Emilee-Grace Hale

"Don't you think its sad that the people you think cares about you, ends up hurting you?"

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☄ Emilee-Grace Jane Hale ☄


❝The Basics❞

Image| Full Name |
Emilee-Grace Jane Hale

| Nickname |
Most people think that saying Emilee-Grace is just too long so to shorten it out most people call her Emilee, Emmy, or Emi. There are a couple people who do call her Grace, or Jane too, but this is a rare thing

| Age |

| Gender |

| Role |
Girl 4

❝The Disguise❞

| Eye color |
Light Brown

| Hair Color |
Usually her hair is dyed a very light blonde but her natural hair color is a brown color with light brown highlights in it. There were a couple times that she has dyed her hair a light pink or added light blue streaks to her naturally brown hair.

| Skin Tone |
White, though, she doesn't seem to have a difficult time tanning.

| Height & Weight |
A 5'6" girl who weighs 113.5lbs.

| Distinct Markings |
She has a few tattoos, one on her wrist, one on her shoulder, and one on her neck. She as well has quite of a few piercings on each ear, a stud nose piercing, and a belly button piercing. Due to the fact that she has been abused before her death the remaining scars along with the scars that had formed there after getting this new body. There are most scars on her arms along with a long scar that went along her hair line at the top of her head. There is one on her side after she had picked at a scab and it ended up scaring. Oh well. Finally she has a small birthmark on her leg and lower back.

❝Getting to know me❞

| Likes |
❤ Drawing
❤ Singing
❤ Tattoos
❤ Piercings
❤ Expressing herself
❤ Her friends
❤ Video Games
❤ Girls
❤ Reading
❤ Going outside
❤ The stars
❤ Hot chocolate
❤ Being an independent girl
❤ Writing
❤ Chocolate
❤ Gardening
❤ Playing Instruments
❤ Gum
❤ Spicy Foods

| Dislikes |
✘ Snakes
✘ Rude people
✘ Abusive people
✘ Judgmental people
✘ Her ex
✘ Sun flowers
✘ Perfume
✘ Getting sick
✘ Her cat
✘ Sappy romance movies
✘ When people cry
✘ Getting hurt
✘ Alcohol
✘ Dramatic People
✘ Snobs
✘ Loud cars

| Fears |
- Death... Ha isn't that funny...
- Spiders: "Deathly afraid of them. Even daddy long legs... Ew."
- Being in front of a huge crowd: "Its embaressing. Like if I were to be at a talent show on stage and I messed up wouldn't that just completely destroy you. Even just being in front of that large crowd would make me go crazy especially if I messed up and got laughed at."

❝Delve a little deeper❞

| Personality |
First off you must know that Emilee is a very independent person who definitely knows how to take care of herself. She is usually the one to cook for her family, to finish her homework as soon as she gets back from school, and get everything done around the house that needs to be taken care of. She makes sure to make her very own decisions and doesn't let most people get in her way unless it includes those that she loves. When there is a will there is a way is pretty close to her motto. She is the one person who is very strong willed and when she sets her mind on something she becomes very determined to complete what ever it. Whether it comes to finish a project in class, getting good grades, or even just helping her dad fix up a car in their family car shop business. With this comes her surprising intelligence. Even at times when she jokes around with her friends at lunch or when she does idiotic things she is still intelligent. Usually you would find her having basically mostly A's and B's and in mostly the higher classes. Along with her talent in academics she is talented musically. In school she played two instruments, the Saxophone and the Oboe. She is amazing on her instruments as well as she is amazing when it comes to singing. Even if she does become a bit shy when singing just because she thinks she is terrible at it. Most of the time when she singes she sings in front of her mirror at home with her brush in hand like a microphone, or when she is in the shower, and even at one point and time she sang in front of her ex-boyfriend just before she passed away.

With her independence she can be seen as a bit Rebellious and is usually the one to run off from her home to go around with her boyfriend or sneak out of the house to let off a little steam at a party. Now she would never use drugs, get drunk, or do anything that most kids would do at parties that she goes to. At times she loves to joke around, sometimes being a bit sarcastic when it comes to joking around with her best friends. Most of the time she is the person who her friends go to when they have a problem and they talk to her about it. She is understanding and usually tries to help her friend out in any way that she can. Like if one of her friend's are going through a tough break-up or going through some kind of tough drama. She also is pretty open-minded about things and listen to what people have to say before assuming anything. She doesn't judge people, and leaves an open-mind for people. She learns about them, and gives people a couple chances before she actually gets mad.

Now Emmy isn't completely perfect. There are a couple times where she just doesn't know how to defend herself. Even seeming a bit timid when it comes to certain people. For example her ex-boyfriend is someone who she would back down to quickly as soon as he raised a hand to her. It was obvious she was terrified of her possessive boyfriend to that point where she wouldn't talk to anyone, but him. This did not include the teachers or her parents obviously. She has her moments where she has perfectionist qualities. If a certain thing isn't to her likings she just has the urge to fix it which bothers both her and other people at time when she just randomly adjust things. For example, a poster is crooked, not any more it isn't. Finally you need to know that Emmy is some times a bit secretive, and mysterious as you might call her. She doesn't like to talk about her family, her boyfriend or anything about her. Not everything in her life has been too pleasant so she just keeps it as a secret as if seeming to be a bit mysterious, and secretive. She doesn't like talking about her feelings alone with stuff that is bothering. One of the obvious reason why she wouldn't say anything even after Bradshaw would hit her. Finally a detail or two more is that at times she can be a bit bossy. She likes to have her way and even command people around. It's not intentional... most of the time but it kind of just happens when she really wants her way. All together though she is a Good-hearted girl and really does mean well.

{Independent, Strong Willed, Determined, Intelligent, Musically Talented, Rebellious, Funny, A bit Sarcastic, Understanding, Helpful, Open-Minded, Timid, Perfectionist, Secretive, Bossy, and Good-Hearted.}

❝Welcome to my life❞

Image| History |
Emilee-Grace June Hale was born on September 27th at 4:45p.m. to her mother Beatrice Hale and Weston Hale. Her mother was not the best mom in the world. She was a store owner the last time that Emilee saw her while her dad owns his very own family car repair shop. Emilee-Grace is the youngest out of two brothers who just adore her. Emilee-Grace, or Emmy for short, helps around her father's shop when she can and when she isn't out and about taking care of the things that needs to be handled around the house or so that she could keep her grades up. Her family means a lot to her even if she doesn't have a mother around in her life and grows up with mostly males around the house except for the fact that her aunt, uncle, her cousins, and even her grandmother live on the same huge property of theirs.

After being born not even two years later did her mother and father get into the fight that would end it all. "How dare you!" Is something her father screamed just before her mother threw her straightener at this time. By this time she was only two and was pretty much sitting in her crib as she watched it all go down. "You sold the shop? You weren't going to talk to me about it?" He had exclaimed angrily, dodging a shoe that she had as well thrown at him when she got angry with him again. "Who do you think you are, huh?! Your not my boss!" She had roared, pushing by him. By this time her older brother, Tony had stormed into the room past her parents to get his sister who was watching everything unfold. Emilee screamed as she was pulled into Tony's arms. "Leave her there Tony! I've got her!" Her mother screamed at her brother and stomping her foot like a three year old. "Let him do as he wants. Its his sister Beatrice! Plus obviously you can't take care of her right now we have a lot to discuss and we don't want her here right?" Her father hissed back at once. Her brother hesitated before fleeing from the room, holding the small Emilee-Grace in his arms. Her mother glaring at her brother on his way out just before cussing at her father and smacking him a couple times. This was only an hour before she had thrown a bunch of her clothes along with a secret stash of money into a suitcase and she just stormed out of the house like that. Kissing her children's heads on her way out that was the second from last time that she had seen her children.

From the age of two up she had been taken care of by both of her older brother's and her father. Which she didn't mind because they were nice to her and cared for her deeply and she knew it, though, at age five her whole world kind of did a 90 degree flip. At the age of five when her brother Tony was 10 and her brother Luce was 12 her mother finally returned after three years of being gone and not even thinking to contact her family. Emilee-Grace didn't recognize her mother so unlike Luce and Tony she was happy to see the beautiful woman. Thinking Beatrice was just some woman, maybe one of her father's girlfriend's or something she got a huge surprise when her father was angry to see her. Asking why she was here and announcing to Emilee that the woman was her mother. A mixture of happiness and confusion rushed over the young girl as she hugged her mother's leg. Her mother announced that a couple counties over she had built her very own shop again and it seemed to be getting quite successful. As well as talking about talking to Emilee's father who quickly shook his head, but after a while of small arguing just before they fled up to the upstairs rooms where they began to talk more about it. Emilee who was confused just kind of went on with her day. After about an hour her parent's came down her mother and father both looked furious. "I have to go now. I love you guys so much."She had claimed, hugging Emilee tightly and giving her a big huge kiss on the cheek. Tony and Luce would only let their mother give them a hug due to the fact they were still angry with her. This was finally the last time she saw her.

Years and years passed, and a couple people passed that she loved during that time. Along with almost losing Luce who at the age of fourteen went to a party and after that party him and his much older friend rode home in the same car. Sadly his friend was a little drunk so they ended up swerving off the rode and into a ditch, flipping the car once. Her brother was in the hospital for a couple weeks with many broken bones in his body while they both lived it kind of devastated the now 7 year old Emilee who almost completely depended on Luce to protect her and help her with her math homework. It hurt, it really did, but as soon as he returned home she was happy. Things began to improve even more during the next few years. During the next few years she forgot about most of the things that brought her down, she looked after her brothers, help around the house, helped her dad in his job, and improved her grades as best she could. She made sure to make herself more independent than dependent on others. No longer did she wanted to feel like she had to depend on others to get through barriers and like she needed someone to take care of her when she was old enough and perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

Skipping over many years up until age Nine she met her soon to be best friend Seriess who would always be there for her. Over the next couple years they grew closer and closer. Seriess would claim that she loved her and obviously Emilee said she loved her too over the years just because she kind of thought of her as a sister. Seriess would listen to Emmy and her problems. She would hear out the problems she was having in school or around her family even after any kind of incidents with her brother's when they would get hurt or if they had a soccer game. They stayed together no matter what even during high school did they stay together all these years. When Emilee turned fourteen and the very first few months had been difficult Seriess still seemed to have been there for the female. It was a great feeling to have some kind of female to care for her, though, she felt kind of bad when in the middle of the year of her Freshman year she had her very first boyfriend. At first she thought he was the best, telling Seriess this and fawning over him. It wasn't until the next year did they not quite agree any more. He was very possessive and Emilee began to cower because of this. He was taller, strong, and could surprisingly out smart her when it came to certain things. Secretly he would hit her if she so much as looked at another guy. Frequently did they argue which cause her to run to Seriess sobbing out her problems to her. Always was her best friend there throughout the year. By the end of her 11th grade she began to evolve feelings for Seriess who would constantly care for her and make her feel good about herself while her boyfriend would hit her and make her feel like complete crap. Over the year the arguments began to get worse which sucked for Emilee.

During the summer of Senior year did every thing go down hill and fast. The arguments got worse, and Emilee would resort to Seriess's comfort which brought them even closer. Sadly after her possessive boyfriend found out that she was talking to one of her best guy friends from when she was younger things got bad. She went over to talk to him, to make him feel better and reassure him. He didn't like that, becoming furiously angry, and she wasn't sure what to say. The conversation quickly escalated like it usually did and they quickly got into a heat argument. Two intelligent people battled it out, and when she said something he didn't like his hand came around cracking her in the face. It was unexpected so with the impact she went sailing for the ground, hit something hard on her head on the way down. By this time she was passed out and as soon as she hit the ground with a loud THUMP! she was dead. There was no coming back. That was the last thing she remembered of her previous life... she didn't even tell her best friend that she loved her. That she had loved her for a year now and she wishes that she had told her best friend she loved her.

She wishes she could just make things better in this world. As much as she might hate it she wants to just forgive everyone. Let everything off her chest escape so that she could tell her best friend how she felt. If only she would believe her. She had to do everything she planned on doing with time. Even if she wishes that Bradshaw would pay for what he did she knows its not right and its not in her nature now in a completely new body little does she know she has a second chance. Things will be different. She wanted to be able to live a long life, to be successful and happy. Now when Fate gives her a second chance will she only hope that she can do this just right so that she will be able to have a second chance at life. So she can do what she didn't do in the past, although, a lot of things can change. Now her motivation maybe Forgiveness, but who knows when Fate gives her a second chance even if she thinks its easy will it actually be easy? Or will she change her mind? Currently unsure yet, but she is prepared for anything. She wants to do this life just right, and Fate should know that.

| Death |
It was a terrible death one day her now ex-boyfriend was just so angry with her. She wasn't sure why. Maybe it was because she had talked to one of her male best friend's that she had ignored after she began dating Bradshaw. For what ever reason she had gone to his home, talking to him that quickly escalated to an argument as it usually did. He smacked her around a couple time and when she had pointed out the fact that she had enough of him he just became so angry. The last thing she remembered was his hand swinging out and smashing her in the face really hard. Her face stung and burned red as she sailed down to the ground from the impact, hitting something on the way down which quickly knocked her out. By the time she hit the floor with a huge THUMP! she was dead. Her life had ended that quickly all because of her ex-boyfriend.

❝Digging up the past❞

Image| Appearance |
In her original body she was 5'7" and 135lbs. She as well had tons of tattoos, piercings, and a couple scars from a couple incidents with Bradshaw. Instead of having a light colored hair she had a dark Brown hair color and chocolate brown eyes instead of her new very light brown eyes. Most of the times she loves wearing accessories unlike now where she hated wearing anything like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Before she had an uneven hair length due to the fact that she was constantly chopping it off into shorter lengths, and she could not stop screwing it up until after a couple years when she finally did stop messing with her hair. Leaving it at a hair style that she assumed fitted her. It was also not common for her to wear any type of make-up. As well as her being a strong woman figure she loved to be independent and you could tell by the way she acted. She wore mostly graphic tees, skinny jeans, combat boots, and a couple of accessories such as rings. Though unlike now she had preferred to just wear dresses because she felt a little more comfortable in them. She has less scars then in her new body, but if she would get her original body back you would still notice the scar on her head along her hair line.

| Motivation |
Emmy doesn't quite planning on torturing Bradshaw even if she thinks he deserves it. It isn't in her nature to torture. Deep down she still has feelings for him, but on the surface it seems as though she just has burning hatred towards the male. As of right now she just wants to be able to forgive him for what he did, to leave him with the guilt of killing her, and leaving him alone. She wants to move on, going on to Seriess, and wish for her to remember her. Seriess is her best friend, and wishes that she would continue to be her best friend. She just wants everything to go back to normal and forgive everyone for what they have done to her. Although Motivations can always change.

So begins...

Emilee-Grace Hale's Story