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Ellis Flinch

"I do what I can."

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a character in “Far From Home”, as played by _wICKed_




"I do what I can."

Full Name:
Ellis Donald Flinch


15 years


Brief Physical Description:
He's short, standing at a mere 5'6", and isn't proud of it one bit.
He has somewhat short yet still too long, messy blond hair and dark green eyes. Aside from that, his face is pretty bland if looking like a child doesn't count. His young age doesn't help it much, but Ellis wishes that his cheeks would thin out and he's stop looking like such a kid.

He doesn't have very many marks on his skin, though there is one thing that noticeably stands out if he isn't wearing a long sleeved shirt. It's no battle scar, but Ellis has a white line etching down his left arm from his previous attack with an army of brambles. He didn't win, which explains the other scars on his feet and fingers, but he did at least give the thorn bush a run for it's money.
Still, it's a bit embarrassing to lose a fight with a plant.


Adventurous || Helpful || Pessimistic || Jealous

Ellis has always had a cold edge to him that people seemed to distance themselves from. Even in Quies, where every being is so different from the next, Ellis seems to only be different in the worst of ways. His humor is flat, and though he may joke around at times it's hard to tell when he's being serious, or simply trying to get a few laughs.
His constant dull expression never seemed to help the matter, either. No one finds anything funny when
you look so painfully bored.

As a whole, though, Ellis appears to be relatively good. Neutral may be a better word to describe him, however, as he tends to pick sides depending on the one that favours him. Not that he'll switch between good and bad all willy-nilly because that's dumb, but it'd be a lie if anyone claimed his loyalties couldn't be influenced. He's young, after all. Ellis can't help but to go in whichever direction he feels would benefit him most. Still, when it really comes down to it Ellis wants to help people. He's a designated Helper, after all. It's his job, and it's set in his brain. Helping. It's simply what he does though the pay for it isn't very good, maybe he should switch fields

Who he helps, however, is a matter of choice.


Being born into a family of Spell-Casters, it's fair to say that Ellis felt only disappointment when he found out he wasn't part of the long line of magicians. His sister was a witch, as with their mother, and their father was one of the better wizards around in the city. Ellis? He was normal. The bland one. The spare. Not that any of his relatives cared about it much. There were plenty of jobs that would hire someone without any special abilities, and there were plenty work fields that specifically stated 'NO POWERS' in their requirements, but that never stopped Ellis from feeling useless.

Outside of his own household wasn't the only place where Ellis saw himself as an outcast. Friends were hard to make, for reasons all too obvious to everyone but him. He was rude, hardly showing any interest in what anyone told him about and not following up on it when he did. It's no fun hanging around someone who can't uphold a conversation, so it was no surprise when Ellis found himself surrounded by no one. At least, for the most part, Ellis had his sister. Not that Pedra was much of a friend, but she was better than nothing.

It was at the age of eleven did Ellis finally begin to discover his potential. He may not have been much help with magic, but with day-to-day problems that people faced in Sheepish, he was an expert. He did laundry for neighbors, went out to the stores for people who couldn't. It was all boring work, really, but he could do it. Ellis landed himself a job as a Helper just as Pedra was getting more invested in the world of magic, and soon enough they were going in completely different directions in life. His sister was now a full-on witch, and Ellis had job filled with simple tasks. Once again, Ellis realized how utterly disappointing he was yet again. If he was going to be a Helper, he might as well help with something important.

At twelve, Ellis joined his sister in her work. Sure, he couldn't cast spells, but he could mix potions and clean up the workplace at the end of the day. At first Pedra wouldn't let him do much, thinking he would only mess things up for her, but as her popularity as a witch grew so did Ellis' popularity as her assistant. He was basically a wizard himself now, only without the powers. It stayed that way for two years, and at the end of it everything had been snatched away as if the rug had been pulled out from under them.

It was an accident. Ellis hadn't meant for anything to go wrong. He hadn't meant for the explosion to happen, for the shop to catch on fire, for Pedra to have gotten pinned down by the collapsing roof... it was an accident. One small mess-up made everything turn wrong. An accident. Except it wasn't. Not really. He knew that the mixing of the two potions would set off an explosion, he had been planning for the shop to burn down, and he was getting paid for it. He was a Helper, after all. Who he helped wasn't limited to one person, and with the money he would make after the act, he and Pedra could purchase an even bigger shop. A grander one.

That is, if Pedra hadn't been killed during the fire.

News spread around the Sheepish City so quickly that Ellis hardly had time to take any of it in. He was a murderer now, a true dishonor the Flinch family. No one cared about the group that had told him they'd pay him, no one wanted to hear about why he had done it or what his intentions really had been. He had killed someone. Of course no one would listen to him.

He didn't get placed in jail, though. The Sheepish City didn't have any jails for him to go to. Instead his only punishments were the looks people gave him on the streets, the way people spoke to him, the knowledge that his name would never be respected again by anyone of good moral's. He was still a Helper, though. And even if the only people that would pay him were criminals, it wasn't like Ellis had much of a choice in saying no.

When news of the three 'Dreamers' spread around the city, though, Ellis had an idea.

So begins...

Ellis Flinch's Story

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Too many times had something of the sort happened to Ellis. It always seemed to be him, out of all the people in Sheepish. Him. Why him? He could name at least twenty people that deserved worse luck than he did, but did any of them get it? Nooo, of course not.

"Watch where you're going!" Ellis snapped, waving his fist at the driver of the carriage who had just run his foot over. He had places to be, for Pete's sake. He didn't have time for this.

"You shouldn't walk out into the middle of the road!" The driver hollered back. Ellis scowled. He had a point.

Still, he had places to be. Like the medical district, for example. People had been heading over there two weeks ago, all excited about whatever had been going on, and now that the crowds had died down Ellis thought it would be a good idea to check the place out for himself. The events had been in the papers a couple of days ago. Something about the 'Dreamers' finally waking up and whatnot. Now, however, Ellis hadn't heard much from them. Had they died? Were they sent to Wickerbattle? Where had they come from, anyway? No one bothered to mention what had happened.

He trudged on, doing his best to ignore the pain in his foot. Much worse had happened to him in the past, but having heavy wheels run over his toes was horrible all on it's own. He winced, took a few steps, winced again, and repeated all the way to the medical district.


"No more visitors." The lady at the front desk said flatly. "Shoulda came to see them yesterday. They're being released today, I hear."

Ellis raised his eyebrows. "Released?" He repeated. "But we don't even know what they are!" How could they just let them go like that? Was that even safe to do? Besides, he had walked all the way here... it all felt like a waste of time now.

The lady let out a small laugh. "They're humans, kid. Totally harmless. Healers announced that weeks ago. Say they're from a place called Earth."

"Earth?" Ellis asked, furrowing his eyebrows.
"Yeah. I never heard of it either."

He opened his mouth to say something, but just then the sound of the lifter filtered through the main entrance of the hospital. Ellis glanced over at it, waiting for the doors to open. When they did, he heard the lady at the desk gasp.

"Shoot. Kid, you're not supposed to be here." She hissed, reaching over her desk to swat him away. "It's them, ya see. The Dreamers. No visitors allowed at this time. Ooh I'll be fired if they- kid!" Ellis wasn't listening to her. He had turned around and was now staring at the six people who had shuffled out of the lifter. Three teenagers with three guards following them. Without a doubt, Ellis knew who they were.

The Dreamers.

He made a move towards them, but within seconds a hand gripped his collar and pulled him back. "Wait until they're outta the building at least, kid." The woman snapped. Ellis felt his shoulders sag. When the lady told him where the three teenagers had come from, he hadn't been confused about it. Earth. He could have sworn that he had heard the name before.

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Her post was quiet. The initial chaos from the three strangers' arrival the weeks prior had died down already, and Sheepish City returned to its usual slumbering state. Caroline would be lying if she said she preferred this humdrum over the bedlam that those so-called dreamers had caused. At least then, she had felt blood pounding in her veins. There was a dillema. There was action.

But now... Now, the scene was quiet once more. The questions posed following the Dreamers' arrival had been left unanswered. No one seemed to be able to understand the strange phenomenon, and the amnesiac trio hadn't been much help either. They kept going on and on about a place called Earth. Such folly. Caroline had never heard of a place called Earth before; not once in her years of study. And these strangers arrive pronouncing that they came from such a fantastical land with such a level of conviction that even had some believing.

A sharp voice cut through her musing. "Noel!" She stood abruptly and held herself erect in front of her superior. "I need you to head over to the medical district. The Dreamers are being released."

Her eyes widened in both surprise and horror. They were releasing the Dreamers? Sure, they had been proven to be human, but the truth about their existence was yet to be discovered. They still posed a threat to the city, and they were just going to let them go? Let them wander around, and potentially cause havoc? She would not allow it, and by the looks her superior was giving her, he knew that too. It must be why she was being sent to fetch them.

She nodded her agreement and saluted.


She joined two other guards and headed to where the Dreamers were being kept. The crowd that had gathered there for the past two weeks had been reduced to one or two still curious souls. News of their release hadn't been publicly announced, apparently.

Caroline nodded respectfully to the lady behind the desk and followed her companions' rigid footsteps towards the lift. It was a short ride, and soon, the three teenagers were being passed to their hands. Caroline gave each of them a subtle once over. She'd seen them when they'd first arrived and could say that they looked considerably better now. More civilized and less like the confused, blubbering mess they'd been. She made a point of telling them just that.

One of her fellow guards elbowed her in the rib - hard. "Ouch," she exclaimed. "What's your problem?"

"Ever heard of tact?"

She didn't miss a beat in replying. "No."

The guard rolled his eyes, and that was the end of their conversation. They led the trio to the lift and prepared to head out.

Arriving at the lobby once more, Caroline saw a blonde boy looking at the three teenagers eagerly. She'd seen him before. Ellis Flinch, was it? He was a Helper, and he had a reputation. What business could he have with the Dreamers?

Before she could question him, Ellis had been pulled back by the lady behind the desk. Caroline didn't attempt to suppress her smirk as she walked past him and turned to the Dreamers. "Do you people have any plans? Do you have any idea what you're going to do now?"

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"Wake up," A voice so rudely protruded into the pleasant dream the creature was having accompanied by a hand on her arm that shook the female in an attempt to rouse her from her sleep. This was not a good idea on behalf of the owner of the hand as Reyna snapped opened her wings in one swift move that sent the owner to the other side of the room. "Why, you insolent little-" the man began but was shushed when Reyna put up a finger that instructed him to be quiet should he wanted to keep his vocal chords.

Upon opening her colorful eyes, Reyna lay them on a mess in her library of books and papers. A human man dressed in a freshly pressed suit attempted to get up from a pile of strewn leather editions that had fallen when she pushed him. "What is it you want?" Reyna asked her Master, the man that had owned her for nearly a year. It was a long story as to how he acquired the war beast and quite frankly one that Reyna did not like to think about.

He had finally picked himself up from the floor and straightened his jacket before walking over to where Reyna had sat up on her pile of shredded instruction manuals. They were useless once she had read them and made better bedding then reading material. He fished a paper out from his pocket and handed it over, a clipping of breaking news from the capitol about something called Dreamers. "What is it you want me to do?" Reyna asked, puzzled as she tore up the sheet and added it to her nest. "These humans speak of a place called Earth, I want to know more about it. It's potential resources and value," he clapped his hands together as he often did when thinking.

"I need you to pledge your alliance to one of them, pretend to be their pawn for a bit and report back to me with any findings or developments on this Earth." A sigh escaped her lips, she should have seen this coming considering the Master's fascination with foreign objects. She was more surprised he wasn't asking her to bring one back for his collection of creatures.

"What's in it for me?" She didn't have to do anything she didn't want to and the Master knew he couldn't make her. Usually there was something offered in exchange for her services.

He walked over slowly, cupping her chin in his fingertips with one hand and running his hand between her wings with the other. "A shiny new library complete with a real bed and more books then you can ever need." This was intriguing considering his last promise had ended up as her current sleeping place. "Fine," Reyna stood, smoothing down her skirt and closing her wings so that they were near invisible. It was not a long flight to the Medical District from here, hopefully the drooling mortals be roaming the streets by the time she arrived.

Finding a place to land proved to be most difficult, she couldn't just park in front of the hospital with all of these witnesses. Reyna finally touched ground an on empty strip of land right outside of the Medical District and walked towards the large building in the center where a few curious stragglers remain; waiting to catch a glimpse of the humans from some imaginary land called Earth. Standing there was one familiar figure, Ellis Finch, a boy with blood up to his elbows and beside him a child playing soldier. The prestigious Truth-Teller if memory serves from the book on the history of the military she had found just last week. "I presume you two are here to meet the Dreamers as well?"

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Arin liked plans. Knowing what was to come was a comfort to her. And these earthlings as her father put it made her plans shrivel up. Those poor people she couldn't help but think upon first hearing the news. It would pain her greatly to be so far away from home.

And true to her nature Arin knew she'd help these people. To start she'd offer them a place to stay. Her home was big enough and being only ocupied by herself, her father and the odd servent Arin was most definitely not opposed to company.

Of course her father hated the idea but seeing the joy it brought on his daughters face cause him to shut up.

At the moment Arin was sitting in the little garden attached to her room. Her cat, a little black kitten named Casper purred heavily in her lap. A book was held in her hands and Arin was happy with the quiet. Friends were good, but so was loneliness.

Unfortunately her quiet was broken by Amelia, a rather heavy set maid rushing towards her. 'Miss Arin! Oh! Oh!' Reaching Arin who was now sitting up in intrest she doubled over. 'They've awoke! The Dreamers!'

Arin's face broke up into a smile at once. Casper jumped from her lap just before Arun leaped from her bench. 'Oh this is great Amy! I need to go see them! Tell father will you?'

The maid could only nod in reply as the blonde was already racing off.

Luckily Arin didn't live that far from the facility where the Dreamers stayed. It only took ten minutes for her to arrive. Slightly winded from running the whole was Arin's run turned into a walk as she entered the doors.

Upon her arival Arin saw some familiar faces. Ellis Finch along with others she knew by face but not name stood waiting. Blinking the girl wondered why they wanted to see The Dreamers. Hopefully they didn't have the same plan as her.

Still never one to be rude Arin strolled up happily. 'Ello! Seems everyone wants to see The Dreamers eh?' She grinned. 'Oh these poor folks must be scared to death! Do you think earth is different from here? It is earth right? Where they're from? Maybe it's alike! I hope so that way they won't be so confused. And if not let's hope they are fast learners. I'm sure they are. If not we can help anyway!' Her rambling finally finished Arin stuffed her hands in her pockets and leaned back to wait.

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A wanderer. A word that had become all too familiar for Abraham. After losing his parents, he's had to fend for himself; using his talents to help others. Of course, Abraham didn't mind. In fact, he managed to find a tiny studio apartment in Sheepish City's Medical District. He's never home though. Abraham is constantly traveling between places in Quies. Healing the natives with his healing powers. He's been doing this for about two years now, and he can't see himself doing anything else. He enjoys it.

Abraham is currently heading back from a client job he was hired for at Tall Twelve Towers. The day was soon turning to evening, warning Abraham that he needed to reach Sheepish City soon. He didn't like being on the paths that connect cities together. Anything could happen at any moment.


Finally making it to Sheepish City, Abraham was a little surprised by how many natives were still outside. Any other day, the city would be clearing out by now with barely anyone outside. Following the main road, Abraham noticed more an more natives along the street of the Medical District. Naturally curious, he decided to hit up the spot where most of the natives where at. Passing by Abraham overheard the natives talking, and whispering about Dreamers. Dreamers? Weren't they I myth?Abe though as he continued to walk through the medical district. Abe reached the hospital where getting through the natives was getting more difficult."Excuse me. Let me through!" Abe would exclaim as he continued to weave himself through the crows until he reached the front doors.

Abraham walked up to the front desk where he was greeted by the sweet clerk named April."Hi April! Do you anything about what's going on? Is it true? Is the Dreamer thing true?"Abraham fired off these questions wanting to know more."Hello Abraham. Yes, it is true. Apparently there are three of them." As April was speaking, Abraham's face read shock and disbelief."I know hun, I'm surprised too. I'm even more worried about them being released in a few hours. They're waking up. Who knows what trouble they'll be causing once they are let go." Abraham was still shocked. Looking around April's desk he noticed his name written on a manila folder. With his eyebrows no furrowed, he felt compelled to ask what that was about."Hey April. Why is my name on that folder?" Locking eyes with April, he noticed she was blushing."Oh fudge, I almost forgot. Yes, this folder is for you. It seems it's from your next client. Here. Take it. He's still here, so I'd go see him now if I were you. This is a big one. Good Luck hun!" April gave Abe a smirk and a wink and continued on with her work. Abraham was still confused. Not knowing what to expect.

Reaching the man's office, Abraham had a surge of mixed emotions. he was excited he he's been given a big opportunity from someone highly thought of at the hospital. It meant that he's been recognized for all his work over the past couple years. Abraham also felt worried. What if he couldn't do it? What if he failed? Abraham twisted the door knob, not sure who was on the other side."Hello? You wanted to see me si.."Abraham was interrupted by the figure sitting at the desk. It turns out it was a woman."Oh, sorry. I was expecting a man. Not that you're less important for being a woman.. I jus.. ahh.. I'll shut up." Feeling tongue tide and very embarrassed, Abraham took a seat near her desk."Hello Abraham. My name is Daisy Monet." The woman said as she locked eyes on him now."I've picked you for a very important assignment that I thought suit you and your skills perfectly. I'm sure you've heard by now that we are currently holding the dreamers here in the hospital. As you also know, we are being told that once all three wake up, that they should be released."As Miss Monet kept talking, Abraham began to worry as to where this conversation was heading."Anyways, I'll cut to the point. I am worried that the dreamers won't be able to adapt to our world of Quies. And I'm worried that soon, one by one they are going to die. Who knows what trouble they'll be getting into, and that also worries me. I have picked you to be their protector." By now Abraham's expression showed major worry. He's never done anything so big. He wasn't sure if he could take on such task. Most of his tasks were to heal someone from sickness, and leave. Nothing to hard, but this?Speechless are you? Abraham it'll be alright. I am prepared to provide you with what you'll need, as you travel with the dreamers. I've arranged for the hospital to give you two books of spells that will assist you. One of the books contains healing spells, which some you may know, and some you don't. The second book is an alchemy book that we think will assist you. Do as you think will best fit. Now go. Wait for them to wake up and begin your journey with them. I wish you the best of luck." With that, the Miss Money began going back to work. Abraham's life has now changed forever. He didn't ask for this. Why him? Why now? No matter. It seems that he didn't have a choice either way. Only time will tell now, and as far as he's concerned, the three Dreamers are now his to take care of and make sure they don't die.