Laney Storm

"You've got a good set of legs. See where they take you."

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a character in “Fate's Games”, as played by estrelas


Name: Laney Storm
Loved Ones:
• Mom – Amelia Storm
• Dad – Scott Storm
• Older Brother – Joseph Storm
• Younger Sister – Madison Storm
• Best Friend – Carson McMason
• Grandparents, friends, her dog Milo
Age: almost 17
Gender: Female
State: Texas
Likes: fruits, vegetables, storms, rain, drawing, reading, silence, peace
Dislikes: meat, loud noises, war, bright light, being scared
Skills: cooking, sports, horse-back riding, weaving, basic-survival
Fears: spiders, long drops, cliffs, losing her family
Appearance: Laney is that pretty girl that nobody really understands. She’s pretty – not beautiful, not overly attractive, not hot, just pretty; the good sort of pretty. She stands at a charming 5’4’’, still petite but not considered short. Brown hair ripples in waves, ending just above her breasts. Her eyes are a delicate yet icy blue; the left eye contains a splash of emerald green. Laney isn’t exactly slender due to her athletic nature, but she does have a thin waist and a skinny frame. Often times more than not, she’ll be wearing a string bandana atop her head, a pair of black running shoes, yellow shorts, and a green tank top. Minor amounts of eye makeup are used to her liking, but otherwise she rarely wears any makeup at all.
Personality: Above all things, Laney is tough. You have probably never met a girl like her. Laney is someone who people respect but generally try not to get close to. She has a good head on her shoulders. She is kind and thoughtful while not allowing her ego to get to her, but she can get a little rough. Her past makes her hard to understand – personality wise – and often makes her quick to anger. But this doesn’t mean that Laney would ever hurt anyone. Actually, she is probably the one of the only people in this world who understands the true worth of a human life. Because of this she can be extremely protective over those she cares about; any threat to them is like a threat to herself. Laney has issues with making friends and allies – her demanding, fiery personality doesn’t exactly make people want to talk to her. However, those who see her worth and understand her heart respect her; it’s the people who don’t understand that she has to look out for.
The only thing more important than love is life.

I’d tell you what I think but nobody with the slightest of intelligence would want to hear such things.

The moment you underestimate me is the moment you fall.

You've got a good set of legs. See where they take you.

History:Being the middle child, Laney has always been the kid that is relatively ignored. Her older brother was smart and athletic while her younger sister was charming and beautiful. Out of her siblings, she was the oddball that didn’t seem to have any sort of talent. Sure, she was sly and pretty, but those skills were undermined when compared to her brother and sister.

It wasn’t until Toby appeared in her life that she realized her true worth. Toby made her feel special – it was like every time she looked at him she understood her purpose. She was fifteen when they met and they remained friends until they were sixteen; that was the year that Toby was sent to participate in Fate’s Game. Despite his worth, he lost and was forced to watch his mother and younger sister be slaughtered.

It wasn’t the same when Toby returned. He was distant and gloomy, never smiling for her like he used to. Laney struggled to keep herself in tune with him without becoming frustrated, but in the end they had a big blow out and bam, friendship over. There were a couple of days of awkward silence between the two of them before he came to apologize. They made up, became closer than ever. For a year they were together, each celebrating their sixteen birthdays as they came and went.

Yet that wasn’t the end of the problems. Laney slept with Toby a week before he committed suicide. Heart broken and mind torn, she secluded herself, afraid that the world would hurt her further. But she didn’t stay there. No, she wasn’t someone who was going to give up because of the death of her lover. And thus, Laney was born – well, re-born if you want to get technical. She took up sports and began studying. In the process of her work, she became friends with Carson, a boy who had a lack of confidence in himself. The more she worked the more she gained. Her family began to see her, the people in her city began to respect her, and she could finally say that she wasn’t just a waste of space. Nobody was. And she wasn’t about to let anyone think that.

So begins...

Laney Storm's Story