Isabella Josephine Dezantro

The Princess of Dahan

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a character in “Fate Decided”, as played by Kenzi



Name: Isabella Josephine Dezantro

Nickname: Bella

Role: Princess of Dahan

Age: 19

Appearance: Isabella is stunningly beautiful. She stands at 5’7”, on the taller side for a woman from her Kingdom, with thin elegant limbs and rounded shoulders. Her waist is narrow and curves out smoothly to her womanly hips and perky bottom. Her bust is a surprisingly full C cup, creating a womanly hour glass figure (though she never flaunts it). Bella’s skin is fair but with a healthy glow and color that always stains her cheeks from the cold. Rich golden-blond hair falls in thick waves to her bottom, curling around her body in long flattering layers. Her face is heart shaped with a delicate jaw, pointed chin, and small nose. Isabella’s lips are a pale pink in color and cupid bow shaped, slipping into a kind smile to show straight white teeth. Bella’s most shocking feature is her eyes which are wide and framed with thick curled lashes. They are a stunning violet in color, flecked with cool silver around the iris (the exact shades of color as the mountain blossoms which bloom even on the coldest of days). She can almost always be found wearing a long white robe with a large hood, lined with soft white fur. Underneath she wears thickly lined boots and heavy flowing dresses in pastel colors.

Personality: Isabella is loved by her Kingdom for her kind and caring nature. She cares deeply for her people and would do anything for her Kingdom if it meant that her people would be safe and happy... at least that’s how she felt before she was ordered to marry a stranger. She is outgoing and adventurous, often taking off on her own to ride through the Kingdom, but is not rash. She is brave, honest, and always polite in public. In private she continues to be kind, but her stubbornness can sometimes cause problems. Isabella is not some beautiful air head; she is intelligent, full of opinions about the world, and confident in herself. Fun loving, romantic, and charming, Isabella is often the life of a party and her sweet smile and bubbly laugh are infectious. She is selfless and always tries to see the best in people, even when they can’t see it themselves.

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, reading, horseback riding, and star gazing.

Likes: The mountains, star gazing, singing, reading, dancing, horseback riding, snow, crisp mountain air, animals, romance, the Kingdom of Dahan, sweet food, and parties.

Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, ignorance, arrogance, unnecessary violence, being too warm, and spicy food.

Quirks: Always has a blossom tucked in her hair. Refuses to wear makeup or jewellery, except when forced to for special occasions.

Fears: Never finding true love, enclosed spaces (claustrophobic), disappointing her parents, and bringing shame to her kingdom.

Desires: True love and peace for her Kingdom.

Crush: No one, though she is very intrigued by the Prince of the Greylands

History: As stated in the story. She had a great relationship with her parents before they told her she must leave her beloved Kingdom to marry a stranger. She is heartbroken, but knows she must follow through for the sake of her Kingdom… but that doesn’t mean that she has to like him.

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