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Lewis Blake

A small swift man that's built rather well.

0 · 137 views · located in West Virginia

a character in “Fallout: Whiteout”, as played by Legend812


Character Sheet:

Name:Lewis Blake
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Sexuality: Straight

Physical Descriptions:
Weight: 179 lbs
Height: 5ft 10
Body Type: Athletic
Hair Style: Buzz cut
Appearance :A shortish man built with well toned muscles, he has a mean face with a strong jaw line and is rarely smiling. Despite his rather bulky outlook he moves swiftly and as if he's in perfect control.
Scars: Many small scars across the back of his head and one long deep scar across the palm of his hand.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Clothing: He wears torn jeans and a black t shirt. Also steel toe capped boots that look very very worn.

Personality: He is a quiet man yet is quick to voice his opinion if someone tries to intimidate or persuade him otherwise. He is slow to trust others but should someone earn his trust he'll happily stick with them through thick and thin. Generally quiet mischievous he is quick to profit on someone regardless of the outcome between them. The only exception would be if the person was someone he trusted or was close to.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. [distribute 40 points]:
# Strength 8
# Perception 6
# Endurance 5
# Charisma 4
# Intelligence 4
# Agility 8
# Luck 5

Combat:Melee Weapons, Small guns, explosives
Passive: Lock picking, stealth

Perks [You can have 15]:
Little Leaguer
Night Person
Silent Running

Equipment and Armor:
Leather Armor
2 Stimpaks
1 stealth boy

9mm Pistol with 2 mags
2 combat knifes

History: Lewis always enjoyed sneaking around, he was born and raised in some now forgotten city. As usual it was drenched in poverty and life was a challenging aspect. He made his way through his childhood by stealing and profiting on stolen goods. This always had him in a lot of trouble but as he got better his skills became more of a demand rather then a way to get by. He would earn his caps by having people pay him to steal or spy and in a few cases kill. He was always good with a knife, and not to bad of a shot with a pistol thought he had little experience with large rifles.

Extra information:

So begins...

Lewis Blake's Story


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Character Portrait: Lewis Blake
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0.00 INK

Lewis had just rolled into town. He'd heard from a few travellers on the dusty road of a Reix meeting going on in the local Inn tonight. He didn't know too much about them; or their purpose. Only snippets he can remember from their radio broadcasts. But that didn't matter to him. All he thought was where this group goes, they'll be fighting, and fighting means spoils; and spoils means caps.

He had a quick look around the town, it didn't take him long to find the Inn. A quick equipment check and he was ready to go. It had become a bit of a habit, that he'd run over everything he had before going to a new place. Perhaps his acute paranoia from constantly looking over his shoulder, expecting to see an old face of someone he'd double crossed.

"Gun...check...knifes...check...caps..." He spoke out loud, while patting himself down on the items. "Caps...caps?" He patted his back pocket, his face dropped as he frantically dived his hand in to find nothing at all. He sighed, he was all too used to it. Dealing with the types of people he did it's not surprising they'd be so kind to empty his back pocket for him. Nonetheless, he shrugged, happy enough he still had a gun on his hips and his knifes holstered on his thighs.

He opened the inn door, greeted by a breeze of warm alcohol tinted air and the loud chatter of the drinking folk. He stepped inside, closing the door. A quick look around didn't show him anything interesting, yet he had a double take at the large super mutant sitting down by the door. He casually walked amongst the crowd before finding an empty seat at the bar. He sat down, leaning over to grab the attention of the bartender who was more then busy trying to keep up with the crowd tonight.

"Hey, lad...who'd I see about this Reix meeting eh?" He spoke loud, trying to drown out the chattering crowd and the drunks; incoherently trying to order their next drink, but he didn't seem to get noticed. He swirled on his chair to face the crowd sitting on the tables, eyeing up each person. He'd wait until the bartender was a little less busy before trying again.


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Character Portrait: Lewis Blake
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0.00 INK

Lewis sat in his stool with his back facing the bar, still looking out into the crowd until the fight broke out. He watched carefully. Too many times he's been in a middle of a rumble and someone trips over in their directions and just like that; you're a part of it. But luckily the fight ended nearly as quick as it started.

"Tut...tut...tut, what a bloody mess..." His accent was that of a cockney englishman, paired well with his raspy, croaky voice.

He stood up, grabbing one of the lifeless bodies.

"Can't be having these stink the place out!" He said, hauling one of the bodies outside the door.

As soon as he was outside, he took the body around the side of the building and dumped it. He peered around, having a quick look to make sure no one was coming or going into the inn and when he was sure he was alone he gave a quick frisk. He reached into a pocket, pulling out a little wallet with a handful of caps inside. Everything else was rubbish, and the clothes were slashed and bloodied. Else they might have made a profit to the right man.

He got back up and back in side, idly dragging the rest of the bodies out and around the side, taking his time. Perhaps to make others believe he was generally taking them somewhere out of the way and not a few seconds away to rot. The rest of the raiders didn't have anything on them worth taking, their weapons were in poor condition. It's a miracle that gun even fired.

He left them in a pile, all huddled on top of each other as he made his way back inside.

He wore a smile on his face as he strolled up to the bar, sitting back in his seat and slamming down the few caps he'd got off the bodies.

"One vodka please my good mate!" He hinted over towards the bartender, "And while you're at it, do you know who owns this place, it isn't you hm?"


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Character Portrait: Emma Klein Character Portrait: Lewis Blake
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0.00 INK

Lewis grabbed his vodka and tossed over the caps. Smiling at Em who had overheard him asking who the owner might be. He looked over towards her, smiling politely.

"Lovely place you have!" He said, raising his shot glass high and quickly chugging it back. He winced slightly, shivered and then shook off the after taste. "Although a bit rowdy." He smirked at her, hinting down at the blood still on the floor from the recent scrap.

He stood up, making his way over the the table of folk she'd hinted at. He'd guessed that she assumed he was here for the meeting. He made eye contact with the folk around the table, greeting them with a pleasant nod and a toothy smile.

"Ello everyone, lovely weather eh?"

He grinned ear to ear, grabbing an empty seat and sitting awkwardly amongst the table of strangers.