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Bryon Manuelo "the Showman" Camino

A cartoon wizard with a passion for Disney films

0 · 115 views · located in Walt Disney World

a character in “Fannatix”, as played by Bryon the Showman


Bryon is a 13-year old hispanic boy. His hair is black with cyan jaguar spots. He also has cyan lion ears and a cyan tail with dark teal spots ending in a white tip seperated by two dark teal stripes. Bryon has a slender body with an athletic build and is just a short bit taller than 3"01. On his face are 3 light brown whisker-like birthmarks on either side of his mouth. Bryon's hands, feet and head are large in proportion to the rest of his body. On his forehead is a scar (got during a bike accident) that is partially concealed by his hair. Bryon's attire consists of a sleeveless white shirt sporting the Disney "D", cyan shorts with white, square buttons, hand shaped shoes with cyan palms white fingers and white, cubic paw-prints on each sole (Bryon has foot-hands, much like a monkey) and white, fingerless gloves with 3 black lines on each one (an homage to stereotypical opera gloves worn by cartoon characters). Inside Bryon's mouth are a set of cat-like fangs.

From his infancy to part of his early childhood Bryon hasn't really had much of a personality, although he was scared when adults tried to interact with him. From age 3 Bryon was timid around others was mute for a while. After being adopted by the Camino-Vogels Bryon started warming up to his new foster family (particularly his new parents) becoming gradually more social and conversational. During his first couple of years at home, Bryon has had an affinity for Disney films as he was shown several on VHS by his family, this was an intrest that stuck with Bryon to this day. Bryon was born with Autism, making it difficult to interact with his peers. He has an exceptionally high intelligence allowing him to attend high school from ages 5 to 9. From age 9 and onward Bryon had become more open-minded. He has seen movies from other companies, played several Nintendo games (Mostly Pokemon), and developed theories as to how Disney movies might be connected. Bryon is often times described as being profound, kind-hearted, and quirky. Bryon speaks with a mix of a Japanese and Brazilian accent (often referred to as a Minionese accent)

Equipment and Abilities
Bryon has learned magic at a very young age. despite being genetically hardwired for electric magic, Bryon has honed other elements as well. Bryon has a unique case of Vertigo that can be nullified with his blindfold which he dons during performances and combat. Bryon has highly developed senses due to having been genetically engineered to be a perfect thief by his bio-parents, he can use his fangs, create claws of plasma, exert loud roars, use his tail for various purposes, and suround himself in a large jaguar-like aura. He wields a Monando like weapon called the Zetasword which he uses in combat. Bryon has three different fighting styles, Swordsman (upright stance with heavy use of Zetasword and guns, slight use of close combat), Brawler (slightly hunched stance with heavy use of close combat, slight use of projectiles), and Beast Mode (on all fours, heavy use of Zetasword and magic, frequent use of close combat and projectiles, slight use of guns). As revealed by Merlin, Bryon's unique brain structure allowed his psyche to become a map of the disney universe.

Bryon Manuelo was created by aristocratic cartoon super-villains, Julio and Consuela Manuelo, on June 11 200#(Bryon's year of Birth is made vague to keep him 13 years old indefinitely) to be the perfect thief. The Manuelos would hide Bryon in a bag and electronics from people with the magnetic field he made. After the police had caught up with the Manuelos, Bryon was placed in a foster-home for 3 years before being adopted by musician Radames Camino and social worker Miranda Vogel. Bryon (now under the surname camino) was brought home and introduced to his new siblings, Carlos Camino, Bryon's athletic older brother, and Courtney Vogel, Bryon's bookish older sister. Bryon(now under the name Bryon Camino had a hard time fitting in with other cartoon characters because he was part of a family of real people and didn't have a particular theme in his appearance. Bryon began to bond with Courtney and Carlos when he demonstrated his understanding of complex themes within works of fiction (particularly their Disney films on VHS). After graduating senior year of college at the age of 9, Bryon decided to hold off on a college education remembering Carlos' description of it being "too hard-ass core for you". With his brother and sister away from home Bryon grew lonley as his life had become too simple. But after arriving at Disney World, striking up friendships with Simba (The Lion King, 1994) and Elsa (Frozen, 2013), and rejoining his siblings (who are now Disney cast-members), Bryon's happy demeanor shines brighter than ever.

  • "Crim'nidly!"
  • "Plammo!"
  • "He'youguys"
  • "By'ouguys"
  • " 'Xcusé"(short for excuse me)
  • "Thank'ou"

  • Bryon's favorite Disney films are "Frozen", "The Lion King", "Big Hero 6", and "The Emperor's New Groove"
  • Bryon bites his lower lip and sucks his teeth when he's anxious or shy
  • Bryon's favorite non-Disney films are the "Madagascar" trilogy, "Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea", the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" trilogy, "The Lego Movie", and "Space Jam"
  • Bryon's jaguar spots, tail, and birthmarks glow when he uses magic
  • Bryon is drawn without fingernails, toenails, or a nose. This is frequently mentioned by other characters, and oftentimes Bryon himself
  • Bryon has a crush on Elsa
  • Bryon's skull is cubic, despite his head being spherical
  • Bryon's voice is provided by Matthew David Morris. He is also voiced by Sam Lavagnino in the prequel arc
[*]Bryon's theme song is Alvin and the Chipmunks' rendition of Don't Stop Believing

So begins...

Bryon Manuelo "the Showman" Camino's Story