Chitose Tachibana

"Give me back my brother!"

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a character in “Fatal Frame”, as played by Thadine


Name- Chitose Tachibana
Age- Appears to be about 9, maybe 10.
Chitose is a small girl, very thin with short black hair, and dark eyes. She never really talked to people much, mostly her expressions on her face tell people what she is thinking. She has delicate features on her face that show her expression. Her skin is very pale, for she never went outside much, too afraid to see new people. She wears a crimson colored kimono made out of the shimmery satin fabric. On the kimono, are golden butterflies. The edges of the kimono are lined with golden fabric, and she also wears a golden obi around her waist. She often goes around barefooted, like a young child usually does, and she has a red bracelet around her wrist with golden bells on it. Her eyes are dark, yet anyone could see that she clearly has bad vision. Her eyes look around, but she seems not to notice much. It's like they have an extra sheet of darkness on them.
Gender- Female
Ghost, or human?- Hostile Ghost
Attack type (ghosts)- Chitose isn't one ghost that is very hostile. She doesn't attack the player directly, but rather indirectly. She almost..tricks them. She only attacks the player if they open up a small closet door, or a room, like one she got trapped in. Chitose will begin to cry in the middle of an attack, while sitting on the floor, and instantly, the room will go dark, representing her bad vision. She can see, but everything is a shade darker, and that is what the player will feel like. She attacks for the reason because she mistakes the humans for it being their fault of making her brother "disappear". When the room is dark, she then attacks the person by trying to reach up to them, and instantly uses all of the emotional pain and fear she felt in her life, which is powerful enough, to hurt the person. Often during battles, you can hear the bells on her wrist jingling.
Weapons(optional, ghosts)- No weapons.
Weapons(needed, humans)- N/A
Personality (optional, both)- Although she was very close to her brothers, Chitose was shy around strangers and had a habit of hiding in the closet whenever she was scared. She was very sensitive, and cried easily, but enjoyed playing games with her brothers, and playing with her family's kimonos and "dressing up". She also loved to read, and play with toys by herself. But because of her emotional sensitivity, she gets angry easily, and has a lot of temper tantrums. After her brother went missing, she now assumes that every new person that enters the mansion was the one that stole her brother away.
History (ghost, optional)- Itsuki, her brother, gave her a bell to wear on her wrist, so he would know if she went somewhere dangerous.
Itsuki gave Chitose the key to his room and told her to give it to his friend, but Chitose was frightened and hid instead. Meanwhile, Itsuki was outside, trying to get in contact with Kirie, the rope maiden. But the priests found him, and kept him in a room similar to Kirie's for a few days as punishment. Chitose blamed Kirie for Itsuki's imprisonment. But she got stuck in the closet, due to her bad eyesight, and wasn't able to get out. She rang the bells to try and alert someone, but no one came for her. She died when malice was released. She blames anyone that comes into the mansion of working with Kirie, and demands them to get her brother back.
Other/anything I missed- She attacks whenever players open up a closet, a small cupboard, etc.

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