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Fangs, Blood, and Wolves. Oh my!

Fangs, Blood, and Wolves. Oh my!


In the small town of Blacksburg, South Carolina no one expected anything to happen..The local Werewolf Pack never had any problems with keeping the town safe..Until they moved there.. [OPEN! Many Character Slots Open!]

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Everything is about to Change..


In Blacksburg, South Carolina nothing exciting ever happened. Ever. Everyday was the same song and dance, unless there was the occasional Rodeo or Festival/Carnival, and even those got to be a drag. The local Werewolf Pack that looks over the town would like to say it was because of them that the town was so safe.. But that is clearly not the case. Nothing ever threatened to sweep into the town and kill the people, because Blacksburg seemed to be simply forgotten, a tiny dot on the map. Until now...
A Coven that had been traveling weeks on end stumbled into Blacksburg and decided to make it their home. The Coven Master bought a mansion on one side of the town, right outside it, opposite to the Werewolf's Pack, who occupied the other side. The Coven clearly did not know about the werewolves until one evening, when they all decided to go out to the local club called Eden.. They smelt them. And you want to know what? The werewolves were at that very same club and they smelt them as well! Now aware of each other nerves are on end and the tension in the air is high.
And what do you think the wolves think when mysterious killings begin to occur? The vampires naturally! But no.. The vampires blame the werewolves. And you know what that means?



I've left the plot pretty open, as you can tell, because I want this role play to be real character-based in itself. A lot can happen and I'm open to suggestions and ideas! :D Obviously, however, there is a werewolf pack in town that own and reside in a mansion right outside town. They've devoted their lives to protect the small, boring town of Blacksburg, if it's the last thing they do. Now a Coven of vampires have moved into Blacksburg and a lot of invents occur. Killings begin to happen, one after another it seems.. And it comes to the point the Alpha of the pack sends two of his pack-mates each night to patrol the town, and two more to patrol out in the woods, because he suspects the vampires.. Naturally. Well, the Coven Master herself sends two of her own to patrol the city and two more to patrol the woods, because she suspects the werewolves, of course, and she's just a bit nosy. It all ends up in a huge mess, and along the way forbidden romances are formed, loyalties broken, friendships made and broken, and so on..
Simple, right? Like I said, leaving it open.. I want everyone to enjoy themselves, have fun with this! :D

Things To Remember! :

- Vampires do not burst into flames in the sunlight, nor do they sparkle. Their skin is a little sensitive to the sun though, most prefer to stay indoors during daylight hours if all possible. If it can't be avoided, to keep their humanly image, they will get out a little during the day, always wearing long clothing to cover their skin.
- Vampires have unbelievable strength, much greater than a humans(10x that of a human, to be exact), and their speed is amazing(However, wolves are a little faster).
- Some Vampires have a "Special Ability," but not all.
- Vampires must drink blood to survive, but they can have regular food just for show. It tastes awful, though, and does not satisfy them in the least bit. They have to drink blood at least four times a week, if not much more.
- Werewolf blood actually smells good to Vampires. Honestly, they enjoy it much more than human blood. It is richer and stronger in taste. Plus, it keeps them satisfied longer.
- Vampires and Werewolves are not suppose to be in a relationship of any kind. At all. It is forbidden by the Werewolf and Vampire Council. The punishment is death, no expections.
- Werewolves can shift at any time they want, and their wolf forms look like that of a regular wolf. However, they're a bit bigger, around the size of full-grown pony. They are forced to shift during the Full Moon which occurs once a month. During this time they lose all sense of humanity. The pack usually locks themselves up.
- Most Werewolves absolutely adore meat.. And blood(only during the full moon).
- In their wolf forms a lot of instinct kicks in. They can control most of their actions though.
- In human form Werewolves can make their canines grow long, like in their wolf forms. This happens when they're angry, feel threatened, or just want to, showing power. The Alpha uses it to bring order. Vampires also can flash fang like a werewolf.
- The Alpha word is "law."
- The Coven Members are close, they're like a huge family. So is the Pack!
- In wolf form, werewolves can talk to each other telepathically, but only in that form.
- Werewolves can heal each other using blood. The injured person must drink the other's blood, and it has to be willingly.
- A vampires' eye color ranges from gold, blue, black, and red. Red is most common, Blue is the least common. Gold is rare because one must be a strict animal-drinker for six months before their eyes turn this color. Blue is extremely rare because a vampire can only have blue eyes if they come from a long line of powerful vampires. Red is common because vampires have this eye color when they strictly drink from humans. Black is fairly common for vampires who haven't fed in five days or more(it can happen to any vampire). The eye colors usually give them away to wolves.
- Vampires, believe in or not, control the type of bite they give. Most, love torturing their victims, so they inject a slight venom when they bite, causing their prey to wither in pain. If they don't kill them afterwards, said victim is usually paralyzed from the waist down for months.
They can also give a "fatal" bite. This is were a toxin is injected into the victims veins. Most do this when they do not plan on killing their victim. They leave them crumbled in a heap to slowly, and very painfully die. Even when they're gone their prey still feels as if they're getting fed upon. Most do not stop screaming until death.
Lastly, there is the bite that is mostly used on "rare occasions." Either when said vampire is feeling generous(though vampires hardly feel anything), or commonly when they are in the middle of sex and are feeding. It's a "pleasurable bite" that awakens the senses of the humans' and vampires'. They are with heightened senses and everything is tripled. Touch, taste, feel, and so forth. Like stated, this bite is hardly ever used.
- Any vampires older than four hundred years old usually, by this time, have picked up the ability to be able to control a human using only their eyes. All they must do is make eye contact, tell them something, and waa-laa! It's done. Though caution, this does not work on werewolves!! ...For the most part.
- I'll add more when I think of it! :)

Character Roles!! -
The part you've be waiting on! :T Please, when filling out your character sheet, use realistic pictures. However, no "red carpet" pictures! I won't accept you if I see 'em! Think when choosing an actor/actress/model to portray your character. Vampires are absolutely attractive, fit, in shape. Werewolves are obviously a bit tan, muscular, in shape as well. Think!!! Face claims I would reccomend; Selena Gomez, Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Kellan Lutz, Taylor Swift(maybe?), Ashley Tisdale, ect. They're not all great, but whatever. xD You don't have to use a known actor/actress. Just find good pictures! Impress me!!! Thanks. :)

The Pack-
The Alpha:
Male | TAKEN by Me :D |
The Beta:
Male | OPEN
Lead Fighter:
Female | TAKEN by Meeee
Male | OPEN
Female | GREEN
Male | OPEN
Female | OPEN

The Coven-
The Coven Master:
The Master's Second:
Female | TAKEN by Me ;)
Lead Fighter:
Male | OPEN
Regular Member:
Regular Member:
Male | OPEN
Regular Member:
Male | OPEN
Regular Member:
Female | OPEN
Regular Member:
Male | OPEN

Character Sheet-
Erase Everything In ( )brackets Please. Follow the sheet!! :o And be creative, make the sheet interesting! I'll be more likely to accept you if you do! Use more than one picture! :D

Code: Select all
[left][img](Picture here, realistic only)[/img][/left]
[b]Full Name-[/b] (First, Middle, Last)
[b]Nickname-[/b] (If You Have One)
[b]Age-[/b] (18-24)
[b]Love Interest?-[/b] (This probably shouldn't be answered just yet. :P)
[b]Are you in the Pack or Coven?-[/b] (Also Add Your Role, please. Like, "Pack: Beta" or "Coven: Lead Fighter", etc.)
[b]Personality-[/b] (Be creative! At least seven sentences, please.)
[b]Any Special Power?-[/b] (Vampires Only. Don't go crazy with this, please, something small!)
[b]Likes-[/b] (At least six)
[b]Dislikes-[/b] (At least five)
[b]Appearance is Description-[/b] (At least five good sentences, okay? :))
[b]Bio.-[/b] (This is optional!)
[b]Theme Song-[/b] (Title and Link to the Song, please :D)
[b]Other-[/b] (Anything I missed or something you want to add?)
[center][img](Wolf form here if you have one.)[/img][/center]

The Rules-

One: Please, please, please read everything above! There's not that much. I took the time to write it, so be nice a..Read it. I'll know if you didn't, trust me! ;P
Two: No One-Liners! Those drive me crazy!! This is a LITERATE role play! At least a paragraph(six or seven sentences) a post! And that is the minimum.
Three: Do not post once then vanish! If you're going to be gone for awhile please inform me in OOC or preferably though PM.
Four: Reservations Only Last twenty-four hours. After that your spot will be back up for grabs!
Five: I am the GM, whatever I say goes! :P
Six: If you've read everything put "The Beginning" in the 'Other' section of your character sheet, along with whatever else. :D
Seven: Yes, detailed posts are encouraged! They're great, that's what being literate is all about! And yes, romance is highly encouraged(along with much action and drama). But please, do not go into detail about sex. You can make-out until the clothes off then it's 'Fades to Black,' or something like that. Take that "stuff" somewhere else, thanks! ;P
Eight: You can cuss, I do it myself, but not in every sentence!
Nine: Nooo God-Modding! I will not have it! :O
Ten: If you break any of these rules more than once.. Your character will be killed off in some horrible, horrible(but creative!) way. If you've seriously read everything add 'of The End' to what I told you earlier to put in the 'Other' section of your character sheet. ^.^
Eleven: If you play more than one character, and of opposite gender... I will most likely love you forever! ;D
Twelve: If you have ANY QUESTIONS please ask! I don't bite! ...Too hard.^-^[/b]

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Could I reserve the second Female Regular Vampire please?

Re: Fangs, Blood, and Wolves. Oh my!

Can I reserve the Coven: Regular Member (Female) one please? I'll have it done sometime today. And I haven't used this kind of RP system with the tabs and whatnot before, do I copy the Character thing you have listed or do I just use submit a character button/tab? D: /total newb at this thing.

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Can I reserve the Pack Beta?

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I just submitted a character, but I didn't ask for a reserve.
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Just submitted my character , please tell if there anything that needs to be changed

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Okays xD
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Yes you can! xD


She's great! :D However, you're missing something in the 'Other' section of your character sheet. Care to gaze over all the rules again? :o

Re: Fangs, Blood, and Wolves. Oh my!

Can I please reserve a female coven member? :) I can have her in by tonight (GMT, probably afternoon American time :p)

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I just sent her in. If you don't like her please tell me what you do not like or would like.
Also thank you for making such a great Vampire/Werewolf Roleplay. It's so hard to find ones straight to the point but simple. Great job :D

Re: Fangs, Blood, and Wolves. Oh my!

Sounds great! Yes you may.. :)

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May I please reserve one of the regular members. I plan on making my character female but, as the power to change her age. But she mostly stays at the age of 10. Is that okay?

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Hee hee, yes you may! :)
And alrighty, sounds good!

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May I reserve the female gammer, and I am thinking about a male vampire, though I'll wait to see if/which one you will need.

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Sure! :)

Just be sure to read the whhoollleee Intro. page! xD

Re: Fangs, Blood, and Wolves. Oh my!

May I resets the coven leader? I'll have it up in an hour or so. I'm filling it out right now :3

Fangs, Blood, and Wolves. Oh my!

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