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Olivia Gray

"Don't let others choose your actions."

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a character in “Fate's Games”, as played by frustratedly


Name: Olivia Gray
Loved Ones: Mother-Lydia Stark Gray, Father-William Gray, Younger Brother-Alec Gray, Friends-Sam Clark, among others
Age: 16
Gender: female
State: New Mexico
Appearance: Olivia has long, wavy blond hair, deep brown eyes. She has the typical teenage "popular kid" look and doesn't really care about how others think of her. She's athletic, a runner, even though it doesn't really show. She usually wears jeans and a tank top, and could be considered a friend to everyone she knows. She usually leaves her hair down, but when she gets annoyed with it or wants to run, she usually puts it in a pony tail, or, even more commonly, a braid.
Personality: Olivia is a generous person, but only speaks when spoken to or if she feels like she's a part of a conversation. She makes an effort not to offend anyone, so she doesn't make enemies. Occasionally, she'll go do something that she's not used to, just to see what happens. She likes to think of herself as a risk-taker and the kind of person you would choose to go to for help.
History: Olivia was born into a loving family. She was always cared for, and when her brother came along, didn't mind sharing her amazing world. Her parents are easygoing and she's thankful for that. Her life has been mostly peaceful, even with her occasional adventures...

So begins...

Olivia Gray's Story


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Character Portrait: Olivia Gray
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"Everyone ready?" Olivia's best friend, Sam, asked. They were at her house, with a few other friends, and, of course, Olivia's family.

"What kind of question is that?" Olivia replied. It was almost 4. The readings were about to begin, and she knew that she had as good of a chance as anyone else that she knew in avoiding getting chosen to be a "competitor" in the Fate's Games. Of course, like anyone else, she didn't want to be chosen. There was so much she could lose from... well, losing the Games. And everyone else would probably feel the same, having a family, friends, people that they didn't want to see taken away from them. The only ones that were really safe were the ones that were so bad off that they only had themselves, and may even be thinking suicidal thoughts already.

Everyone in the house crowded around the television, snacking on whatever junk food they could find. Olivia's younger brother, Alec, turned the tv channel to channel 3, and the room waited for the candidates to be chosen. There was still some time to waste. New Mexico was always last to be announced. The readings started with Texas, then went to Oklahoma, Arizona, and finally New Mexico.

The room had been filled with chatter up until the candidates for her state were about to be announced. The room was filled with a deadly silence, everyone knowing that they may have lives better off than others. Because that was just the kind of people that Olivia liked to hang around.

The first face was of someone that Olivia didn't know, and had never seen before.

And the same with the second face. The room seemed to start relaxing. There was only one person left to be called. And there was very little chance that it would be one of them...

The last picture... was that her? Oh... yes, it was. Her name was under it in clear lettering.

"Liv?" Alec squeaked. He was freaking out, also.

"No... is this real?" Sam asked. It seemed that everyone else in the room was thinking the same thing.

"I guess they'll be coming for me soon..." she said, trying to put on a brave front, but failing, "Don't you dare try to stop them." she threatened everyone in the room, knowing that no good would come from it.

"Always wants to go without a fight, just to protect her friends," someone sighed. She knew that they were probably disappointed with her, but wouldn't go against what she asked. She would be taken away, no matter what. Force wouldn't do anything but cause everyone else problems.

There was an awkwardly polite knock on the door, and Olivia raced everyone else to answer it. She managed to get there first, and opened the door. A group of people, all dressed in black barged through the door, completely missing their target. They must have expected Olivia to be hiding, or protected by her friends and family, like most sane people that were chosen as candidates. They scanned the room...

"Um... you're looking for me?" Olivia's voice sounded weird. Her stomach was in knots. And she couldn't stand the sorrowful gazes of all her friends and family.

The group turned around, checked to make sure this was the person they were looking for, and forcefully led her through the door and into a van. She looked back at her friends and family, who all looked so upset and outraged at these games, Lacela, and possibly Olivia. Her eyes and mouth were then covered by cloths, and as she breathed, she drifted into an unwanted unconsciousness.