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Located right in the middle of the bustling town, Queen Cassandra’s palace is magnificent, glorious, and symbolic.

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Located right in the middle of the bustling town, Queen Cassandra’s palace is magnificent, glorious, and symbolic. Filled with a rich history, marvellous décor, and twisting corridors, the castle has housed the Royal Lightearth family for generations, spanning millennia. The current Lightearth Queen, Queen Cassandra, resides in this castle now. However, she is not to be tampered with. Her grandmother, Queen Ophelia, was a very wicked woman and she taught young Cassandra her ways. By entering the castle, you may risk your own life - but it is the only way to meet with the Queen.

Upon entering the castle, you will be in a main front foyer. At the end of the hallway, there is a massive set of stairs. This staircase leads to a balcony that wraps around the entrance foyer. At the top of the stairs, there is a massive set of doors leading into the throne room. Around both the lower and upper levels of the front foyer, there are a handful of doorways leading to other hallways and rooms.

The throne room is large and long. Pillars line the walkway from the door to the throne, and the wall is adorned with several beautiful tapestries. An emerald green carpet with golden embroidery lines the walkway from the door to the throne, and at the far end of the throne room is the throne itself. It is golden with green cushioning, and most of the time, the Queen sits upon it. People of the Kingdom can come to the throne room to meet with their Queen, though most tend to avoid the castle these days.

The castle also has a large dining hall, a kitchen with a massive storage cellar, a basement that constitutes servants' quarters, and an entire floor solely made up of guest rooms.

The Queen's quarters are also in the castle; they can be found by passing through a side door tucked behind the throne and heading down the corridor. The Queen's quarters consist of a bedroom, a parlour, a large walk-in closet, and a washroom with a large enchanted tub. The parlour also has a small dining area in case the Queen decides not to dine in the castle's dining room.

The Castle

Located right in the middle of the bustling town, Queen Cassandra’s palace is magnificent, glorious, and symbolic.


The Castle is a part of Fantasim Land.

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My mother is dead...

Cassandra sat upon the uncomfortable golden throne of the castle throne room, struggling to wrap her head around what had transpired in the last two days. Her mother, the Queen of this land, had died. It had been sudden and unexpected - the work of an assassin. Somebody who was clearly skilled and obviously knew what they were doing. With no ruler, the guards and servants had turned to Cassandra, asking her to take her new position as Queen.

The seat felt foreign beneath her and she was continually shifting positions. In the time since she'd become Queen of Fantasim Land, she'd been presented with at least a dozen questions from her staff. Her mother had kept no advisors, but Cassandra longed to have an advisor of her own, somebody who actually knew a thing or two about how to rule. All Cassandra knew was what her mother had taught her: be cruel, be harsh, and make sure they know who's in charge.

That turned out well for her, though...

Cassandra's pale fingers curled around the arm of the throne. She could feel her leg quivering, and she was certain that the guards were eyeing her suspiciously. There were two guards present in the throne room at all times, watching over her and protecting the entrance to her chambers. They had been her mother's chambers before her, and she'd slept in a room elsewhere in the castle, but since becoming Queen, they'd become her chambers. They felt just as foreign and unfamiliar to her as the throne did - in fact, her chambers almost felt forbidden. Her mother's clothes were still in the closet, though she and the servants were working on emptying the closet a little at a time, making space for Cassandra's own clothing.

Now, there was nothing for her to do but sit. She could order the guards and servants around, but there was nothing she wanted or needed. She was still trying to get settled in her new role, and not quite comfortable asking large favours of her staff. It still seemed odd to call them her staff, even, but they were. These people worked for her in her castle. They were meant to guard and protect her, and to serve her. She'd grown up with them around, so why did they feel like strangers to her? And the people of the Kingdom, they were even more like strangers to her. She didn't meet with the people, didn't socialize with them.

All she knew about her people and the kingdom was what her mother and grandmother had taught her: the people are there to serve you, and the people don't matter. She wasn't meant to care about them or their lives. They would come to her when they had problems, she was told, but their problems weren't supposed to be important to her, and she wasn't expected to fix things in the city. None had come, though, so she hadn't yet really had the opportunity to gauge just what kinds of problems they would bring before her.