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Winter Locke

" I can't let them get hurt!"

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a character in “Fate's Games”, originally authored by crybloodredtears, as played by RolePlayGateway


ImageName: Winter Locke

Loved Ones:
  • Mother; Aisha Locke [37], Father; Ethan Locke [39]
  • Twin Brother; Ashby Locke [16], Sisters; Hadria Locke [7], Trinity Locke [3]
  • Aunt; Louise Ayres [44], Uncle; Thomas Ayres [43]
  • Cousins; Ryan Ayres [20], Marcus Ayres [16]
  • Friends; Lara Rhodes, Felicia Hale, Kandyce Sheet etc..
*Note; maternal and paternal grandparents have all passed away.

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Female

State: Arizona

Appearance: Winter Locke stands at 5'3'' tall and weighs 110lbs. This makes her rather slim but it suits her slender body well. She has small hips with a slightly larger bust, which annoys her constantly, and a barely-there stomach. Her arms and legs are perfectly proportionate to her body; which she loves to show off in the Arizona heat by wearing plenty of shorts, skirts, tube tops and spaghetti strap shirts. Crop tops are another favourite of hers as well as running shoes and gladiator sandals. Winter has long curly dark blonde hair and light arched eyebrows to match, she also has darker eyelashes that ring her bright blue eyes beautifully. With a light ivory skin tone and light pink partially full lips, Winter knows she's decently attractive.

Personality: Winter is typically a somewhat quiet but friendly young woman who prides herself on her honesty, no matter how brutal it may be. She is confident in herself and her capabilities and trusts her family with basically anything. She is quite intelligent and actually a full 2 years ahead in all of her schooling due to constant tutoring and home-schooling. She's not one to talk about herself and this may make her seem a bit secretive but it's just that she doesn't want to hurt her family in any way. This shows how caring Winter can be, preferring to think of others than herself, which is one of her best qualities.

History: She was the second-born child to Ethan and Aisha Locke, the eldest being her twin brother Ashby by 17 minutes. They were close for the entirety of their lives and grew even closer when their younger sisters, Hadria and Trinity, were born roughly 8 and 12 years later. Winter, otherwise known as Winnie by her family, was exceptional at playing the piano and this was evident at a young age. As she grew older, singing became part of her talent as her twin began piano lessons in his own way of staying close to his sister. They enjoyed the time they spent in the small music room in their house, Ashby playing piano with Winter singing the accompaniment.

They attended school until they were 10 years old but then their parents decided their children would be home-schooled from that point, wanting to keep the family close. It worked; the family were all practically best friends and did anything for each other.

So begins...

Winter Locke's Story


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" So," Winter started as she glanced over to her mother and father who were curled up with Winter's young sisters, Hadria and Trinity, on the opposite couch. Aisha and Ethan Locke looked over at the sound of their daughters voice, curious as to what she'd say. They didn't expect her to say what she did though.

" I wonder what poor SOB's are going to get picked this time.." The girl's tone was sincere but faded into a loud "OW!" as her twin brother whacked the back of her head. " Don't say that!" Ashby said loudly as their parents' glances became disappointed and they reassured the two younger children on their laps. Ashby bent his head to his sister's, his lips hovering by her ear so the rest of the family wouldn't hear. " I do too but think about the girls, idiot."

He straightened and draped an arm over Witner's shoulders, the television flickering to life to flash photo's across the screen of the poor souls-- I mean, lucky buggers... Yeah, there was no highlight to getting scared senseless and losing only to have your family murdered in front of you. Then die yourself since the guilt tended to stick with you.

Pictures hovered on the screen as Winter glanced up, her blue eyes annoyed as she saw it was Texas. " Texas is always--!" She protested loudly as her brother sighed and clapped a hand over her mouth. She was so tempted to bite down on the fleshy part of his palm but thought better of it. Pianists needed their hands in good shape.

From Texas; one male, two females. Next was Oklahoma; again, one male, two females. On to New Mexico; one male, two females. This seemed like a pattern to Winter and she had to hide a laugh, thankfully Ashby hadn't removed his hand yet.

Arizona was up, finally, and the result had the laughing girl bite down on her brothers hand as she fell into hysterics.

" No!" She shrieked as Aisha pushed the younger girls off the couch and made them go upstairs. Ethan was at Winter's side immediately, his eyes worried and afraid as he stared at his daughter. Ashby had tightened his hold on his twin, her body pulled into his side as he fought to keep her still while trying to comfort her. None of it was working as a knock on the door was heard throughout the household. Echoing like footsteps down a stone hallway.

Ethan was up in a flash and moving to open the door to reveal the enormous men who stood on the doorstep, the one standing in front of two others stated, " We're here for Winter Locke."

The men shoved their way inside with Ethan being unable to stop them and made their way over to the teenager as she fought to control herself, pushing her brother away as she stood. One of them had made as though to grab her dad and she immediately put a stop to that with one word, " Okay."

Everyone stopped and stood still, their eyes on the blonde as she wiped her eyes and the tear tracks that could be seen on her cheeks. " I'll go but don't hurt them, d-don't touch them." Ashby reached out to grab his twins hand but she stepped forward, causing him to miss his target, and she was swept out the door by the burly men with teary eyes as she glanced back for one last look at the older members of her family. Winter was pulled down to the street where the van was parked on the side of the road and led to the back, her head turned as her eyes gazed up at the house. There were two pale faces in the center window upstairs.

" Trinity, Hadria.." Winter raised a hand as though to wave but was roughly shoved into the back of the van. " Yeah, yeah," one said, obviously annoyed. " You'll miss them, good for you." The doors were closed behind her and they sped down the street, the front door of the house still open as her heartbroken family stood at the door with tears running down their cheeks.