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Why show shitty emotions if they make people around you feel just as bad?

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a character in “Fate's Boredom”, as played by cass-isnt-here




Soul 2




16 years old


His soul image stands at a staggering 6'3 that is highly uncommon among humans; Ian’s body is packed with tightly trained muscles that allow him to do strenuous activity for long periods of time. He was gifted with a balanced body, which he makes seem clumsy to make him less of a threat than Ian actually is. Ian has slightly tanned skin, but not as tanned as the sun-kissed beach boys. His skin are not without some blemishes, although, they aren’t very noticeable. These blemishes aren’t the only flaws on his skin because scars litter his body in random places Ian had gotten hurt in real life.

Wild and normally untamed red hair that sprouts waywardly on his head is often kept up in a headband with intricate designs from his wide collection of bandanas. Ian frequently “forgets” to brush his mane leaving it with numerous knots he has to deal with at a later date. This hairstyle, however, keeps hair from falling over his lone eye, which comes in handy when he is sending hours reading some intriguing book. When Ian has no headband, his rustic colored hair falls around his sharply boned face in a fashion that made it more welcoming and lazy by hiding some of the sharpness in his cheekbones.

His visible eye contains a unique green shade quite different from most people; it is a bright, deep green that is often associated with grassy hills that roll endlessly. His eye is normally seen sparked with amusement or mischief, Ian is careful to only show those two emotions or variations of them, not wanting to bother anyone by letting them know his true emotions.

Ian's wardrobe mainly consisted of leather, black pants or skinny jeans accompanied with a black studded belt. He has a wide assortment of t-shirts with all sorts of colors and different logos/designs that catch his eye, literally. He is always wearing his leather jacket with a simple white design on the shoulders; the sleeves are constantly rolled up to his elbows revealing an array of wristbands and other sorts of bracelets. Ian is almost never seen without the leather jacket that he had stumbled upon in a thrift store a few years back, if anyone was to ever see him without it…they should be worried for not only his mental being but the well-fare of others.


Ian's personality often contradicts himself from being extremely lazy when it comes to mundane things like homework, but puts hours of manual labor into setting up pranks for the next soul to deal with. The feel of adrenaline rushing through his veins is like his heroin. He loves physical activity from scaling up the side of the high school to running away from a gang of idiots he insulted with his wide conglomeration of words. Personally his favorite physical activity is fighting one on one with fast, calculated kicks and punches.

He is very flirtatious to both males and females, if you have an interesting personality he targets you to either annoy the shit out of, become best of friends or, less often, to go out with. He has a naturally loud voice and an easily evoking smile that often makes people swoon for him. Ian doesn't usually use these qualities to manipulate someone, unless it is to get him out of trouble. He doesn't find playing with other people's emotions "fun", so he normally has innocent intentions. Ian has a talent at hiding his emotions, so he never lets anyone see when he's annoyed, angry, or sad. This isn't the most healthy way for someone to express their emotions, but he allows the emotions to be bottled up. Making him into a ticking time bomb.

When he's feeling lazy, he'll cling to one person and annoy them for the rest of the day with constant chatter, hugs, and pointless facts or questions. He is typically an energetic person, who, when needed, can be serious and compassionate. Although, he only does this when the person actually needs it. He never allows the people around him to wallow in self-pity or depression, if Ian can't get them to laugh, his life's purpose is destroyed and he goes into a fake depression. For those he cares about, he'll go to the ends of the universe to make them happy or, at least, not sad. For those he dislikes, it becomes his job to make their lives a living nightmare.


Ian is capable at hand-to-hand combat, from the years of getting into fights with bullies. He is a quick reader, able to read 150 pages an hour. His mind is filled with random facts that often come in handy at school.


He pretends to be fearless, but he's secretly afraid of dolls, mirrors (only during the night), and dogs of any size or shape.

Bad Habits

Ian doesn't understand things like personal space and has a tendency to give people he misses bear hugs. Although he doesn't normally get nervous, during those rare times he shows it by biting his nails.


Cloudy days, joking around, playing pranks, cats, reading, reading, reading, reading, annoying people, head-bands, and windows.


Boredom, the smell of gasoline, math, working, being organized, and hats.


He wants to causing everyone around him as much annoyance and trouble as possible so they won't lead boring lives.

How they view demons

Ian finds the new creatures fascinating and would love to simply talk to one and see what they are like and why they kill only humans.

What they think of how their lives have been

Ian doesn't like that his privacy is very limited, but loves becoming close friends with the other in their body. The constant teasing they get because of their appearance causes him to get into lots of fights that have started to entertain him, he learned his ability to taunt and irritate people through these fights aggravating his opponents further.

Other Important Details

His left eye is covered by an eye-patch because his original body was born with a deformed eye.

So begins...

Ian's Story

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Ian lay stretched across his unkempt bed, staring at the ceiling above him listlessly. He didn’t want to get up from his warm, loving bed, although, another part of him urged his body to get out of bed and go bother one of the souls who aren’t in control of the body today. His lips stretched across his face in a wide grin. Tomorrow was going to be the most amazingly awesome day. He planned on finding a demon and to pester them until they told him everything there is to know about one. Of course, the challenge was to identify what a demon looks like to be exact, they never seem to be out in the day. The lack of light during the night made it hard to distinguish a potential mugger from an everyday demon; he rolled out of his bed. Falling onto the plush ground, a soft groan of pain emitted from the mass on the dully colored carpet.

Lying on the ground, Ian whined at an unnatural pitch not wanting to move but was too uncomfortable to simply stay in that position. He rolled onto his back and let out a sigh, officially comfortable. His thoughts raced at a speed of five times faster than a normal person talking. He felt a pang in his stomach, automatically knowing it was asking for something to digest even though Ian didn’t necessarily need to eat anything. He sighed, wishing he had his own body for the umpteenth time…then he can eat whenever his stomach dictated, follow the people he wanted to annoy whenever he wanted to, or even get new books to read. But, most of all, Ian enjoyed feeling the rush of adrenaline that he normally can only feel when in control of the body.

He didn’t move from his location on the ground for what it seemed like an eternity until he found the will to stand up. The shred of responsibility in him had convinced him that there were people out in the world that needed his “amazing” charm to make their day. He ran his long fingers through the unruly mane of hair in a half-hearted attempt to pull out the knots. Ian so endearingly shoved it up into the headband of the day. Today, it was a bright red headband with a white-lined dragon that seemed to have been drawn across the cloth.

He glanced down at the attire Ian woke up in and scrunched his nose, finding out that he had no shirt on, only wearing a pair of pajama pants that was in the act of falling off. He debated whether or not it was enough clothing for him to go annoy the others. The more logical side, and sensible, argued that his pants were going to fall off at any moment and would embarrass those around him. But the more carefree and what the logical side calls “evil” side argued that the other souls wouldn’t be surprised he didn’t something stupid like that and should act accordingly. He decided to do the unusual, for him at least, and act like a normal person who changes clothing when they wake up.

His bright green eye cast a glance around the room first to see if there was anything clean that he could wear lying on the ground. Unfortunately, all the clothing was meant to be cleaned. Ian being the lazy ass he was, whined to himself before bending down to gather all the stray, dirty clothing. Once they were all in the basket that the lovely soul, Azalea, provided him with. Ian went over to the ugly, brown dresser. He named it Meany for having such a temperamental personality, only letting him open it half the time. It seemed that today was going to be a good day because the drawer opened so smoothly there were no squeaks. Ian smiled at that tiny, seemingly unimportant detail before grabbing a pale blue T-shirt that would accompany a pair of black skinny jeans.

Quickly changing, he looked around his room, a mess with stacks of books and a random array of items; he was looking for his beloved leather jacket. Ian found it in a thrift store when he was in control of the body, the moment he rested the eyes on it….the strings in his very heart felt a pang. Now he owned it both in the outside world and in this place, whatever this place is. He had some theories on it, like how this place could be a completely different realm that normal people with only one soul never notice…or maybe this place is simply a hallucination and they aren’t actually real. Perhaps he is in coma and his subconscious created this place, if that was true, his mind is amazing. He grinned at that thought before finding his beloved. The leather jacket. Shrugging it on, he walked out of his little haven.

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Ian yawned lazily, shaking his head trying to clear it in order to deal with the rest of the day of annoying the other souls and reading a sweet new book that was on his New York Bestseller list. He was determined to get through that list at least once in his lifetime, today he was going to read A Universe From Nothing, a cosmologist's view on how the universe was created. He snickered to himself, if the cosmologist knew about souls, their views would be knocked out of the wind, but it was still interesting to read what other people think about this lovely, seemingly boundless universe they lived in.

His bright green eye lit up when he saw one of his favorite people, Azalea; she was, of course, smiling as if there was nothing to worry about in the world. Her positive attitude towards everything really inspired him to be as happy as she was. Ian admired how she could be so positive even in the worst of situations, also how it seemed impossible for her to abhor anything no matter what. Her fascination for flowers was also entertaining; Ian noticed that she was carrying a reed woven basket that most likely held a flower that she had deemed worthy of digging up. His lips rose into a wide grin, letting his long legs take him over to the small female.

“How’s my lovely flower today~?” he asked in a flirtatious tone of voice, Ian knew that any attempts to annoy the doll-like girl would fail but he simply couldn’t give up. His goal to annoy his close friend always seemed to fail because of her absolute happy nature. He bent down and peered down at her basket, seeing that it was a purple orchid. One of her favorites if he remembered correctly, then again, it was hard to tell which flower was Azalea’s favorite. He had read dozens of books on how flowers are grown, the different types of flowers, what their uses were for, and many other random fact about them in order to be able to understand what exactly she was talking about.

Breathing in the fragrance of the purple flower, he straightened his posture, standing at his full height he towered over the pale, petite girl. His almond shaped eye looked around his settings; they seemed to have changed again. It never has one solid shape, always being changed by how the souls want it to look like. How? He didn’t have the slightest of idea. It confused the shit out of him, but that’s what he loved about this place. Most of it was an unknown that was meant to be pocked, prodded, and examined.

Today, it seemed that it had taken the shape of intense nature; the only man-made thing at the moment seemed to be his room. The sun glowed brightly while the grass grew at a lazy pace. There was a light breeze that tousled his wild mane. The tall trees created a cooling shade and the flowers bloomed, their beauty simply captivating those who can admire them.

It was peaceful, too peaceful. Every fiber in his being wanted to disrupt the calmness, set up a prank to cause annoyance and shouts. Make the souls feel emotion, be it irritation or anger, just something other than that goddamned calmness. People weren’t meant to be calm; if they were they wouldn’t have a shitload of emotions. Why spend the time on this world being calm and relaxed when there is a chance to live every single moment of it. He was slightly hypocritical for thinking such a thing, but humans are hypocrites. Its a known and repeated fact.

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"I am so fantasticly amazingly awesome! You know that I tell you that almost everyday because everyday is better than the last! That rule works you know because today is better than yesterday because the orchids are in perfect bloom today and then later this week I'm going to find lilies in the pond and then after that I am going to get roses of every color! Oh wow, the list goes on and on! I love it! Life is lovely, you know? And today is even more fantastic because I can spend it with you! I don't know what your plans are for today but I don't care because I am coming!" Azalea chattered away happily, Ian grinned his easily drawn grin. Leave it to her to ramble on about flowers. Her obsession with them never ceased to amazing him.

He opened his mouth about to reply, planning to tell her all about his adventure he was going to take tomorrow when Ian had control, when she continued on saying, “Oh wow have you noticed how everything seems to revolve around nature today! I love it! It is so beautiful! It's calm but not all at the same time because look at all of the different plants in here! It's perfect and I love it and I know I already said that but I do I really do Ian... Just like I love you."

This caused him to laugh, her openness with emotions are just amazing and the intensity she puts into their friendship is astounding. “I love ya too, m’lady. You’re like the sister I wish I had!” Ian said while decided on what tactics he shall take in order to annoy the hell out of her, even though it is almost impossible for him to annoy that ever-happy girl.

"Oh wow Ian. I brought you this orchid today to remind you of that because I can't just give one this perfect away to just anyone." Azalea said while simultaneously looking at the purple orchid that he had admired while it was lying in her basket. It was odd, normally the man is the one giving the woman flowers or gifts, but then again they weren’t dating or anything. Ian chuckled at that thought, It would be about as awkward as dating my sister, if I had one.

“Why thank you for this beautiful flower, it’s almost as beautiful as you are,” he said in a flirtatious tone while, at the same time, winking his only eye. Which made it look like it was only blinking. He failed at winking, it was such a sad aspect of his life in this place, he cried on the inside. Well, no, not really. That would be odd for him to cry over something as insignificant as his inability to wink. Ian wasn’t necessarily ashamed of his deformed right eye, but he also didn’t want to burden people with seeing the ugliness of it.

Azalea’s voice disrupted his thoughts and he jerked up his head to look at her. She was a fragile, pretty girl who looked younger than her actual age. It was funny how similar she truly was to a flower, her delicate hair a lot like flower petals and how easy it would be to break her. It could be captivating if people bothered to see, extremely similar to how flowers are captivating. Ian realized he was lost in thought again and that she was still chatter away, “….You, Mara, Azryel and Crimson! I am so exited! And yours is going to have red, white, lavender and orange. It means that I fell in love with you at first site and we will be happy because I am worthy of you..."

His luminous green eye shone with a startled surprise and his mouth tugged down into a frown. What did she mean by that? Well, then again, she said things like that all the time. Maybe it was a prank to try and get me back, at that thought Ian grinned in understanding. He reached his big hand and ruffled her dark hair. “You’ll have to do better than that to trick me, I mean you are talkin ta the master,” he says in a playful tone, completely taking it the wrong way. He really is an idiot when it comes to things like these.

Ian rubbed the back of his stiff neck, trying to loosen the muscles up, he needed to run or do something physically vigorous. Something, anything to give him that wonderful adrenaline coursing through his veins. Coming up with a brilliant idea, he picked up the light Azalea and spun her around a few times before setting her down gently; slightly afraid she was going to break. His face was grinning so brightly it was blinding.

“Why don’t we go for a run since the sun shines so brightly~?!?” he exclaimed in a loud voice. Ian got excited over the littlest of things that people normally wouldn’t even care about. Well, they could go sob in a corner for all he cared because excitement was like a lesser form of his lovely adrenaline rush. People would call him an adrenaline junkie, but to him it’s life.

He glanced at the now standing Azalea and remember that she was an already frail person and maybe running a few miles wouldn’t be the best idea for her. If she didn’t want to come with him, Ian wouldn’t mind. But it is always more entertaining to be with a friend when doing stuff. Being alone is stupid and can easily depress people, and depressing people were annoying people. Which really says something. If someone could annoy Ian instead of him annoying them, then that is a true accomplishment and they could be rewarded with a trophy of some sort.

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The wind whipped around him as Ian speed across the unmarked path, he made sure not to trip over any stray rocks or roots sticking out of the ground. He marveled at the complexity of this place wondering how it had gotten so detailed from only the will of four souls. He mentally shrugged and focused on pumping his legs, making him feel as though Ian was flying instead of running. His feet barely touched the ground before he picked them up again

The adrenaline from running propelled through his veins giving him a high, which made it seem as though Ian could do anything. The scenery around him was a blur, everything was a blur, his sharp eye couldn't take in any of the beauty of this place, but Ian could do that whenever, right now he needed to run, to run as fast as he ever. He could feel the unforgiving wind whipping his vivid red hair in its cage-like bandanna. He took deep breaths, air rushing into his lungs, but Ian is still left breathless, wanting more, needing more.

To need, to want, it made up his whole life. But Ian takes no notice; he just keeps moving his legs at a brisk pace. His mind focused only on running. The familiar ache started to seep into his legs and lungs, he relished in that ache, and glad to know he was working his muscles so he could be stronger.

He blinked, or perhaps winked in his case, when Ian felt the familiar presence leave. Slightly worried, he stumbled to a stop in a marvelous meadow; he ended up tripping over his own feet and lay on his stomach, sprawled out on the grass. His long, lithe limbs in awkward positions, he grumbled into the moist grass inaudibly. The fall caused an aching feeling that spread across his temples. Pushing himself up off the ground, he disentangled himself and sat up to face Azalea.

His green eye stared at Azalea checking to see if she was alright, that she wasn’t harmed in any form. She seemed alright, she looked just the same way she always does. Her paleness always worried him slightly, but, then again, the body they all shared was unnaturally pale and the body was perfectly healthy.

He sighed when she smiled reassuringly and suddenly asked “Do you believe in love Ian?"

Ian blinked, well winked; it is difficult for him to be sure if he was blinking or winking or whatever the hell it is for people with only one eye that works properly. He pushed down the ugly emotions of resentment and disgust toward his deformed eye and tried to focus on her question.

Did he believe in love? No. Of course not. The thought of falling in love or being in it was simply foolish.


He mulled over the thought, Ian knew one could be completely devoted to a person, care deeply, and all sorts of other emotions…but to be in love? He didn’t know. Personally, he had never experienced it, but from what he has read it was the most wonderful experience in the world. But also the worst. There are so many books about fictional characters falling madly in love and that love being tested over and over, but in the end the two characters end up proving they have a strong love that no one can destroy. It sounded like a load of shit to him.

“I would like it to be true, but I don’t think it is,” Ian said quietly, his whole expression was thoughtful.

His thoughts turned into another direction, why had Azalea asked him? Was it because of that “love confession” she made before they ran? But that was a joke, so why had she asked? These irritating questions buzzed through his head so he asked, “Why do you ask?”

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Azalea and Ian
Written by: Flowergirl275 and Cass-isnt-here

“I would like it to be true, but I don’t think it is,” Ian replied. Azalea’s first thought was that he was just joking around with like he always did; it was another one of his amazing and lovely qualities that she loved so dearly, but this time, he seemed different. He looked like he had put a lot of thought into his response. Ian’s voice was quiet, almost hardly audible, and his eyebrows were scrunched together like his mind was working extremely hard to give a genuine answer. He looked so perfect in that moment. Azalea could not think of anything else at that moment except for how wonderful he looked right then; not even about what he had just said. “Why do you ask?” Ian inquired, pulling Azalea back to reality.

It took Azalea a few very long seconds to start to process his words. They did not make any sense to her. It was as if he had answered in a foreign language. Azalea decided not to try to make sense of his words and just answer his question. Looking at Ian, Azalea knew that he was going to like her response. He had to. Azalea had waited years for this moment to come, and now there she was with the most beautiful person in the world with him waiting for her to start there fairy tale ending. Taking a deep breath in to absorb how amazing she felt right then and there. She never wanted to forget a second of it.

“I asked because I love you Ian. I love you the way that I love roses and orchids and tulips and Poinciana flowers and every other flower for that matter! I love you more than dancing and foreign children’s toys and bright colors! You are the reason that I love to dream at night because I only have one dream: you and me standing in a field of flowers together kind of like we are doing now! You are lovely in every way!” Azalea’s smile grew more and more as she spoke. Her pearly teeth were so bright and exposed that if she opened her mouth anymore that her jaw would surly snap. She didn’t care though. All that mattered was that she was there in a meadow with Ian having her happy ending.

Ian arched his uncovered eyebrow when Azalea finished her eloquently spoken monologue, which proclaimed her love for him. The first thought that entered his mind was shit. He always wondered why she was always around him and saying mush, cliché phrases all the time when she was around him…

Well now he knew.

He regrets knowing.


Because now Ian had to break the poor girl’s heart. He didn’t feel anything like “love” for her. She was a sister to him. Not a girl he would crush on. He sighed softly causing Azalea to look at him with that stupid doe-like expression. Why did she have to be so innocent and sweet?? Why couldn’t she just know that he wasn’t capable of loving someone the way she “loves” him.

She watched him intently, it was painfully obvious she was pinning for a positive answer from him. He winced. Ian felt like a terrible person, having to break the innocent girl’s heart. Why did she have to fall into the deep abyss known as love for him? Ian wasn’t that great. He was full of flaws, full of disgusting emotions that he buried away. When he took control of the body, he spent most of his time annoying people or beating them up. Didn’t she know that?

Didn’t Azalea know he was a corrupt person?

That stupid, flower-like woman just had to fall for him. He really did not want to break Azalea’s delicate heart. He was weak. He didn’t want to face these emotions she had for him.

How long? How long had she pinned for him while he was being an obvious bastard? Too long.

She watched him glare into space, trying to build his courage. Her hope was slowly draining, being replaced with anxiety.

Ian sigh before opening his mouth to say the words that would destroy her emotions for him, “I’m sorry I didn’t realize your feelings before…” he trailed off, Azalea’s hope sky rocketed. At this his lips turn into a pained smile.

“I’m also sorry to say that…I don’t feel the same way you do. You are more like a sister to me rather than a lover. I don’t love you in the way you love me. I care about you. But I don’t love you. I’m not a flawless person as you think I am. I have a shitload of flaws. So…sorry,” his voice was blank as a sheet of paper. There weren’t any emotions that needled its way through his voice. He stared into space the whole time, not wanting to see her expressions.

Azalea was gone before Ian finished his sentence. Nothing that Ian said made any sense whatsoever. Azalea’s face was a vermillion color causing her tears to resemble blood as they streamed down her face reflecting its intensely bright color. She was sprinting. To where? She had no idea except that she needed to get away from her worst nightmare. This wasn’t the way that it was supposed to be. Every story has a happy ending right? That’s how it was in every one she had ever read: the princess finds her prince charming and they get married and have their happily ever after. Azalea had based her entire life off of the belief that it would happen to her. Now, everything that Azalea had ever thought had just been proved wrong and the only thing that she had left were her flowers. However, even those seemed to have started to wilt as the morning progressed. Azalea cried even harder, her body shaking in tremors and for the first time in Azalea’s existence she felt empty. She had nothing left except for the amazing memories of her and Ian that were slowly being destroyed in her mind with his words. Then the realization came that her heart was fragile like glass and Ian had shattered it into a million pieces leaving no room for her to love anything ever again. Why did all of those fairytales lie? Azalea thought. Ian did not care about me at all or he wouldn’t have told me this! Azalea’s mind whispered as the last bit of her heart dissolved in the acid of Ian’s words.

Azalea slowed down enough to see her surroundings. She was back to where the souls lived. Maybe one of her friends could make her feel better. Anything would be better right now. She made her way into the kitchen to find Azryel sitting in a chair by the window. Azalea was still sobbing uncontrollably and could not even find her mouth, much less words. Suddenly, her body gave out and she collapsed on the floor unable to breathe. Her innocent mind went blank unable to process what had happened. And then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She forced her neck to move to look up through her tears at Azryel who seemed to be checking if she was okay.

In the corner of his brilliantly green eye, Ian caught a glimpse of Azalea’s broken expression when she flew by him at a surprisingly quick speed. At that sight, he surrendered himself to the terrible wrath of guilt. He had destroyed the poor girl’s feelings.

He glared at the happy setting around him, angry that it was still so bright and happy even though the one who probably thought of this beauty was crying her eyes out.

No…he wasn’t angry at the setting, he was angry with himself. Ian bit his lip thinking of ways he could have possibly made rejecting Azalea more gently. He should have just let her believe in her fantasy. No…That would have been even crueler than telling her his real feelings. It was already terrible because of how long he went without realizing her feelings.

He rubbed his face with the palms of his hands. The others were going to kill him. “Shit…” he muttered under his breath.

How the hell was he going to face Azalea? Does she ever what to talk to him again? Or even look at him?

He sighed for an umpteenth time, before forcing his legs to move, back to where the souls lived. As Ian walked through the woods, it started to pour. Cold droplets soaked his hair and headband; they bounced off his prized leather jacket. Water dripped down his face, mirroring tears.

He wondered if his deformed eye could create tears.

Probably not.

Feeling soaked to the bone, Ian stumbled into a tree. He was numb. His emotions were missing. Where did they go? Did they finally ditch him after years of shoving them down so no one could see?

He started to chuckle. Hysterically actually. Ian dropped to his knees in the middle of the path towards the house and laughed. Why did this happen to someone as emotionally dysfunctional as him?

He hated himself for destroying the fragile girl’s heart. Human emotions are delicate things, but can tear themselves apart. Leaving cold shells of people, Ian hoped that she wouldn’t become a shell.

Just, why? Why did Fate have to be such a bitch?

He stopped laughing, feeling moisture fall from his normal eye that wasn’t water. Well…at least this morning wasn’t boring.

Ian finally stood up after an eternity and started walking again. He opened a plain door into the lovely kitchen, unfortunately for him, Azalea was there. He really did not want to face her just yet. Especially sense she’s crying.

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Ian left the kitchen, leaving the two souls alone together. He didn't want to be around people anymore. Nope. Walking through the hallway, away from Azalea and Azryel, he headed towards his sanctuary. Water droplets flung themselves off of his unnaturally cold body towards the plush carpet or blank walls. Every time the bottom of his boots pressed down into this carpet a damp print etched itself into the neutral-colored floor. When he finally arrived in front of the door, Ian stared at it blankly, forgetting why he was going into his room for a moment. He shook his head trying to remember what he needed to do for the day. In this action, Ian's bandanna loosened its feeble grip around his forehead even more. More strands of hair were slipping from its grasp, flowing down over his sharply chiseled face.

A dull ache pounded in his head, the headache had started when Azalea ran away crying, but Ian hadn't noticed until now. Surprisingly, his body was fatigued and mind was already shutting itself down for sleep. Ian instinctively knew that he needed his large, plush bed and avoid collapsing in the hall. But he didn't seem to have enough energy to turn the knob of the vivid red painted door. The brightness hurt his lone eye.

He opened his door, carefully avoiding the clear wire that was placed a few inches from the threshold. Ian blinked, or winked, or whatever this has been gone over, when he realized that no one had ever seen his room without being drenched, covered in something, or, at least, thoroughly annoyed. Huh, Ian was actually a really closed off person, not letting anyone see his room, or most of his emotions, or most of his thoughts. But no one ever noticed because of how easy going and playful he acted. It was a sad thought, but there wasn't anything to do about it. It wasn't like he could change his habits with a snap of a finger. Nor did Ian want to change, it wasn't like his life was miserable.

Oh, wait. His wasn't, but Azalea's was. Oh the things that occur in such a short span of time.

Ian efficiently maneuvered his way to his welcoming bed, while he removed water laden clothing and kicked off his boots. He collapse onto the bed, similar to a bag being dropped to the ground. Unmoving and forgotten. He ripped off his brilliantly red headband and threw it into the depths of his trap filled room. Now Ian was lying on his messy bed only where a pair of boxers, he shivered, skin absorbing all of warmth it could find in the bed under his body. Ian rolled onto his stomach, kicking the sheets out from under him and pulled the linen threaded blankets over his rapidly warming body.

Again, the dull ache decided to make its presence known to him, but causing a sharp stabbing pain in the back of his head. Ian randomly thought that Azalea had found the courage and stabbing the back of his head as a form of revenge for not returning her feelings. It was a morbid thought, but humans did that sort of thing all the time. Ian has read about it over and over, each time he's opinion on the human race as a whole diminished a bit.

Ian forced himself to stop thinking about such morbid things and snuggled deeper into the mattress. He sighed in content, happy with the warm bubble that surrounded him. His long limbs scrawled out, taking up as much room on the bed as possible. One arm was under a pillow while the other laid by his side. His body was at an angle so his legs could stretch out in opposite sides comfortable.

Suddenly, he remembered that his eye-patch still covered his deformed eye, tugging it off. Ian flung the disgusting material across the room to accompany his bandanna. Blinking both eyes, he winced slightly at how normal his right eye felt. Even though the skin around it was rugged and deep red, the eyeball was completely white, as if when he was being formed someone forgot to give him a pupil. This meant that Ian was completely blind in his right eye, even when he took over the body he sometimes had a tough time using the right eye.

Ian let his eyes slide close and waited patiently for sleep to dig its tendrils into his conscious mind. Unfortunately, his mind was more awake than it was a few minutes ago and started wandering off onto a random train of thoughts. He thought about the meaning of life, about whether or not he should bother going to school, about things as random as what was the strangest supernatural creature. Ian personally thought that aliens were the strongest with their superior intellect and "awesomely tech-filled laser gadgets". In the middle of this flow of thinking, sleep had taken over his body and mind.

He wasn't going to remember when exactly he fell asleep or what he was thinking about, but Ian was going to be refreshed whenever he was going to wake up. Hopefully.