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It's pathetic I don't even know my own name.

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a character in “Father's Puppets”, originally authored by BraceBlaze, as played by RolePlayGateway



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Blade can be mean, rude, selfish and rude at times. He is a little bit if a hot head and hates being told what to do and bossed around.He acts like he doesn't care about anyone or anything, but himself. Blade also has a soft side a side though, where he is caring loving and protective, you just have to get him to like you for him to show it. He tries to act emotionless to everybody, but almost everyone can see through his phony act.

Crush/Relationship Status

Are You Broken?
Right now Blade is trying to do whatever he can to stay alive if that means doings someone's dirty work he'll do it. He may not like it , but until he can figure out what's going on he'll remain fixed..or act like it.

Ability to create illusions of others worst nightmare with the power of his mind. Blade can make you feel, breathe and live you worst nightmare with just a blink of an eye. He dosent even have to know your worst nightmare his powers take of that part making you feel as if your living it, whether you know its real or not you will be terrified.

Before Blade was re- born he was taught to fight even if that ment fighting dirty. He is also pretty good with a pistol.

Blade is still not the best with controlling his powers, making it backfire sometimes on himself. Revealing his worst nightmare.

Appearance Description
Blade has shaggy blonde hair that looks golden in the light, when he smiles he has slight dimples. His eyes are a bluish green color. He has pale skin that looks like it has never seen the sun. He has a scar on his left calf.

Before Blade was re-born his life wasn't the greatest, he lived on the streets and was apart of a gang, being the youngest out if the group they went easy on him not making him have to kill people or rob places, that changed when he turned seventeen. He was originally born a only child with a mother who had gotten pregnant at fifteen. She got involved in crack and he was taken away to a adoption home when he was five. He was adopted when he was six, he lived a good life for a year before his adopted dad started drinking, resulting in Blade running away when he was thirteen. He found a gang a month later that picked him up off the streets like their own. They taught him to fight even if it was dirty and unfair, they also taught him to shoot a pistol.

when Blade turned seventeen the gang leader thought he was old enough to start getting his hands dirty and he order him to go get money from a guy that owed him for crack. Blade broke into the house with a total of nine people in the house one was a child, three were women,two body guards and the last one was the guy he was after. He entered the house and went after the guy getting in a shoot out with the body guards killing two women in the process, he ended up killing both the body guards. He continued in search of the guy finding him in his room with a woman and a child they started shooting Blade accidentally killing the woman and finally killing the guy he was after, he took the money and met one of his gang members at the back door. The gang member swept the house for witnesses not knowing the police were on their way. The gang member told him he had to kill the child so they wouldn't get caught. Blade hesitantly killed the child and ran out the house as police pulled up. He ran for about a block trying to out run the police, but they ended up catching him. He was charged with theft, break in , murder of nine and having drugs on him.

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Lyrics here
Buddy youre a boy make a big noise
Playin in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on yo face
You big disgrace
Kickin your can all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Buddy youre a young man hard man
Shoutin in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on yo face
You big disgrace
Wavin your banner all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Buddy youre an old man poor man
Pleadin with your eyes gonna make you some peace some day

You got mud on your face
You big disgrace
Somebody better put you back in your place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

So begins...

Blade's Story


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Blade's feet hit the hard marble floor.
Running. Running. Running
Thats all that went through Blade's head as his arms pumped fast at his side. He ran down a long white hallway that seemed to never end.
His throat felt dry like desert sand. He licked his sandpaper lips as he saw a small white door at the end of the hallway with a gold sparkling nob. Blade concentrated on the door as if his life depended on it. He ran to the door turning the nob furiously, but to no appeal. The door was locked Blade turned around his back sliding against the door as he sat down, he knew this was the end for him.
Blade looked up to see a pistol in his face being holded by a big muscular man his red hair and freckles sticking out like sharks in the water. He pressed the gun to Blade's head.
Blade shivered slightly as he felt the cold metal between his eyebrows. He locked eye's with the man unable to looke anywhere lese. A smile slowly creeped on the albino's face. Blade wanted to look away from the man's cold, unforgiving eye's and smiles, but he couldn't. Suddenly the man's features changed to a dark man with thick black braids taveling down to the man's shoulder. He looked totally different than the first guy yet they had the same smile and the same unforgiving cold eye's. Then the man changed to a woman with short silky blonde hair and darks blue eye's, another woman appeared with brown wavy hair and lightly brown eye's. Blade couldn't understand why, but he reconized these people.
Another woman appeared then a short guy with a shaved head and black eye's. Lastly a kid appeared, he looked the age of seven. All these people looked different yet they all shared the same skin crawling smile.
The young boy's brown eye's and chestnut brown hair along with the evil smile gave him an eerie look.
Blade's eye's widened as soon as he saw the kid, he opened his mouth as if to screen as he realized where he knew these people from.
"You killed me, along with all the people I loved, now its my turn. I'm going to kill you." The young's boy mouth's moved as he said this line, a line that seemed familar to Blade like he had heard it a million times.
The kid's head tilted slightly the he pulled the trigger.

Blade sat up in his bed the white sheets wrapped around him, he was drenched in sweat. He ran a hand through his sticky hair that stuck to his forehead and neck. He dug his palms into his eye's.
Why couldn't he gain control of his power this was the fourth time it had back fired on him.
He got up from his bed slightly falling as he, tried to forget the horrible nightmare. He dug his nails into his palms.
He was a horrible person.