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"Bet you can't do it, can you?"

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a character in “Father's Puppets”, originally authored by AceofSpade, as played by RolePlayGateway



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Since his time at the Mansion, Cant has grown to become more independent, managing to shed the shyness of his upbringing since his rebirth. Possessed of unusual charisma and charm unique to the otherwise emotionless society of Father’s Mansion. Engaging for his sociable behavior, yet unnerving because of his enigmatic nature. As an instructor, he has the capacity to be both frustrating and intriguing to work with thanks in no small part to his insight and quirky persona. A wholly convincing facade to all but the most perceptive of psychiatrists. Often regarded as the jovial trickster, Cant has the frustrating habit of treating any matter not concerning himself with a noticeable lack of seriousness, dangerous or otherwise. Whenever presented with such situations, a near persistent smile, smug, disarming, and utterly unreadable seems to constantly bisect his cheeks. His attitude derives from an instinctive willingness to shirk responsibility but at heart Cant wishes to amend his erroneous ways. Perhaps a sign he’s still driven by the guilt of his crimes.

This implies an awareness to the misgivings occurring around him on a daily basis, and though he tends not to exhibit his care externally, he undoubtedly retains some small part of his former humanity. Unable to direct his emotions efficiently however, his humanity tends to manifest itself in a natural curiosity for his surroundings instead. Despite having arguably spent the longest time at the institution, Cant knows as little as the others and, in the absence of other stimulus, he’s become almost fanatical in his quest to discover the truth about Father. Assuming he ever succeeds, what he does after learning that information is still up in the air, Cant preferring to leave such decisions to better minds.

Beyond the facet of his personality is his intelligence. Although no doctor or scientist, Cant is considered a specialist by many of his peers for his extensive knowledge of the human body. A side-effect of his new found power. Over recent years, Cant has grown to become increasingly obsessive in furthering his comprehension of the human body and learning its strengths and weaknesses.

Crush/Relationship Status

Are You Broken?
With Father

Cant’s power, paralysis, is absolute. It cannot be seen, and as such cannot be dodged conventionally. Though not directly harmful, it has the potential to become far more insidious depending on the circumstances of its use. More precisely, it is the power to restrict the body’s movements and muscle function with a single thought. Cant’s power isn’t one to be limited to the entire body. With appropriate conditions, Cant is able to target specific portions of skeletal muscles, allowing him to isolate sections of a person’s body. From arms, to the legs and even the jaw, every muscle is at the mercy of Cant’s power. Over his years at the Mansion, Cant has grown a notorious reputation for his particular sense of humour in such matters. Eyelids, tongues, and hands are just some of the more obvious targets for their amusing after effects, but if he’s feeling particularly mean he can freeze chest muscles and inhibit breathing.

Never one to slouch when it comes to matters concerning his interests, Cant’s body is a veritable frame of sinuous muscle. In his bid to discover the limitations of the human body, and more precisely his own, Cant has seemingly devoted himself to Father's cause and performs numerous exercises on a daily basis. Naturally suspicious, he also trains hard to prevent himself from over relying on his powers. The results are impressive. Athletically fit and retaining a strength which far belies his appearance, Cant can be aggressively imposing when needed to be. His true strength however lies in analysis and identifying physical weakness. Having had the longest time out of all the instructors to master his power, Cant hasn't wasted his time idly. His understanding of his limitations offers invaluable insight into his own abilities, which only furthers his aptitude in creating alternative solutions efficiently.

Cant needs to see his target in order to be able to utilize his power. Without eye contact, directing and targeting his opponents becomes nearly impossible, although it is possible to pin point a person’s location with enough information and time. The other limitation is his ability can only target skeletal muscles. It can’t halt cardiac or smooth muscles and as such, can’t stop organs, like the heart, from beating. Paralysis can hardly be used to cause direct harm likewise. It is an ability whose effect depends entirely on the intention and circumstances surrounding its usage.

Appearance Description
Although reddish in hue, it’s more accurate to describe the long mane of fur that is Cant’s hair to be brown in texture. Given the lack of social pressures, Cant has managed to grow his hair out, holding the bulk of it behind the back of his skull in a ponytail. Cant is tall (6’2), standing upright with the hint of a well-groomed background. Framing his features is a set of sharp, defining jaw lines, offering the smile which seems perpetually plastered to his face a slight edge. The rest of his features are soft, quant almost in contrast to the hard lines of his jaw.

He’s good looking as far as most standards go and even has the potential to appear straight laced and innocent even if not for the unsettling smile.

Cant’s life outside of the mansion was brief to say the least, a blur, so discerning which portions of his time have influenced him the most is difficult. Cant was recruited by Father at the age of 10, but prior to that he’d grown up in a privileged family. The sole child to a wealthy businessman, he had great expectations heaped upon him from an early age. Cant’s family was controlling however, and there was almost no portion of his life they didn’t dictate. Amongst the platitudes of education being beaten into the young boy, Cant was also taught basic etiquette. How to act, how to speak, how to carry himself. Traces of this past still linger even today. The process turned the young Cant into a quiet introvert however. Never given the opportunity to outgrow his comforts, Cant became over dependent, spoilt, indecisive. This trend would continue right up until he was abducted.

Waking up one morning in a room so white that it was almost blinding, Cant felt completely lost. Yet through the confusion and painful migraines, one thought ran through the young Cant’s mind. He couldn’t describe it immediately but he could feel it, it was something he hadn't felt in a long time, it was excitement. Cant is perhaps a prime example of how certain individuals instinctively come to embrace their powers. During the first few days of training, Cant was fully able to enjoy his new found powers, realizing them with unnatural skill. Perhaps most strangely, he didn't question the circumstances or reasons behind the strange phenomenon, or if he did he at least had the intelligence not to express it openly.

The novelty wore over quickly however. Soon after, Cant was presented with the very real reality of his current predicament, a series of revelations almost. One was that he’d become a slave, blinded by the initial illusion of freedom which becomes associated with power. The other concerns where questions, questions he pertains to this very day about the nature of Father’s work.

Cant’s crime isn’t any one act. For Cant there is was no single, defining moment. Instead, Cant’s crime is simply a lifetime of apathy. A series of failures to act or assist those in need when he was in a position to do so. There was the kid from school Cant watched killing himself due to bullying, the maid who was fired for Cant’s theft of his father’s money, even the old homeless man who died due to Cant's family rejecting to give him a nights shelter. These are just a few of the many examples Cant remembers. He recalls them all in detail, though the lingering guilt is what haunts him the most.


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So begins...

Cant's Story


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Time was an elusive thing here.

Sitting, hunched over a desk at the centre of the room, was a man. He was an unsettling man if one were to ever watch him, silently locked over his books in a near eternal position of studying. The tiny ray of light shining above his head revealed an optical illusion, a bloody fountain of hair which cascaded over his back, tips pooling at the bottom of his seat. Books dumped into haphazard hills encrusted the table’s surface like a miniature land dump, but aside from that, his room was spartan. No bed was there, just a desk and his chair. A lonely wardrobe dotted the farthest wall in front of him, the barest of necessities.

Cant didn’t sleep anymore. He didn’t feel the need for it either. At all times, day and night, he was awake. Sometimes he wandered the mansion, sometimes he remained in his room like he was now. He still recalled his first days following the initiation. The countdown off time seemed important at first, but even time was drained of its meaning as the training wore on. Days became a blur, muddled into each other by identical routines. Training, tests and more tests. Here especially he could lose himself, with no window or skylight to indicate the passage of time. Metallic walls surrounded him on all sides, the only view provided to him being the glass door which separated him from the two other men.

He remained still as an unusually well-groomed man sought the exit, one of the newest additions to Father’s mansion. The latest batch of lab rats to join the family, there were several of them, two assigned to each Instructor. It was the exact same pattern he’d experienced upon first arriving here. Chuckling slightly, Cant guessed the time was around morning and withdrew his seat with a screech of metal rubbing against metal. Every bone in his body cracked as he outstretched his limbs, allowing the blood to flow back into them. Morning meant that training would commence soon.