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Saber Class Servant and mythological Norse King of Old.

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a character in “Fate/Heaven and Earth”, as played by Nyxeth


Class: Saber

True Name: Beowulf

Gender: Male

Personality: Eager, kind, protective, respectful and trusting. Beowulf is best summed up by the poem that recounts his tales with his final passing. "He who is the most gracious and fair-minded, kindest to his people and keenest to win fame.”

Motivation: Dying at the hands of the dragon and Without an heir, Beowulf knew that his neighbouring enemies would most likely attack his Geatish kingdom. Beowulf's wish, if any, is the protection of those who fought beside him and those he fought for in life.

Character Alignment: Lawful Good

General Statistics:

Strength: Beowulf was a monster amongst men in terms of raw strength. Once likened to the power of the gods, Beowulf challenged the monster Grendel to unarmed combat on the basis that the monster did not have a weapon and during the fight he ripped the creature's arm off without effort.

|||||||||| A+

Endurance: In near dead states, Beowulf is capable of continuing his battles as shown in combat several times in his history.

|||||||||| A+


|||||||||| C

Magical Energy:

|||||||||| C

Luck: Signified by the breaking of his sword in his time of need.

|||||||||| E

Passive Skills:

Magic Resistance (A): As a hero of Norse myth, Beowulf fought many battles against the ancient creatures of the cold north, from dragons to witches, his most notable records include the defeat of Grendel's mother and his victory (but eventual demise) to a dragon.

Bravery (A+): Beowulf was renowned for his bravery in the face of adversity, despite his charred lungs and blackened bones he was capable of defeating the dragon which took his life after the battle. His physical strength is increased and he is infallible in the face of danger.

Charisma (A): Beowulf was heralded as one of the greatest leaders on the battlefield in Norse mythos, able to rally his men through his will and feats of strength, eventually leading him to become king of the Geats.

Military Tactics (A): Beowulf as a warrior-king lead many battles by hand, due to this he has an excellent capacity as a tactician and is capable of leading the charge of other warriors, these skills apply outside of one-on-one situations and provide bonuses when handling other fighters in a group.

Instinct (A): Beowulf fought several one-on-one battles in an unfavourable position, surviving upon his own innate instincts.

Battle Continuation (A): Despite being mauled and ravaged by the dragon - from dragon flame to severe physical trauma - Beowulf was able to survive the battle long enough to deal the fatal blow to the neck of the beast.

Active Skills: N/A

Noble Phantasms

Anti-Personnel: The Sword Of Healfdene "Nægling" (B) - Granted to him by the Great Norse King Hrothgar and in action declaring him the next in line for the Throne, Nægling was considered unbreakable until Beowulf's own great strength shattered the blade against the scales of a dragon. By its name alone, it is considered to always be able to pierce and break through a target's defenses despite adversity. As such when infused with prana Nægling is able to bypass anything designed for defense, physical or magical to strike the target.

Support: The Cup Of Norse Kings (B) - Granted to Beowulf for his deeds against Grendel, the Cup of Norse Kings was a heirloom of Hrothgar's lineage. When filled with prana, the cup is able to rejuvenate the imbier, either physically or magically. Beowulf is not capable of filling the cup himself, however he is able to drink from it. As such it acts as a support Phantasm that is handed to the master.

Mana Cost: A

Character Theme & Battle Theme: Globus - Europa

So begins...

Saber's Story