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Vickas Rhilo

"If you are gonna die, Atleast do it smiling against the biggest opponent possible with the best of friends by your side"

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a character in “FateOrFreedom”, as played by Long Lost Lius


Vickas Rhilo

Race - Brute
Class - Warrior
Height - 7'0"
Weight - 220 lbs


RELIGION/FAITH: Vickas has always Believed in the Primorial beasts. From birth that is what he has been told and learned. He belives that the beasts did not help him in his hardships simply becuse they are hardening and making him stronger, This only steels him further to never die and never give in to his enemies.
INVENTORY/EQUIPMENT: Vickas does not posses much in the form of tools, By his hips he has two Handaxes against him, These axes looks quite ridiculous almost childish in his huge hands, Thus he usually does not resort to these only occasionally throwing them. What he does resort to is a mighty axe strapped to his back, This huge two-handed axe Is the same size as a normal-sized human Fitting him perfectly. This axe is also incredibly ornate, Almost madly, so its clear that its extensively taken care of by Vickas. His body is also covered in tribal tattoos granting him slight protection against magic, a lost art from his people's glory days.
PERSONALITY/TEMPERAMENT: Vickas is usually a calm and collected man, Speaking out of logic, The only time he loses himself is in face of combat. His almost complete lack of fear for death makes him a viable combatant even against most devastating odds. He usually becomes highly heated in combat, screaming at the top of his lungs, This adds to the terrifying force he can be in the battlefield. He has never been a friendly type, But nonetheless the lack of friends and allies he inherit has made him incredibly caring for the ones he has, He would gladly sacrifice anything for the ones he trust.


Vickas hold his honor high, Thus he respects strength and power. He admits that there are numerous types of power. Such as the kings power to control armies and an assassins power to sneak and kill unnoticed, The only part of combat that he completely detest is not giving his enemies a chance to win, such as fighting someone without a weapon, Or poisoning the enemy to the point of death. He is also an unsuspected fan of magic, often acting like an excited child when seeing it, completely entranced by its "flashiness". Unless its aimed towards him.

As it is known, the Brutes were completely forced out of their territory by the many giantfolk inhabiting the far north. Many Brutes suffered because of this, Vickas was one that suffered extensively. His mission had been simple, go down to the small lake by the town and gather water. This is the moment that haunts him. By the time of his return, the entire town was under attack. Screaming flooded the streets as buildings crumbled and the loud footsteps from hellgiants shook the ground. He rushed trough the chaotic streets. Brave warriors attempted to battle the giants but they were no match for them. Upon reaching his home and not finding any of his parents, he grabbed his family-axe to join the combat.

The sight was hellish to behold as the hell giants mindlessly walked trough the streets devouring everyone. Upon seeing this, Vickas did the one thing he had never done and will never do again, he fled. Yes he charged straight out of the town not stopping his mad dash until the night had fallen. This is were he simply layed down in the grass and fell into a deep sleep. It took many days in the wilderness were Vickas would do any job, slaying monsters, act as bodyguard, etc. He didn't care much what he did simply wandering without any thoughts on why. Until he was taken in by the royal guard. They were impressed by his abilities and quickly invited him. Over the next few years he gained rank and with it, purpose. Quickly he was in the kings personal service and devoted himself to protect the king who saved his life, even in the troubled age we are in.

So begins...

Vickas Rhilo's Story