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Clarendi Cypress

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."

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a character in “Fate's Games”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


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"Clarendi, Clare... or any other nickname you can think of." Clarendi Cypress, though most people just call her Clare.

Loved Ones:
"Not you, anyway."
+ Her younger sister, Jayelle,aged four
+ Her mother, Natalie*
+ Her father, Paul
+ Her best girl friend, Amy, aged fifteen
+ Her best guy friend, Jayron, aged fifteen
+ Her used-to-be nanny, Bonny
*Mother Is Pregnant.

"Old enough to know better -- too young to care." Fifteen

"Do these look like man parts?!" Female

"Born And Raised In Dallas." Texas.

"...You are looking at me." She has brown, wavy hair that falls just below her shoulder, which she usually wears down, maybe with a small accessory. She also has crystal blue eyes that seem to sparkle in bright light. Her skinis surprisingly blemish free for a teenage girl, with only a freckle here and there. She is probably of average height, though may be considered tall either, standing at 5'8, which is mostly from her long, muscly legs. Though she is a fast runner and very athletic, as her mother made her start training in sports since an early age, she is also very slim and delictae, and of course very fit. Her skin is certainly not pale, only slightly tanned, and she does tan, not burn, but it takes a while to get the beautiful golden brown she has always dreamed of having. She has a something between a heart and oval shaped face, and has full pink lips that always seem to be twisted into some form of a smile; Whether a grin, a smirk, or an embarrassed smile. When she is thinking hard, she will bit her lower lip, andher eyes tend to squint when she laughs. She also seems to have a habit of hiding her face when she laughs, whether by putting her head in her hands, placing her head on a desk in front of her or burrowing her face in her knees. She has a shoe size of 5.

"If you bothered to get to know me, you wouldn't have to ask." Clare is... difficult, to say the least. When she is mad, seriously, get away, or she will snap your head off. To add to her fiery temper she is also stubborn as a mule, and holds a mean grudge, which will only go away after she has gotten her revenge. She is also extremely competitive, and is a sore loser to say the least, but she will try not to show it.

Aww, come on now, I've only told you the bad things! When she tries to be, she can be kind, even if she usually isn't bothered. Even around her friends, she often teases them or gives sarcastic remarks. But if you hurt someone she likes, you are going down. As far as she is concerned, she is the only one allowed to be mean to her friends. She will often question authority, and hates getting bossed around; Infact,she will often not do something she was told to do, even if she wanted to do it, just to make sure the other person doesn't think they made her do it. She absolutely hates being in charge, but also hates not being in charge -- yeah, did I mention she is difficult? -- as she hates letting others down, thus being embarrassed, but she also hatesit when others are in charge of her.

She also has a tendancy to be honest in the wrong situations -- "Do I look fat in this?" "Yup." -- when she usually will lie about, well, pretty much anything. Even if she does seem untrustworthy, she is actually very trusting in the sense she will never ever tell anyone your secret. If you look over all the bad stuff, then you may see the sweet girl underneath. True, it takes a lot of digging, but you just have to hope it's worth it.

"What is this, an interview?" Clare was born on the 15th of October 2177 to Natalie and Paul Cypress, on a bus. Yes, she was brought into this world on a dingy red bus that smelt of something between feet and dried piss that was making its way to the the Square. A middle aged woman named Bonny Travis, who would soon be her new nanny, helped her mother during the delivery and labour.

When her mother arrived home to the apartment, the first thing that her mother did was drop her. Typical, really. Her mother had only been nineteen years old at the time, and was stupidly wearing eight inch heels whilst carrying a new born baby. She fortunately landed on the sofa, though they still of course went back to the hospital to make sure she was fine, as we all know how delicate babies are. Basically, her mother was just preparing to sit down on the sofa with her new born child -- who actually still hadn't been named at this time, the pair had been hoping for a baby boy to call Corey -- when she slipped on her heel, landing on her butt on the cuch while her daughter landed beside her with a thump. Natalie still stunned, just sat there for a second as she blinked in confusion, while her soon-to-be husband Paul rushed over to Clare and picked the crying baby in an attempt to sooth her.

It was two years after Clare was born that the couple got married. Clare was a flower girl, along with her cousin Emily, who was basically just there because, being two, Clare would screw up otherwise. She wore a blue satin dress complete with a bow and all, that at the end of the night was covered in chocolate cake and grass stains -- a weird combination, to be sure.

When she was four she started her first day of preschool -- and cried the whole freaking day. When she arrived, her mother stayed with her for about an hour, until she had to go to work. Unfortunately, Clare was not going to let that happen. She grabbed her mothers leg, screaming crying for her to stay. The teacher, realizing how important it was for the mothe rto go to work, tricked the child, saying that they were going on an adventurous walk around the school. Clare made her mother promise to stay, and so her mother did, but to Clare's disappointment and horror, when she came back, her mother was nowhere to be found. Immediately, this set her of on another crying rampage. When the teacher gave no notice of her, she sat in the corner, fists clenched as she loudly sobbed. A small girl came up to her and put her hand on Clare's shoulder. "It's okay, kid," she said, in a sweet, understanding tone. "My Mommy isn't here either. But she said when that clock says line circle circle circle then she will come back." She had pointed to the am/pm clock sitting just out of reach on a cupboard, away from the childrens prying hands. And of course, by line circle circle circle, she meant 1:00. Being only four years old, the girl would have never understood time.

The two introduced themselves; Amy Oliver and Clarendi Cypress, and became best friends immediately, even if they did seem pretty much opposites, they balanced each other out. Amy was the sweet, charming and likable one while Clare was the loud, aggressive , bossy one. Who would have known?

It was in fifth grade when Clarendi told everyone to call her Clare. As strange as it may sound, it was because people were teasing her over a boy. There was a guy in her grade called Clarence, and the two were teased because their names sounded similar, and as Alisha, one of the girls in her grade said, "A match made in Heaven." (I actually have real life friends like this, Roisin and Oisin,both Irish names -tee hee- and they are teased aout each other all the time.) As soon as this started, she instructed everyone, even the teachers, to call her Clare. Anyone who called her Clarendi would get a cold glare and the silent treatment for the rest of the day.

Calre started high school at fourteen, turning fifteen when she started High School for the first time. As far as she was concerned, this was the best way she could start afresh, she cut her previously waist length hair, went on a shopping spree with Amy to get the best back-to-school outfits, practiced hairstyles and make-up routines over the summer, and sorted out a morning to-do list. Yup., she thought she was ready for High School... as usual, she was wrong.

I amn't even going yo talk about her first day of High School, simply because if she knew I told you, I'd be screwed. Let's just say, it included a supply closet and a bucket of water. Make of that what you will.

It was on her third day back -- after the eventful first day -- that she met another of her closest friends, Jayron. He had actually started as an attempt to flirt with her during Maths, but when that failed miserably, they just started talking and BAM. Instant friendship. They still playfully flirt every now and then, but it's just teasing, at least to Clare. She's not sure if Jay likes her or not.

So begins...

Clarendi Cypress's Story


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"Got the popcorn?"
"Shut up!"
Jayron and Amy looked up from where they had been sitting on the couch as Clarendi entered the room. "Sorry," Amy grumbled, rlling her eyes at Jay. He grinned back.
"Seriously, stop it! It's not funny!"
The two fell quiet as Claire flopped herself in a seat beside them. They all knew it was highly likely for Amy to be chosen. She had the kind parents, the younger brother with curly hair and the sister with dimples. And the fact they were loaded with money helped too.

They were sitting in Claire's sitting room, the television flicked onto channel three. Jayelle, Claire's younger sister, sat on her mother's knee, who was sitting on an armchair, patting her stomach. Her father stood behind the chair, and in the armchair across from them Amy's little two year old brother Shaun and seven year old sister Natasha had squeezed in. Her parents stood behind them, and Jay's father stood behind the couch where the threee best friends sat.

"Pass the popcorn," Claire grumbled, and Jay laughed as she took a handful out of the bag. She popped them into her mouth as the pictures flashed on screen. The images from Texas came first, as usual, and they waited for the images to appear, and their Fates to be decided.

The trio held their breath as the Texas contestants were chosen. The first image contained a girl with brown, wavy hair that fell just below her shoulder. Her eyes were a crystal blue, and she sat on a stool with a small smile on her face. Her outfit was a pair of ripped shorts and a billowy white top, with grey converse. Claire's eyes widened as the girl appeared on screen. That girl was her.

The room felt silent for a few seconds as the image changed, but no one really noticed. "It must be a mista-" Amy started, before being interrupted by the sound of the door being burst down. Four men walked in. "We'e here for Clarendi Cypress," the first man said, holding up his gun. Then the room erupted into chaos.
"No!" her mother screeched, leaping in front of Claire. The man shot her in an instant, yelling "Tranquilizer!" over Jayelle's wails to let them know it wouoldn't kill her. Her mother fell to the floor, and her faher ran ov to her. "Are you insane, she's pregnant!" he yelled, while Jayron attempted to wrestle the tranquilizer off the man. He was rewarded with a bullet in the foot.

"Jay!" Claire screamed, tears running down her face. She attempted to reah out for him, but was tugged away by the men. She was brought out into a van, and her hands were cuffed behind her back. Tears blurred her vision as she was dumped into the van and they drove away.