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Rahael Nox

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a character in “Fantasim Land”, originally authored by Gladis, as played by RolePlayGateway


Rahael has rather short, somewhat curly, blonde hair which and grayish eyes with red pupils. His skin his deathly pale. Rahael is rather tall and has a good body built, being muscular, although not overly, and yet slender. He has a handsome smile, although he can make it look somewhat wicked and twisted if he wants to. Rahael's ears are slightly pointy, although they weren't like that before he was turned into a vampire. He has a set of sharp, vampiric teeth, which although he usually hides them well, can make him look rather intimidating. He is usually found wearing clothes of a nobleman. He has one earing, a golden cross, and he also wears a small golden crucifix around his neck which he received of his mother right before she passed. She also gave him a black and ribbon which he ties to his wrists at times, especially as a reminded to that he has to remember that he must fight... He also has a pair of angelic wings which come and go a little as they please, often causing him great agony.


Rahael can seem rather dark and mysterious, sometimes even cold but that doesn't mean he is all bad. The thing is, Rahael probably walks somewhere in between good and evil. He is constantly fighting his inner demons, trying to get off the dark path but somehow always ending back up on it. Or rather, his angelic side is fighting his vampiric nature. His past has had its toll not just on his body, but his mind as well. Although he is usually fully calm and composed, taking most things easy and wanting to help people, he sometimes suddenly can lose it and get upset about the smallest thing, even dangerously so. Then, after some moments of having exploded in rage he suddenly returns to his calm and reasonable state. Ah, when he's thirsty he can be exceptionally grouchy and grumpy and that doesn't have anything to do with his mental instability. Whenever around Sepiroth he changes attitude slightly as well, becoming cold and closed, even somewhat passive aggressive.


Rahael was raised by his mother and father until he was five. Shortly after his mother died of a fatal illness she had Rahael was kidnapped and enslaved by a man named Sepiroth. Those eight years he spent as slave were literally Hell for him. Those years were also what started to change him, although he was still a good lad afterwards and it took many years before it started to show. When he was thirteen he somehow managed to escape from his master. He found and reunited with his father, which started to heal him slightly, at least mentally. Shortly after he met his father his angelic wings broke out from his back for the first time as well, revealing what he was.

As time passed the relationship between Rahael and Rapheal, his father, become more and more strained. The final drop was when Rahael betrayed him, although he doesn't see it like he did and claims he had a good reason for why he did what he did. However, part of him does regret what happened... Not long after what happened Rahael was terribly tricked by a vampire who originally aimed to drain him, but somehow Rahael managed to survive although he was turned into a vampire. That was the first time he had ever loved a woman and according to him will be the last time, although I doubt it. Sometime he'll get over his slight paranoia about getting betrayed.

Ashamed of what had happened, not just that he'd been tricked and terribly both physically and psychically hurt by a woman, but also the complications with his father, he decided to start traveling for a while, just to make things clear to himself and maybe learn something new on the way as well. That is how he ended up in Fantasim Land. He still has problems with his wings, although he has started getting used to the pain and does hardly even react when they rip open his scarred back anymore.

So begins...

Rahael Nox's Story


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#, as written by Gladis
"That wasn't what I said I was sorry for..." Ayala muttered quietly, turning around and starting towards the door with her head lowered. She stopped in her tracks and turned her head slightly, gently rubbing her thin arm, "I know you hate me now and I know you will never forgive me... how could you? Not if I cannot even forgive myself..." she said quietly, looking down, "and aren't enough words to describe how incredibly much I regret what I did. I know there is no excuse for it, I know I disappointed you, I know I am a failure and should never have lived..." Ayala said softly, meaning ever word she spoke. She shut her eyes for a moment and twirled one of her golden locks between her fingers, "I don't know what came over me. Suddenly everything was a haze and I felt the so very strong urge to do certain thins. Right then that felt like it was what I had to do, like it was right... although I somewhere deep down must've known it was not," she paused, her hand beginning to shake slightly, "It isn't your fault I turned out this way, nothing is your fault, Sepíroth... you have to remember that," her voice was going quieter and weaker, "and no matter what, and no matter how much you hate me... and no matter how much you cannot forgive me and how much I regret what I did and how much I hate myself for it... and how much I am ashamed of myself and I can understand you don't want to see me anymore... I will always love you and to me you will always be my big brother, the one I looked up to and cared about so much... I will always be forever grateful to you," with that said she pushed open the door and slowly began walking away.


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Cassandra sat in absolute silence, watching what happened before her. She felt a little awkward, and quite unsure what to say. She quietly lowered her head, awkwardly picking at her cake with her fork. She didn't feel she had a place in this conversation, so she would instead wait for it to finish. She simply listened to this girl and Sepiroth speak. From what she was getting, this blonde was Sepiroth's sister... and she had killed a friend of his. The father of the blond man who had come in with her. Cassandra's ruby lips angled downwards in a slight frown. Finally, the blonde girl left. Cassandra lifted her head again and peeked at Sepiroth through a few loose red curls that had fallen in her face.

"Sepiroth?" she asked him in a soft voice.