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a character in “Feelings, Deprivation & Circumstances”, as played by SierraWrangler


Adyant is the older brother of Marcus Lane (Madzkit), known as the one who attacked the New York city with his army and was sent to death many times, however, restored to life by some reasons.

He isn't evil, but as he grew, Adyant realized that he was a sadistic and a cruel person, feared by many and especially Marcus and so he was on a journey to conquer many worlds, on which he later gave up.

The alien can be nice as a person, but he is rather not to be messed with thanks to his super strength and merciless wills to torture people. He isn't invincible, although, it's very hard to find his weaknesses. Adyant isn't an emotional person, he can barely be offended and is very clever.

His personality can show off a lot of 'bad' traits. Adyant prefers one-night stands over stable relationship, he isn't into friends, he accepts his mistakes and helps people who make them and that way he gets their information. He is an alpha male and is a rather seductive person, able to trick people into sexual relations.

By Earth age, he is 30 years old. His physical appearance determines a strong, tall figure, ginger-brown hair, deep jade eyes, light tan skin and sharp features.

Now on, he has tremendous white wings capable of taking him up to heights, holding him stable and producing strong waves of wind.


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Adyant's Story