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Saiyu Hinasaki

We must lift the curse on the mansion if we want to live...

0 · 395 views · located in Himuro Mountain Area, the Mansion (Japan)

a character in “Fatal Frame”, as played by Thadine


Name- Saiyu Hinasaki
Age- 16, almost 17.
Gender- Female

Looks- Saiyu is a small girl with a petite figure, and pale skin. She is a bit below the average height for a girl of her age, but never worries much about height or weight. She never was very concerned about her looks. Her hair is cut short, messy, with short layers that stick out like she had forgotten to brush it in the morning. Her bangs are parted slightly to the side, styled like that because she hates them growing in front of her eyes. Her lips are just a bit too thin, and her eyes appear quite large, making her look younger than she really is. Her nose is tiny, with upturned nostrils giving her a look that makes her seem snobby and posh. Saiyu's eyes are a dark brown, while her hair is just a few shades lighter than her hair color. It has a tint of red in it, that can be seen in the light, but when not in sunlight, it appears a mousy brown. She is very lanky, thin with almost no muscle at all since she never is working physically hard. She has a small appetite, which keeps her thin. Saiyu often wears dresses, finding them quite comfortable in the summertime and spring. But at the time, in December, she wears her lucky necklace, two linked stones on a golden chain, and a pale yellow tank top with a white blouse overtop, and a pair of light blue jeans. (Of course, doesn't correspond with the picture)

Ghost, or human?- Human
Attack type (ghosts)- N/A
Weapons(optional, ghosts)- N/A
Weapons(needed, humans)- She brought a bright flashlight long, unaware that it could be used against spirits. She just brought it in order to see in the dark mansion. Along with that, she has a digital camera with a weak flash, and very low memory space. Only brought it to take a few pictures of evidence.

Personality (optional, both)- Though it may not look like it, Saiyu is very ambitious and confident. Though she does doubt herself sometimes when it comes to difficult situations, she will always pull through with her strength. She is very independent, and enjoys working alone, yet is able to work with people. Due to her preference to be alone, she has a good viewpoint on things, and her own opinion. She gets in arguments and debates often, and can be quite lively with them. She sometimes even begins to yell. She's very defensive, and doesn't have the greatest sense of humor. She has a hard time understanding confusing things, yet is very clever, and often quiet, not speaking unless she is spoken to. She is very warm and caring, and enjoys making others smile. She's very sensitive as well.

History (ghost, optional)- Not much for her. Lives with her mother and father, who don't seem to care about her deeply. She was closer to her Aunt, Tomoe, who went into the mansion. Saiyu went in for one reason, and one reason only. To find the family member that cares about her. She is very determined, and will do anything to find her. Saiyu sneaked out in order to get to the mansion, for her parents restrict her a lot. It's a big step for her, heading to the mansion alone, possibly. She just hoped someone else would be there.

Other/anything I missed-

So begins...

Saiyu Hinasaki's Story