Ariel Atlantis

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a character in “Fantasy Undone”, as played by xSilentButterflyx


Ariel Atlantis
Now 18
She was one a mermaid and then lost a bet with a sea witch and now is forever a voiceless human... at least she hopes not forever.
Ariel used to be an angsty young teenager that was completely obsessed with the world outside the water. She longed to one day walk among the land and maybe even fall in love. She got her wish. She met an older guy swimming out in the ocean once and that had this little fling that turned into this big fling. She begged the sea witch to give her legs so that she could happily live with this guy forever and ever. Well. The sea witch made her a bet. If she could get this guy to stay with her she would keep her new legs... if the guy left her the sea witch would take her voice. All in all the girl got legs, ran away with this boy, got married and then eventually found out he was a total slut bag. He cheated on her with this one slut that cleaned up after her two step sisters and step mother all the time. Eventually he left Ariel completely and married this Cinder chick. So story short... Ariel lost the man and lost her voice. Now she's forced to find cheap labor all the while being a mute.

So begins...

Ariel Atlantis's Story