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Fatal Attractions

Earth; New York City, New York


a part of Fatal Attractions, by Inno.


Inno holds sovereignty over Earth; New York City, New York, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

472 readers have been here.


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Earth; New York City, New York is a part of Fatal Attractions.

4 Characters Here

Dean Winchester [2] "No chick flick moments alright?"
Knatilee Schiano [1] An everyday woman in the big apple, who owns a successful bar with her sister. Normal girl right? You wish......
Mason Lamberg [1] "I'm Mason, don't mess me about and we'll be just fine..."
Jacqueline Schiano [0] "What a pretty necklace..."

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#, as written by Inno
‘Mason...’ She rolled the name around her tongue, enjoying the way it felt before nodding over to Mason. “All right, Mason.”

Slowing to a stop, Jacqueline blinked over as he stepped out of the car, her expression blank. ‘He… He lives….’ Silently she watched him lean down with a smile.

"Fancy coming in for a quick coffee or something or are you heading home?" He asked.

Jacqueline offered a smooth smile, left eyebrow lifted in question. “Oh yeah?” Gear shifted to Park, she leaned over to the side closer to him. “As tempting as that sounds, I think I rather get home to my darling sister.” She chuckled softly and settled back in her seat, jokingly adding, “She’s lost without me, ya’know.”

Jacqueline shifted the car back to Drive, “Good night, Mason.” She smiled as he nodded and shut the door.
She pulled off from the curb, a frown tugging at her features as she pulled into their reserved parking spot. Stepping out, Jacqueline made her way- barefooted back up the street and towards the entrance. Nodding a soft hello to the remaining individuals, Jacqueline pressed the button for the elevator before stepping in and awaiting her turn to get off.

She moved carelessly through the silent hall, her keys and shoes in hand, as she stopped in front of a familiar door. With a yawn, Jacqueline turned the lock and stepping into her home, stepped into pitch darkness. She walked skilfully around obstacles and moved to unlatch her puppy from his cannel before carrying him to her bedroom where she pushed the door open and stepped inside.

She knew it was wrong, but Jacqueline could not help it; she enjoyed cuddling at night, and Daegon was the perfect partner... for the time being.

Unable to keep her eyes open any longer, Jacqueline tossed her dress over a nearby chair, slipped on a comfy
bed time night gown , and flopped back onto her bed; arms instantly curling around her young pup who settled comfortably against her breasts.

“Sleep...” She mumbled, dozing off.

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It was dark still when Jacquelines phone vibrated beside her. At first it went unheard, but after the fourth and fifth buzz her eyes fluttered open.
Within only a minute she had sat up, and was flicking her finger across the touchscreen........

"Funds fully're already on the news." read a text message from Mateo, which caused Knatilee to quickly look in the corner of the screen for the time.
"Wow....5:03 in the morning and i'm already local?" she whispered to herself, before quickly deleting the text message and laying back down.

Sure, her phones require a password to access if left idle for more than 30 seconds, and both her phones, her sisters phone, and Mateos, all were carried by a local cell phone company owned by Mateos there was never a worry in the world for the girls in terms of records/being traced, they'd always have a heads up, but it still instinctively made the woman uneasy to have such an incriminating text sitting on a mobile device.


Knatilee would attempt to fall back asleep........but by 5:24 it was painfully obvious that she would be unable she slowly rolled out of her bed, and made her way into the bathroom, where she'd strip out of her lingerie and take an early shower.


Half an hour later the chemise set was back inside her closet, her hair was casually styled in a damp messy-bun, and the TV was on Fox News channel - which just so happened to be on commercial break; so a bored Knatilee, who was now dressed in a white oversized off-shoulders blouse, that clung to her bust and barely reached below her bottom, went to open up Heinekens kennel......but when she saw the puppy was actually asleep, she decided against it, and instead, went to Yangs tank and pulled her out instead.

The warm snake had just curled the front half of its body around her right forearm, when Gretchen Carlson could be heard on the TV:

"Welcome back to this Early Edition of Fox & Friends, we're leading this half hour with the breaking news story coming out of Trump Tower. At-"
Knatilee quickly took a seat on the edge of her bed, and listened to the story......shocked that she had made not just local, but national news, so quick.

Apparently a first shift house keeper went into what she mistakenly thought was an empty room, to clean for a probable early morning check in, and instead discovered the body of Gary Bruster.

The channel would remain on for only a few more minutes, before it was turned to ESPN and then placed on mute.
Knatilee fell back on the bed, and began to pet Yang.

"What to do, what to do......." she whispered to herself. But as soon as she turned her head to the side, and spotted her laundry basket, she popped back up.

In a record five minutes her basket was filled to the brim, and on her left hip. She had slipped on a pair of white flip flops, grabbed her phone + keys, and was standing at the front door, making sure she had a good grip on the basket, before opening the door with her right arm - which still had Yang wrapped around it.

She took a few seconds to look in the mirror by the door........she hadn't an ounce of make-up on, but was lucky enough to appear as if she did. Her skin was flawless, her lashes long, thick, and dark by her mind, she looked tired, but in reality she looked just as fresh and vibrant as she always did.

After turning away from the mirror, the door was quickly opened, and on her way she went.
It only took a few more minutes minutes before she was strolling into the buildings first-floor laundry room. Even though they had lived there slightly over a year, and had plenty of money to spend, the girls still didn't have a washer and dryer of their own.......meaning they frequently used the Laundromat, just like every else. Thankfully though, at 6:13 in the morning there was only a young mother and her eight or nine year old son inside the brightly-lit lavish 1500+sq ft room, so it was easy as pie to find an open washer to throw the clothes into.

After inserting her money, she lifted herself slightly on her tippy-toes and placed the basket behind the machine - a trick her and her sister use to make their basket less appealing to the few thieves in the building. As she turned around however, she noticed the young boy staring directly at her.
Knatilee was fully aware her shirt had risen enough for her blue and white-checked panties to show slightly as she was dropping her basket to the ground.......and she quickly became sure that was his reason for staring, since as soon as she locked eyes with him and smiled, he turned his face away from her, redder than an apple.

"Being checked out by a tot........isn't that just lovely!" she joked in her head, before single-handedly pushing her backside up atop the machine, and crossing her legs.
Her panties were once again slightly visible, but she didn't pay enough attention to notice......and began to surf the web on her phone, as her body moved to the beat of the slow reggae music playing in the room.
Yang too appeared to noticed the music, since she began to playfully wrap herself further up Knatilees arm.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Jamie95
Her  left eyebrow lifted in question and she shifted the gear on her car into park. 
Leaning across the car she replied, “Oh yeah? As tempting as that sounds, I think I rather get home to my darling sister." She laughed gently and leant back in the seat, adding jokily, “She’s lost without me, ya’know.”

"Alright," he replied. He knew he should feel disappointed, and in a way, he did. But, he couldn't help being almost glad. It was late and they'd had a pretty exciting evening, if he was being honest, he couldn't wait to see his bed.

"Goodnight, Mason," she said. 

"Goodnight, Jacqueline," she nodded and shut the door. He watched the car pull into the parking spot almost opposite their house. He turned and unlocked the house, stepping inside and locking it again carefully behind him.

All the lights in the house were out when he got in, telling Mason that Dean was long since in bed. He made himself an instant coffee and took it up to bed with him. He stripped down to just his boxers and climbed into bed, bedside light still on. He took a sip of his coffee that lay on the side table by his bed and unlocked the heavily encrypted iPhone he had got from the police.

Flicking thought the case files again, he matched what  was written to what he knew about the girls from the encounter today and added some of his own. He also typed up some of his own inferences and observations to keep track off them before taking the final sip of his coffee and flicking the light out. He lay back in bed, meaning to allow his mind to ramble back across the day and absorb it. But before he had even got past breakfast, he was asleep.

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"Come on, just one more!"

Dean growled as he struggled with the weight. He gritted his teeth and pushed with everything he had to get the weight bar back on the bench press resting bar. Dean sat up on the bench, dripping with sweat. He spun the Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap backwards before hanging his head in exhaustion. After a couple long, deep breathes Dean looked up at the clock.

"5:45.... Christ I need a life."

He groaned to himself. Dean was always an early bird. When he was a kid he used to get up every morning, school or not, around 3 just to watch early morning cartoons. Now as an adult he tended to wake up around 4:30, 5 so he could squeeze in a work out before he got his day started. He hadn't got much sleep last night. He'd spent most of it tossing and turning so he went to the gym almost as soon as he'd woke up. He'd been here for the last hour and some change and he was more than spent. The apartment building had a fully stocked gym and fitness center on the first floor. With his iphone still blasting AC/DC through his headphones Dean took the elevator to his floor. Once in his room he set a pot of coffee to brew for while he'd be in the shower and grabbed a blueberry bagel. He went to his room munching on the bedroom after grabbing a towel for his shower. A habit Dean had always had was that he liked to lay out the clothes he'd be wearing that day on the bed before he got dressed. Kind of an odd quirk Dean knew but it was a habit of his since he was a kid and never took the time nor cared enough to change it. This morning however it paid off. Dean never had taken the time yesterday to put away his clothes so they were all still in his bag. When he grabbed the bag it was damp and smelled like booze.

"What the... What the hell?"

Dean asked aloud in blatant annoyance. He lifted the bag off the floor and heard a clinking sound. He looked and saw the empty, open bottle of Vodka Knatilee had given him last night. Dean dropped his soggy bag on the floor with a groan. He must have tossed the bottle on his bag and not realized he hadn't closed it all the way. Now all of his clothes were wet and smelled like the jersey shore with less tanning lotion.

"Guess it's laundry day now."

Dean grumbled with a sigh as he grabbed a clothes hamper and tossed the contents of his bag into the basket. He tucked the basket under one arm and headed out the door. As he got in the elevator there was a stunning blonde standing there. Apparently going jogging judging by the look of her attire. As soon as Dean stepped into the elevator he was painfully aware he was still wearing his work out clothes. Pretty straightforward stuff actually but they always did a wonders when concerning women. The girl eyed Dean like a hungry lioness. When Dean looked at her she giggled stupidly which caused Winchester's eyebrow to arch. Normally Dean would be all over this, busty, dumb blonde who would probably be up for nothing less than a wild romp but something was different this morning and he found himself put off by the women. He just smiled politely and didn't say a word until he reached the ground floor and stepped out. He walked towards the laundry room, not without getting turned around a few times but managed to find it. When he walked in he ran into a young kid who was just standing by the doorway staring off into the room. When Dean walked into him the kid jumped as if he'd been caught doing something bad. Dean gave him a quick smile and patted his head.

"Sorry bout that big man."

He said feigning worry. The apology did its job and puffed up the kid who now felt like he had a grown up running scared. Dean shook his head with a chuckle and turned to head into the laundry room and to his surprise he saw a familiar face. He knew the girls lived in the same building but he doubted he'd run into them so soon. Knatilee was casually playing on her phone and listening to music while a snake curled up in her arms as she sat on a washing machine. Dean's eyebrow arched at the sight. She seemed so cute and sweet, casually rocking to the music, oblivious to the world around her. Dean pulled his headphones out before walking over and beginning to toss his clothes into the machine next to her.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were stalking me."

Dean teased with a smirk.

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She had noticed a figure inside the laundromat door......but it was only after hearing "Sorry bout that big man.", that her head shot up.
"Him!? What is he......doing here!??" she thought, as her eyes locked in on him. However as soon as Dean began to make his way past the young boy he nearly ran into, Knatilee turned her head back down and acted as if she hadn't noticed she was some nervous school girl, embarrassed to be caught staring at the schools star Quarterback

"This is silly.......i should speak, what the hell is wrong with-" Knatilees self-lashing was interrupted by the washing machine beside her opening, and clothes being pored in.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were stalking me." said Dean, with quite the smirk.....causing Knatilee to smile herself.

"Me?" she responded playfully as she stole a quick gaze at his exposed & well-toned arms. She then uncrossed her legs and slid several inches towards his machine. "Seeing as how we've been living in this building for over a year, and i've NEVER seen you once......i'd say you're, stalking me......Dean, was it?"

Of course he had remember his name......but after it rolled of her tongue, sounding more like "Deana" via her accent, she still chose to play as if she 'wasn't sure'

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0.00 INK

Dean looked up with a smile and a laugh.

"You remember my name. I'm touched, seriously there might be tears."

He joked as he tossed a rolled up pair of soggy jeans into the washer. His entire basket stank of booze and his hands were starting to catch the scent.

"Oh and thanks for the bottle last night by the way. Hope you don't mind but I ended up just pouring it all over my clothes so I had a reason to come down here and talk to you. You know how us stalkers are."

He teased again before tossing the last of his clothes in and closing the door. After dropping a few coins in and putting the soap in the top he set the machine on and turned to casually lean on it while he talked to Knatilee.

"So snakes huh?"

He asked in regards to the snake Knatilee had coiled up in her arms.

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"You remember my name. I'm touched, seriously there might be tears." he joked. Knatilee softly rolled her eyes in response, as a strong whiff of vodka began to flow under her nose - causing it to crinkle up slightly.

"Oh and thanks for the bottle last night by the way. Hope you don't mind but I ended up just pouring it all over my clothes so I had a reason to come down here and talk to you. You know how us stalkers are."

"Well that explains the smell........such a waste of good liquor, i'm almost insulted." she whispered.....watching ever so closely as Dean began placing coins into his machine.
Suspicion of the man of course was quite the coincidence that a guy she had JUST called a stalker in her bar last night, now happens to reside in the same building she does, and Knatilee knew that.....making it harder to brush off in full, although intrigue was surely beginning to level-out, if not out-weigh, the suspicion.

[i]"I WAS the one who said i didn't beleive in coincidences though....right? And if this isn't the biggest one i've experienced in a long while....."[i] she thought, as Dean went from placing his coins into the machine, to jumping atop it.

"So, snakes huh?" he inquired, while leaning back some.

"Yeah.......the bigger the better. You interested? playing with my snake of course....." she said, fully aware of how it sounded, before leaning over towards Dean and stretching her arm out until her right hand slightly touched his neck....and Yang began to slide from her arm, to around Deans neck.

It's easy enough to remove a royal python from around ones neck, but for those not use to snakes, the feeling or sight could be a bit frightening at first.........and Knatilee couldn't help but smile as she noticed Deans body tense up instinctively. His uneasiness wouldn't be noticeable to most, but she was sure he was a bit uncomfortable, and couldn't help but taunt him.

"Don't tell me such a handsome strapping young lad like yourself is scared of a little ol' python...............well, there's no need to worry love, i'll save you.."
And with her silly taunting at an end, Knatilee leaned in even closer and gently pulled at Yangs tail........until the young snake uncoiled herself, and was again wrapped around her owners arm.
Seconds later Knatilee could feel the spin cycle on her machine winding down.......and sure enough, as soon as she slid off the top, it stopped.

After once again standing on her tippy toes to grab her basket, and single-handedly filling it up with the damp clothes, she strolled across the room without a word to Dean, and began to place her clothes in the dryer.

"And back to your hiding spot you will go........' she said to herself while staring at her basket.
Knatilee then placed the coins inside the machine, closed the door, and started it up. The dryers, despite appearing nice, were old as sin itself....and it would take nearly two hours to finish drying her after throwing her phone into the basket and placing it on her left hip again, she made her way, slowly, back over towards Dean..........stopping only once a foot or two from his knees.

"I think i'll go get a muffin.....or two.....or perhaps five if i'm in the right kind of mood......" she suggested to herself aloud, before grabbing her phone out of the basket so that the plastic container could be thrown back behind the now empty washer.


It was only a few minutes later and Knatilee was now sitting at a small bar inside the buildings Cafe, which was right down the hall from the laundromat. She thought he'd follow her........but wasn't sure, and caught herself keeping track of the time that passed, as she pet Yang and stared blankly at the menu - unsure of what drink to order with her four blueberry muffins.

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0.00 INK

Dean just stared after her with a dumbfounded smile before he broke out into a quite laugh. He'd never met anyone like her before in his life. Strong and independent yet not the kind that crams it down your throat. She was beautiful, smart and sarcastic enough to keep up with Dean which was a feat in itself.

"Oh I so need a muffin right now."

He said to himself before hopping off the machine and heading out of the laundromat. Dean stopped in the hall and looked around for a second or two not seeing her."Relax man, you'll find her." He told himself yet that didn't slow his frantic movements. An old man was passing by and Dean put out his hand to stop him gently and ask if he'd noticed where Knatilee had gone.

"Excuse me, sorry sir. Look a really hot girl just came outta here. Did you see..."

Dean's words trailed off as he noticed the walking stick in his hind signalling that the man was blind.

"...anything at all... never mind. Thanks sir."

Dean said before rushing off.

"No problem Barry!"

The old, and apparently crazy, blind man called after him happily. Dean rushed past a small cafe down the hall and noticed her sitting alone at a table. Dean smiled in relief and went inside. He walked in and took a seat across from her.

"Figured you may need a hand finishing off those five muffins."

He said casually.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Jamie95
Mason rolled over slowly, his vision still blurred by sleep. Outside, New York was already awake. Light slithered in through the cracks around the edges of the blinds and the general sound of the bustle of the city oozed into the room.

Mason blinked, the night before coming back to him. He smiled just slightly before turning over and glancing at the bedside clock. 

"Aw, crap," he muttered to himself, his voice heavy with sleep. The clock beside him read 8.06am. He hadn't bothered setting the alarm the evening before, assuming he would just wake up. He wasn't an early bird, but he had the knack of waking up when he wanted. For some reason it hadn't worked today. 

After a few minutes Mason pulled himself out of bed and into the shower for 10 minutes. He dried off and pulled some clothes on, going downstairs. Dean's door was a little open on the landing, signifying he was clearly not in there. Mason wandered down the stairs, expecting to find him at the table. He shrugged, figuring he'd gone out early morning. Oh well, he'd be back.

He shoved some toast in the toaster, buttered it and sliced it. He took the plate through to the sitting room and flicked on the TV in the background. The news came on and he was just about to switch it to another channel when a story came on that caught Mason's attention. A murder. The body of Gary Bruster had been found in Trump Towers that morning by a maid. He watched it for a little while before he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out and slid open the message from the police force that he assumed had gone to both him and Dean: Knatilee Shiano, suspected involvement in murder of Mr Bruster this morning. Follow up.

Mason sighed. All very well for them to say, but they weren't here. It was a little bit harder than that...

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#, as written by Inno
Positioned mutely in front of her, he lifted to his hind legs, and then settled his front paws comfortably against the smooth brunette waves of his owner. He was hungry; therefore, he lowered his head, slipped forth his tongue, and lapped lightly along her cheek. When that got no response, Daegon scooted slightly to the side and attempted once again, this time his tongue ran across her right eyelid, a soft whimper escaping his tiny being.
His tail immediately began its to and fro motion as her nose nuzzled lightly into the fur along his belly. He licked once more, ears pointed as she continued to softly press her nose to his stomach.

“Mmhh…” She hummed; eyes squeezed shut to keep his tongue out.

The unyielding pup hopped onto his owner’s curled form, leaned down, and grabbed a piece of stray hair between his jaws before tugging lightly. His actions screamed for her attention, and with a huff, Jacqueline gave into her pup’s demands.
Though clearly wanting more sleep, comforter tangled around her legs, she rolled onto her back; hands swiftly scooped up the energetic pup, before she brought his form up into her line of sight.

“Daegon…” She whispered, her brown eyes narrowed to slits as they focused on the squirming animal. “Momma needs to sleep…” She whined to him, in hopes of getting a response of understanding. Nevertheless, Daegon merely blinked, tilted his head to the side, and softly barked; he wanted food.
“No Dae’, sleep, not food.” Lips puckered in a pout, the young sleep deprived woman kicked her covers off, not bothering to straighten out her twisted nightgown, and stepped out of her room; puppy happily trailing after her.
“If you had thumbs, this wouldn’t be a problem.” She said, her gaze slanted down to the prancing pup before she sighed and rubbed at her tired eyes.

She filled two bowls with food and another two with water before she moved towards the other dog kennel and let Heineken out. “Thumbs. Both of you.”

Jacqueline hadn’t bothered to set an alarm or look at the time because she knew she wouldn’t make it to her first class. ‘Bummer,’ she thought, ‘I enjoy Forensics class.’

She only had two classes a day, excluding Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays of course.
She moved through the house to the living room, and then collapsed onto their large plush couch, though her left arm and leg brushed against the carpet.

“Knatilee…” She cried out, eyes closed. Two seconds had not passed before Jacqueline tried once more; head slightly lifted off the cushion. “Knatileeeeeeee.” When she received no response, Jacqueline focused her attention to the turned off television as she stretched her left hand out to the coffee table for the remote. She clicked the TV on, and immediately turned to the news.
“Murder…” she mumbled. When nothing negative pointed to her or her sister, Jacqueline turned to her favorite drama; Law & Order Special Victims Unit.


Thirty minutes later, Jacqueline was fully awake with a piece of toast between her lips, and a filled glass of orange juice atop the island top. The TV still blasted, and Jacqueline leaned her form to rest against the counter as she chewed her toast, a frown on her lips. “He did it, Elliot. It’s got to be hi-“Jacqueline’s gaze slanted to the time on the microwave, and she gasped, eyes wide with surprise. “Oh shit, class!” She swallowed both toast and juice in four short gulps before she settled the glass in the sink and rushed to her bathroom; nightgown tossed in her hamper along with other dirty items.


Fifteen minutes later, she hopped out of the shower and quickly braided her hair into a fishtail braid before she slipped on a pair of pink polka-dotted panties.
Ten minutes after being out of the shower, Jacqueline stepped out of her room, fully dressed in black shorts, a yellow cropped top with splashes of blue, a pair of black sandals,and a blue bagthat draped over her shoulder and across her chest.

She glanced down at her wristwatch and hissed as though burned. “9:45…fuck.” Her next class was at 10:10. She quickly grabbed a chilled water bottle from the ‘fridge, tucked it in her bag, and then grabbed her keys before she rushed out; the door locked behind her. Her hand slipped into her bag, and pulled out her phone. Quickly sending a message to her sister: ‘Taking the jeep ’, Jacqueline paused at the elevators, impatiently waiting for the doors to open and it to take her downstairs.


Jacqueline slipped easily through traffic; she pouted when there was a stop light, grinned when she barely made green lights, and glared when others cut her off. “Fuckers!” She yelled, though her windows were up and no one paid her any mind.


As she imagined, when briskly walking through noiseless halls, class was already in session when Jacqueline silently opened the glass door of her classroom, and made her way into the back where empty seats greeted her with ‘open arms.’
As indiscernibly as she could possibly be, Jacqueline pulled out her notebook and pen, sent a quick text message to both Lee and Lucy: ‘How’re you feeling?’ before she started taking notes on what was being said.

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0.00 INK

Sorry for the delay, i woke up really sick and spent most of the day in bed......but anyways, i'll time jump ahead to the text message in my next post!

Knatilee spotted Dean entering the Cafe......but again waited until he approached her, before acknowledging his presence.

"Figured you may need a hand finishing off those five muffins." he said, while taking a seat across from her.

By the time he sat down, she had polished off two and half of the four muffins,.
"You mean four.....and well, i'm not one who shares her food well so-"
Knatilee ended her sentence by throwing the last piece of the third muffin, into her mouth.......smiling as she swallowed.

"However, since i'm a good mood this morning......." Knatilee smiled, before placing the last muffin on a napkin and slowly sliding it in front of Dean.

"Now the price for that muffin is simple........just tell me, when exactly did you and your friend move in here? And what brought you boys to Midtown West, from wherever you were before?"

She would take sips of her Strawberry smoothie as Dean tried his hand at an explanation......
Knatilee knew her questions were a bit forward, but not so much so that one would be offended....and could anyone really blame her for being so curious?? Even Dean would of realized by now just how...odd, this was.....meeting each other soon after last night.

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Character Portrait: Dean Winchester
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Dean took a muffin and took a big bite, savoring the chocolate chips. After swallowing the pastry he leaned forward with a relaxed ease.

"We're newbies to tell ya the truth. Just moved in a few days back."

He replied before taking another bite.

"Hell, I'm still living out of a suitcase."

He continued with a shrug. Dean's mind rolled back to the night before. The way Knatilee and Jacqueline closed rank so quickly and worked so well together it was impressive. There were a lot NYPD partners that could learn a thing or two from these ladies.

"You and your sister seem close if ya don't mind me saying. I'm an only child myself... You always value what you don't have right? It's nice to see someone taking family seriously again."

Dean's love for family and the bond therein unexpectedly seeped through in his words. Dean was always fiercely loyal to his mother, the only family he has and has always not only valued the bond within a family but respected those who did the same

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"Your welcome...." Knatilee thought with a smirk, as Yang slid around her neck, and she waited for Dean to finish his bite of muffin.

"We're newbies to tell ya the truth. Just moved in a few days back" he said in response to Knatilees question, before taking another bite of his treat. "Hell, I'm still living out of a suitcase" he threw out.

Knatilee finally put down her drink, and pressed her chest against the edge of the table as her interlocked hands rested under her chin.....her eyes studying Dean intensely.
Sure, she was trying to get a read on the smallest of expressions, or tiniest of involuntary movements, to see if what he said was the truth. But Knatilee also couldn't help but stare out of pure attraction........Dean was the personification of handsome, and something about his presence genuinely grabbed her interest.......a feat not many men pulled off.

"You and your sister seem close if ya don't mind me saying.........I'm an only child myself... You always value what you don't have right? It's nice to see someone taking family seriously again."

Knatilee smiled "My sister is a part of my heart.......i think i'd quite possibly die without that silly girl." she said softly, before stopping a moment to finish off the rest of her smoothie. "But i'm sure you feel the same about a person, or persons, in your own family......i can tell."

The two would go on to talk casually about Schianos, school, family, the building they live in, and etc., for the next couple of hours, and Knatilee would order more to eat, plus jokingly tease Dean with Yang several times, before her phone would buzz.

"Ah, excuse me a second.......mind holding her? Why thank you." she said, before standing, walking behind Dean, and placing the beautifully docile snake around his neck..........again, so that she could then lean on the back of his chair, and read her text message.

"Taking the Jeep!" was all the message from her sister, timed stamped at 9:47am, said

"No problem with that...." she whispered to herself, just as her eyes went wide at the sudden realization of how much time had gone by....and how quickly. "I can't believe it's been two hours already...." she thought, before bending down to whisper in Deans ear.

"If you look at your watch, I think you'll agree your clothes are more than ready to go in the dryer.........and mine, well mine are likely nice and toasty, so i'll be heading back upstairs now........." she said softly in the close vicinity of his ear, seconds before pulling Yang from around his neck and letting the young snake coil back around her own arm.

"But you know...." she said as she stood straight again. "'ll have two hours to kill while your clothes dry, and if you just so happen to be down here in say, fifteen minutes or so, perhaps you could walk me to Schianos........i might have another bottle to make up for the one you so clumsily wasted."

Knatilees words were obviously flirtatious, but her intent slightly more genuine than usual.......but she wouldn't let herself dwell on why exactly that was....and instead, smiled invitingly down at Dean, before walking out of the cafe.


Her clothes where thrown into the basket in record time, and so as she strolled out of the laundry room and then into the waiting elevator, she wasn't surprised to not run into Dean.
"Now why did mommy invite a man shes known for only a couple of days, to walk with work of all places......crazy, hmm?" Knatilee said aloud to her snake......who of course didn't respond. "I wonder.....if he'll be waiting for me......" she thought, unsure of why she cared, just as the elevator doors closed.

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Knatilee's blatantly flirtatious invite managed to not only chase away the apprehension from having the snake around his neck fro a second time but put a massive smirk on his face. After she left he raced to throw his clothes in the dryer and was back in his room in under a few minutes. He raced back to his room and was about to throw some jeans on when he realized he never showered after the gym.

"Come on Dean."

He said almost as if he was critiquing himself. He hopped in an out of the shower in record time before throwing some clothes on and raced out of the apartment barely stopping to talk to his partner Mason as the guy sat on the couch watching the news when the anchor's voice froze him solid.

... in what appeared to be an expert style hit Gary Bruster age 46 was found dead in his hotel room in Trump Tower. The police as of yet have no suspects but are tracking down several leads. Police are...

Dean sighed and stopped listening as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"God dammit..."

He muttered to himself more than Mason. Dean was getting wrapped up in this girl and he had to stay focus. He couldn't allow himself to forget what he was doing and why she was here. This new report was like a bucket of ice water. Because of Dean's stupidity Knatilee was able to go out last night after the bar and kill again. A man died because Dean wasn't good enough. He should have been there, he should have stopped her. HE looked up at Mason with a fire in his eyes.

"I gotta follow a lead then when I get back we gotta go over our game plan man."

He said, the obvious irritation in his voice as he walked out to meet Knatliee.

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#, as written by Jamie95
Mason was still sat studying the news report when Dean arrived back at the apartment. He burst through the door carrying an armful of clothes, dressed in what looked more like something you'd wear to gym rather than to do you laundry. Mason concluded there was no use questioning it. He'd come to realise quickly that Dean didn't do things without a reason. Besides, he looked like he had somewhere he had to be as he vanished up the stairs. Anyway, he'd be back down soon.

Mason flicked over to another channel where they were also running a similar coverage to the others of the events that had occurred at Trump Tower the previous evening. If it was Knatilee that did it that must have meant she had gone straight on from being with Dean to killing Gary Bruster. In fact, it couldn't have been more than an hour or two after she'd said goodbye to them. Did Jacqueline know what her sister was up to? Was there anyway that he and Dean could have prevented this? 'Dean's going to blame himself for this...' Mason realised with a sigh. Hell, Mason even blamed himself and he'd hardly spoken to Knatilee that evening.

It wasn't long before Dean appeared back downstairs, changed into some more casual clothes. Mason waited with baited breath for Dean to see the report. He obviously hadn't checked his phone that morning or he'd have already known about it from the text they'd both had from the police. Mason watched Dean's expression change as he look at the TV, his body freezing. He was silent as the anchor spoke, absorbing it. Dean didn't even allow the reporter to reach the end of the sentence before he turned away, sighing. He clearly had the picture from that snippet, and he didn't seem to like it much.

"God dammit..." Dean muttered under his breath. He looked angry, fired seemed to be coursing through his eyes. He turned to Mason, the following statement obviously intended for him, "I gotta follow a lead then when I get back we gotta go over our game plan man."

He was right. They really had to go over their game plan. They'd let this slip past, they'd let this guy die. That couldn't happen again. They had to get their act together, this wasn't a game any more. They couldn't keep pissing about like they had the time to slowly slip into the girl's lives. They didn't. The longer they left it, the more time they took, the more crimes would be committed. They had to do something.

"Alright, good luck. I'll be upstairs..." he shouted after Dean as he closed the door behind himself.

Mason couldn't just sit about while Dean swanned about, 'following leads'. He had a job to do, and it was time to do a bit of digging himself. He made his way upstairs and hit the power button on one of the computers. It flashed into life, loading up a desktop. The computers were heavily encrypted, as were the rest of the technology the police had given them. On the surface, it appeared a normal computer you would find in anyone's house, as not to arouse suspicion. But, what most people didn't know was by the time it had loaded up the home screen it had already run a full facial and retinal scan through the webcam and fingerprint and DNA on the power button. If you weren't authorised to access the technology it would simply direct you to a different start-up entirely, appearing a normal computer while leaving the secret files totally undiscoverable. It also filmed you the whole time you used it, searching for any sign that something was amiss or someone was trying to break through the security. It was the cutting edge of technology and was also in their phones. Mason, who'd always shown an interest in computers on the side of his police work, found it pretty impressive.

He began to search through the extensive profiles on the computer before running internet searches. The crime rate in New York had sky rocketed in recent years, rising steadily since a couple of months after the girls had set up their bar here. There was speculation all over the internet as to the source of the crimes. Many blamed aliens or the government ploys and Mason felt himself rolling his eyes as the skimmed across the information. He was about to conclude there was nothing of any use here, when he suddenly came across something. The link was to a forum about female killers and thieves of the past, which was why it hadn't come up in his initial search. But the short description on the google page had already flagged the recent New York crime spike and the girls surname up together in a post made by an anonymous user a month or two ago. Of course, it could be nothing, but it was worth a look. But, when Mason clicked on the link a message flashed up, saying the page was not discoverable. Then, the browser crashed. He tried again, using every skill in his repertoire to access back-door routes to the information to retrieve what was once there. But to no avail. The information was simply gone. Whoever these girls were, they knew what they were doing.

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#, as written by Inno
The blue pen tucked safely between her teeth swayed effortlessly from side to side. Fingers drummed lazily against the smooth desk top as Jacqueline did all in her power to remain focused.
She watched the clock with an intensity meant for only those with telekinesis abilities. ‘Come on, come on…’ she chanted in her head. With exactly three minutes of class left, dark gaze dropped down to her brightened up phone, a smile on her lips. ‘Lee!’

Fingers moved swiftly over the touch screen, eyes scanning the simple message, before a soft sigh was exhaled, and pen removed from her lips. “Good…” She muttered before uncrossing her bare legs, smoothing down her hair, and packing up her things with the rest of the class.

“A simple three page paper, you guys; not that hard. Do it, turn it in, pass this section of the class.”

Soft groans and curses were heard, but Jacqueline merely chuckled and pushed out of her seat.

“Have a good weekend everyone.” The professor happily spoke before she too stepped out of the room, and moved down the hall for her office.


Jacqueline remained on campus, with not much else to do. She found a comfortable bench, and settled down to have a sip of her recently bought chai tea.
As she sipped, she skimmed over her notes, frowning to herself after minutes had passed before exhaling a sigh and closing up the notebook.

“I’m bored.” She said to no one, gaze scanning the busy streets. Jacqueline stood up, grabbed her belonging and traveled back to her car. ‘Time to visit some place new.’ She thought before pulling out of the parking lot and onto the busy roads.


Thirty or so minutes, Jacqueline pulled into the parking lot of the Blue Nile Jewelry Store and stepped out of her car, making sure to take only her phone and her D-SLR camera. She looped the camera around her neck, tucked her phone in her back pocket, and flounced to the entrance; whistling a lovely tune.

“Hello- aw thank you so much.” She greeted the security guard who opened the door for her.

“Wait.” He called, ushering for her to come back. “The camera, what’s it for?”

“Hm? Oh! I’m a photography major. I’m just taking pictures of people in thei-“

“Why here? You don’t need it in here, this is a jewelry store.”

“Yes, I know that.” She began, and moved a step closer to him, hoping he took as her being innocent and not trying to run. “I wanted to take pictures of men buying things for the wives or girlfriends. Or maybe a couple picking out their rings.” Passionately blurting out the word ring, Jacqueline sighed, eyes drifting off as she mimicked daydreaming about her own true love. “So romantic…” She whispered just loud enough for him to hear her and frown.

All who watched could tell the young guard was having a hard time deciding on whether to kick the very attractive girl out or let her stay.

She blinked as though waking from a dream and looked back at the guard, hurt and confusion glazing over her eyes. “Please let me take pictures. You can even watch me, and I swear, before I leave you can look through my pictures and…” She looked to the floor and back up, a secret smile on her face as hands clasped behind her back. “You can even frisk me, to see if I took anything.” When she received a low chuckle, Jacqueline cheered inwardly, knowing she could keep her camera.

“I’ll be watching you.” He warned, and Jacqueline nodded with an expression of seriousness before turning back and moving around the store.

Everything was beautiful. Jacqueline wanted to touch them all, feel, and love them all.
“Pretty..” she whispered as her fingers trailed along the glass.

"Something catch your eye ma'am?" A tall man asked.

Jacqueline chuckled with a nod. "Everything catches my eye. But I'm just looking."

"All right then." He said, before turning his attention to someone else.

At the sight of a couple pressing their lips together after choosing a ring, Jacqueline jumped at the opportunity and sighed passionately. “You two are so lovely together.” They looked to her, confusion evident on their face.

“T-Thank you?” Said the woman.

Jacqueline pushed forward. “I have this project for school, I’m a college student and my major’s photography- any way. I was just wondering if I could take your picture next to the ring you chose.”
The couple looked at one another, and Jacqueline skillfully added, “You can even keep them, free of charge! I won’t be putting it online, just on a PowerPoint.” She grinned, lifting her camera up. “Please?”
The woman giggled and placed a hand against the man’s chest, whom in turn looked towards the woman and nodded approval.

“Great! Just stand together, and act like I’m not even here.” Jacqueline giggled and snapped the shot with the gleaming rings in the background. “Peeerfect.” Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome.” They smiled and continued on while Jacqueline circled the store, eyes scanning, searching, and storing for later.

“Ohmygoodness, that necklace is absolutely beautiful!” She gushed at the elderly woman and stepped closer, mind already calculating its worth, weight, and what rock it was. “Is that…” She paused looking up as though she had to think of the word but already it bounced off her skulls.

“Sapphire.” The older woman chimed in, nose pointed to the sky.

“Yes! Sapphire.” Jacqueline looked from necklace to woman, chewing on her lower lip a moment. The rock was exquisite. Large and oval shaped, it’s placed in the center of smaller sapphires and diamonds all shaped in the form of a diamond. And Jacqueline wanted it. “I was just wondering… Could I take your picture with it? I’m a colle-“

“Yes, yes. Make it quick whatever.”

And Jacqueline eagerly snapped a shot of just the jewel before expressing her thanks and moving on.

This continued for forty-five minutes to an hour; pictures of jewels, happy people, and the store’s layout. Jacqueline had pictures of all the camera’s in the store, all the exits, the glass holding the jewels, she even watched where the workers tucked their keys for the locks.

‘Now I just need a few more things, and I'll be set!’ She thought to herself as she flounced over to the guard, who didn’t frisk her but did scan only half of her pictures before sending the still cheerful Jacqueline on her merry way.

“Don’t come back here with that thing, you hear me?”

“Yessir!” She teased before hopping into her jeep and driving home.

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Like a lot of young women, Knatilee simply threw her clothes on the bed........telling herself "oh i'll fold them later"
She then placed Yang back in her tank before shimming out of her current attire, and slipping into a black and white uniquely-laced bra/panty set......that would soon be covered by a fitted black sweater, and a pair of low-rise skinny jeans w/ a thin black belt.
Her thick hair would be let out and brushed, until the top was completely straight and the bottom was straight yet wavy.
"What am i doing.........playing around with this man......" she whispered to herself, just as she flounced down on the edge of her bed to slip into a pair of black knee-high boots w/ a small two inch heel, which would render her six feet tall once standing.
"Perhaps it could just be a hit it and quit it kind of thing......" she said to herself after zipping up both boots...........and within seconds of the words slipping out of her mouth, Knatilee doubled over in laughter.............which lasted nearly a minute, before she stood and slowly walked over towards her bedroom door. "You'd never do such a thing're a good girl.." she whispered sarcastically, as she ran her hand through her hair.

She'd spend several minutes on the living room floor with the puppies, playing around with them like little kid almost, knowing there was no real rush since she was just stopping into Schianos for a couple of hours......
Eventually she'd make her way back to her feet and against the front door, w/ her arms out in front of her. "Stop stop stop! Knati's tired, and needs to leave now!" she said to the puppies, but both paid her no mind, and started to jump up at her legs.

Knatilee slipped her phone & keys into her pocket, then grabbed two leashes to attach to the pups collars............and within a few minutes she was in the elevator once again, but with two over joyed puppies at her heels this time.


As she walked out into the main lobby, the two puppies quickly shot a few feet ahead of her while she casually looked from left to right. "He's not here....." she thought, disappointingly - even though she wasn't likely to admit that.
"Oh wells.....i guess it's just me and you two boys!"

Knatilees smile was soft, as she made her way towards the door with the eager pups. A nice older couple held the door for her, and she swiftly turned to catch it after she had walked through and they let go. "Thanks!" she called back..........shutting the door only once they turned around and said "No problem dear!"