Snow White

I'm tired of people treating me like I'm some gullible idiot!

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a character in “Fantasy Undone”, as played by xSilentButterflyx


"My name is Snow White... yeah... the one that takes candy from strangers and gets all poisoned and has to be saved by Mr. Prince Charming. That's a rumor! Well... at least... it only happened once. And I was a little drunk so it doesn't count."
Name: Snow White
Age: 17
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 105
Appearance: She's pretty average height for her age and just recently cut or black hair short. It's slightly curly and seems to be always in some form of disarray. She has an hourglass figure and knows it too. Her waist is slim while her hips and bust are quite generous. She often wears tighter clothing than she really should, but she couldn't care less what people thought. Of course, because of her namesake, she is extremely pale.
Personality: Snow white can be a little ditzy sometimes but she makes up for it in attitude. A lot of people take advantage of her because of how innocent she looks but they're always caught by surprise when she bites them in the ass. She won't take people treating her like some insolent child and will get nasty the moment she's compared to her mother (excuse me, step mother).
She's pretty wild for someone her size but she just claims "it's just too much fun bottled up in such a small package." She lives with her step mother now that her father and mother have passed. Her step mom is a class a bitch and she often discovers her "step hag" trying to get rid of her. She even went to the lengths of sending some creepy pervert man to chase her down in the woods and try and get rid of her. Of course the man was "infatuated by her beauty" and instead tried to have his way with her. Of course Snow White gave him a piece of her mind and he ended up flat on his ass with a bloody nose. Her mother's attempts are relentless and it's getting to the point that Snow White is considering running away and maybe living with a bunch of strange men in the woods. Because hey, what could be worse than her slut step mother trying to kill her at every chance she got?

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Snow White's Story