"The best way to win an argument is to be the loudest"

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Age: 24
Sex: Male
Race: Hispanic
Species: Human
Appearance: Black Spiky hair, Brown eyes, square Goatee
Marital status: Single
Strongest statistic: Luck
Weakest statistic: Charisma
Specific physical traits:Scar along right eye, bullet wounds across chest


Personality: Mildly Crazy, Relaxed, Carefree, and shameless
Attitude towards others: Couldn't care less
Pros:Looks at for himself, Not afraid to do dangerous things
Cons: Often finds himself in dangerous situations
Overall Demeanor: Neutral
Orientation: Straight
Habit(s): Bites his lip and constantly cracks his knuckles
Addiction(s): Buffout
Faction: None
Occupation: Scavenger
Perks: Animal friend (nearby animals attack enemies), Little leaguer (Skilled with explosives, and can hit hard), Demo expert (Eplosives are more dangerous in his hands), Light step (Doesn't set off mines or traps), Better criticals (Better chance to do more damage, and with his luck that happens a lot), Solar powered (Is more damage resitant during the day).
Theme song: "Another one bites the dust" Queen


Weapon(s): Sawn off shotgun x2, Combat shotgun, Smg, Baseball bat
Supplies: Frag grenades/mines, Pulse grenades /mines, Buffout, Food, ammo
Apperal: Double ammo straps across chest, Grenade/mine belt, Talon merc Armor, Army helmet


Birthplace: Small unkown town
Place of residence: Saloons Moves from saloon to saloon renting rooms
Background: parents murdered by talcon mercs, raised by outcast from nearby vault. When he grew up he joined the Talons, secretly planning revenge. One day he carried out his plan and caused extensive damage to Talon outpost and caused severe casualties. Now he wandars the wasteland selling anything interesting he finds.

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