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FBI's Most Wanted

FBI's Most Wanted


1x1 roleplay between me and Crichton

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Image There's a serial killer on the loose! Well, that's what the FBI has called him, he fits the definition, yet others have started to call him a hero. This serial killer is known for killing the terrible criminals that slipped through the cracks of the justice system. The FBI wants this killer off the streets, but their trail has ran dry. This killer is smart, and there's very little evidence pointing to a suspect. There's also one big problem with this case that nobody knows, the killer works for the FBI.

Our story begins with an FBI agent that has been leading the case of this killer for a long while now. The FBI agent gets torn from this case when it goes cold once again and gets placed onto a new case dealing with some counterfeiter. The team includes the man the agent is looking for the serial killer that has gone so long without being caught and had taken justice into his own hands. [Might edit this to make it look better and have more of a plot later...]

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FC: Edwardo Verastegui
Speech Color: #800080 || Thought Color: #8000BF

It was an average day for someone like Samuel. He had managed to get himself out of bed at a decent time and get ready for work. Though, the reason he had gotten out of bed was because an associate of his had to call him early in the morning. It didn't leave him in the happiest of moods, especially when his alarm was set for an hour later. Still, he couldn't fall back asleep, so he just got himself up and hoped that it, and the loads of sugar he had poured in it, would brighten his mood a little. After sitting around his, rather nice and expensive, apartment for a while, he finally got himself ready for work and out the door.

Sam actually liked going to work, he enjoyed being there more than being at his house. Actually, he was at work more than his home anyway. Certain cases required him to be at his job for weeks and make use of the cots they had at the department. His apartment kind of just turned into a place to sleep at night and to store food occasionally. He felt much more comfortable at the FBI department than he did anywhere else. He had a nice job, a nice desk, and he worked with some nice people. It made things much easier for him, besides he was able to keep an eye on other investigations that peaked his interests.

He walked into the department, earlier than he had intended, though it already felt like everyone was there and he was the late one. There were people still there from late night investigations, others that preferred to get in as early as possible to work as much on their cases as they could. Sam just quietly walked by and headed straight to where his section was located, which looked much more like a normal office if people ignored the bulletin boards with current cases, portable white boards with theories and other such files that made it feel like a police headquarters.

Sam hadn't even made it to his desk before he was stopped by the head of his section. "Sam! there you are. You're getting borrowed for a counterfeiting case."

Sam wasn't pleased with this news, he didn't exactly like working with people outside of his own section. He was much more comfortable working cases that were completely dealt with by the cyber crimes unit. Still, he couldn't just tell his boss that he didn't want to do it. He could only hold out his hand and take the file that was being shoved at him. He tried not to look too angry about it and flipped through the information that had already been gathered. He wasn't exactly sure what his role would be in such a case, since someone who works in cyber crime didn't deal much with people that wanted physical money. He figured he'd find that out sooner rather than later. "I guess I'll meet my team then," Sam muttered, trying hard not to sound like he was groaning.

He grabbed the laptop he had at his desk and went back out into the front of the FBI department to a meeting room which had been stated in the file. He'd be meeting the rest of the team in this room, whenever they chose to show up. He decided to take his time going through the case a little more and start making his own theories on what might be going on.


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Character Portrait: Samuel Barton Character Portrait: Kurt Neill
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FC: Hugh Dancy
Hex Code #A1A1CC

Kurt had never been a fan of mornings. It was made worse by the fact that he didn't particularly like evenings. He mostly preferred to work until the sun snuck up on the sky, wakefulness coming upon him like the strike of a hammer, whether he'd fallen asleep at his desk, or if he'd made it to his bed in time. This morning his alarm clock vibrated far too early for his liking, and in the moments it took for his thoughts to rearrange into coherent sentences, he buried his face further into the cotton pillow and groaned.

Today he had to introduce the counterfeiting taskforce. Which was probably not the name they were going for, as his tired mind thought it rather made it sound as though the agents would be engaging in the counterfeiting than busting the ones who did. Later, when he woke up, he'd probably facepalm himself for having that thought. The boss had told him of the change in plans before he went home last night, probably hoping he'd be too sleepy to argue. He wasn't wrong. The casefile was still on Kurt's dinner table. He'd taken a brief look at the people he'd be working with before he fell asleep. He vaguely remembered Lucille's name, which was a godsend. They had always worked well together, and it meant he'd have someone support him. He'd recognised another name too, though he couldn't remember it. Someone from cyber crime, if he remembered correctly.

Kurt rubbed his eyes and sat up. Why they would need someone from cyber crime was beyond him, but then he hadn't looked at the details yet. By the time he'd stumbled his way into the shower, he'd forgotten all about it– he decided to grab a bagel from the canteen and head to office early. He made it half-way to the garage before he had to go back for his casefile, cursing under his breath as he unlocked the car.

"Right," he said, hands on the wheels, addressing the universe: "Anything else?"

The universe remained thankfully quiet, and he started the car. By the time he made it to the office he was still early, though not as early as he'd wanted to be. The report would have to be skimmed– hopefully he'd not miss any important details. Not that it mattered. If he messed up this case, they'd just have to put him back where he belonged– where he wanted to be. For now though, he grabbed a bagel and coffee from the canteen and offered his boss the most insincere smile he could muster as he passed him in the hall.

"Cheer up, Neill!" his boss grinned.

Kurt bit his tongue as he kept in a few choice words for him.

Finally, he came to the meeting room where everyone would be debriefed. He slipped the file under his arm and put the bagel in his mouth– balancing the coffee as he opened the door. He was quite surprised to see someone there already, and offered a muffled greeting around the tasty treat. As he managed to sit his breakfast down on the speaker's desk, he tried again:

"Hey, sorry– I wasn't expecting anyone to be here already. You part of the counterfeiting team?"

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Character Portrait: Samuel Barton


Character Portrait: Samuel Barton
Samuel Barton

"Our Justice System is flawed and people should recognize that."


Character Portrait: Samuel Barton
Samuel Barton

"Our Justice System is flawed and people should recognize that."

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Character Portrait: Samuel Barton
Samuel Barton

"Our Justice System is flawed and people should recognize that."

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