Tough girl who knows how to fight and protect the ones who deserve it.

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a character in “Father's Puppets”, as played by DevilsBride


Amy is a quite short girl, just above 163cm tall actually. Her brown hair reaches alitle bit further down than to the shoulders. Ususally, it will hang loosely. The eyes are blue, and seems to always be calm. Even if she's short, it doesn't mean she looks like a dwarf... She's slim, so slim that you can see some of her bones trough the pale skin. Muscles are not to be found on her body, but she knows how to fight. She moves with a cat's grace, and her steps are so silent you almost can't hear them.
When it comes to clothing, Amy preferes hoodies that reach down to her knees, black thights and a pair of black sneakers.


Amy is know for being quite aggressive towards people who hurt her, even if it's just a little pinch. She's a fighter; won't give up if she meet some resistanse. The only thing she is always kind to, is animals. She's also a proud human being, she walks with a straight back and always have eye contact with the person she's talking to or with. If someone tries to offend her, she laughs it off and say something equally offending back. It might seem like nothing can get trough her defence, but she do get offended and sad by the bad things said to her. She might cry at night until she falls asleep, and wake up next morning like nothing ever happened. She doesn't know why, but pain is easy to handle even though she gets aggressive when she gets hurt.
Amy also knows how to throw in a few good punches in a fight. She also knows how to use peoples ignorance to win a fight, and how to use some really dirty tricks. If she's told to fight with rules, you can be damn sure she'll break them frequently. If someone is kind and true towards her, she will protect that person even if she gets seriously wounded.
Amy has a tendensy to do whatever pleases her. She's quite spontanious and wild in behaviour. If she wants to cut her hair, she'll cut her hair. If she wanna go for a swim, she'll go for a swim. But she also has a quite important trait to her personality and behaviour: she's smart. She knows when to shut up and follow orders, or when to disobey them.


Before Amy ended up as an experiment, she lived in a house with her parents and two siblings. The parents had normal jobs and the siblings were both boys in their twenties. They seemd like a normal and happy family, invited neighbors over for dinner and barbeque. They played alot in their backyeard. Everything seemd normal and okey. No one ever heard the fights. No one ever heard the terrifyed screams from Amy's mouth. Noe one ever saw the bruises on her skin. She had no friends at school, or her spare time. No one to talk to. She was so alone in this life and so her mind became darker and darker by every month. The anger and fear inside of her grew stronger and stronger by every day.
It took 10 years before she eventually snapped.
She killed her parents whom had beaten her up almost every day. Tortured them in the soundproof basement they had used to punish her. The older brothers got the same fate, 'cause they had never tried to protect her even if she was the youngest. She let them lay there for a week, 'cause it took a week until the neighbors got a little worried and called the cops. Amy had managed on her own that week and were happier than ever. Until she saw the police outside the front door. They hammered on the door and yelled that she had to open up.
In wild panic, she jumped out a window at the back of their house and fled trough backyards and alleys. She ran and ran until she almost couldn't take a single step anymore. The fullmoon's dimm light fell upon her exhausted body as she climbed into a dumpster downtown and fell aslee.
That's the last thing she ever did before her memory were washed away.

So begins...

Amy's Story