty. well at lest i will hopefully get someone to watch my back getting his hope's up to find someone to travel with, it was rather boring being all alone. He opened the door making to effort to hide his arrival. looking around he saw whom he thought to be the one in charge speaking with a few ghoul's. He approached her and said in a casual tone "pardon me mam but I am looking to find a group called Reix and herd that they where hiring could you tell me where i could sine up?"


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Character Portrait: Emma Klein Character Portrait: Yen Daniel Dangtran Character Portrait: Niklas Amsler
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0.00 INK

Yen nodded, then strained to hear her proposition. Well, not exactly a proposition, more of a request. Em was too good a friend for him to make her pay him for the occasional favor. "Of course. Do you have it with you? I could take a quick look at it now if you want." But then someone tapped him on the back. Yen flinched slightly. He wasn't used to being touched. Turning around, he saw Niklas standing behind him. Yen frowned inwardly. He didn't really like Niklas. There was something... odd about him that Yen couldn't quite place. But outside he gave a tight smile. "Hello, Niklas. It's going well, I suppose. How is sitting around being bored going?"


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Character Portrait: Emma Klein Character Portrait: Lewis Blake
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Lewis grabbed his vodka and tossed over the caps. Smiling at Em who had overheard him asking who the owner might be. He looked over towards her, smiling politely.

"Lovely place you have!" He said, raising his shot glass high and quickly chugging it back. He winced slightly, shivered and then shook off the after taste. "Although a bit rowdy." He smirked at her, hinting down at the blood still on the floor from the recent scrap.

He stood up, making his way over the the table of folk she'd hinted at. He'd guessed that she assumed he was here for the meeting. He made eye contact with the folk around the table, greeting them with a pleasant nod and a toothy smile.

"Ello everyone, lovely weather eh?"

He grinned ear to ear, grabbing an empty seat and sitting awkwardly amongst the table of strangers.


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Character Portrait: Emma Klein Character Portrait: Yen Daniel Dangtran Character Portrait: Niklas Amsler
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"Ah, well." Yen said to Niklas, smiling. "Another day, perhaps. A day when we're out on the road with the Reix!" He lifted his glass once more, downed the rest of the whiskey, coughed, and then set the glass on the bar. Scooping up Em's pistol, he put it in his backpack - the same old backpack he had had with him since high-school. "Wish me luck." He said with a nervous smile, then took out his application and walked to the door of the VIP room. Handing it to the guard, he waited for him to read it. And waited. And waited. And waited. He cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Uh, look, can you actually read that thing?" The super-mutant looked up at him and nodded, obviously lying. Yen didn't catch it, though. "Okay." he said. And waited some more. "Um. Yeah. I don't think you can, 'cause I didn't write that much. So could ya just let me in now?" Yen started to walk forward, and the super-mutant pushed him back.

'You no go in 'til I say.'

Yen put up his hands. "Okay, I don't want a fight."

'Then go home.'

Yen looked chagrined, then angry. "Nevermind, I do want a fight. Lemme in, you scumbag!" He pulled out his pistol, trying to look tough.

The super-mutant smirked, then pushed open the door. 'You go in now.'

Yen spluttered for a moment, then put his pistol away, smoothed out his shirt and walked in as coolly as he could.