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Fate's Games

U.S in 2193


a part of Fate's Games, by Sullenkiller.


Sullenkiller holds sovereignty over U.S in 2193, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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U.S in 2193 is a part of Fate's Games.

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Elinor Adams [1] "Can I just go home now?"
Olivia Gray [1] "Don't let others choose your actions."
Veronica Storm [1] This is what I get for making friends.
Roy Miller [1] "Damn, my shoulder's killing me."
Clarendi Cypress [1] "You were born an original. Don't die a copy."
Winter Locke [1] " I can't let them get hurt!"
Aiden Graves [0] ”I am not insane, just to tired to think..”
Steven Kirkson [0] "Cut down their left flank!"
Danielle Thorne [0] "They way I work, is the future."

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Character Portrait: Elinor Adams
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0.00 INK

Elinor let out a breath, she stared at the clock. The second hand seemed to be moving slower then time itself. She took a side long glance at Mandy who seemed to be taking a nap on her desk. Why did I let her talk me into ditching? Elinor thought to herself. A loud buzzing sound came from the hall and the detention kids all stood up to file out. 

Mandy grabbed Elinor's arm, turning Elinor to face her. "Hey, are you still mad at me?" She asked, her thin eyebrows furrowed in worry. Elinor let out an annoyed sigh. She relaxed her muscles slightly. She couldn't stay mad at her forever. "No, but you better come over. You know I don't like to be alone today." Mandy let out her own sigh, "I know, I'll be there at 4:00. Love ya." She said and gave Elinor a squeeze and ran off.  

A few hours later, Elinor heard a knock on the door. Mandy walked in with a huge smile on her face. Elinor's mother and her step-father Ike were both at work. Leaving her home alone for the announcing of the Fate's Games "Competitors" as they put it. 

"Ready to watch?" Mandy asked, holding up some sort of cheese snack as she plopped onto the couch next to Elinor. "Would you take this more seriously please? One of us could be picked." Elinor scolded and grabbed the box of cheese crackers. "Eh, there gonna pick kids a lot better off then us." Mandy remarked and stuck her tounge playfully out. "Now turn it on so we can go to Jason's house afterwards." She said with a myschevios smile and winked. Elinor giggled and switched on the tv. 

An immediate warning sign popped onto the screen. Warning everyone to turn to channel 3 for the "important announcement". Mandy grabbed the remote and switched it to channel three. It was exactly 4 o'clock. The reading were going to begin. Lacela had on a very tight black dress that ended at her knees and cut off at her elbows. Her lips had a purple tint to them and her hair looked long and silky. If people could only look on the inside of a person. And couldn't see a persons outer appearance. Everyone would see Lacela and die of a heart attack to put it mildly. Hell, she still has that affect. 

People say its almost impossible to see evil in someone's eyes, but Elinor could swear that evil clouded her's. "It is time to name the competitors." Her voice sounded sweet, but to Elinor, it sounded as though nails were scratching on a chalk board. First up was Texas, then our little panhandle state, Arizona, and finally New Mexico.  Three high school photos came up, each slowly focusing on one person. This year for texas were two girls and one guy. 

Elinor heart dropped when three pictures for Oklahoma came up. And she saw a very familiar face on one of the photos. Tan skin, brown eyes, thin jaw, messy light brown hair. Her. Putting bunny ears behind Mandy's head. It started to zoom into there position. Mandy clutched her hand so hard she could feel the blood drip from nails digging into her flesh. It stopped zooming and ended on Elinors face. And Mandy screamed. Elinor just sat there blankly at the screen as three high school photos for Arizona came up. 

A loud crash came from Elinor's door before she had a chance to move. A man accompanied by three other men all dressed in black moved forward. He had a large gun in one  hand and another on his radio transmitter. "Target is here." He hissed into it and pointed at Elinor with his gun. The other man swarmed around him, all having there gun's trained on Elinor.

 "No! You can't have her!" Mandy screamed and shot to her feet. The men didn't hesitate and shot Mandy in the stomach. "Mandy!" Elinor screamed and ran to her friends side. One of the men grabbed Elinor's arm and thrusted her upwards. "It's a tranquilizer, but if you keep on squirming well shoot her with the real thing!" He whispered into her ear. Tears were already burning her eyes as she nodded and they snapped her arms behind her back and used some sort of cuff to lock them behind her. They led her to a truck with the initial FGL. Standing for "Fates Game's. Lacela.". Neighbors were staring wide eyed out there windows as Elimor was thrusted into the truck. 

They put a clothe to cover her eyes and before she knew another clothe was on her mouth. She breathed in the fumes, making her shake and cough until she started to drift off into forced unconsciousness. 


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Character Portrait: Clarendi Cypress
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0.00 INK

"Got the popcorn?"
"Shut up!"
Jayron and Amy looked up from where they had been sitting on the couch as Clarendi entered the room. "Sorry," Amy grumbled, rlling her eyes at Jay. He grinned back.
"Seriously, stop it! It's not funny!"
The two fell quiet as Claire flopped herself in a seat beside them. They all knew it was highly likely for Amy to be chosen. She had the kind parents, the younger brother with curly hair and the sister with dimples. And the fact they were loaded with money helped too.

They were sitting in Claire's sitting room, the television flicked onto channel three. Jayelle, Claire's younger sister, sat on her mother's knee, who was sitting on an armchair, patting her stomach. Her father stood behind the chair, and in the armchair across from them Amy's little two year old brother Shaun and seven year old sister Natasha had squeezed in. Her parents stood behind them, and Jay's father stood behind the couch where the threee best friends sat.

"Pass the popcorn," Claire grumbled, and Jay laughed as she took a handful out of the bag. She popped them into her mouth as the pictures flashed on screen. The images from Texas came first, as usual, and they waited for the images to appear, and their Fates to be decided.

The trio held their breath as the Texas contestants were chosen. The first image contained a girl with brown, wavy hair that fell just below her shoulder. Her eyes were a crystal blue, and she sat on a stool with a small smile on her face. Her outfit was a pair of ripped shorts and a billowy white top, with grey converse. Claire's eyes widened as the girl appeared on screen. That girl was her.

The room felt silent for a few seconds as the image changed, but no one really noticed. "It must be a mista-" Amy started, before being interrupted by the sound of the door being burst down. Four men walked in. "We'e here for Clarendi Cypress," the first man said, holding up his gun. Then the room erupted into chaos.
"No!" her mother screeched, leaping in front of Claire. The man shot her in an instant, yelling "Tranquilizer!" over Jayelle's wails to let them know it wouoldn't kill her. Her mother fell to the floor, and her faher ran ov to her. "Are you insane, she's pregnant!" he yelled, while Jayron attempted to wrestle the tranquilizer off the man. He was rewarded with a bullet in the foot.

"Jay!" Claire screamed, tears running down her face. She attempted to reah out for him, but was tugged away by the men. She was brought out into a van, and her hands were cuffed behind her back. Tears blurred her vision as she was dumped into the van and they drove away.


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Character Portrait: Roy Miller
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Tomoya
Roy Miller was sitting on the bleachers next to his school's baseball field, he was no longer a member but all of his friends were on the team, so he usually stayed after school to watch the team practice. Today was different though, instead of practicing the whole team was huddled around a radio awaiting the announcement of who would be entered into the Fate's Games. To be honest Roy was a little annoyed, he thought it was trivial to think about things like getting chosen for the Fate's Games, it's like thinking; 'I hope I don't get struck by lightning today', it's not really something to be all that worried about.

"Are you guys seriously worried about getting your names drawn?" Roy finally asked, a hint of irritation in his voice.

"Aren't you?" One of the boys asked.

"Uh, no."

"You have a higher chance of being picked for the games than you do for winning the lottery." The same boy said.

"Yeah, but you have a higher chance of being struck by lightning seven times in the same day than you do of winning the lottery." Roy retorted. "And I've never been struck by lightning, so I think I'm safe."

"What's with you and lightning anyway, Roy?"

"Nothing really, I think fire's cooler anyway." Roy stated with a grin.

"Are you a pyro?" The other boy asked skeptically.

"Shut up." Roy said and gave the boy a light punch to the shoulder.

"Ouch," The boy said, but he had a smile on his face. He composed himself, looking more serious. "You know you'll have to worry about your sisters too right?"

Roy put on a look of seriousness also, because this boy was right, well partially. Roy's sisters were both thirteen, which means next year they could be picked. "If that were to happen I would-"

"-And Roy Miller..." The radio announced. The two boys were so deep in conversation they hadn't even realized that the announcements started, everyone became quiet when Roy's name was called.

The boy's attention was completely on the radio, after a few moments he turned his head toward the unfortunate boy who was chosen. "Roy..."

Roy's eyes were wider than anyone had ever seen from him. "... I have to go home..." He mumbled. He turned around and began sprinting past the school toward the road. He could hear the baseball team calling his name, but he didn't listen, he just had to get home to his family. As Roy reached the road a van stopped in front of him, the letters 'TFG' were printed on the side. The back doors opened and four men in what seemed like equipment for combat came out with guns that Roy could recognize from games like 'Call of Duty'.

"Get in the van." One of the men said with a deep, raspy, voice.

"Get the hell away from me!" Roy shouted as he proceeded to punch the closest one to him with a left hook.

The man who gave the original command took no time to fire his weapon at Roy's chest. After being shot, Roy fell to his knees and put his left hand up to where the bullet pierced his white T-shirt. He was confused as to why there was no blood, but he started feeling dizzy and soon fell, his body striking the pavement and he drifted into a deep sleep.


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0.00 INK

Dante woke up to a warm kiss on her lips. She opened her eyes to see a tall, dark skinned, and handsome boy. "Rise and shine sleeping beauty, They're about to announce the Fate Games people".

She kissed him back "Hey babe, wheres Lace"?
"Out back with Lane" Zane replied with his charming low voice"popcorn?"

Dante reached for the popcorn and sat on top of Zane's lap. She was very hungry and practically inhaled it all. Then something caught her eye.
"What's this?" She asked as she picked up a shiny ring from the bottom of the bag" Oh my lord, what is this! Why is there a shiny ring here"!

Zane laughed and took the ring and slid it onto her ring finger. "You know it was only a few months ago, when Lace was born. And now we live with each other. And its been like this for quite some while. And unlike that show on MTV, we have been a very stable and happy couple. So because of that I think it's time that you and I become husband and wife".

Tears came out of Dante's sea blue eyes."YES, I would love to be your wife". The two kissed and laughed as they thought of how great life would be.

However all their happiness instantly died when they noticed that Dante's picture was on the TV screen. The door bell then began to monotonously ring.

Zane quickly turned to Dante and mouthed the word "Hide". She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. She could hear the door creak open. Then the sound of crashes and cries filled her head.
"Lace" Dante thought. She ran out and saw Zane on the ground and a burly man holding onto Lace.

Dante could not hold in all her anger. She pounced on the man and began viciously scratching his face and choking him. She almost had him, but a women in the same uniform came through the door and shot Dante with a strange white gun.

An odd dizziness entered her head and she knocked out, the last thing she saw was Zane's hand reaching for her.


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Character Portrait: Winter Locke
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0.00 INK

" So," Winter started as she glanced over to her mother and father who were curled up with Winter's young sisters, Hadria and Trinity, on the opposite couch. Aisha and Ethan Locke looked over at the sound of their daughters voice, curious as to what she'd say. They didn't expect her to say what she did though.

" I wonder what poor SOB's are going to get picked this time.." The girl's tone was sincere but faded into a loud "OW!" as her twin brother whacked the back of her head. " Don't say that!" Ashby said loudly as their parents' glances became disappointed and they reassured the two younger children on their laps. Ashby bent his head to his sister's, his lips hovering by her ear so the rest of the family wouldn't hear. " I do too but think about the girls, idiot."

He straightened and draped an arm over Witner's shoulders, the television flickering to life to flash photo's across the screen of the poor souls-- I mean, lucky buggers... Yeah, there was no highlight to getting scared senseless and losing only to have your family murdered in front of you. Then die yourself since the guilt tended to stick with you.

Pictures hovered on the screen as Winter glanced up, her blue eyes annoyed as she saw it was Texas. " Texas is always--!" She protested loudly as her brother sighed and clapped a hand over her mouth. She was so tempted to bite down on the fleshy part of his palm but thought better of it. Pianists needed their hands in good shape.

From Texas; one male, two females. Next was Oklahoma; again, one male, two females. On to New Mexico; one male, two females. This seemed like a pattern to Winter and she had to hide a laugh, thankfully Ashby hadn't removed his hand yet.

Arizona was up, finally, and the result had the laughing girl bite down on her brothers hand as she fell into hysterics.

" No!" She shrieked as Aisha pushed the younger girls off the couch and made them go upstairs. Ethan was at Winter's side immediately, his eyes worried and afraid as he stared at his daughter. Ashby had tightened his hold on his twin, her body pulled into his side as he fought to keep her still while trying to comfort her. None of it was working as a knock on the door was heard throughout the household. Echoing like footsteps down a stone hallway.

Ethan was up in a flash and moving to open the door to reveal the enormous men who stood on the doorstep, the one standing in front of two others stated, " We're here for Winter Locke."

The men shoved their way inside with Ethan being unable to stop them and made their way over to the teenager as she fought to control herself, pushing her brother away as she stood. One of them had made as though to grab her dad and she immediately put a stop to that with one word, " Okay."

Everyone stopped and stood still, their eyes on the blonde as she wiped her eyes and the tear tracks that could be seen on her cheeks. " I'll go but don't hurt them, d-don't touch them." Ashby reached out to grab his twins hand but she stepped forward, causing him to miss his target, and she was swept out the door by the burly men with teary eyes as she glanced back for one last look at the older members of her family. Winter was pulled down to the street where the van was parked on the side of the road and led to the back, her head turned as her eyes gazed up at the house. There were two pale faces in the center window upstairs.

" Trinity, Hadria.." Winter raised a hand as though to wave but was roughly shoved into the back of the van. " Yeah, yeah," one said, obviously annoyed. " You'll miss them, good for you." The doors were closed behind her and they sped down the street, the front door of the house still open as her heartbroken family stood at the door with tears running down their cheeks.


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Character Portrait: Olivia Gray
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0.00 INK

"Everyone ready?" Olivia's best friend, Sam, asked. They were at her house, with a few other friends, and, of course, Olivia's family.

"What kind of question is that?" Olivia replied. It was almost 4. The readings were about to begin, and she knew that she had as good of a chance as anyone else that she knew in avoiding getting chosen to be a "competitor" in the Fate's Games. Of course, like anyone else, she didn't want to be chosen. There was so much she could lose from... well, losing the Games. And everyone else would probably feel the same, having a family, friends, people that they didn't want to see taken away from them. The only ones that were really safe were the ones that were so bad off that they only had themselves, and may even be thinking suicidal thoughts already.

Everyone in the house crowded around the television, snacking on whatever junk food they could find. Olivia's younger brother, Alec, turned the tv channel to channel 3, and the room waited for the candidates to be chosen. There was still some time to waste. New Mexico was always last to be announced. The readings started with Texas, then went to Oklahoma, Arizona, and finally New Mexico.

The room had been filled with chatter up until the candidates for her state were about to be announced. The room was filled with a deadly silence, everyone knowing that they may have lives better off than others. Because that was just the kind of people that Olivia liked to hang around.

The first face was of someone that Olivia didn't know, and had never seen before.

And the same with the second face. The room seemed to start relaxing. There was only one person left to be called. And there was very little chance that it would be one of them...

The last picture... was that her? Oh... yes, it was. Her name was under it in clear lettering.

"Liv?" Alec squeaked. He was freaking out, also.

"No... is this real?" Sam asked. It seemed that everyone else in the room was thinking the same thing.

"I guess they'll be coming for me soon..." she said, trying to put on a brave front, but failing, "Don't you dare try to stop them." she threatened everyone in the room, knowing that no good would come from it.

"Always wants to go without a fight, just to protect her friends," someone sighed. She knew that they were probably disappointed with her, but wouldn't go against what she asked. She would be taken away, no matter what. Force wouldn't do anything but cause everyone else problems.

There was an awkwardly polite knock on the door, and Olivia raced everyone else to answer it. She managed to get there first, and opened the door. A group of people, all dressed in black barged through the door, completely missing their target. They must have expected Olivia to be hiding, or protected by her friends and family, like most sane people that were chosen as candidates. They scanned the room...

"Um... you're looking for me?" Olivia's voice sounded weird. Her stomach was in knots. And she couldn't stand the sorrowful gazes of all her friends and family.

The group turned around, checked to make sure this was the person they were looking for, and forcefully led her through the door and into a van. She looked back at her friends and family, who all looked so upset and outraged at these games, Lacela, and possibly Olivia. Her eyes and mouth were then covered by cloths, and as she breathed, she drifted into an unwanted unconsciousness.


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0.00 INK

Danielle Thorne snuggled on a small sofa, covered by a light maroon blanket, obviously this was not her home she had been sleeping over. Her parents were having their annual dinner plans and Danielle didn't enjoy being alone. Alexis Umino one of her best friends turned the television on and turned towards Danielle who began to speak. " What if you got picked what would you do?" Danielle asked cocking her head and letting her hair float back and forth. " Eh...I dunno, maybe cut off my hair." Alexis suggested Danielle stared at her and they both brusted out laughing in union of course like best friends always did. " Doesn't matter we would never get picked, their are kids so much luckier than we are" Alexis laughed. "Right" Danielle laughed dryly, suddenly thinking about how much she could lose, her family, her education, her life!

Alexis gradually grabbed the remote and pressed the number three on the black slender remote and suddenly channel 3 sprung up. Alexis was quick to grab some snack off from the cupboards and laid them on the table.
x reading started with a 'girl with brown, wavy hair that fell just below her shoulder. Her eyes were a crystal blue, and she sat on a stool with a small smile on her face. Her outfit was a pair of ripped shorts and a billowy white top, with grey converse. ' She looked very happy in that picture under it laid a name 'Clarendi Cypress'. Alexis laughed elbowing Danielle in the rib, she held her chest tight and suddenly she wasn't feeling the humor of this situation it all felt increasingly real to her.

The next constant in the choice of death. Danielle could vaguely remember finally it was New Mexico's turn a picture slowly popped up, it was of a girl in a dark complexion long hair and batty eyelids. "Holy Shitnog" Alexis exclaimed and then suddenly the door busted open 4 men in dark clothing came through and pulled Danielle. Alexis started to cry, "NOOOO! why don't." Danielle fought the men scratching one with her nails. "Fuck off!" she cried kicking and screaming. Then one of them pulled out a taser and she felt the pain and electricity go through her nerves and her vision blurred and suddenly everything was BLACK.


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Character Portrait: Lucian Warren
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0.00 INK

Lucian had dragged himself for a walk after school, why not? He had nothing to worry about. He changed his mind when he realised he should be at home. As today, today was the day. Anyone could be picked. He heard his phone go off and upon answering it, he discovered his brother, Tyler was on the other end.

"Bro, you have to get home, their going to pick the competitors!" He exclaimed.

"I'm on my way...why are you so excited?" Lucian asked.

"Not excited...I just want you to be case, one of us gets picked..."

"That is highly unlikely Tyler," Lucian sighed.

"I know, but hurry up!" Tyler said loudly before hanging up.

Lucian arrived at home 10 minutes before the readings would be broadcasted. He wasn't scared. There were so many other kids in the US that could be picked. So many different kids that were far better off. Lucian flinched slightly when the TV automatically switched to the broadcast. His family gathered around the television, his parents, Lucian, Lewis, Tyler, Elizabeth and his grandfather, Gill all watched eagerly.

Texas always came first.

When he saw the images, he face paled. He recognised that face. It was his face, he shook his head repeatedly as his sister looked at him in fear, his brothers gasped and his mother near enough burst into tears. His grandfather looked down and his dad grabbed hold of him. They all held him for a brief moment before the door burst open.

When the men demanded that he get in the van, his family let go, there was no fighting. Lucian had always said that if he was picked, he'd go peacefully. That was how he was going. He glanced at the tear filled eyes of his family and tried to prevent his watering eyes from releasing the tears.


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Character Portrait: Veronica Storm
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0.00 INK

"Hurry up Veronica!"

Jenny was tugging Veronica over to her house to watch the announcement of who was going to be in the next "Fate Games". She should have been rushing over there, hell, she should have sprinted to the house to meet with Zachary and her older brother Johnson, but instead she felt like her arm was about to be ripped off. "Oww...Jenny will you cut me some slack? It's 3:58 and your house is right over there!" She said pointing down the street. "Not to mention that Texas is first." It was around this year that she had decided that it was way too unlikey that she would be picked. She didn't show off that she had friends, her boyfriend knew that they couldn't go too public, and her dog had never even stepped foot out of their yard. She felt pretty safe at the moment, but apparently Jenny did not feel the same.

"I don't care if the program begins an hour from now! We might as well run if it's right over there!" And with that Jenny took off, letting go of Veronica's arm and yelling behind her, "Last one there has to babysit my little brother tomorrow!" When Jenny said that Veronica's eyes got wide and she sprinted to the door of Jenny's house, just barely making it in before her.

Panting, Veronica said to her, "There' hell....I'm....babysitting that devil." She slumped onto the couch nearby and was greeted by an embrace from the person next to her. She smiled and kissed Zachary. He was about to say something when the television came on. When Lacela appeared on the screen the vibe in the room changed. Everyone grew silent and it seemed that any sound that was once being made had been sucked away by her icy glare. Even though she was only in the television, she gave off an effect that no other living or non-living thing could recreate.

As they started the naming, Veronica picked up the remote that was sitting beside her and turned up the volume, just to make sure they heard it right. Her brother sat down on the other side of her with a bowl of cheesy puffs. But even he, as obnoxious as her was, didn't move a muscle after that, dreading the next few seconds.

Once all the Texas names and pictures were said and done, Veronica stopped breathing. She hadn't even cared a moment before but even if she wasn't picked if anybody in this room was she wouldn't know what to do. The first name was called and a boy was called out. She heard Zachary exhale and was relieved that he wasn't picked too. Most the time there ended up being only one boy per state. The second name was called out, a girl she didn't know appeared on the screen and Jenny exhaled. She always was relieved too soon. There was still one more.

The next picture that appeared Veronica squinted at. She was exhaled to see a blonde in the picture instead of a redhead like Jenny, but her breathe was caught in her throat when the picture became clearer.

A headshot of a girl with blonde hair appeared on the screen. She was very slightly smiling and was wearing her lipgloss she always wore. Her skin was pale and her eyes were shining.

"Veronica Storm" Said the voice that would have normally made her cringe. Suddenly the world got very out of focus. She could feel eyes on her but all she could see was the screen, as it moved to the next state. "Veronica Storm..." The remote fell from her hand and a face blocked her vision. Zachary. He put his hands on her shoulders and was yelling something to her, but she couldn't hear him. All she heard was Lacela's clear voice saying her name.

The door burst open as a group of people came in the room. She could vaguely hear shots and bodies slumping but she was still staring at the tv, thinkng at any moment that her picture was going to come up and they would say it was a mistake, but it never happened. She felt a pair of arms grab her and begin dragging her away, but she didn't resist. The picture on the screen faded away as she exited the room. She saw three bodies on the floor, but nothing registered to her until she was thrown into the truck. Once she heard it lock from the outside, she took it all in and did something she had never let herself do before. She cried.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by kathrin
Aiden was relaxed to know himself home again.He had been on a football camp all the week and the first thing he wanted to do was to sleep.When the cab stopped right next to his house, he got out from the car, got his backpack, and gave to the cabdriver the money.Before Aiden could cross the street, the man told him:

”Be careful, not to be picked, man!”

And then he slammed the door and went away.Aiden was confused but he smiled and went in his house.There, his...parents..were missing.Maybe they were at work or at shopping.He put his backpack on a chair in the livingroom, and got on the chouch..He took the remote control and turned out the TV.While he was wathing at the same news like an week ago, he heard his phone ringing.To lazy to move till there, he does not moved, thinking that was not so important.. Something changed in the TV.Aiden stared at it till he understood.It was his picture in there and he was picked to join ....The Fates Games..Not knowing what to do he ran till he found his phone but in that moment the door opened fastly and two big guys took him up.He still had time to read the message.:”Hide.Right now.You had been picked.” It was from his best friend Thomas, but to late it seemed.Not knowing what to do, he had been dragged into a big car and then he lost his minds.Everything became dark.Qlique...After some time, he did not know how much, he awaked.He was in a truck but it was to dark there to see something else.

(Sorry for this short post but I am really busy..and I am on the phone.Sorry again)


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0.00 INK

.:Urgent:. ~Read OOC~


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0.00 INK

Elinor cracked open her eyes to a darkened room. The lights were dimmed and when she tried to wriggle free from the heavy metal chair she sat in, she felt metal spikes dig into her wrists. She let out a cry of pain and looked around her. Nine others sat in a circle. They all seemed to be unconscious at the moment. Two chairs were awkwardly empty and Elinor could feel her heart skip a beat. 

She had been chosen for Fate's Games! This is where you wake up and meet "everyone". She tried to move more in her chair, but found that the more you moved, the deeper the metal spikes dug into your wrists. Warm liquid moved down Elinor's hands, she closed her eyes. Trying to focus on being still, not wanting to let the metal spikes dig deeper into her skin. 

"Wake up!" The sickly pretty voice erupted into Elinor's ears. Making her deaf for a moment. This voice was all to familiar, the voice that made her wince. Like nails on a chalk board. Or a key being runned along a car. "That should've woke all of you damn brats." The voice had gotten lower, but not by much. "I'm sure all you are aware why you're here. And if not then you are as foolish as you look." Elinor tried to looked behind her but the metal spikes dove deeper. Elinor whimpered slightly and moved her attention back to the group. 

"Right now, all of you have a ear piece hat allows me to talk to you. You all are probably wondering why there are two empty chairs in your little circle, there." The voice started to get a hint of hate and annoyance in it. "I lost my temper and the two little children just so happened to be near by. Shame really, they seemed a bit promising. On another note, the wraps that are holding your wrists together will be released……… now." Immediate pain was released as the hand cuff like objects dropped to the floor like everyones. 

"Have fun meeting everyone. You'll most likely stab them in the back when there not looking!" A cackle came out from the other end then the line went dead. Elinor looked at her wrists, they were bloody and it seemed that they didn't want to stop bleeding. "Shit…" She trailed off and put her wrists to her shirt. Why did she have a feeling that she wouldn't be the only one with bloody wrists?