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Fantasy: Remnants of Chaos

Fantasy: Remnants of Chaos


The world is being threatened by a force long since forgotten, the Seven Deadly Sins are on the loose once again, and they want this realm for themselves. But they are not the only ones one the loose.

954 readers have visited Fantasy: Remnants of Chaos since Setsugie created it.




The year is X253 in the land of Terra an intertwined reality where the existence of mystical creatures has been proven, Advanced Technologies such as Nanotech, and successful Bioengineering as given fruits, Magical Arts have been discovered and much of the sort can be found in everyday life. Also in universe lives more than just humans; Elves, Demons, Angels, Dwarfs and many, many others exist and have evolved from what you know. Much to the sort Alternate Realities are also accessible through more advanced and complex means. Surely anything is possible in this realm.

Terra 4753 Years Before

Here's a little background on Terra.(~Not Necessary to read but if interested in the History of Terra than please do.~)

It was a bountiful and prosperous age, happiness and laughter of all beings filled the skies of all city's even though most races didn't get along that much but that was before the 150-Year war. The 150-Year War or the War of the Demonic's lasted for 154 years, Demons Rebelled and waged war on the other species of Terra. But it wasn't just Demons small groups from the other races in Terra help the cause of the demons which was to destroy and reshape this world as their own. They began with the Human race they struck hard but humans where not their only target Elves, Vampires, Dwarfs and any other species in Terra were also targeted; they killed men, women and children alike they human resistance lasted for only a little while before being driven back like all other races, the rebels where strong, way stronger than they could ever imagine. They retreated and created a stronghold where Human Kings, Elven Elders, Ancient Vampires and Dwarven Chieftains gathered, there they formed a piece treaty to fight the rebel armies.

Upon Creating said treaty they gathered their best Warriors and formed the Three Pillars of Heaven; The Amaterasu Unit, The Susano'o Unit and The Tsukuyomi Unit. They where the best of their Races led by the Three captains of their Units, they where the three most powerful, Agile, Intelligent and adept individuals in the stronghold. All in the time the treaty was formed and they stronghold organized their troops the Rebel army was attacking the Capital city of the realm of Celestia where the Angels lived, the Angel soon began descending form their heavenly Metropolis onto Terra to fight the Rebel nuisance. The Angelic Lord, a Seraph rumored to be the longest living being to still walk Terra offered his help to the stronghold and by decision became their leader. The Angels bestowed the stronghold their Knowledge in the Arcane arts and the Seven Virgin Blades, they were the seven strongest fighters in Celestia who joined the Three Pillars of Heaven.

The three Units and their captain were each given a role: For the Susano'o Unit it was to slash all enemies. They were the ones on the front light fighting against all threats, their captain was said to be the strongest fighter within the races, The Fallen Knight, was his tittle fitting for the youngest captain within the Three Pillars of Heaven. The Tsukuyomi Unit's role was to shield them and their allies from any assault, their captain was a Dwarven Chieftain whose skill with a shield and mace where matchless, his protective magic was hailed as the best in the Stronghold. Finally, The Amaterasu Unit it's role was to heal and support all their allies, their captain was one of the Seven Virgin Blades a female Archangel whose supportive and healing magic where the best in the stronghold even in Celestia her expertise in the healing arts where without a match.

Each of of the Three Pillars of Heaven where given a special item bound to their soul to prove Ownership over to each unit. For the Susano'o it was the Coat of the Storm God named Susano'o its power was to let the user tap into a infinite amount of Reikyuu, Life Energy's purest form enabling him to fight for prolonged periods of time without rest and to increase ones own physical performances. The Tsukuyomi Unit was give the Yata no Kagami a Shield that repelled any attack and greatly amplified ones magical performance, allowing him to withstand any assault and protect his allies. For the Amaterasu Unit it was the Yusakani no Magatama a bracelet that lets one cross over the boundry to this world and the next at will making its wearer basically immortal and it granted communication with the spirits of the dead or the living, also it exponentially increased one curative magical or physical performance with it she could heal any wound no matter how dire it was.

The Three Pillars of Heaven where each deployed to take back a part of Terra and with time they succeeded on taking back most of Terra until only one area was left where the demons where most concentrated at, their "Demonic City" the stronghold sent out troops to try and take the city but to no avail. They then sent out their primary forces the Susano'o Unit though it should be noted that their captain was not with them at the time he was currently deployed a on another mission, upon reaching the Demonic City the unit comes across immensely powerful rebels the likes they've never seen though it did not matter they where to fight until the last breath and for a long week they did. The Susano'o Unit was being overpowered not having their captain with them was a large setback they began retreating but in the mist of that the captain returns commencing his relentless assault on the Rebel army, though most of the unit was either exhausted or dead but this did not matter because the captain brought reinforcements the other two captains and their Units. And thus the final climax of the Demonic War, the three units fought countless days and nights over-exhausting their powers against the Rebels. Then they appeared the masterminds behind the war, the Seven Deadly Sins, the seven lords that wanted Terra for themselves. Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Mammon, Belphegor, Amon, Leviathan and Lucifer, besides them there was also the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Conquest, War, Famine and Death the four trusted warriors of the sins. And so began the dark era where the Seven Sins and the Horsemen Fought against the Remaining units. Everyone of the Units being in a weakened state the where being killed off one by one, the first one to act was the captain of the Amaterasu Unit casting a spell to completely heal and rejuvenate the remaining soldiers with this thus destroyed her body in the process. Once again the Final assault started by the remaining Units though seeing as their resources where low the stronghold sent out news that killing the Seven sins and their horsemen was going to be nest to impossible so they sent out ways on how to seal them, hopefull for the rest of eternity.
Thus one by one the Sins and their horsemen fell being imprisoned in distinct parts of the world within crystals. The day where the this war ended was finally coming, they sealed the last and Final Sin, but in his last breath he cast a curse on the Seven Virgin Blades and the remaining Pillars of Heaven but the captain of the Tsukuyomi unit intervened and block the curse; seemingly he completely blocked it but part of the curse got to them. Years passed as the cursed seemingly consumed the remaining.

Countless decades passed, the Treaty long since forgotten, the Three Pillars of Heaven crumbled and Terra slowly healed from the war, leaving behind only the legends of the Three Pillars of Heaven who fought valiantly against the Rebels in the Demonic war.

Year X253

Know after so long the seal has weakened so much that the seven sins and the horsemen where able to break from their slumber and wreak havoc in Terra to try and finish what they started...

You starting place is the giant city of Denore, you where either in Denore, going there, or just about to leave Denore when a slight tremor was felt, followed by the distinct felling of evil, malice and killing intent that filled the city. This was caused by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse being the first to be released, they began ridding signalling that the end has come. Then the Sins began coming into play, demons lost their senses to the sins and began rampaging. The Sins and the Horsemen power was so influential that evil beings from the dead rose to aid the destruction and to begin another war.

Denore Is a giant city where you can find literally anything from guilds to pubs its has it all. It is ruled by a King which lives in the palace located in the direct middle on the city in a small elevated mountain. Denore has many flying peaces of air there are little towns on top of these rocks accessible by portals, magical transportation or teleportation. Denore is surrounded by plains of grass and mountains in the horizon.
(I only gave the basic description of the starting area. Anything else you wanna put in is acceptable to a certain point :D leaving Denore is acceptable but you make up the area from then on OwO the others shall act accordingly and yeah.... ._.)

The Seven Deadly Sins and The Four Horse Horsemen of the Apocalypse

(It should be noted that the Being imprisoned for so long The Sins and the Horsemen and lost nearly all of their power and in thus their body's and are force to take a more Humanoid Form form that of what they where during the War. The Seven sins were most affected by this and need time to recover their powers, the horsemen have a little more power than the Seven sins but they still need to recover but are in better fighting conditions than the sins. Also very important you can make the Sin or the Horse have a change of heart and become a good guy I don't mind. )

Only 1 Sin or Horseman Per Player So Choose Wisely. They can be whatever you like so feel free to be as creative as you can.


Sin of the Lion - Lust ~ Taken By:
Sin of the Pig - Gluttony ~ Taken By:
Sin of the Fox - Greed ~ Taken By: (Reserved) Setsugie
Sin of the Snail - Sloth ~ Taken By:
Sin of the Dragon - Wrath ~ Taken By:
Sin of the Serpent - Envy ~ Taken By:
Sin of the Peacock - Pride ~ Taken By:


Horseman of Conquest - Taken By:
Horseman of War - Taken By:
Horseman of Famine - Taken By:
Horseman of Death - Taken By:


(Here goes any other Characters in the Story ^^ )

Code: Select all
[center] [u] The Skeleton of Character Creatingness ._. [/u] [/center]
Feel free to add anything more if you like.

[center] [size=200] [b][u]Character Name:[/u] [/b] [/size] [/center]
[center] [b] Quote:[/b] [/center]
[center] (Tittle, Alias or Nickname)[/center]

[center] [img] (Picture) [/img] [/center]


[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]


[b]Equipment -[/b]

[b]Magic-[/b] Okay as for magic I want at the very least 1 spell and a maximum of 5. Each must have a Backlash of some-sort. Example: I cast Bravery on myself physical power increases for a set time, when the spell wears off and my body becomes harder to move for a set period of time, something like that. I trust you will not do something too big and have a tiny back lash.
[b]Abilities/Skills -[/b] Abilities/Skill are different than Magic, as Magic grasps power from your soul and/or external sources, Abilities/Skills come from you as skill you learned in the past or the sort, I will a allow a maximum of 3 Abilities/Skills. Example: Swordsmanship: Is keen in the art of swordplay so much he can split a leaf in half while in midair.  (Know Here comes the fun part, you have a maximum of 5 spells one spell is obligatory and a maximum of 3 abilities. You can by all means chose 1 spell and 7 abilities or have 8 spells but no abilities. Go crazy just not too crazy. ^^' )


[b]History:[/b] Give me a good well rounded past please

((All things in here were made up by me for the novel/story I am writing which soon I shall draw into a manga then hopefully animate into a anime someday in the distant future. If you see anything wrong or wish to give me Ideas post em in the OOC or PM I dun mind and am open to any and all ideas. Just don't go giving me the plot of an anime or thing of the sort. ))

Toggle Rules

1. No Overpowering this includes power-playing, auto hitting, controlling other characters, never getting hit things like that.
2. Be committed, post at least 4 times a week.
3. No one liners I want at least 140 words. I understand if you have writers block since even I get them time to time.
5. Don't get exited and write us a super long post similar to a testament please.
6. Killing a character must be first consented with the owner of said character and me.
7. I don't mind cussing go crazy.
8. Romance is encouraged get hot and steamy if you want, but before "doing it" fade to black then take it to PMs please(If you do let me in on it xD)((<- Im serious though let me in on it ._.)) .
9. Put "The Beginning" in your character application so I know you have read this.
10. Feel free to ask me anything on anything :D
11. If you Noticed I skipped 4 put it below in "The Beggining"
12. Ask me anything on one anything you wanna know or are curious.

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Terra by Setsugie


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