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Knatilee Schiano

An everyday woman in the big apple, who owns a successful bar with her sister. Normal girl right? You wish......

0 · 912 views · located in Earth; New York City, New York

a character in “Fatal Attractions”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!



Name: Knatilee Schiano[Schiano is a cover name btw......their real name is secret, for now. =P]

Age: 28


Height = 5'10
Weight = 132bs
Hair = Brown & Thick. [reaches to the end of her back when out]
Eyes = Crystal Blue
Body Art = A large Dream-catcher that cover her entire back, with a sleeping white wolf at the base of it. (*click here for dream-catcher design*, and *click here for the sleeping wolf design*)

Personality: Personable, Fun, Cunning, Sly, Sassy, Opinionated, Strong willed, and Flirtatious on the job yet more reserved in her day to day life.

Likes: Sports, The Bar-Scene, Drinking, Dancing, Karaoke, Swimming, The Beach, Guitar Players/Musicians, Sudoku, Politics, and Reading.

Dislikes: Male Chauvinist/Piggish-guys, People who underestimate or threaten her and her sister, Catty/Snobby girls, Ignorant people.

Brief History: Knatilee and her sister had a rather normal upbringing in Rome, Italy........if you call your parents always traveling and leaving you behind in an Italian countryside villa with nannies, normal.

The lack of true parenting, lead Knatilee to find her own way to entertain herself, making her a bit of a book worm and a loner.....until stumbling into the Italian mob-scene at the tender age of 16. At first she was merely a friend of one of the veteran assassins....but she soon became his young lover, and protegee.
When her sister was born, she also became more of a mother figure to her then their own mother, making the two girls rather close.

At age 22 her love, and teacher, was killed by low-level rivals of the mob..........and the furious young girl, after gaining permission from the Boss, went on a killing spree, obtaining revenge against anyone who had ANYTHING to do with it........which is where her career began.

Role: Assassin

Cover Story during the day: Co-Owner of a popular Sports Bar downtown, called "Schianos"


So begins...

Knatilee Schiano's Story

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Like a lot of young women, Knatilee simply threw her clothes on the bed........telling herself "oh i'll fold them later"
She then placed Yang back in her tank before shimming out of her current attire, and slipping into a black and white uniquely-laced bra/panty set......that would soon be covered by a fitted black sweater, and a pair of low-rise skinny jeans w/ a thin black belt.
Her thick hair would be let out and brushed, until the top was completely straight and the bottom was straight yet wavy.
"What am i doing.........playing around with this man......" she whispered to herself, just as she flounced down on the edge of her bed to slip into a pair of black knee-high boots w/ a small two inch heel, which would render her six feet tall once standing.
"Perhaps it could just be a hit it and quit it kind of thing......" she said to herself after zipping up both boots...........and within seconds of the words slipping out of her mouth, Knatilee doubled over in laughter.............which lasted nearly a minute, before she stood and slowly walked over towards her bedroom door. "You'd never do such a thing're a good girl.." she whispered sarcastically, as she ran her hand through her hair.

She'd spend several minutes on the living room floor with the puppies, playing around with them like little kid almost, knowing there was no real rush since she was just stopping into Schianos for a couple of hours......
Eventually she'd make her way back to her feet and against the front door, w/ her arms out in front of her. "Stop stop stop! Knati's tired, and needs to leave now!" she said to the puppies, but both paid her no mind, and started to jump up at her legs.

Knatilee slipped her phone & keys into her pocket, then grabbed two leashes to attach to the pups collars............and within a few minutes she was in the elevator once again, but with two over joyed puppies at her heels this time.


As she walked out into the main lobby, the two puppies quickly shot a few feet ahead of her while she casually looked from left to right. "He's not here....." she thought, disappointingly - even though she wasn't likely to admit that.
"Oh wells.....i guess it's just me and you two boys!"

Knatilees smile was soft, as she made her way towards the door with the eager pups. A nice older couple held the door for her, and she swiftly turned to catch it after she had walked through and they let go. "Thanks!" she called back..........shutting the door only once they turned around and said "No problem dear!"