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Elevainia TaiLy

"I long to find out who I once was. A world with no memories is an empty one."

0 · 153 views · located in Skyrim

a character in “Fate Foretells All”, as played by NaturalDeviant


Name: Elevainia TiaLy (Last Name means 'Wolf of Tree's')

Age: Unknown, Although seems to be around 19 or 25

Gender: Female

Race: Bosmer (half Dunmer)

Skills: Sneak, Pickpocket, Lockpick, Archery, Restoration

She is 5'7", Taller than most Wood Elves but shorter than other races typically. She is very slender and built for speed. Her right eye is as bright as the bluest sky, and her left eye is as dark as a ruby, the only indication of her Dunmer blood. Her skin is snow white and she has very long blond hair. She has multiple scars on her back, legs, and arms, she cant remember how she got them. She has one vertical scar over her left eye. Although Elevainia is an Elf, she has more of a rounder, slender face like an Imperial. Her ears have been pierced many times.

Elevainia is a very carefree and relaxed person. She is somewhat naive and could possibly believe almost anything someone tells her. She loves to play around and in turn gets injured a lot. Elevainia loves to explore and loves adventure. She is very compassionate for her artwork and all those she is close to, she would die to protect them. Elevainia never learned to read, but is very good with speech and bartering. She loves to learn new things. Although she respects others, she has a nasty thieving habit. Elevainia is very beautiful and its rare for others to not give her a second look. Elevainia can be very seductive whether it be to trick men/women, or distract them. She is very kind and gentle, but is angered easy and slow to calm down. Elevainia finds herself equal to men and isnt afraid to prove it. Although Elevainia isnt afraid to get dirty, she does take care of herself and likes to be clean. Although she is kind and cares more of others feelings than her own, she can come off as a brat due to being previously spoiled, its something she doesnt like doing, so she tries not to act that way. She usually takes to herself, but doesnt mind company. On most days you could find her lazing about the mountains and the forest with all kinds of animals. She is a night person and doesnt get much sun. She can be intimidating and mean, but in the end she is usually nice or apologizing. She has a little bit of a temper on her and can be quick to assume things and start arguments. She is better at destruction magic than others, but she is not as good as full Dark Elves. Due to an attack she cant remember anything prior from when she woke up. She longs to find out who she is and where she belongs.

When on Quests, Elevainia wears heavy armor, although it gets too heavy for her. When traveling she prefers to wear light Elven armor. She Always wears light tea green, in color, war paint over her eyes and falling onto her cheeks. She is not sure why she does it in that exact color or style, but figured it must be markings she used in her past life. In towns or Holds, she likes to wear Elven dresses with gems embedded in them, She also likes to wear Circlets whenever she can. She is always wearing a black choker with a wolfs tooth on it, One of the only things found on her body when she woke up.

Elevainia takes to her bow and arrows in long range battle. When in short range battle, she uses a dagger. She uses Restoration magic, rarely uses any other magic. She doesnt like to rely on magic, for the most part thinks its a waste of time and skill. With saying this she has mastered Restoration so she can heal herself or others if necessary.

Carries an Elven Bow. She keeps an Elven dagger with her when in holds. She wishes to obtain an Ebony Bow, Whether it be enchanted or not.

No one knows much about her. Elevainia woke up on the bank of a river near death. Infected wounds ran all over her body. She was weak and could barely move. As she pressed forward to find help, she collapsed once again and blacked out. She woke to her wounds being tended to. She had no memory of who she once was. When she was well enough, she set out towards Skyrim, looking for answers on who she once was, and trying to make a name for herself once again.

So begins...

Elevainia TaiLy's Story


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I didn't want to admit it, but I had lost the Elk I was tracking. It was the third one this week. It was apparent that I wouldn't be making it home tonight. Quite disappointed, and rather cold, I trudged on to look for a place to sleep tonight. Mountains always seemed abundant in caves, and I only hoped the Divines or even Daedra favored me this night. With the luck and blessing of Mara and her love, it didn't take long to find a cave to make camp in. Before my hopes became uncrushably high, I realized the cave floor was covered in ice and snow. I frowned, almost as if glaring at the snow, wishing it knew how displeased I was. "I really was looking forward to avoid having to wander in deep to find a suitable place to rest." I mumbled as I trudged in upset and cold. My attire hardly provided warmth, and I needed to make a fire soon. I wished I had caught something to eat, my stomach growled with hunger. I heard a small noise and paused. After a little, I saw a fox run off into the cave. I smiled as I grabbed my bow and crouched. Perhaps Hircine hadn't given up on me yet. I began tracking the fox deeper into the cave.