Ethan Drakenson

He was the son of a soldier, Now he's one himself

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a character in “Fallout”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name:Ethan Drakenson
Race: Hispanic
Species: Human
Appearance: http://fidgit.com/Fallout_3_diaries_RW.jpg
Marital status: Single
Strongest statistic: Agility
Weakest statistic: Perception
Specific physical traits:Tall, strong, short hair, scar across his chest and on his left shoulder


Attitude towards others: friendly, funny, mature
Pros: Loyal, chilvarous, faithful
Cons:very cautious, His Good nature often finds him hatred from the slavers and has step on the toes of the talon mercs more than once
Overall Demeanor: Good
Habit(s):likes to play with an emblem his father gave him, talks to himself in tense situations
Addiction(s): none
Faction: Wastelander
Occupation:Weapons specialist, gun for hire
Perks: Sniper(Headshots baby), Night person(At night is more aware and more dangerous),gun nut(can repair any gun he comes across), Commando(skilled with two handed weapons), strong back(pack mule), Swift learner(adapts quickly and learns new things easily)
Theme song:"Citizen soilder" 3 doors down


Weapon(s): Sniper Rifle, Assault rifle, .44 magnum, Crowbar
Supplies:Food sanitizer, stempaks, food, radaway,maps, metro ticket, ammo
Apperal: Black Ranger armor, Duster's hat (basically a black version of the sheriff's hat worn by lucas simms)


Birthplace:New York City
Place of residence:Often moves around setting up camp in ruined buildings and metro tunnels (after hacking a turret to guard him or activating a protectron)Background: Born in the uderground subway tunnels of NY when he dicded to leave in search of andventure. Earns his living as a gun for hire and gunrepair man. He only takes jobs that he agrees on. While on his adventure he happened upon a lost Brotherhood paladin, The Paladin taught Ethan the skills neccesarry to survival and Ethan help him reunite with his comrades. As a reward the Brother bestowed upon him a lightweight ranger armor with durability and damage resistance that rivaled power armor. As far as Ethan knows he is the best shot around

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