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"Don't worry, death will come quickly."

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a character in “Falsum Duomum”, as played by Ezarael


Name: Nobunaga


Age: 20
Gender: Male
Role: Flawed
Height: 1.93 m
Weight: 99.79 kg
Extraneous Info:Nobunaga's Theme
Second Theme

Appearance: “Fuck off.”

…So I see you’ve finally met Mr. Friendly. Before we begin let me just warn you in advance that there was actually a verbal response there. Usually strangers don’t receive just generous treatment.

If you haven’t noticed by now our friend Nobunaga bears a striking resemblance to someone else whom you have had the pleasure of meeting, but with a few noticeable, and somewhat glaring, differences between the two of them. It’s probably best to narrow the differences down first so as to avoid repetition.

Yes, the horns are real, but thanks to the brilliant positioning of the warrior’s headband they appear is if part of an outfit, an unfortunate assumption made by more than a few. You might also notice the distinct lack of an iris in either of his eyes, and a serious inspection would reveal the same lack of humanoid eyelids. They aren’t non-existent though, merely…different. Nobunaga has, instead, a clear membrane covering his eyes, in a sense they are more like eye-covers than anything. The terrifying implication of this is the fact that two vacant eyes are constantly gazing in space with practically no hint as to their target.

Next you might notice certain differences amongst respective, visible, appendages. An extensive, black, serpentine tongue can be seen flickering in and out occasionally; maybe it has some auxiliary purpose for its existence. His fingers and toes also have a fascinating mutation about them. Instead of rounding out in a traditional human sense they curve more into a point, with the end tipped with insidious, obsidian claws. All in all you might say he looks a bit…unique.

Of course besides all of that he does bear a striking resemblance to Luther. They both have long, silver hair, are of an equal height and weight, and both might seem like the kind of people you would rather not be near.

Personality:“Hello, it’s me again, Luther! I see you have met Mr. Happy have you not? No need to fear he won’t bite, at least I am not of the opinion he will… So good luck my dear friend. Oh yes, you want to know a bit about the fellow do you not? Obviously you do not require any assistance as to his appearance, unless you happen to be that blind fellow I ran into not long ago, obviously not!”

“From what I can tell of the lad and I do believe I know him well enough by this point, is that he is quite the unsociable type. Maybe it has something to do with the apocalyptic world from which he hails, but I doubt that. Why you ask? Because he hasn’t been with any women! Okay, sure that may be because the apocalyptic wasteland is lacking in fine damsels, but honestly he isn’t that big of a talker. Why I feel like I am talking to myself most of the time we converse. On second thought I do that most of the time anyway.”

“If you couldn’t tell by now he’s not exactly the friendly-kind of guy when you come down to it. Most of the time it seems he’s a little more worried about the, “I need to save myself,” mumbo-jumbo all those flawed keep spouting about. I couldn’t imagine him going out of his way to help anyone, even himself as hilarious as the idea sounds. Naturally there are quite a few things a gallant royal such as I might be able to teach the young man!”

“I can’t recall ever hearing him laugh. I do believe he is made of stone. He must be not to laugh at any of my jokes, which are many and generously donated for a good cause if I might add. Even recalling my exploits doesn’t seem to make that grim face budge an inch. Honestly, what is a fine fellow such as I to do with begrudging spoil-sport such as he? Probably get him drunk on wine and in the sheets with a fine damsel if you ask me and the sooner the better.”

“Oh well, hopefully that was of some help. When I can think of anything else I’ll be sure to let you know. Oh, and by the by, if you happen to run into a blind-man please be a gent and show him the way home will you? Tootle-doo!”


Passive: Reptilian Senses- Nobunaga’s resemblance to a reptile goes beyond mere looks. His tongue which flickers in and out in such a familiar way can “taste” the air, in a sense, much in the same way a snake or other reptilian creature’s do. His ears, albeit distinctly human in their appearance, have a dual-purpose. They are capable of both mechanical and electrical tuning, allowing for a greater array of sound to be captured. If Nobunaga ever brings himself close to the ground he is also capable of feeling vibrations from a decent distance depending upon how powerful they are.

Miniaturized Musculature- The term does not mean all of his muscle are tiny, instead it signifies an extra layer of muscle integrated with his epidermis. On a nearly microscopic scale even on square inch of skin is capable of moving in an innumerable number of ways, allowing for an increase in gripping strength, an ability to climb up certain surfaces easily, and a way to clamp wounds shut should he ever be injured. Although he can climb to some extent, that does not signify Nobunaga is capable of traversing straight walls. He needs some form of handhold or way to wedge a body part up against a nook, ledge, or cranny in the surface; usually rock-faces and trees are the easiest for him to climb.

Active: Transformation- Nobunaga has the capabilities of transforming his body into something a bit more durable if the need ever arise. Doing so does have certain repercussions though, his metabolism begins operating on overdrive, exponentially draining him as the time frame wears on, and his mind tends to revert to something a bit more primitive. He only transforms into his other form if truly it’s necessary to save his life, the danger he runs of his mind regressing is too great.

His transformed state offers the added benefits of increased strength, speed, and robustness, but natural instinct takes over immediately, nearly forcing out the sentient and separate conscience completely. It takes extreme amounts of willpower to maintain even the smallest ounce of humanity when in this state.

History: Growing up in the post-apocalyptic Earth was cruel, soul-shattering, and completely necessary if one was to survive in the harsh environ. Nobunaga was taught to fight as soon as he was big enough to handle a sword which, thanks to his flawed characteristics, was much earlier than most. He had been lucky enough to be given to a master who could train him properly, how kind people still existed in such a harsh world was a mystery, but that happened when he was still much too young to remember his parents.

Unfortunately life happens on Earth, and as the years passed people came, went, disappeared, and died while Nobunaga continuously roamed the barren wasteland. All he could do was live from day to day and take whatever was necessary for survival, sometimes no one was killed. There was no education to rely upon, no trust you could risk rewarding, and definitely no time you could let your guard down, pure instinct was the driving force for most of the wanderers.

Several years after he left his master, too many to count since there was practically no need to keep time; Nobunaga began experiencing these strange dreams. In them he would watch this man of a similar age speaking to himself as he had observed many of the lost ones do. It was odd though, he felt a pull towards the stranger to whom he bore some resemblance, at least he thought he did, and there were few times when he would stop to gaze at his own reflection.

After some time he finally began to test and see if this other person was a worthy opponent, someone who could fight if necessary. The fool seemed alert, but still weak and slow, like he had grown up on another world. Whatever had happened he must have been abandoned or left out to die in the sun with how talkative a creature he was, never stopping for even a breath. There were quite a few things he learned from the fool, Luther, but he really wished the man would stop talking for five breaths, he might learn something from the silence.

So begins...

Nobunaga's Story


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#, as written by Ezarael
Luther & Nobunaga

The sketch had been coming along very nicely thus far, probably due in part to the seclusion of this particular city, and Nobunaga was quite pleased with how quickly his new map was progressing, another priceless treasure to add to his collection. He had been able to make his place amongst the ruins for several months now, growing very familiar with the surrounding area and drafting several rough pictures of the landscape since then. Unfortunately his current stock of colored ink was beginning to run dry very quickly, and it would probably only allow the Flawed to continue with his favored hobby for just a few more strokes. It was unlikely that he would be able to call this home forever; from what he had noted a few days ago another group had probably made their way in, and leaving him uncertain for the moment as to if they had left. This would probably be another problem which he would have to deal sooner or later.

It was always hard to tell when the switch occurred here for some reason, the change from waking to . . . what seemed to be dreaming was extremely fluid, maybe it was just him growing accustomed to the occasion over time. All he could be sure of the it happening this time was the sound of a boot thumping up against the wall to his right, and that aggravating laugh belonging to that fool Luther who could not for the life of him keep quiet for any period of time. Nobunaga had not even noticed his drawing implements vanishing from his hands the change was so subtle now, but he tried his best to ignore the ignorant fool seated not five-feet from him, more than likely with that stupid grin plastered across his face.

“Why Nobunaga, my dearly beloved twin, what chances our meeting on this oh so momentous of days?”

The fool, Luther, could never resist speaking more than he needed at any time, with an exasperated sigh Nobunaga gave in yet again to appeasing his doppelgänger, something which was becoming much to frequent in his opinion. “Bad luck.”

Luther tilted his legs forwards from his currently upside-down position, rolling his body around until being able to launch himself upright to standing, twisting around quickly, and leaping to seat himself next to the Flawed seated nearby. “How could you imply that ill-fortunes have brought us together on this fine day? I have met my future bride on this day! The one and only Liandre Florenia Ignivicarian VI, a rare gem of a beauty indeed who is mightily smitten with me, and after only just the slightest of conversation to be had as well.”

“She must have a lot of some kind of luck to run into you.”

“Oh Nobunaga, you should have met her friend earlier, another person such as yourself, such a feisty girl, and a hot little number to boot! I wish I could show her to you Nobunaga, she’d be the perfect match for you!”

What happened next was extremely unexpected for the both of them, but it seemed Luther had a penchant for keeping his calm with strange situations more so than Nobunaga. As the Royal had started his mentioning of Eiurin to Nobunaga the scenery around them changed to that of the holding cells beneath the stadium, with the form of Eiurin standing within a cell. For the most part she was the spitting image of the Liandre’s Flawed-Champion, but she was much more curvaceous than her actual counterpart, especially in the bosom. In all honesty if she were to appear such as this there would be no way to contain her breasts in the midst of battle. Luther hopped up gleefully at the sudden variation in their current surroundings.

“This is exactly the one I was telling you about Nobunaga, this girl right here, isn’t she something? Oh how I wish I could introduce the two of you and let the sparks of romance ignite!”

Nobunaga was still speechless with whatever had just happened, first the changes become much more discreet and now the scenery was changing and images materializing from thin air. This was too much to handle, he could only imagine what atrocities Luther could conjure up with this little ability, or what he else he might try his hand at attempting. He finally took notice of the figure to which Luther was referring, but even though he considered her fairly attractive her . . . chest was ludicrous, how could anyone live with such monstrosities weighing them down? Before either of them had a chance to say any more though, something happened. It was almost as if Nobunaga could hear the faint sounds of a crowd roaring in the distance, and then a thunderous crash as if a building had just collapsed resounded throughout the area. When the Flawed look up he was back upon his perch, his writing implements still in hand and, luckily, undamaged by the jolt he was just given. For some reason he had a bad feeling about things to come, especially if the figures he glimpsed sprinting through the ruins across the way were to be any indication of the future.