Micheal Ambrose

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a character in “Fallout”, originally authored by Guardian Angel, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name:Micheal Ambrose
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Species: Human
Weight: 280
Height: 6' 4"
Appearance: Micheal is extreamly large, and his very fitt. He has little traces of fat, mostly muscualr. Micheal is tall ontop of being what some would conclude as a heavy set man. He has jet-black hair, along with multi colored eyes. One is black, and one is blue. People suspect this as a side affect of radiation, as he wasn't born with his iris's being different colors. He has a normal series of facial appearances, he isn't beautiful, while at the same time not being ugly. His facial features, with the exception of his eyes are quite average.
Marital status: Single
Strongest statistic: Endurance
Weakest statistic: Luck
Specific physical traits: Scars criss crossing along the fists.


Personality: Micheal is what some would call a gentle giant. He is helpful to others whenever he can, likely being able to scare off raiders, or mercs. He has a capacity for anger, though he almost never shows negative emotion. Micheal is level headed, and almost never reacts irrationally. The only situations where he has had notable irrationality surface, is when he sees the aftermath of the evil deeds done to others.
Attitude towards others: Everyone needs help, Micheal tries to help the unfortunate, while showing no mercy for the wicked.
Pros: He has a good personality most would understand, and tolerate or prefer.
Cons: His eagerness to help the beaten, and the broken can sometimes leave him to a loss of supplies, or time.
Overall Demeanor: Good
Orientation: Straight
Habit(s): Rubbing his left hand when nervous
Addiction(s): None as of yet
Faction: None
Occupation: Wandering wastelander
-Iron Fist
-Size Matters
-Strong Back
-Adamantium Skeleton
-Power Armor Training
Theme song: The plot to bomb the panhandle


Weapon(s): Minigun, and a Super sledge
Supplies: 5mm rounds
-three bottles of water
-two stim packs
-30 bottle caps
-One photo of a young woman

Apperal: Image

(disregard the red secondary paint on this model, Micheals currently has a blue secondary.)


Birthplace: Washington DC
Place of residence: He usually does a favor or two for a place to stay, he is relitively new to the east coast, so he is at this time without a suitable home.
Background: Micheal is a warm, and friendly person, though can be quiet, and untrusting with his past. The most he has ever divulged about his past, was that he used to be in cohoots with the brotherhood of steel, but eventually deviated away to help others. He dawned on the traditional outcast armor with the exception that instead of the red secondary, he has a blue secondary. He voiced his deepest apologies to his freinds, and superiors, and slipped out unoticed. He was a heavy gunner for his squad, and slightly felt bad for abandoning them, but he is quick to dismiss his departure from his thoughts. He felt as if he could help others more than what he could've there.

Micheal set out for the east coast, traveling a great distance, it took him a few years of traveling, but he had made it to the east coast. His story comes winding down to the present, as he follows the road into Los Angeles. Thoughts of family brushed through his mind. Old memories dominated Micheal's journey. The only question left presented itself to him. Was it worth it?

So begins...

Micheal Ambrose's Story