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No tears shall I cry.

0 · 300 views · located in Father's Estate

a character in “Father's Puppets”, as played by Hitomi-san


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Are You Broken?
Storm, was still new to being the Father's puppet. Some times she thinks to herself how much she doesn't like this place and everything she's going threw but she thinks of her nightmares and if that's the life she has to go back to she'd rather let them do as they please with all the tests. So no Storm is not broken.

Storm was granted the gift of super speed and agility. She was granted superhuman speed every day her speed seems to be growing beyond some people's expectation. She is able to run vertically for a few feet and with more speed she would be able to climb walls completely. Her powers are still slower than what the lab coats would like they want to push her to her limits.

Storm doesn't have the stamina to run for an extended period of time. Eventually she will build up the stamina and push threw her weakness. How knows what weaknesses will come once she gains more speed.

Appearance Description
Her silver hair has grown down to her waist her bold bright blue eyes shine threw her fringe. Her pale skin and soft pink lips feel like satin to ones touch. Her body is light weight only 95 pounds. Her slender frame fits perfectly with her short stature only 5 feet tall.


Storm has two personalities Stormy the fun playful average 15 year old you would expect and Storm her now most dominant personality. Storm is very serious and doesn't trust just about anyone. She tries to keep to herself but convincing Stormy other wise is very difficult. Storm spends most of her time the garden alone but Stormy tries her hardest to make any friends she can. It's like a tug of war with two people's lives in order for one to be happy the other is miserable.


Before Storm became one of the Father's children she was the child of Lizah and Jeramey Bennit. Her name was Elizabeth Bennit she lived as almost any other girl. She was invited to this party all her friends wanted to go because the seniors were going. They teased her about it until she agreed to go. Elizabeth was wearing a cute baby blue button up shirt and a pair of acid was jeans. She really didn't want to be at this party but decided to stay for an hour or two. After a few minutes all of her friends had ditched her going off to flirt with the senior football players. Elizabeth stood next to the food table watching everyone else dance and flirt.
"Would you like a drink?" A young man with two drinks in his hands approached her. He had straight chestnut brown hair neatly cut his face was clean shaven and he looked to be about three years older than her. "Why not?" she replied taking the drink that was offered to her. Without even questioning it she drank it down quickly she hadn't realized how thirsty she was. "Thank you." she mumbled shyly.
He leaned up against the wall beside her sipping at his drink. "So what brings you to this party?"
"My friends dragged me along."
"Let me guess they all left you here to go find some guy, right?"
"Yeah...but that's okay I wasn't planning on staying long any way."
"Oh, come on you came all this way. Why not stay and dance with me for a little while?" He offered. He set down his drink and grabbed her hand pulling her to the dance floor. She danced with him laughing and having a great time. After a few songs he looked over to her. "Why don't we grab a bite to eat and head outside where it's not so hot." he said with a sigh. "Sure!" she replied skipping over to the food table and grabbing a plate.

She was having a great time now. He followed her and fixed himself a plate and they both headed out back. "Hey, I heard that they have a small pond around here somewhere I'm sure there is a bench around it somewhere." he said walking off.
"Hey, wait!" she called out catching up to him. "So where do you think this is?" she asked looking around. Suddenly, he turned around and tossed her over some bushes she screamed but the air was soon taken from her lungs as her back hit the cold hard ground. The boy climbed on top of her ripping her shirt open. He quickly undid her jeans Elizabeth's hands shot down trying to hold onto her jeans but he over powered her janking them off her. Elizabeth tried to turn to run but he grabbed her by the ankle and slid her across the hard ground. "Don't fight me." he glared down into her eyes with a fear bringing gaze. Elizabeth froze in fear as he did as he pleased removing her bra and panties. Elizabeth closed her eyes as he had his way with her. Once he was satisfied he got up and cleaned himself off and turning and walking away leaving her their shivering from the cold bare. Elizabeth, snuck back into her house and immediately took a shower. She cried herself to sleep that night.

Two months went by Elizabeth started to shy away from her friends and every one she knew. She started to feel sick to her stomach and pain in her lower abdomen. She prayed that it wasn't what she thought but it never reached a god's ear her period never came and her symptoms only got worse. Her mother finally caught on once Elizabeth was three months in. She asked her what had happened and Elizabeth lied saying that she willingly slept with someone. Even still her mother was sympathetic. Her father on the other hand once news reached his ears he was furious. Elizabeth could hear her mother defending her and her father throwing stuff around the room. Elizabeth hid in her room scared he'd come in after her. Her father never did come to her in such a rage but still yelled at how disappointed he was in her. He wanted her to give it up for adoption sense abortion was already off the table. Elizabeth just sat at the table as her parents argued over her and the baby. The time had soon come for her to bring a new life into this world her mother stood by her side but her father drifted farther and farther away.

Her baby's first cry soon fell upon her ears she hoped that her heart would leap in delight and joy at the sound of her baby girls life but, instead her heart sank. A feeling of depression finally sinking in. She'd lost all her friends all respect from everyone she knew. She was now labeled as a slut at school. She couldn't ever have a normal life ever again. She went threw the motions holding the baby and feeding it as her mother swooned over it. During the course of her pregnancy her parents had filed for divorce and chose to keep it from her till after the baby was born. Soon after they finally separated and Elizabeth had to live with her mother in a tiny apartment at the edge of town. Depression soon hit her mother as reality sank in she'd lost her home, her security, and the love of her life over a baby. Elizabeth felt responsible and hated every moment of her life. Her mother turned to drinking and smoking to deal with her pain but any time the baby would cry she'd push them aside and help. Elizabeth almost watched from the sidelines as her world fell apart.

Night after night of reliving her nightmares finding her mother drunk passed out on the couch and her baby crying was the last straw. She was exhausted from the lack of sleep with her nightmares and the baby's crying and her mother's drunken yelling. Elizabeth stormed in her child's room grabbing the helpless child and shaking it. "Why! Why! Why did you have to happen! It's not my fault he liked me! If you hadn't happened then I wouldn't be here I'd still have my life!" as she was yelling all of this she was using the baby as a rag doll throwing it against things like she used to do her pillow when she was angry. Suddenly, the house fell silent nothing could be heard but the flickering of the TV. Elizabeth looked down in her hands and there was a lifeless child bloodied and bruised. She set it down in it's crib and ran outside leaving the door wide open. She ran and ran and ran. She doesn't remember what happened next all she remembers is waking up in Father's white room.

So begins...

Storm's Story