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B.B Wolf

"Madness is a disease. There are no medications alive that can treat it in my opinion. I forgot to mention. Madness is also contagious."

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a character in “Farfalle Academey”, as played by Damioa


Name: Bartholomew B. Wolf

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Race:Human by the looks of it.


Forms:Right now it seems he looks human. The stories however, say that he can take on the image of a humanoid wolf, or a wolf like dog.

Main Power/skills: Manipulation. Through words and aliva supposedly, he brings out the worst in people. Through fear and a signature bite, it wouldn't be wrong
to believe that like a werewolf, he changes people. Though through a scientific notion, there is no actual evidence to what he actually does to people. All that's known is that he can make an orthodox, straightedge person, completely mad. For better lack of words.
Secondary Power: Aside from his intellect, there are also cases that show he is fast and strong. There have even been stories that question if he can actually die.

Without meds - Doctors diagnosis- Seeing as the boy can take on different personalities depending on his... er, prey (as he calls them), I have given him a hard diagnosis of psychosis and schizophrenia. He takes no care in human life. He takes no care in peoples actions. Only living to change the world into a chaotic place, he gives no care for even the law. Though, it seems he does fear something. It has to do with his history. Though he keeps his lips sealed on what it is exactly that he fears. I do have one guess though. In one tale that he has been tied with, he met another person who shared his mental digressions, though not as radical. After hitting the boy with his usual tricks, in an attempt to change him like he usually does, it seemed he had failed. This caused him to kill the boy himself. I take it, as he isn't the type of case that usually enjoys killing his prey, but instead watching what they do after he is done, he killed him because he didn't have any power over him. That is one conclusion I came up with. Another, would be saying that he killed the boy because he couldn't change him for the worse. The last, which wouldn't be hinting to a weakness at all, would be to say he killed the boy out of boredom. Though that in itself would hint that he doesn't like people that already have contorted personalities.

With meds- It has been my most prideful moment, to say that while on his medication the conversations I've experienced with the boy are more of the norm. Instead of talking in circles, the lad has actually been able to answer my questions, no hint of persuasion in sight. He no longer seeks out people to tell lies to. Nor does he seem to have any plans of scarring someone to the point of their own insanity. Seems the rumors were true about him being able to be bound. It does scare me though. That is, to know that there is a normal boy within the past monster. Especially since it seems that we had to get him to the point of being a walking corpse to get him this way. Though, he seems to be stable for now, there could be something underlying his new tired eyes.

Fears: It is hard to determine what his fear is, especially on the medication currently.

Weakness:Medications and a silver bullet? Maybe even a knife? Anything that can cause pain is definite. Though it seems he has little power over the already insane.

Likes:Watching people crack. Watching other people harm others. Talking people into murder and manipulating his own victims into becoming masochist. Mind games. It seems like his most favorite person here is Jeff. Though he can't manipulate him in the slightest, his story of how he became the infamous person he is today is dreadfully welcoming to Bart's interest.

Dislikes:Oh course the medication. People that seem to be so insane, yet don't want to hurt anyone. (It's hard to make a crazy person Crazy.) Those who see themselves as good.

Equipment:His mouth seems to be his most deadliest tool, for more than one reason. He uses any type of weapon, that would hurt his prey, but not kill them. Fear.

Do you have living family members? If so who are they?:They're nonexistent. At least, ever since he killed them.

Where are you from?: Some place with woods, where they say wolves don't exist

Brief Background: Warning: This story is long, detailed and complicated. For it tries to realistically combine all of the myths this boy is tied to.

Born to a loving mother and father, it seemed from the moment they first laid eyes on him, his parents dreamed of nothing but great deeds done by their son. Though, like most new parents, they weren't exactly ready for the endless nights of wake that came with most newborns. His cries were like the howls that cluttered their nightmares. Drastically speaking of course. He was always their loving son during the day though. For it seemed that during those hours of light that he was most calm. In fact, they have never heard him whine or cry during the hours of day. Only those of night. At first it seemed like he was acting as a normal babe would, though once it became an occurring thing over the years, his parents soon began to think he was faltered in some way. During his childhood, they could here screams and wails coming from his dark room. When asked he refused the nightlight. It seemed that whatever was happening to him at night didn't bother him much.


The man and his wife decided to reach out to the church to get further help for their son, not knowing that this would only start his true story. In fact the story of the WOLF INSIDE, was the first notion of his legend. Though it seemed that it was due to his own psychosis that the story involves him turning into a wolf. Through actually believing that he was a creature of devilish intent, he actually mustered up the monstrous strength needed to slay the people in the church. No one knows why he also killed his parents, but they do know that afterwards, no one had seen the boy, ever again.

At least until the story tells. Where people from town were ordered to hunt and capture him. According to the story, he was slain that day. Though if he was, how did his story continue. It was all actually a lie. Fabricated through one man and told unto the next. As you would expect from this lie, it came back to haunt a mass number of people. For the boy had been working. Working on sharing his "gift" with the world. Now from this one story, a mass number of humanoid wolf stories form. Even in the supposed place he died, there could be found numerous tales of numerous wolves. All on hind legs. The true beast known as humans being shown for who they really were. That town is no longer heard of. Therefore his birthplace will be forever forgotten.


However, he will never be a lost memory. He was much too loud with his actions for that. Still just beginning his growth, the boy wasn't born evil. No. Not in the slightest degree. Though he killed his parents for putting him through that scary ceremony in the church known as an exorcism, he had no ill intent against them. It was the beast inside. He had no control. So the following years, he began to gain control. With control however, came the knowledge of his true power. A power which he started off using for good.

There is a tale that said there wereNo Wolves in the Stillwood. His new location at the time. The reasoning behind this was none other than one man who had killed off most of the wolves. He thought that because he managed to stop before those wolves became extinct, he was actually giving respect to the dead wolves who made him filthy rich. Right there, that logic, it baffled the boy. How can someone kill any living thing, and get rich off of it. What type of disrespect were humans capable of. It drew many questions. These humans who walk around and act innocent. They turn a blind eye to the hurt and pain of anyone else who isn't human. That...That wasn't right. So, he imagined the wolves. He imagined how they must have been hungry without a pack of their own to help them hunt food. He looked for these remaining wolves and tried to reach out to them. It went just about as well as you would think. Of course the wolves were thin. They were also scarce in numbers. Maybe two or three here and there. It was a miracle that they were even alive. So weak that they couldn't even keep up with the small animals they once fed on, and it could have been tricks being played on in his head, but the boy could have sworn the wolves were begging him for help. They wanted to eat and live and he was the only one who could help them. He was part wolf so it was only right for him to help them right? The humans who killed them off and put them into that position for their survival. Well now it was time for the wolves to use humans for their survival. It was easier done than he would've thought. The humans didn't even blame it on him and the wolves when their family, pets, and whatever the wolves felt like taking went missing. Sure people died, but who were you going to blame without any wolves in Stillwood?

Though his rage wasn't fed, even with saving the wolves. There was one man who was still in his way. One man who actually knew that there were actually wolves in Stillwood. So, whenever you here the story ofThe White Wolf. This is the tale from his history that defined him. Of course one of his wolves took whatever they wanted from the wrong place, but it was all part of his plan. The man did exactly as he was thought to do. He said he wouldn't kill another wolf, but because of a cow, he had decided to break that promise. It was disgusting to see how fast he changed his script. The boy himself went to the mans house that night, along with his wolf, the one that use to be hungry. The one that he fed. The one that was now stronger. The boy walked the wolf through the means of the trap. It was actually as if the wolf was his pet and just along for the ride. The man didn't expect that he was actually the one who was being hunted this time around. The boy had told him that it was because of his own sins against the wolves that things had turned out the way they were this present day. Yes. All the missing people and animals. All of the death. It wouldn't have been possible without the man and his killing of the wolves. The boy didn't exactly know how fragile a human mind was at the time, but his charisma and way of talking, weighed heavy on the man. The same man who already felt sorry for the wolves. Now he felt sorry for himself. By letting his guard down, the boy unleashed the white vengeful wolf onto the murderer of his kind and forever disappeared from the area.

More time passed and now the boy tested out how to break humans as he broke the man. Though it seemed most humans were harder to break than the man. One could say he was already broken. So, the boy did what anyone would do. He targeted loners. People who cut themselves off from the world, but still you wouldn't suspect to harm others. After a few test with them, he came up with an overall display of human madness. The thesis being, "All humans are capable of great evil." Yeah. They just needed a push. A push was what he was going to give in his project that he named, The Big Bad Wolf. The name and definition should be clear. The basis of it is, like a were-wolf changes people into a beast themselves, by making it symbolic any type of madman should be able to do the same thing. Including him. He had done it before, he just needed to do it again. So, skulking in on a man who seemed to love a girl from across the street. Though the girl didn't know him, he was going to get his chance to be with her. Oh yes, the boy talked this guy into thinking that all he had to do was go in there. The girl would comply if she came close to death. He even bit the man with the guarantee that his disease would spread, and, if you read the story, you know what ends up happening. The girl did better than he had expected. She turned into a complete masochist. A devilishly dangerous one. Yes. The man passed on his madness to her. No. The boy had passed on madness to them both. It was the most heart rushing thing to know that you had that type of power. He was the Big bad wolf. He was the changer. The controller.

A bite. Something so simple and brain altering. Maybe there was no actual power in it, but it felt good to bite people and be bit yourself. So good.

How we finally caught this kid was something actually unexpected. It was probably the only instance where he had messed up a calculation and also the only instance where a wolf or at least an actual one by named wasn't involved.

You ever heard of theSmile Dog? Maybe you haven't. It's in our files too. Like all the stories. Though this one isn't as majorly complicated as the rest. Though he seemed to be involved. Yeah. He made small talk with a boy his age showing him a picture of the dog and telling him some scary story behind it. It was something so simple, but all seeds of destruction start off that way.
He monitored the boy and saw that something had changed about him. He was just a little scared of it, but had talked about the story with others. Nothing major yet. It even went viral. It wasn't quite the reaction that the boy wanted from it. Though, he loved that more people were interested by the day. Though it seemed the kid he told didn't want to let others know about it after awhile. Maybe he got tired of it, who knows? Who cared? The only thing the boy cared about was what it was doing to one boy who seemed to have a mental history of sorts. Within days he was commissioned to a hospital because of it. So interesting he was, the boy had to see him, though it seemed the kid was seeing the dog everywhere. Even when looking at the boy. We still don't know why the boy bit the kids through out. We don't even know how the bite mark resembled a dogs. Though, something we do know, is that the boy made a mistake that day. Giving his face to the cameras and his saliva to the doctors. He was caught almost instantly.

Bart B. Wolf. If that's even his real name. He will be reformed, and he will become a normal kid again. Not some wolf.


Orientation:English and Iranian

Crush: TBA

Favorite Food:Nothing taste better than human flesh. Though he never ate enough of it to get full.

Are you taking your medication as required?: Yes, for the time being.

So begins...

B.B Wolf's Story


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#, as written by Zenia
Deep in a remote woods lies a school for the Gifted youth, one that students are not seen in town and no letters come in or out. It is so remote that even if students lived in the nearest town, they would have to live in the dorms the school provided.

Though getting in seems to be…almost impossible, though once you enter will you really want to stay?

The students who go here are different to say the least, A boy in a white hoody roams the halls and forest, a smile always on his face and ever watchful black eyes with dark rings under them, as if he lacks sleep. He seems to have to take his medication a lot, and mutters periodically when annoyed to “go to sleep.” Making stabbing motions even if he wields no knife at the moment. He is as mad as a fox and as cunning as a wolf.

The Wolf roams the halls as well, whose madness is contagious, nothing pleases him more than driving others insane…well maybe the taste of meat of the bones, and not the type you can buy from a store, more the meat that Hannibal enjoyed. A wolf in human skin and cold eyes, his weapon of choice is fear…for fear is one of the best weapons. Though others may say fire is the best.

Ah Fire, Fire consumes and is always hungry for more. Just ask Lavinia, after all she lost everything she cared about in a fire. Her poor, poor brother in that orphanage is presumed dead! She however was rescued and taken in by a wealthy Russian to be trained to take over his company. She may have what it takes to climb to the top.

Ah how Peyton loves to climb! Such a sweet young girl, afraid of thunder and of blood though…Oh if only her parents knew the dangers that awaited her in Farfelle. Maybe if they asked the right questions or wondered exactly why so few letters or words from the students there exited? Ah well if Peyton tries she may be able to escape into the Woods.

DO NOT ENTER! TURN BACK! Says the signs on the old woods, a figure has been seen there a tall slender man in a suit, no face, no eyes but always watching. He roams the halls of the school as well at night to make sure no students try to escape. During the day he seems to be in his office with a x cutting through a circle marking his area. He almost looks like he is wearing a faceless mask.

Masks are something Jane knows very well about, Jane Everlasting, Jane the Killer. On the hunt for the one who has done this to her, murdered her family and friends carving a big smile onto their face. All because he wanted her to look 'pretty' like he was. However in her hunt she was caught and wound up here. Little does she know the one she has been hunting is here as well with no clue that she is now here, if he did he would be happy though! After all she is his friend!

Of course not all is bad at Farfalle! Oh no on days when the students take their medicine it can be quite normal…just make sure that you avoid…shall we say tender subjects.

Welcome to Farfalle, you may never leave but you will learn valuable lessons of the real monsters that roam the Earth. After all there is a reason some of the Students call this place Pasta High.


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#, as written by Damioa
The night was fun. Really fun. There was darkness. Darkness and noises. In the dark anything could be anything. The mind sees things that don't exist, bringing those things into existence. The mind that was so strong that people feared it. However, B.B didn't fear his mind. He counted himself as lucky. How could he fear anything when technically, he was fear. Oh yes. The glorious feelings of pain and agony. All, but a memory. Now, he spent most of his nights in deep sleep. The medicine was supposed to put him out for the eight hours of the night and make him groggy during the day. Can you believe that? The most precious thing in life. The freedom of vision. All the gifts night and darkness gave, and he had to sleep through it. It didn't help that it was a straight sleep. No dreams, and definitely no nightmares. Just a blank system that seemed to only last ten minutes, if that. You ever get that feeling. Like you just went to sleep a minute ago and it's already morning. It feels worse when you're not tired enough to go back to sleep, but just tired enough not to want to do anything with your day.
Seraquill. Ever heard of it? Well, you should know. Nightquill is more common. People take it to help with sleep. Well guess what? That's only 1 percent of Seraquill. Though once you start, it doesn't hit as hard after awhile. No. This kid was use to it by now. It still whooped his butt though at night. Knocks him out all the time. Unlike most students at the school, he isn't trusted to take his own meds either. Nor is he allowed to talk to anyone giving him his meds. Though, lets talk about that process later. For now, let's talk about now. Morning time. It wasn't a bad time, though it meant he would have to see people and wouldn't be able to do anything fun with them. Well, not all of them at least. There were still a few who he enjoyed being around.

As per the norm, breakfast was oat cereal, a tasteless, yet sweet cereal, accompanied by the milk he put in it. Morning entertainment was Japanese cartoons, because for some reason they knew how to make action seem over the type and he liked over the top. The bathroom called for him to wash his body and brush his teeth like always. His clothes begged to be worn. Which he really had no problem with, besides from the shirt. Those things are so restrictive, especially to females.
"Pfft. What would I know about females. I just rather they not where the blasted things. Heh."
Of course, he had to make himself laugh. Mostly just a few words to see if he still sounded the same and they hadn't decided to take away his voice box. The toothpaste. Ugh. Must've been the strongest paste you could buy. His teeth had always been white, but jeez. Was it royal pain for your mouth to be burning clean every morning. Though, if you knew of the toxin his mouth had inside it, you would want him to brush his teeth with acid. Not that it'd help. After he looked at himself in the mirror, he realized that his red shirt complimented his eyes. He wondered if anyone else would notice. Hopefully not. God forbid he goes off about how his eyes are that color because he is constantly seeing blood. He isn't by the way. Just likes telling people that.

With the mirror check done, it was time to leave his room. Messy it was. Looked like a wolves den. He cleaned it every sunday only for it to be this way by Monday. Funny how things get out of hand really quick. He never locked his door. There was nothing to steal in there and if he had someone waiting for him when he returned, it'd give him a reason to show them around. Though he never had any uninvited guest.
"Boring," He whispered. "Boring, boring, boring, boring."
He mumbled to himself for a good minute. Life at this place was boring. It would have been more fun to go to a phsyche ward. Jail even. Though, that was probably the reason they sent him here. Or maybe it was some project made by humans. So typical of them to make a project out of monsters. Though the school doesn't lie to people when they said it's a school for the speacial and gifted.
"Though it's what we do with our gifts that define us."
He was right. He was always right, he didn't need a reminder. Yet his thoughts never worked right while on meds. Something was off. Even now. He was starting to think he'd hate to see what he'd be thinking without the meds.
"Damn. How long has this been going on for?"
A typical morning of self conversation. Though, that all changed once the walk began. For that is when he saw him. A boy who, like him, learned how to break out of the human spell on his own. It was always those types that he liked. How couldn't he? Those were the ones who didn't go completely crazy. For your information, that means those who were deamed crazy, but never went off the deep end. I.E Killing themselves after killing a bunch of people. No. The boy in front of B.B was an artist. One with preety good taste. Even now the boy wondered how did this kid know that his wounds would heal nicely. Well except for his eyelids. Those don't heal apparently. It didn't matter though. B.B liked the look. It was, unique to say the least.

"Hey." The boy said to his .... friend? Yeah. Let's use that word for now. He called to his friend, but didn't offer a smile, handshake, or pat on the back. Just started walking next to him. "Hehehe. So the no faced man got you today huh? I knew that'd happen if you went off yesterday. You should have waited and planned, but I guess that's why I like you so much. Planning is such a wasted human ability. Animals don't need to plan and what are humans? Animals. Hehe. They seemed to have lost instinct which we have. Or had. These darn pills they pump into us. It's just not right man."

As they walked, a lot of familiar faces were seen, though mostly annoying ones. Even a couple norms. A name he had given to students who weren't apart of their so called clique. "You know what pisses me off. On the news these people were signing a petition to save cats and dogs from being killed. I mean seriously. Cats and dogs need to have a write off to not get killed, but if someone doesn't write an essay about why they have to live I can't kill them. I wish I could just go out killing animals, but they don't piss me off as much as petition people. And to think, this country is all about equality. My butt it is. I miss home. England. Where the greats, like Jack the ripper and Hitler were from. Well, Hitler wasn't really a great I guess. He was too flawed. Meh. You know what I mean."

He looked at his "friend" for a minute and frowned. "You know why I'm envious of you? You got it all. A cool name, a girl who wants to kill you. Dang. All I have is dogs. Say, if that girl comes to this school for whatever reason, can I take her off your hands. I never had someone try to kill me before. At least not before I made them try. Hehehe. I wonder how her skin taste." Finally, the boy was done talking. Usually after he said all he had to say for the day he just went off to a day dream state. A state in which he would think about things which would bring him joy. It may be hard to tell from his long rant, but to get him to reply with more than a few words for the rest of the day, you'd have to say something pretty interesting. This was just how his day started. The boring school days of B.B Wolf.


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Jane awoke to the sound of a nurse speaking to her she sat up and looked around.
"Where am I?" she asked her mouth dry and her face aching the nurse replied softly
"You are at Farfalle a school for the..gifted..please get ready you do start school today.." Jane watched the lady walk away and remembered what had happened in the last few days her mind was groggy she looked at the room again to see her mask and wig on the table which she quickly placed on her head and face. Just as she was starting to stand her black dress flowing to her knees the nurse returned with a small cup and some water.
"Take these." was all she said and Jane complied a little hesitantly with a soft nod before pulling on her shoes and walking to the door only to stop as she watched two boys walk by and one struck her nerves
"Jeff..." was all she could mutter Jane could mutter she could feel the anger and hatred building but being diluted by the medication 'Dam it..'she thought and stayed frozen.

After Jeff and the other boy had been gone for a few minutes Jane exited the infirmary planning how to get her revenge how to kill Jeff she was walking slowly staring at the ground when she stopped her eyes widening under her mask 'I know exactly how to get him back!'she thought smiling slightly at the idea of Jeff screaming as she watched him burn. She looked around again and noticed how few people she saw and felt alone her heart picked up pace as the fear set in sending her running towards the school building avoiding Jeff and the other boy for now. Once she reached the building she was startled to see Slenderman standing in front of her she took a step back wishing she had her knife when he handed her a small piece of paper she looked at it and he was gone 'Well that was odd...' she thought as she read the paper, a schedule. Jane moved quickly to her first class slightly afraid of the other people not knowing exactly what this new place was like.

Just as she had reached the class room her stomach growled loudly
"Christ! I forgot to eat.." she said. Jane decided it would be best to eat first and went in search of food which meant she wandered around aimlessly. After about fifteen minutes she decided it was useless and headed back towards the school building her attention drawn to the woods. While she stared at the woods and walked she saw Jeff not to far away and stopped sure he had seen her and ducked behind the building she had finally reached 'Dam..I thought I had more time..'she thought hoping he had not seen her.


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#, as written by Zenia
Jeff turns to B.B. “Hello Big Bad.” He said with a chuckle, it was a nick name and a bit of…well not an insult but it may be taken as one. His smile on his face as usual, though it was a closed lip smile…well as closed lip as Jeff could go. “Slendy did get me! Ha! I was this close to getting ol’ Slendy to fight me, I could beat him I know I can, last time was a tie… though he was short today…well tall but short. I have seen him really tall when we fought he was like a tree a very skinny pale well-dressed tree.” he says. “Can you blame me? The people here are just…so fun! I stab and stab and they don’t die! It is a challenge. I want to make them go to sleep.” He states with a chuckle.
“Oh I planned the tiniest amount I needed too. I now know where they keep my knife…I know where they will move it too as well. And I know where more knives are…lovely knives that can cut and carve. And they can’t possibly hide them all.” He explains. “But you are right, planning is wasted. Takes out a lot of the fun! Sure finding your next target is great, but once you find them you practically can kill them… in their sleep. They all just need to go to sleep!” he states firmly. “If the petition people annoy you so much kill them. Not so hard to do. Humans are easier to kill than some animals. Their whining and begging though get on my nerves… ‘oh please don’t kill me I have a family.’ Usually by the time I get to them their family is already dead, really I am doing them a favor.” he remarks with a cackle as he gives an open mouth smile, a smile that many found disturbing and for some it was the last thing they would see. At the mention of home, Jeff just shrugs, “You know I can’t even remember any of the names of the towns I have lived in? Like the one I was in when I was thirteen…I have no clue of it! HA! You think I would remember the neighborhood where I first killed was called.” He remarks with a shrug.
“At least they credit you for the killings! Did you know what they credited someone else for the second to last of my killings? They credited a copy cat! So I gave that copycat a big smile, across his neck…even if others don’t know I killed that one, well I do.” He says in a sing song voice with a laugh. At the mention of Jane he turns to him.
“Why would you hurt Jane? She is my friend. I made her pretty like me! Gave her family and friends smiles as well.” He remarks with a light frown, he really thought that he had helped her with what he did; the fighting he figured was just her way of saying thanks for such wonderful gifts! It was fun to fight her.
He turns to B.B. “Hey Big Bad. Ever after taking the pills feel…funny? Like a knot in your stomach or something?” he asks as he side steps one of the students walking towards him. If he had his knife he probably would have stabbed him. However his meds are starting to kick in so he is…a bit calmer now. “Eh…I don’t feel like going to class, I am gonna skip.” Jeff proclaims as he starts to head towards the woods, “I will check on Smile for you.” He comments to B.B. with what could be considered a wave.
In the girls dorm building a letter could be seen on the table in front of Lavinia, however it was not there before. There was a simple wax seal on it that was a circle with an x through it. Inside the envelope was a class schedule, her dorm room, how to get there and an antique looking key. Also a note that said that this school had no cell phone reception or internet, if they needed things delivered they would be procured by other means. Her first class would be starting soon though of course she did have the option of exploring the grounds and seeing the other students if she wanted to skip that class. What was the worst that could happen? Out the window to the right of Lavinia there is a rustling as a white hoody clad boy walks to the woods nearby, and following him a girl with black hair in a turtleneck dress.
Jeff walks into the woods as he frowns, he feels like someone is…following him, he had felt it when talking to B.B. but he had remained silent about it, hoping to lure the person into the woods. “Do you want to have a round two?” he asks a bit happily, thinking for a moment it was Slendy. “…No…no it isn’t him…his no eye stare is different.” He mutters as he whistles. A Dog with a human smile walks over to him as he kneels down and pets it. “Heya Smiles, who is a good boy?” he asks, sounding…oddly normal. More like his oldself, the Jeff who had just moved to that “Fancy” Neighborhood. And he hated it. “Hey Smiles, can you get me a knife?” he asks as Smiles just smiles at him. “Worth a shot.” He says with a shrug. “Now…if whoever is watching me can show themselves I would be happy. Or are you playing hide and seek? I am good at that game! If I find you can I make you go to sleep?” he shouts as he stands up, he had no knife on him but that didn’t matter most of the time. Sure he adored, no loved killing people with his knife, but he had killed without it…it wasn’t as fun but it got the job done.
“Should I count? Though you seem to be hidden already…Here I will count to three.” He says happily. “One, Two, Three. Ready or not here I come!” he says giving Smiles the ‘stay’ command as he picks up a thick branch.


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Jane had decided to follow Jeff and play out her plan. Hiding behind the wall of the building for a few moments before she started after him 'Ugh watching him converse with that other boy makes me could anyone ever like him..he needs to DIE!!' she thought angrily to herself but then felt a muttled feeling and calmed down a bit as the meds kicked in. Jane watched and listened intently to the boys talk and frowned under her mask as they spoke of killing 'Trust me Jeff we will have LOADS of fun when I catch you..'she thought then got another muttled feeling as it calmed her once more. She noticed a girl who saw her and ignored her for the moment intent on keeping up with Jeff and remaining unseen.

Jane had heard Jeff ramble on and on about his poor life and felt sick to her stomach happy to have her mask to conceal her face from the world as well as a wig that fit perfectly and rarely fell off. As she had become distracted in thought Jeff had gotten away Jane frowned and searched for him carefully. After searching around a building she saw him in the woods. Jane had been as stealthy as she could and thought she was in the clear as she watched Jeff with the dog. When she heard him ask his question she stopped but realized it wasn't directed to her exactly and his for a moment listening. Hearing him speak to the dog made Jane's heart break a little inside he sounded so normal at first but then he switched back to his killer only worried about a knife and she felt anger try to blaze and her stomach clench.

Jane froze as Jeff called her out she thought for a second 'Well now is the time I guess..'and readied herself. As Jeff reached rambled for a minute then started counting she got her footing and ran over her plan in her head once more 'You can do this Jane.'she thought quickly as he reached three. Jane stood still for a moment then stepped out from behind the tree a good seven feet from Jeff and put her hands up as if surrendering but stayed cautious and ready to fight if need be.
"Hello Jeff! I finally found you my dear friend!!" She said her voice cheerful and genuine as if she truly had missed him.


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#, as written by Damioa
B.B was taken back by what Jeff said. "You wouldn't get it I guess. I don't want to hurt her dumb dumb. You'd call it improving her killing desire. I never once used force on someone. Well.... At least not someone I wanted to change." He thought about the one girl who ended up becoming a serial killer after killer her stalker. She wasn't his best masterpiece, but she was a good first work of art. Another was this news anchorman, who murdered his hole family. That was a little hard for him to get someone to to do. While on his meds he couldn't even seem to fathom how he got the man to do that. Though he knew he could make someone want to kill him. Maybe that was what he really wanted. Nah, he thought to himself. "Anyways, I wouldn't do anything close to what you did for her," B.B said sarcastically. "I'm sure she's hell a happy with you for that gift of yours eye. Hehehe."

When the boy passed them both, B.B gave little notice to it, but part of him wanted to try to make Jeff flip out and kill that boy. However, it seemed both of them were too doped up to even want to raise a finger in thought of the boy and the both of them continued walking. As they walked in silence down the halls, Jeff next question made B.B think a little bit. "You know what mate, I sort of do have a small feeling in my stomach. It's mostly in my head though. Whenever I try to think of anything negative, or anything fun in our cases, my mind gets all foggy. I bet you the slender has it too. He has to have it worse than me. I'm not even sure how he retains his power. Unless... Unless he likes watching all of us suffer. What and anus. How could he be happy with just that?"

He stopped talking, in case his loud thoughts could be heard. When Jeff said that he was going to check on B.B's dog, the boy had no qualms with it. They wouldn't let him see his dog, but once a week, so as a sort of gift, or so they say, Jeff can look after him during the week days. B.B. didn't really care all that much. The dog could come to him through the shadows of the night if he was able to stay up. Though, the meds. It always came down to the meds. B.B. had to find a way to stop the feeling of the meds, but how could he when Slender was behind every..... corner.

"Nice. So you knew I was gonna skip class to go back to my room aye? Or did you think I would go back to the library to read up on history. What do you want? I ain't got all day."

The man in front of him had no face. Nor did he look alive, but he moved like he was a psychologically deranged man. Giving him a piece of paper, the man left as soon as he came. B.B. never had any words or fists traded with the slender on, but he didn't like him all the same. He only liked Jeff so far, but there was only so much fun he could have with another prisoner. Though, events like what happened the day before were interesting and kept time moving forward, that wasn't B.B.'s goal in life. No. His goal was to show humanity just how ugly they actually were. No. Not ugly. However, he did see them all as beast. It was true though. He'd seen it with his own eyes. Even shown it to other people. At night, when you think your eyes are playing tricks on you. Look in the mirror. You'll see a beast, and that beast will be you.

Ugh. I gotta snap out of this. What's with this paper now?

Looking at the contents of the paper, B.B's eye's grew wider with anticipation. His red devilish eyes that hid behind his black bangs glowed with life that hadn't been in them since before the incident with that defect. "So, if I make sure this person is okay, I might be able to see what happens when a calm ship meets a polar ice cap. Well, he sure knows how to gain my loyalty. I swear on my mother if I'm not apart of it, this place would be enough to make the sanest man shed his skin."

It was like a loud thought, the way he talked, but it meant much much more than that. It was basically giving his word, and for people like him, their words were their bond. He couldn't break it. All he had to do was watch an egg boil and help make sure it didn't crack. Hell, a baby could do that. He proceeded to the front of the school, where he was sure someone would come. If not, he wouldn't wait for long. Maybe he'd see what that smell was that went after Jeff. Though now, he was patient. Meeting a new person would prove fun in either environment, though the fact that he was considerably tired from his meds, he'd rather not walk through the woods. Even if he did go, he wouldn't make it far. He'd be damned if he was going to use his one dog day today. So, to some up all his thoughts, he decided to sit by the front steps of the school and wait. He was sure, something would happen sooner or later.


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#, as written by Zenia
Jeff turns at the familiar voice, a genuine smile on his face as he spies Jane. “Jane! There you are I was wondering if you find me again. I was afraid that without a trail of bodies to follow you wouldn’t find me.” He explains.
“You are as pretty as the last time I saw you, I see you are still wearing the wig and mask I gave you. Sorry that you don’t naturally look as good as me, again didn’t have any alcohol…and gasoline just doesn’t seem to do the job correctly…” he offers with a shrug as he takes a step towards her, as if greeting an old friend of his, and that is what he thought Jane was, a friend. Sure he had killed her family and set her on fire, but he had made her pretty! He had helped her out.
“Hey did you get my flowers I sent? Really sorry about messing up. I know you got the other gifts, after all you are wearing them!” he comments with a laugh. “Are you going to this school now? Oof must have caught you too. Oh well I am kind of glad you are here now, after all you are my friend right? There are others like us here too, so it isn’t all bad…after all they are a challenge, a fun one. Not those lame ones like Rubik’s cubes. Make us take sooo many drugs though as punishment for getting ‘caught’.” He explains with a snort, branch still in his hand.
“They took my knife too! That is what really gets to me, they let some of the others keep their weapons, but me? Noooo the big guy in charge took it away. All for Slendy and me getting in a fight that was witnessed. Not like we let those witnesses live.” He comments with a chuckle, “So are we going to play a game like we have done before? Or did they take your knife as well?” he asks with a tilt of his head as he tries to spot her knife before he turns to Smiles, giving the dog a pat on his head. “Cause if they have we can wait. It wouldn’t be right for us to play without them. If you want I can show you around the school ground.”