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Fate's Dogma

Fate's Dogma


High Fantasy roleplay set in an original world. Will contain multiple arcs and an ever changing plot based on teh actions of the roleplayers.

740 readers have visited Fate's Dogma since PaperCoversRockB*tch created it.


Across the world, there are many lands with many legends, all focusing on the trials and victories of long dead heroes who rose up it defeat the villain and save the people. In the northern oceans, the continent of Arathorne sits isolated from the rest of the world. The most popular legend within Arathornian folklore is that of The Judgement God. Four thousand years ago, in a time when Old Magic ruled the land, Arathorne was plagued by greed and avarice, earning the ire of the Gods. Kalandril, the God of Chaos, saw it a different way from his fellow deities. While the Gods did not interact with the mortals, Kalandril saw it as a necessity to bring order to the land. Forsaking his place in Verlathan, Kalandril invaded the land of Arathorne, seeking to bring order to the troubled land. Leading his Valkyrie Knights, Kalandril quickly brought Arathorne under his Judgement. And thus, an age of obedience under a Fallen God began.

For two hundred years, Kalandril ruled over the lands of Arathorne, acting as more of a tyrannical ruler than the savior he claimed himself to be. His Valkyrie Knights, once draped in pure white armor and almost angelic in appearance, had now morphed into something far more more twisted, barely resembling what they once were. However, all hope was not lost. A warrior, clad in golden armor revealing not age, race, nor gender, rose up to challenge the Fallen God. It is said their sword fell countless Valkyrie with each swing, and their spells brought down the skies to crush their enemy. The lone warrior approached Kalandril as he sat on his thrown. Believing the new enemy not worth his time, Kalandril stated he would defeat the hero without standing up. The Judgement God had long forgotten his purpose, his righteous will replaced with arrogance and pride. Within a few minutes, Kalandril was standing, having to fight with all his might to ensure this lone warrior did not best him. For days they battled back and forth, exchanging blows. When it was all said and done, it appeared as if Kalandril had defeated his opponent, who laid on the ground unable to move. Kalandril began to laugh maniacally, believing his power absolute. At that moment, h felt the tip of a sword piercing his chest. In his boosting, he failed to notice his opponents last stand, as the warrior plunged the sword deeper into the chest of the tainted god. Kalandril fell back onto his throne, gripping the hilt of the sword but finding himself unable to remove it. As he died cursing the warrior and the other Gods, Kalandril's body disappeared, taking the sword with him as he did so. The ceiling above Kalandril's throne broke apart, revealing a shining light into its dark halls. the warrior, who had fallen to the ground once again, was lifted up through the ceiling and into the sky above. Their form appeared in the stars above, and the tale of them defeating Kalandril was etched into the Direth Mountains, as only a few before them had earned. The warrior was now a God, the new God of Judgement. And so ends the tale of The Judgement God, both of them. though no one knew their name as a mortal, the warrior's deification earned them the new name of Arelia.

It has been countless centuries since this legend supposedly took place. The most notable event is the near extinction of the Frea. Five hundred years ago,, there were individuals said to be blessed by the Goddess Fren, who could take the aspects of the world's creatures and use them as their own. Being able to fly with the birds, or dive with the fish, many chose to live as merchants and travelers, choosing to use their powers for the benefit of all. Finding solace in only the presence of others like themselves, the Frea formed tightly nit clans made up of individuals from all races. They lived in peace, until word reached Arathorne of what had occurred in the Southern part of the world. Frea had staged a rebellion, misguided fools who believed their gifts gave them superiority over others. The rebellion was crushed and all Frea were rounded up and executed for their crimes, regardless if they had committed any or not. The King of Arathorne, driven by paranoia, began a war against the Frea, forcing them to use their gift in a way they never had before. Two years past, and both sides had had enough. The King agreed to allow the Frea to live in the Kinmoon Forest, so long as they never ventured out. The Frea agreed, moving to their new home. However, the forest was a trap, as the Frea Generals, the strongest of the Frea, set fire to the forest, killing everyone inside. Thus, the Kinmoon became the Petrified, as the trees sit burnt and gray, lacking any lush color that it once had. The Generals became the King's Dragonguard, and have served every King thereafter.


It is the 55th year of the current King's reign. A Malim with the name, Renaryr Folus. To the south, an army unlike anything Arathorne has seen before is preparing for battle. Wearing armor as dark as night and weapons as sharp as a dragon's tooth, the army marches north, having claimed the city of Sturike. Sending the Duke's head to the King through a captured courier, the forces have been given the name Seryan. However, such matters are unimportant at the moment. You are one of the last remaining Frea, someone blessed by the Gods themselves, or cursed depending on how one looks at it. You find yourself on a prisoner transport, unable to remember how you exactly got there. you ask someone what day it is, finding out you have been out of it for three days. Feeling a slight pain on your right arm, you look down to see you have been branded, though this is no prisoners branding. Someone looks at your brand, saying that the language isn't anything like they've seen before. However, you know exactly what it says, but you don't know why. The symbols become recognizable, your eyes naturally forming the words into something understandable. You find out the transport is on its way to the Capital, where you and the others will be pit to death. From the whispers, you realize that there is a very precious person aboard the transport, The Pirate Lorcan, self-proclaimed King of the Sea. Something about this whole situation tells you that you will not be making it to the Capital, at least not in this fashion.


Government- Arathorne is ruled by a monarchy, with the current King serving as the Sixth Ruler in the line. Each time the previous King dies, the year count starts over, with the current reign serving as the current era. Arathorne is divided into Holdings, four in total with the southern region being ruled by Counts or Countesses who serve the crown. The Holdings are ruled by a Duke or Duchess. There are Wolestland, Thilros, Oseshi, and Aronim. The King rules from the capital city of Theridrarg.

The University- Located in the coast city of Mereno, The University welcomes all students for the study of magic and its history. If a student is found to be practicing forbidden magic, they are immediately expelled.

Old Magic- Old Magic is dead magic that was used even before Kalandril seized the land. Under his rule, magic was more restrained so much of what was practiced was lost. It is believed that Kalandril was worried someone would discover something that could challenge him, thus he destroyed any evidences that such magic was practiced. Though, the knowledge of spells continued through word of mouth until they were just another legend. It is believed Old Magic held the key to spatial and time manipulation, as well as the possible manipulation of gravity.


Humans- You should know what this is.

Malim- Elvish in appearance, Malim tend to be between 5'11" and 6'4" for both men and women. They are believed to be the most naturally talented in magic, which would explain their rise to prominence in Arathorne. Most have fair skin pigmentation, but their most prominent feature would be their slanted eyes and their hair, which can be almost any color. They are also known for having long lifespans, many living to be almost four hundred years old. Their greatest distinction from other races is their ability to connect with a particular animal, and often take on the traits of said creature. Often times their magical affinity decided how powerful of a creature they can form a bond with. The Dragon Guard is made up of those who were so incredible they formed a connection with a dragon.

Kemplewei- A race that prefers the forests to the comforts of the cities. Making their own communities within the woods, the Kemplewei are a nomadic people, never staying in one area for longer than a few years. Most often seen with dark skin and white or blonde hair, the Kemplewei are known for their archers, which rank as some of the best in the world. They tend to be a but shorter than the other races with most being under 5'8" in height. They tend to live about 120 years.

you can also create your own races if you want too, but try to keep it inline with the theme of the roleplay.

Frea: Blessed by the Gods, the Frea have the ability to take the properties of the creatures in the world. The reason I say creatures is because it would be far to boring if it was just wolves or cats. This is high fantasy, so we're talking Griffons, Chimera, Ogres, Cyclops, etc. Most fantasy creatures are fair game save for the nukes of the fantasy world (Dragons, Hydra, Kraken, etc.) These will be in the roleplay, but not immediately. Not including the Dragonguard, there are five Frea, four of whom are on the prisoner transport. The fifth is mine, but he won't be appearing to later. Until that time I will be playing important characters that will help the four get on their way.

The lifespan of Frea is hard to calculate. The Dragonguard are the oldest known Frea's, being at least a thousand years old. They tend to have the same features as others of their race. However, the longer they keep the aspects of a particular creature, the more they adopt features of it. For example, if a character took the aspect of a Hawk, they would sprout wings and have keen eyesight. Over time however, their hands and feet would start to become more talon like, they would start to grow beaks, and even feathers. However, if they chose the aspect of another creature, they will lose all this immediately and revert to their normal form, then the new creatures aspect will start to take over. They can also chose to drop an aspect completely without finding another, thus losing all the benefits and repercussions of the previous form. It should be noted that the more extreme physical changes can take years to happen, depending on how drastic they are. The Frea must make physical contact with the creature, and the must convince it to give away its abilities.

Your probably wondering about the branding from earlier. While I can't get into what the symbols mean, the writing is representative of four identities;

The First: A natural leader who often sees those they care for live and die before them. Little else is known about the First, save for that when the time comes, they will always be ready to act.

The Withered: A tired soul who has seen battle many times and has only grown wiser. Though, in this growth, they have felt as if their very existence has started to wither as well.

The Lost: A nomad who has seen most of the world, though knows not where to go or where the road they walk will take them. They have now identity of home and no recollection of their origin. They are lost in the world, and the world is often lost on them.

The Seeker: The searcher for something lost, though what that object is they do not know. However, they will keep looking, even if it takes til the end of time.

Keep in mind these aren't character archetypes, just something I need to have in place for the roleplay. If you are playing a Frea, chose one. Lastly, I'm trying to keep this under eight roleplayers, so that only allows for seven or six spots besides myself.

Gods: There are eight primary Gods in Arathorne, but numerous Lesser Gods. The Valkyrie Knights are an example of Lesser Gods.

Zaratosh- Goddess of Time and "Leader" of the Gods.

Fren- Goddess of Nature.

Stenryr- God of Commerce and Trade.

Arelia- Mortal turned Deity. God of Judgement.

Heras- Goddess of Light

Meras- God of Darkness

Midas- God of War

Kerina- Goddess of The Stars

If you have any questions, shoot me a pm or ask in the OOC.

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Character Portrait: The Pirate Lorcan
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Character Portrait: The Pirate Lorcan
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Character Portrait: The Pirate Lorcan
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Re: Fate's Dogma

If it's allowed, then I'd like to reserve the brand of the Lost. I'm wondering, can we make up another god? I'm an odd and atypical roleplayer that like to make odd and atypical characters/ beliefs/ etc. My idea for a god is a god of Nihl and Annihilation. If I'm allowed to make it, then I'll provide more details, but in short, she's actually a good guy. And I don't mean to RP her or anything, it's just a religion I want to make up, but if that's not cool with you, then I'll just scrap the idea.

Re: Fate's Dogma

Paper! If it isn't mahh man! :DD I would love to make a character for this RP, after doing a little preliminary research of it. I'll do more reading and start working on a character as soon as I can!

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