Magnus J. Hunter

An explorer who can't stay in one place for too long.

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a character in “Fallout”, as played by Grantgreatsword


Name: Magnus J. Hunter
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Species: Human
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5'9"
Appearance: Decent built and fairly tall, but very rough looking
Marital status: Single (was married)
Strongest statistic: Perception
Weakest statistic: Charisma
Specific physical traits: Three long slashes across his back (from deathclaw attack)


Attitude towards others: Straight forward. Indifferent to most, scornful to those who wrong him.
Pros: Reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated
Cons: Suspicious of others and not too sociable
Overall Demeanor: Neutral
Orientation: Straight
Habit(s): Doesn't like being in one place for too long.
Addiction(s): none
Faction: none
Occupation: Explorer
Explorer (has been to a great number of places)
Pathfinder (always finds the fastest route)
Survivalist (has survived out in the waste land for a long time)
Awarness (great five senses and an almost sixth sense)
Swift Learner (has learned of many new places and things)
Sharpshooter (good aim)
Theme song: Willie Nelson - On The Road Again


Weapon(s): R91 Assult Rifle, Beretta 9mm pistol, machete, smoke grenades x2
Supplies: Food sanitizer, stempaks x3, food (few days worth), extra ammo, wedding ring, compass, various maps, caps x23
Apperal: (pic or description)


Birthplace: New Vagas
Place of residence: Always on the move.
Background: Magnus J. Hunter was born in the sanctuary that was New Vagas. He grew up to stories about how the world once was. His parents told him he was never allowed to leave the city, but he dreamed of the world out side and wanted to see every inch of this wasteland. In his mind he thought he could find other towns and amazing new creatures. At the age of 17 he left the safely of New Vagas and ventured outward. He travelled around for 3 years and learned very quickliy that life in the wasteland was hard. But he learned to survive, and survive he has. He once ran across a group of peole doing the same as he, venturing around. With them he meet a beutiful woman, who after acompanying him for a year he ask to marry her. It was only then did he really settle down. He and his wife had a simple home near a small town and were happy. That was until raiders attacked one night. They attacked his house because it was separte from the others. He killed 5 men that night, but not before losing his wife. After burring his wife he packed his bags and departed. The wastleland was his true home. He has spent 10 years since that night on the road. He has seen the east coast and the weat coast. And almost everything inbetween. He often makes maps of where he has been and sells them to who ever is interested. He has become a rough man, but all he has left is his goal of seeing this entire wasteland, just as he dream he would as a child.

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Magnus J. Hunter's Story