The Ranger

"Not a lot to tell........so piss off!"

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a character in “Fallout”, originally authored by Guest, as played by Bennyboi22


Name: Name unknown, goes by "The Ranger"
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Species: Human
Weight: 182 lbs.
Height: 6' 0"
Appearance: Image
Marital status: Single
Strongest statistic: Agility
Weakest statistic: Luck
Specific physical traits: A scar across his left eye


Personality: Ranger is a cold, anti-social person, preferring to keep to himself to avoid revealing too much about himself and exploit weakness. Gets angry with people easily.
Attitude towards others: Ranger usually shuts others out, only speaking if he is either asking or demanding something from them.
Pros: A trustworthy person, just and level-headed. Believes in Wasteland justice, i.e. "An eye for an eye".
Cons: His out-shutting personality usually puts him in ill favor with others, usually seeing him as an asshole.
Overall Demeanor: Neutral
Orientation: Straight
Habit(s): Puts his hands to his face when under stress.
Addiction(s): Whiskey
Faction: none
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
//Lady Killer- Linguistically mastered with the opposite sex.
//Gun Nut- Able to repair own weapons.
//Gunslinger- Very efficient with one-handed weapons.
//Light Step- Cannot set off mines.
//Bloody Mess- deals more damage/rip enemies apart with gunfire
//Animal Friend- hostile animals become friendly
Theme song: Drist-Arterial Black


Weapon(s): .44 Magnum x2
Supplies: .44 rounds
Stimpack x3
Caps x47
Empty whiskey bottle
Apperal: In pic


Birthplace: Unknown
Place of residence: Drifts in and out of towns
Background: The Ranger's background isn't known. He has no idea where he came from, and his only family was his adoptive father, Rodney James, who cared for him since he was a baby up until he was 18, even giving him the unofficial name "Kid". After Rodney died, The Ranger had to look out for himself. He decided to take up bounty hunting, seeing as he had practiced shooting with Rodney, along with other wasteland survival skills. He was rough at first, not making very much, but steadily became the most reveared Bounty Hunter in the wastes. Ranger now spends his time drifting in search of new heads to claim.

So begins...

The Ranger's Story