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Falsum Duomum



a part of Falsum Duomum, by Igari.

"Steam is King."

Igari holds sovereignty over Isallia, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

871 readers have been here.


The expansive and advanced world of Isallia is the parallel Earth--where technology rules as the joy and pride of royalty and death matches are held to determine hierarchy.
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"Steam is King."


Isallia is a part of Falsum Duomum.

1 Places in Isallia:

10 Characters Here

Quinn Sari [15] "Death is becoming of us all."
Eiurin [14] "Huh? What's that? You want me to take more of my clothes off? Why didn't you say so in the first--oh. Cover up more? Well that won't do, I already stripped down~"
Taran Mortair [14] What is the point of life? Why was I given a gift, only to die so soon.
Vier T'sker [12] "Could things get any worse?"
Evelynn [9] What once was whole has been split asunder and they will pay, they will all pay.
Rakka Sukai [7] "Do you feel like getting put on a Buddhist Shock Collar today? I took down twenty 'bots in the last ten hours, and I can take you down too."
Luther Gottfried von Krieger [3] "Oh, don't I have a surprise for you!"
Nobunaga [1] "Don't worry, death will come quickly."
Astarte Nightingale [1] "The sciences explain everything. From the chemistry we share to the beauties of one another's anatomy. And yours, I might add, is looking quite delicious."
Charlie Renold [0] "The best government is the one which charges you the least blackmail for leaving you alone."

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#, as written by JEDH3

Before The redheaded girl could answer, the one they were following interrupted. ”Hey Punks! This isn’t some random group date, keep it in your fucking pants! Aren’t you a monk?”

He had no idea what she was talking about. “I neither practice Asceticism, nor have I dedicated my life to serving others- with the exception of my master. And it is common knowledge that it is easier for a group to achieve a goal if all of the individuals work under a friendly cooperation. assure you, my goal is nothing more than survival through cooperation.” He answered rather confused as to what she was referring to. It did not help that she was clearly not listening to him although she had asked him a question. He would have continued if it were not for the incredibly nasty look she gave him. Looking down at his pants to see if anything important was sticking out, he looked to Vier. “What am I supposed to keep in my pants?”

He wanted to continue his conversation with the redhead girl, but he decided that it would be better not to further disrupt the little peace there was between he and the strange girl leading them. So instead, he smiled at the redhead girl apologetically. Seeing a few guards ahead of them, the girl in front yelled at them, “Come on!” while throwing a knife straight at one of the guards, the blade sticking in his throat. Strangely, she ignored the others standing ready to attack them.

Frowning inwardly, he quickly calculated. The lead girl was ignoring them, he was carrying a casualty and he hated to tell the other two girls to put their lives in danger. Now frowning outwardly, he said to the boy on his shoulder, “I apologize in advance for what is about to happen, friend. I have no intention to cause you discomfort.” Then calling out, “Vier, please cover me!” as he charged forward toward the remainder guards. He jumped up kicking one in the face breaking his nose and knocking him out. Using the man’s face as a springboard, he launched himself at another. Spinning around, he knocked the guard’s weapon away with one foot, then kicking him in the side of the face dislocating his jaw. His great weight easily pushed them around, while he still held back just enough to not kill them. Trusting that Vier and hopefully the other girl would take care of the rest, he continued forward, slowing down only to keep an eye on his new allies. He trusted that Vier alone could handle the rest, although he hoped that the redhead would help her, but he would feel terrible if he continued on to not help them if on the off chance that they were overtaken.

During the quick attack, he tried to move as smoothly as possible as to accommodate the winged boy on his shoulder. Well. As smoothly as one can jump and kick two people’s faces before touching the ground. “Are you quite alight? I did my best not to jostle you too much. I will set you down in the elevator so you can recover, if you would like.”

”C’mon, c’mon! you can chase the skirts later, monk.” The lead girl yelled at them from inside the elevator rather angrily. ”All of ya, get inside the damn elevator so I can be rid of you sooner! And possibly save our hides if you’re lucky!”

“I… I’m not a monk….” Taran said dejectedly. “And no one is even wearing skirts….” He grumbled under his breath while setting the boy down as gently as possible. Now that they were all in the elevator, he looked at the lead girl. "I am terribly sorry, friend, but have I done anything to offend you? If I have, I would like to apologize and assure you that I never had any intentions to do such. May I ask your name? I am called Taran."


6 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Eiurin Character Portrait: Evelynn Character Portrait: Taran Mortair Character Portrait: Vier T'sker Character Portrait: Quinn Sari Character Portrait: Rakka Sukai
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#, as written by Siryn
Vier T'sker

The girl ahead of them erupted in a fit of anger, yelling at them and cursing about something that Vier didn't quite make out as she was a bit farther back. What she did manage to get though, was that most of her comments were directed at Taran who answered her and then upon not getting a reply looked back at Vier.

“What am I supposed to keep in my pants?”

Her cheeks brightened just a bit and her eyes widened slightly as she ran behind him. Vier shook her head quickly in response and shrugged, "I-I don't know..." she answered, completely embarrassed at the situation. As the one leading them threw a knife as she shouted for them to hurry, Vier's throat tightened. She really didn't want to fight again, but she figured it wasn't really something she could avoid. Besides, they were almost to freedom, or so she hoped.

The sharp edges in the cuffs of her wrist armor dug into her skin as she flicked her arms. The soft flesh, scarred and worn by the many times she'd done it, opened up easily enough. Blood trickled down her hands and she quickly formed it into the blades that she used to fight with.

“Vier, please cover me!”

She nodded and jumped into the fray. Her hands slashed outwards, fingers opened as she attacked the first guard that she could get to. She watched -and winced slightly- as Taran jumped and kicked a few of the guards down. She felt terrible for the winged boy that he held, knowing for certain that must have been more than a little uncomfortable. Twisting around she just barely avoided getting cut in half as one of the guards took a swipe at her exposed stomach. She repayed them the kindness by slashing open his face.

She turned on her heel, heart beating rapidly and rushed for the doors. She ducked in behind everyone else, just barely managing to avoid getting injured by any other guards. She turned to see Taran gently putting the boy down and bit her lip. He looked really pissed off. She wondered for a moment if she should say something to him... but then she thought better of it. Probably best to leave him alone.

But, what were they going to do when they had to pick him up again? There was no may he could walk on his own, not with his body battered the way it was. Vier winced at her next thought. If worse came to worse, she supposed she could just knock him out again...

Quinn Sari

“I apologize in advance for what is about to happen, friend. I have no intention to cause you discomfort.”

"Wait... wh-" Quinn started, but didn't manage to finish as the man named Taran shouted to the girl he'd been talking to earlier and abruptly jumped into the air. The movement itself didn't hurt Quinn, it was when Taran struck something -and hard too- that Quinn was jarred just slightly. He hissed in pain, hands clenching the cloth that was the man's shirt tightly. Taran used the one he'd just kicked and the room suddenly was a blur to Quinn.

It wasn't that he was unused to such things, for his flight patterns usually did the same thing. What bothered him was the second jarring attack and the fact that he wasn't in control of the situation at all. Thankfully it all was over rather quickly.

“Are you quite alight? I did my best not to jostle you too much. I will set you down in the elevator so you can recover, if you would like.”

Quinn grit his teeth, "Put... me... down," he hissed angrily.

Taran entered the elevator at the beckoning of the girl who led them. Once inside, he pulled Quinn off his shoulder and set him down slowly. As he was leaned against the wall, he reached around and gripped his side in a vain attempt to ease the pain of the broken ribs. He glowered at the people around him and moved his legs beneath him. He pushed against the wall with his back and started to stand. He only got part way when his legs gave out and he crumpled to the floor.

Dizziness and pain in both his wing and his chest caused him to drop. Perhaps he'd hit his head as well... Quinn sighed heavily as he slowly pushed himself back up into a sitting position. Great... this is just great he thought to himself grumpily.


5 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Eiurin Character Portrait: Evelynn Character Portrait: Taran Mortair Character Portrait: Vier T'sker Character Portrait: Quinn Sari
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She looked at the boy with a looked of exasperation as he cheerfully greeted her, though before she could construct a reply the moment was broken by the sound of that irritating brat who was apparently ‘leading’ them to safety. Most likely another string of unconnected pointless insults aimed at them, though it appeared to be primarily aimed at Taran. Referring to him as a monk by the sounds of it? Though the exact details were somewhat lost till he turned to this ’Veir’ and asked her about him keeping something in his pants.

Eve couldn’t help but grin and chuckle darkly at his innocence and even more at the reaction it brought out in the girl in response to his question, clearly embarrassed at his confusion and the implication of their ‘leaders’ insult. Though further retrospection of events was cut short as the girl ahead of them impaled a guard through the throat with an excellent, even Eve had to concede that, throw of a knife. It was the only good point she’d managed to find about the girl since they’d managed to break out of the arena, maybe another good point would be found should they actually escape. The girl then ducked past the other guards and using a key that hung round her neck opened the doorway at the end of the corridor onto what appeared to be an lift, before resuming her hail of abuse for them to hurry up and cease getting be

As the rest of them reached the group of stunned guards guarding the lift, she watched as Taran muttered what appeared to be an apology to the boy he was carrying, though for what she couldn’t tell at first. He then launched himself towards several of the guards, stunning them and knocking them to the floor where they remained, and it was when she saw the grimaces of pain flashing across the wounded boy that she realised why he’d been applogising moments earlier, an attempt to make up for what he’d needed to do. An odd one certainly, this Taran, to still be considerate and simple after being held here?

Moments later, her embarrassment forgotten the girl named Vier following Taran’s lead and lept into the fray. Her arms trickling blood but with no real sign of injury, let alone one to have causes the amount that was passing between her fingertips. As Vier reached the first of the guards Eve saw that the blood had formed into blades within her grip, slashing and cutting a path through those that stood in her way. As soon as the girl had dodged the first slash for her stomach and left the assailant with a vicious strike across his features Eve reached upto grip the pair of swords she now wore on her back but changed her mind as she began to run towards the group. Slipping her fingers into the pockets of her clothes she withdrew half a dozen pebbles and such that she’d picked up in the arena. After holding them close for a heartbeat or two she flicked her fingers outwards, sending small pulsing red stones towards a number of those between her and this purposed freedom. The stones exploded inches away from their targets, sending sharp shards of stone spearing into the faces of those unfortunate enough to be looking in her direction and embedding themselves in others. A few of the shards were still fainting pulsing for a few seconds more before detonating a second time, some of which ripped flesh from bone where they’d managed to lodge themselves.

The hallway was filled with faint ripples of fire, screams and blood as she ducked under the horrified guards that remained standing and pulled the door to the lift shut behind her as hard as she could.

Once inside she turned to take stock of what was happening, noticing that the injured boy was now grumbling as he lay on the floor with Taran speaking to him and their leader seemed as agitated as ever while Vier looked to be concerned for the boy as well. Shaking her head she looked towards the other girl, and cocking her head slight spoke to her.

“So, whats this great escape plan then? Now that we’re all inside the lift.” She smiled softly and began twirling one of the throwing daggers she’d hung around her belt in her right hand.